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Flamini training at Arsenal?

Rumours have surfaced on Twitter (yeah, we know…) that Mathieu Flamini is training with Arsenal as he looks for a new club in England.

The 29-year-old, who was the epitome of versatility during his four-years in London, left the Gunners for AC Milan on a free in 2008 only for a succession of serious knee injuries to blight his time in Italy.

Initially released by the Serie A giants this time last summer, the French international ended up staying another year at the San Siro playing 21 times in all competitions last term.

Out of contract again (despite having a a new offer on the table from the Rossoneri), the former Marseille man spoke publicly last month about his desire to return to England telling the Sun:

“Milan offered me a contract for two years but I need to take my time and make the right decision.

“I’ve been in Italy for five years, I’ve had a great time and learnt a lot but I miss England and I want to win the Premier League.

“It has a special place in my heart. I like the pace and the physicality of English football and I like that every game is very open.”

It remains to be seen whether Flamini is someone Wenger thinks can strengthen his squad ahead of the new season (we are light in the defensive midfielder stakes after all) or whether he’s just lending a helping hand in the same way he’s allowed Thierry Henry, Sol Campbell, Robert Pires, Freddie Ljungberg and Jeremie Aliadiere train with us in the past.

Given the way Arsenal have taken to satirising the summer transfer window Arseblog News wouldn’t be surprised if Flamini signed on at the Emirates before breaking down in training and joining Diaby on the treatment table.

Of course, this could all be a load of old codswallop, we just couldn’t face writing another Suarez ‘update’.

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I have passed through the anger and denial phases.

*laughs hysterically*




We want Gustavoooooo


Gustavo frings?


Its a need

mr man

Thanks for the non-Suarez update! I’m sick of it


Sorry in advance, I just have to make a Suarez comment to get it off my chest! Brendan Rogers is a total clown. “Liverpool is about ambition and commitment. It’s also about dignity and being dignified. Those are the four values that run through my mind when I think about Liverpool” then 30 seconds later he says “Respect, humility and Dignity. That’s what Liverpool is all about”. First of all, dignity and being dignified are the same thing, so that was only 4 things. And secondly. if those are the 4 values, how comes you suddenly changed the values to… Read more »


* 3 things


brendan spoke of dignity, humility and commitment. remember he’s a guy who broke his commitment with Swansea to further his own personal career and then reneged on his agreement with them to not sign their players (no dignity, no commitment, and no humility).

Dave Gooner

Bell end #1 Brendan Rodgers, with his ‘honour’ and ‘respect’ bullshit. Its as clear as day what Suarez intended in his dealings with him last year. And as clear as day that Rodgers just lied to the guy. Rodgers mentioned class – he should look at how Wenger treated Robin last year and Cesc the year before: with courtesy and class. What a complete knob Rodgers is. Bell end #2 David Moyes: Great but unsurprising news, that that hero among men, the great Cesc Fabregas has told Moyes to go fuck himself. Cesc is a man of honour. Respect to… Read more »


This is just the kind of underwhelming signing I expect Wenger to make. No disrespect to Flamini he did a decent job before maybe he can again.

With regards to Suarez if it finally goes through my thoughts will just be it’s about fucking time! Rather than being excited about it! That goes for any signing though to be fair!

Oh to be a gooner!


I actually don’t mind him, it would be nice to have a player who was around when arsenal were at their best. He will be a decent squad player and do a job in places that need filling in. Can’t imagine his wages will be a problem and no transfer fee, just how Wenger likes it.


Personally would like it if he signs, but I know it’s unlikely and not many people are that pumped for it.

As utile as utility gets, I would bet he can play center-forward as well, so all positions are covered, except maybe goalkeeper, since Suarez is clearly better at frightening strikers and keeping.


Must admit I didn’t watch Flamini play all that much after he left, but my feeling is that age and injury have taken the toll. I very much doubt he’s the same player he was when he left, but I’d be happy to be enlightened otherwise.

Anyone here watch Milan enough to give us an update on his recent level of performance?

Gooner in Spain

We should be targeting Luis Gustavo for DM. He wants to come to England and could possibly be had for 10-15. Flamini can come back on a free, as long as we pay him peanuts as he’ll only be squad fodder.


