Saturday, May 25, 2024

Flamini shirt number confirmed

Mathieu Flamini has been handed the number 20 shirt after penning a three-year deal at the Emirates.

The French midfielder wore the number 16, now occupied by Aaron Ramsey, during his previous four-year stint in North London while also occupying the same digits and number 84 (wtf?) during his five years on the books at AC Milan.

Arsenal have already had a little reshuffle of numbers since last term with Abou Diaby surrendering the number 2 shirt in favour of 24 and Yaya Sanogo taking on the number 22.

The number 11 is still available and salaciously winking at all you high profile, big money signings just queuing outside the Emirates right now…



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2 players signed, 0 spent amirite?!?!?!


Yes, yes you are


I love Flamini, but that was meant to be Higuain’s shirt.


Who told you. Why speaking on the unaccomplished deal. Don’t try to convince us with lies.

jack jack jack

Ooh you sleuthed him there dagma.


What is it with Wenger and injury proned players??? We pay their wages for X years, and when they finally have one good season they leave. Guess Ramsey will be bought by Real Madrid by the end of the season :p

Richie Waweru

Is Silvestre still playing? Could be a free agent right now.

Dave E

Nope – he plays in the MLS for Portland, and as a Seattle fan I’m glad they have him.


he also blew out his knee on their plastic carpet.

shame too, he had a hilarious shocker of a run out in their season opener


84 – birth year, I’d guess.


Yes – common practice in Italy…

The 3 Billion Dollar Stan

First we get a signing, THEN we get to find out their number?

What a day… What a day…


Comment of the week.


Comment of the week… so far


Diaby was number 2, just to add some pedanticness…


He was indeed.





Nicely done, THEEEO


these pedantophiles are everywhere

No. I don't know. Maybe.





Arseblog has gone mad from the excitement & hit a 4 instead of a 2


Great! He can play at Ramseys position and Ramsey can then cover for podolski on the wing. Players out of position rules!


Sczseny was a polevaulter when Wenger signed him



Dial Square Charity XI

And now he is just a vaulting Pole…


If Flamini plays in Ramsey’s current position – covering Arteta’s position – doesn’t that mean Ramsey can actually play his own position again, next to/slightly ahead of Flamini? Doesn’t sound all that bad, given Ramsey’s recent goals and form, and Wenger will feel at liberty to rest Wilshere.


Wenger confirmed they’re looking for more players and read somewhere that they’re working hard on other 3 deals. Hope the no 11 will be the one we’re hoping for.

Tony Adams Morning Breath

Who are we hoping for?


Top,top,quality signing.Personally, Di Maria for me.


What if Di Maria refuses

Bould's Eyeliner

I honestly think Mata would be a more fantastic investment… not to mention he plays regularly with Cazorla for Spain, and his qualities in the attack i believe well suit Arsenal – better than di Maria.

Even more than #11 though can we get a CB… I would prefer that Sagna’s final year of contract not be played in the center… although it’d be fantastic to see him re-sign as a cb afterwards.


Eto’o to the chavs. Maybe we will sign Shreck.

Good Omens

More likely to be Donkey I fear.




What an apt word to describe my feelings regarding this handy swiss army knife of a signing.

Gervinho's barber

Apparently Cabaye’s going back to train with Newcastle, it was reported by mirror football, you can choose to believe it or not but that basically means no more midfielders.


Silvestre tore one of his leg muscles in the mls. French and injured fits the mold for a January buy tho!


Blogs, below excerpt from your “reshuffling of numbers article dated 5th July”

“Arseblog News assumes Andre Santos will be stripped of the number 11 shirt in due course, with Gonzalo Higu….nah, not worth jinxing that any further.”

You had to say it, didn’t you! Look what you’ve done!


That was the Arseblog News Hound, not me.



F*cking flamin…I hate you wongar.


He’s French
With us before
Til he left us,
like a whore
Flamini, Flamini


Cesc returns and gets the #4 shirt… next year. Lol. It’s a good dream.

Daft Aider

The number 11 shirt could well be saved for the return of Luis Boa Morte


Perry Groves?