Would be a “prodigal son” story and a half if he eneded up back at the arse and playing well. Still deserves a slap for running off the way he did but I’ve always liked him.


I’d happily take him back (assuming he’s up to standard), but I would be disappointed if he was the only midfield recruit this summer. We really need to strengthen there.


oh no oh no lol, i for one followed ac milan last few years (not a supporter) but you definitely do not want flamini. he is broken, not the man that left the emirates trust me.


doesn’t mean he can’t revive his career in a club that virtually kickstarted it.

Jimmy Brain's brain

Sorry, but he wasn’t that good when he left Arsenal. He had a good six-month spell for us during a four-year career, and got a move to Miiiiilan on the back of it.
My recollection of him during his first three years at Arsenal was that he got endless stick from the fans because he was such a hopeless passer of the ball.


I don’t remember him getting stick at all. In fact, I remember us thinking that we had a good squad player (his performance at LB during THAT Champions League run was outstanding). His stand-out season with us not surprisingly occurred when he was given a chance to play as a regular starter rather than a squad player, which suggests he always had the quality, but just not the opportunity. As an aside, that 07-08 midfield we had of Rosicky-Flamini-Fabregas-Hleb was amazing. Most say that the wheels came off our title charge that season because of Eduardo’s injury, but I’d argue… Read more »


If the premier league has a special place in his heart and he wants to win it and almost did with Arsenal, then why THE FUCK DID HE LEAVE ON A FUCKING FREE???!!!
I’m not angry at all…


I’ll field that one: Money. A lot of money, Bosman money. Contract money. Money money.


Oh, but wasn’t he a HUGE fan of Milan? And although he’s French, he’s actually Italian? And some other bollocks, too?

You’re completely correct here. Money, money, money!


Looking at it objectively, you can’t blame him. He’s earned far more money from moving there than a player of his standard should have. From an Arsenal fan perspective it was pretty devastating in my opinion, we were on the cusp of something great with that team, but after that it gradually unravelled. And here we are now. Ironically we’ve got the money to keep our players now, but they’ve all gone.

jack jack jack

That was a great team. Should have bloody won the title in 07-08. But then he left, Hleb left, Rosicky got crocked, Eduardo got brutalised, and and you say, it gradually unravelled. Hopefully we can keep these lads together a bit longer and add some more quality, but yeah, that was a great team.


So it was for money then?

Giroud Awakening

Didn’t we nickname him ‘Flamoney’ when he left?

Chopra gooner

Is Flamini good enough ? Will the fans accept him back ? Also there was a rumour that Marica of Schalke, now a free agent has been offered to Arsenal.


No, probably yes and please god no….


What was the acronym used for Flamini contract situation back then in 2008?


Thanks for the replies) And for one thumb down, what was that for?!)))))


Is it Matthew Flamini or Marouane Fellaini? Oh, I prefer Fellaini…


This summer just gets better and better.


Why all the ex players who did betrayed us come back to train again in our field? Guess finally they realize, the grass of neighborhood isn’t greener than ours.

I hope we won’t end up with him *pleaseeee

Dr Baptiste

The same reason we get players that weren’t even part of our team (here’s looking at you Beckham) come to train with us. We have the best training facilities in England, due to the money we have thrown at them and Wenger is always happy to help a player out if it might benefit the younger players (“Here’s what not to do when you have a good season”)

If Flamini joins, I reckon Fabregas would want to come back and rekindle that partnership again. That would be another positive for him…..

The ghost of Peter Storey

Not sure that “betray” is right in the case of Flamini. He made it very clear that he would not be signing a new contract and we let him play out his final year – and, to be fair to AW, at the time he was no more than a squad player and nobody thought any more of it. However, in his final season he starred, especially at LB in the run through to the CL Final, helping to keep a record number of clean sheets, and this got him his move to Milan. As long as he’s still at… Read more »


I think I am in the minority here, but I’d be quite happy if he played for us again. He was a tough little shit when he played for us and we need that (trying to find a youtube link to an amazing tackle he did for us, but I can’t seem to find it anymore).


Cool. Sign him up, stick him up front. It’ll be fine.