Lightning Pace

Anders Limpar

Gooner Gary

Chris Kiwomya


christopher wreh


I understand the next signings may double, triple or even quadruple expenditures so far this transfer season. Exciting times.

Bould's Eyeliner

sadly 0*100mil is still 0.


Wow that is, like, so much money!

pauly bear

Daiby was number 2

Blogs is being a stupid face again!!

Ps im sorry blog this window is making paul crazy


I’ve always had a liking for the number 23. Waiting for someone to take Arshavins place.


He’s French, He’s Free, He’s Mathieu Flamini ! Fla-min-i ! Fla-min-i !


So this is the peak of our ambition. Signing free “has beens” or injury prone youngsters to save money for the day Kroenke decides to rob us blind. I will support Flamini on the pitch but I dont like him and he is not good enough for the Arsenal and that we gave him a three year deal shows how desperate we are. We would never have done that if we had something else up our sleeve. This is the worst mismanagement of Arsenal, ever. Wenger refuse to see our shortcomings and the rest of the moneyhungru cunts are only… Read more »


Pls pal, does anybody aware of another free agent players ? Pls if u do forward the name of such player to Asene W. and Arsenal board .. now we can understand better .. free ! free !! free !!!


Flamini…oh-oh-ooooh-oh, Flamini…oh- oh-ooooh-oh, he came to Arsenal and Arsene spent fuck all!…Flamini etc…etc


Well said arsecrew…taking the pride out of the club. And the money.


While spurs are signing world class talent like lamela and eriksen, Wenger’s looking for cheap, over the hill players like flamini. As much as i love arsenal, the fact is Wenger and the board are just not interested in winning anything. Champions dont operate like Arsenal fc are doing at the moment. Liverpool are catching up with us fast and spurs(as much as it pains me to say) are already a better team than we are. Spurs first team is far, far ahead of ours….wenger, gazidis and law needs to get lost after this season.


Fuck the spuds and Liverpool are struggling to catch Everton these days.

Dick Swiveller

Hands up if you’ve ever actually heard of Lamela before? Keep ’em up if you’ve actually ever seen him play…does anyone watch Serie A still? They may have just overpaid for Kezman, if they get Eriksson that’d be a coup but not some fella who can’t even spell Eric. We need to spend and our squad is thin but Spurs have just replaced a matchwinner with a bunch of unknown quantities (Paulinho looks alright tbf, but even Soldado might not be able to make the difference that Bale made) and still have fewer CBs than we have, a bit of… Read more »


So you think giroud is better than soldado?? lets look at their midfield- they have paulinho, capoue, dembele, lamella, eriksen(not yet anyways), sandro, townsend, holtby. we have santi, rosicky, ramsey, wilshere, arteta, frimpong,….you honestly think we have a better mid?? yes you could say we slightly have a more creative mid, but they have both creatively and steel. Oh yeah, only a fool would say they haven’t heard of lamella before. he was highly regarded before he went to roma and he had a great season. I’d talk him over Walcott any day of the week. At least he can… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

So if Spurs sign any player he automatically gets promoted to World Class, but if we sign one, in a position we needed filled, he’s a has been. Erik Lamela – A 21 year old. He’s a kid. One for the future. Granted he’s played 3 times for Argentina, but still… a kid. He cost nearly 26 million pounds. For a 21 year old whose team came 6th in Italy. He has 19 goals in two full seasons. Why aren’t you ridiculing AVB? Christian Eriksen – A 21 year old. He’s a kid. One for the future. He’s Danish. Like… Read more »

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]

Ayodeji olamilekan

Flamini still good for arsenal

weng... err

Top top top top top top top bargain quality player


I’m not sure why we get sp#rs trolls on this site… Are they smart enough to detect these facetious tones and sarcastic responses? probably not! Hilarious replies, better than the blog itself today.

flamini tackle

C’mon trez, we’ve moaned about only having talented youth and no experience. Now wenger has abandoned this policy and replaced it with a healthy mix of top talent and plenty of experience. I think flamini is a great signing, a steal if you will, and if 2 or 3 additional players come in then we can rest deservingly from this summer of methodical madness. Cheers and COYG