Yeah, pair him up as a striker with Kos.

Terrys ballz to baloteli's booth

It was Cr7 right? ‘i dnt spìt in my eatíng plate’ was that vulgar? Isnt that what we cooking with flamini? And 4 that flapmini , hw do u dream of winning the epl? Pls wake up, the kids poöing there pants


What point have you attempted to get across?



The needless umlaut on the second ‘o’ of “pooing” made me chuckle


For umlaut you get a thumbs up from me


Wasnt that bad for us, always did put in a shift. Not entertaining that he becomes the DM signing we were craving about but cant just discard his experience . Arteta was not having a good time at everton before he joined us and now he is main midfield man . Also dont know if its true but wasnt he on market (before that one good year) where no one bid for him and Arsene said we will see what happens next summer. If this really was the case then yes he was bound for a pay rise of extra… Read more »


I would actually be quite pleased if he signed again, I quite liked him when he was at Arsenal and he liked to get about and tackle everybody, we need a player who can be tough in the middle, and the squad does lack depth at the moment, he could add extra cover in the midfield. Great update as always though.

Midfield Corporal

How underwhelming. The guy had 6 good months while putting himself in the shop window. It was Arsene at his blinkered best, believing he’d sign a contract so playing him at the expense of Lasana Diara and eventually losing them both. I see Capoue is linked to Spurs now, he’ll probably end up being a quality player we passed over. Still, as soon as Diaby is fit we’ll be alright. At what point does someone at our club realise what a complete bollox of a close season we’re having and do something. I genuinely don’t think we’ll make any good… Read more »

Dick Swiveller

The logic would be to look at Zelalem and maybe Aneke coming through along with our already youthful midfield and say that a younger Capoue wouldn’t be as efficient as letting Flamini cover for a few years…no help to us now though and we need to push on THIS season but it wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

Midfield Corporal

What’s the Latin for ‘Jam Tommorrow’ – I’ve heard the commercial dept are pushing for it to be our new motto. Preservatus Infinitus?

Jimmy Brain's brain

They will wait until we lose to Sp*rs on September 1st, then make some panic buys on September 2nd.
History repeating itself from 2011.


“…as soon as Diaby is fit…”




Good option to have as a squad player considering the number of departures we have had so far. Have a feeling we are going for the quadruple this season with an eclectic mix of imminent world class arrivals and signing decent quality free agents.


Maybe there’s been a mix up… Flamini/Fellaini. Could happen. Maybe the massive Belgian is having his medical right now. Maybe we’ll sign ’em both. I’d be very happy with that, for sure.

The truth

its definitely a mixup


Better than nothing I suppose but if this is true, and this does materialize as a signing, it is unbelievably depressing how our ambitions and expectations of top top quality signing have regressed over the course of this window.

Judgement day (once more)

Well, who saw that one coming?

He is decent enough for a substitute I suppose, but if he wound up being the only signing this summer together with sweet, sweet Sanogo, I will hurt myself.

I mean really, imagine if someone told you three months ago that we will fuck up the Higu deal, the Suarez affair will become an uncomfortable stain in your pants and in the end we signed (wait for it) FLAMINI. Lovely!

Merlin's Panini

Funnily enough I wouldn’t have been surprised at all. Nothing surprises me anymore with this club. Do you know what would surprise me? If we signed a proven world class player, and one who’s coming into his prime. Two or three would make my fucking year. Weirdly, I’ve been feeling for the whole summer that there was a reasonable possibility we might see the Flamster return. As bitter as I felt about his departure it actually felt worse because Diarra and Gilberto also left us up shit creak without a paddle. That’s three brilliant defensive midfielders all gone in one… Read more »

Judgement day (once more)

Well, hope never dies I guess. Hopefully Wenger has something up his sleeves that will satisfy our thirst for blood. If not, fuck it, give me a drink!

In other news, the upcoming season will give me reason to drink more than ever!


@Merlin’s Panini: “Do you know what would surprise me? If we signed a proven world class player”

We’re on the verge of signing the 2nd best striker in the Premiership if you haven’t noticed.

He’s a racist. He bites people. But he is world class, and if he bangs in 30 a goals a season for us, he could be a Nazi for all I care.

Merlin's Panini

we’ll see… I’m not going to believe it until it happens. But yes, you’re right, he is world class. He also happens to be a world class cunt though. We wouldn’t be able to rely on a player like him, not knowing when he’s going to flip and do something mental. £51 million for a player (as is the rumoured next bid) of his quality is fair. £51 million for a person of his quality is crazy. And if you don’t care about that side of him then that’s really worrying. Look at all the shit he’s dragged Liverpool through.… Read more »

Danish Gooner

I really do hope pool sticks to their guns,they will have one sulking player all year,next season he will be available for free.

A Yank

Your comment about Gazidis made me realize that I would really enjoy kicking him in the balls.


@ merlin panini, i wish u can be my frnds on Facebook. This the first tym I’ve heard someone speak the truth about dis club of ours. I always tell people arsenal problem is not wenger. But the men @ the helm of th affair. I never knew u understanding it too. The board is not helping the ambition of these club, don’t be surprise if thing continue the its going we would loss all our best players next season including wenger. These man has been crying of strengthening the squad since the close of season yet, we are yet… Read more »


Never liked him, hope he finds a club soon and fecks off. Judging from how he left, you would think there would be some bad blood between him and arsenal….i dont get it.

Midfield Corporal

He really wasn’t good enough to get in a tizz about. At least we can thank him for that shocking ‘tackle’ against the scum a couple of years back.


He was incredible in those days but nobody’s sure now if he still has it in him. Sure, worth a punt considering he’s free but wouldn’t want him to end up as deadwood, which we’ve pretty much got rid of mostly. Still, something better than nothing and all that.

My ass just exploded.


Just waiting for Suarez to turn up in another teams shirt at the moment. Like Bayern Munich but maybe a team with both Suarez and Robben in it would be just waiting to fall out with each other.


Saying that wouldn’t mind Flamini back actually would be smart business. 21 appearances is a lot at the end of the day. Only if we buy Luis Gustavo as well and give the midfield depth.


Why would we even let him train with us, the guy lied his way out the club on a free to get a big pay day. I don’t believe this one bit and quite frankly I hope this guy is not allowed anywhere near our club. We should have identified better options that Flamini a one season wonder who played for a big move to get sit on the bench out in Italy.


We don’t need any transfers our squad is good enough to win both the EPL, ECL, the FA cup and the Capital One. We will win all 63 games . B52 for captain.


Fuck it, make Bendtner a player-manager and we could probably end up winning La Liga as well.

Hank Scorpio

Wouldn’t mind him at all as cheap back up. Not sure he’s quite the destroyer he was becoming when he left but I’d gladly have him back. Then we could focus on a creative midfielder, defender & striker. I’m less impressed with these nobody trialists we’re pursuing.

The truth

why cunt he just phuck off,,,,,,,,,,,(see what i did there??)

Merlin's Panini

not really


Frimmers also posted a picture of himself and SOL at Arsenals training ground yesterday.

New 4th choice center back!

Rad Carrot

Ooooh! Flamini? All of our troubles are over! Truly this is a signing of top quality! I can’t wait to see him back! Wenger clearly knows what he’s doing!

For fucks sake.



Midfield Corporal

Has it taken 6 years to come up with that? Very good, I’ve never heard that before.


If this is true then I would expect Wenger to sigh him as he can’t refuse something for nothing.


This is just a real floater in the bowl moment.

The potential contract negotiations need to be held as such:

AW: You left for lots of money

Flam: Yes

AW: You have been injured and picked up a paycheque the whole time

Flam: Yes

AW: You played well for 6 months in your whole career

Flam: Yes

AW: Fuck OFF!

Flam: Please!

AW: Ok, here is the contract zero per game and zero per month, you get to keep your image rights.


Actually, I think that’s one of the funniest comments I’ve seen on this blog. Maybe I have a porr sense of humour, meh.


In Flamini’s defence, the FIFA games do an amazing likeness of the guy.


Only beaten by Gilberto’s likeness which some how looks more like him than he does in real life.


Gervinho on FIFA 13 is freakishly accurate too.