Not exactly a signing that excites most of us, but I can now calm down a bit knowing we have cover (a very able one at that) as our defensive anchor in midfield. Again, a Gustavo or the likes would’ve been the one we’d all like to see, but as blogs has pointed out at this moment I’m just happy we can at least field a proper team out. That said I’d still like to see additions in defence, goalkeeper, and any one of striker/winger/creative midfielder would suffice the bare minimum. Toby Alderweild, Mata/Ozil/Di Maria/Benzema, Begovic off the top of… Read more »

ngabiirwe abert

Wenger is just talking about every good player so he can keep his mediocre players at the club and sell more club tickets but he is going to regret it for not using the money to buy good player.

By the way i forgot this.(You can’t buy class) but surely is that true.

Adam, Watford

Flamini can do a job. It is that simple. He is at least cover in midfield which means Carzorla can replace Podolski on the wing. Having said that, Gibbs can do a job on the wing, which I have long thought, in any case. Flamini has already proven himself at Arsenal and we would rather have kept him than lost him when he left. Are people seriously saying that he won’t have picked up some experience at Milan and that somehow he can’t help bring something to the younger members of the squad ? Anyway, time will tell and I… Read more »

ngabiirwe abert

carzola cant player very well on the wing come on

Dick Swiveller

Worth remembering our best run was with him out wide for most of it, with an athletic fullback and the way we play Santi still sees plenty of the ball and takes it centrally but he’s less likely to be picked up, win-win.


Out of curiosity… any other top top players available on a free?

(I’m not calling Arsene cheap, but he probably uses candes instead of lightbuls in his home.)

ngabiirwe abert

First of all wenger is not going to buy any player with all that money, he will just take it back to his seniors
Secondly we are not going to compete for any trophy because its impossible for 16 (but round off to 13) players to take part in the 4 trophies
Thirdly its the end of Arsenal BECAUSE 8th position in april next year
Watch this
AIDS(Arsenal Is Dying Slowly)

ngabiirwe abert

its the end of us(arsenal)

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

You are failing to convince me that you’re a Gooner.

Gabriel king

Arsenal should go for the mexican striker santo


Wenger will make signings as soon as he can remember his PayPal password


He leaves on free we complain. He comes for free we complain. Mind you he is a slut not a whore.
Hey man I’m just glad we got somebody with experience. Slutmini – welcome aboard.

Randy Pan the Arsenal Fan

Someone should make a photoshop of him in a Arsenal shirt so we know what he’d look like. No wait…

ngabiirwe abert

wenger should be managing a baby’s home where you come and adopt a baby free of charge(free transfer

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Now you’re convincing me you’re a twat.

ngabiirwe abert

even if wenger is given another 2 months, he cant sign anyone, he will be saying am still looking for special players

Big names, my Arse.

Welcome home Flamster….

Scott P

Just an observation, the seemingly random number 84 is 100-16, don’t know if it’s intentional or not.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Breaking news. We don’t have any long Eastern European trips in the Champions League. Hooray.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Group F – Olympique de Marseille, Borussia Dortmund, Napoli. Not the easiest group but less travel than Citeh. Chelseas get an easry ride though, the jammy bastards. Already forgotten United’s group.


Give Bentner No. 11 – it’ll be like a brand new signing


Just a question, being the heir to Djourou’s jersey will Flamini be taking over the Arsenal tv hosting duties as well????


what abt javier hernandez as a striker…wouldnt.mind seeing him in an arsenal shirt…

gunna win the pl

yeeeeee haaaaaaa. 2 top top top top quality players signed for a big fat zero. Only 1 manager could bring in such great quality for SFA. He´ll prove all his doubters wrong when he lifts the big pot at end of season.
Long live Wenger, greatest manager of all time.


I think he’s 84 because that’s his birth year? bit weird though.


Yeah now let’s bring back Cesc, Song, RVP and Nasri! COYG!!


The armoury sales staff must be rubbing their hands in anticipation with this news. Probably hiring extra staff as we speak/type.

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