Clearly everyone wanting him back didn’t watch him at AC Milan



I remember that guy. When was the last time Arsene mentioned his name publicly?


I fondly remember his goal against Newcastle, one of the best of the season.


Towards Bendtner who’s won the first ball beautifully. Adebeyor…

Yup, yup… yup

Amaury Bischoff

I did it in meiner freizeit, charectar explanation for first name
A – Always looking like serious type of mood
R – Reaching for 4th postion is sufficient
S – Sensible signings of kids but sometime backfire
E – Eveyrones support till last few year
N – Nobody has insight into his brain or what decision it will make
E – Eyes like penertation into soul.


See above for The Return Of King Gibbersih. Hail, Sire.


*Gibberish. Fuck.

Amaury Bischoff

hi arseblog, i’m not racist or make no racist cmmnt.Please


That’s a strange post

Judgement day (once more)

Strange indeed..


Amaury’s apologising for his silly comments about Gervinho on another article, they were removed.

He’s dropped the bigotry and returned to his highly nonsensical, unintentionally comedic roots.


To me Flamini was the first cunt, leaving us when he was reaching his prime and when we really needed him. Good thing is he never showed that class while in Milan. Let him train, but hopefully we dont sign him. I hope he goes to a club that fights relegation or a mid table one.


I don’t think what he did was that bad. Didn’t Wenger drop him for the Champions League final? He’d played every game at left back because Cole was injured, and the team broke a record for clean sheets. Flamini was awesome, then Cole was fit for the final and Wenger played him. Not saying it was the wrong decision, Cole was brilliant, but if you’re Flamini, that’s got to hurt a lot. You’ve just formed part of a defence that hasn’t conceded any goals and helped your team to the final, then you get dropped. Then Milan offer him a… Read more »


Why. Why the fuck is our club run by drunks? Can’t we be business like for once? Jesus, The spuds who are the epitome of shit, have signed 3/4 very good players? How is this possible, when we finish above them on a consistent basis. All I their players would strengthen our squad, yet we chase the hopeless case (bitey) and provide a home for the infirm.


any updates on Suaréz?

Daft Aider

No, he has not yet bitten BR yet, he’s saving that for late August


Suarez is banned for 6 games.
That means we’ll be in no rush to buy and they will be in no rush to sell.
It’ll be transfer deadline day or around then when we sign him.
Assuming we don’t get pipped at the post by petro dollars.


We have suffer morethan £51m if dats wat will give us a title y didn’t they offer it since or giv Madrid £30m for higuian, £21m for Bernard, £24m felliani. With the £8m front jovy sales, all would have been settle. Pls add me on Facebook. Merlin.


@LAN remembers he’s not banned for champion league games.


“I can assure the fans we will try very hard to keep them happy. We are certainly ready to spend the money, but the process is going slowly but surely.” Arsene Wenger.

Daft Aider

Unfortunately backwards is not widely accepted as a speed

Judgement day (once more)

“Slowly”, as in “We are looking at Flamini, hopefully we can get him within three months”.

A Yank

Do or do not do, there is no try.


You should know even wenger doesn’t trust he boss when it comes to how they handle transfer issue so he can’t it the way we would want to hear. Cos he could yes we want to sign this fellow and the club could the next day refuse to sign the player cos there is additional £2m lik d case of torres and Kyrt before they move to Liverpool.


Is this what our club calls ‘moving forward’?…


Personally I’d be content to see him back at the club

Unyoke The Ox

I’d take him as 3rd choice LB and to add some steel to our Carling cup CDM.

He’s 29, not 39, people are acting like we’re trying to sign a relic

Eoin Fleming

More importantly. bendtner still breathing?

Merlin's Panini

Are you sure that’s more important?

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]

Yankee Gooner

Groundhog Day Part II: The Close Season


What does it say about us when I wouldn’t mind us signing Flamini as at least we would have signed someone. I love Wenger and I think without him in charge since the stadium move we would have been in right trouble. He just doesn’t make it easy to be a Gooner at the moment. We need a new spine to them team. The players we have are ok but none would compare to say Adams, Vieria, Henry. That’s a spine to a side. Get Suarez and Fellaini (DM) this summer then with our millions next summer by a real… Read more »

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