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Gervinho & Chamakh to leave : Bendtner staying?

Arsene Wenger has revealed that both Gervinho and Marouane Chamakh are on the verge of leaving Arsenal, but says the club are ‘nowhere’ when it comes to finding a new home for Nicklas Bendtner.

Speaking after the 2-2 Emirates Cup draw with Napoli, the manager was pressed on his transfer plans (which we’ll come to to), but also asked about possible departures.

It’s an area in which Arsenal have been efficient this summer and it looks as if two more misfits (of varying degrees) will join the likes of Djourou, Denilson, Santos and Mannone out the door.

“Gervinho we are at the moment close to an agreement with a club where he should go,” said Wenger. “Chamakh might go somewhere, it will be decided in the next 48 hours. Both are permanent moves.”

But those hoping to see the back of The Greatest Striker That Ever Lived won’t be too happy to hear this update.

“Bendtner we are nowhere. At the moment he is completely here.”

When you consider that at the start of the summer, the Dane was confidently predicting his imminent departure, it doesn’t augur well.

As expected, the Arsenal boss was also asked about Luis Suarez, saying, “I never said we have made a bid to Liverpool, now I can tell you we have made one, so at least that is some information. All the rest, I would like to keep to us. If we progress in that situation, we will inform you. At the moment, that is where we are.

“I wouldn’t like to talk openly about negotiations because that is not my target in the press conference. I can just repeat what I said yesterday: until the 31st, which is one month in front of us, we will work very hard to strengthen our squad without naming any specific names because I don’t believe that will make negotiations easier.

“After that you can make all kinds of thinking about the prices of the players. When you want to buy any player you need the agreement of the club and the agreement of the player and you need to agree a price.

“So you need three agreements. It is like you go to your neighbour and say: ‘I want to buy your house, so get out tomorrow morning.’ He will not be necessarily happy about it.”

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Unless you are willing to pay enough for him to be delighted.

…but this is Arsenal.


ARSENE WENGER ” It is like you go to your neighbour and say I want to buy your house, so get out tomorrow morning.’ He will not be necessarily happy about it.”

If you pay him lost of cash he will vacate the house Arsene…I promise


yea and not £1 over the estimated value


But you wouldn’t want to pay him more than the house’s value. Likeapying a cool 10m for a one-room pad


Well said Wenger lol.


Two of the brightest African players leaving us, surely we’re in a ‘downward spiral’. Roma can now win the serie a because they’ll have Gervinho. Is Chamakh going to Sp*rs ?


If you’re being sarcastic, you should learn how to be sarcastic…


“It is like you go to your neighbour and say: ‘I want to buy your house, so get out tomorrow morning.’ He will not be necessarily happy about it.”

He won’t be happy because he knows you never spend on anything.


‘because I don’t believe that will make negotiations easier’

ahhh, i see what he did there, he used the word easier, when he actually meant cheaper. oh wenger, you sly dog!


The guy really can’t take a hint, huh?


Hey blogs, I want to buy your house, so get out tomorrow morning!


I thiNk tHere’ll be sInging before 17th auGust, that is, in the nExt 14 daYs..OthErwise WENG OUT!!

is yours gold?

What’s wrong with your caps lock?


It seems to be a bit schizo.


Soares will be signed very soon.


never heard of him


Júlio César Soares Espíndola 🙂


He means Bendtner will get genital soares.


Troll be trolling.


This is why I like Arsene. Because he always says what NEEDS to be said and NOT what everyone expects him to say.
Personally I feel confident now with regards to new signings.

Ashburton Groover

really…on what basis? same guff year after year


1 key difference, were about 7 players shy of every other year, so he will sign some people, why moan about a 25 man cap and have about 12 players? more are coming, i expect not so much on the last day but last week probably, saves wage money, not good but my prediction


What I find funny is Liverpool FC Board and Brendan Rodgers are talking more about Luis Suarez speculation than Arsene Wenger or Arsenal. Are they getting cold feet??? #FreeSuarez (The Bitey Racist) No??? Ok, Until we sign him.


And it’s clear Real Madrid want Bale, not Suarez. We shall see…


rather have gervinho than bendtner


nope. bendtner can chew gum while playing..that looks cool


We are not having Bendtner, he is just staying….. No matter what… I guess Arseblog has to live with it for one more year. Most importantly, Nobody in Arsenal world should ever talk abt his talent.. I often notice people even to date call NB a talented footballer. I think he reads those comments/tweets and actually thinks he is World Class.


Not happy about the TGSTEL situation though…

Eoin Fleming

I think its come to the stage where a hit on bendtner is the only option.


But Don Vito is no longer in our pay

is yours gold?

Park’s been doing military service though… He may have a use after all…


Prediction: We will buy 4 players between now and the end of August, and none of us will really have heard of them before. Combined cost – €30m.


you’ve been a huge fan of certain Laurent Koscielny three years ago, right?


If they really did cost -€30m I wouldn’t complain.

Gareth Murray

To be fair Wenger has nevrer liked conducting transfer business in public and understandably so. It seems though that Brendan “he excites me” Rodgers is flogging the `bitey-racist´ for as much as he can get. Unfortunately for Liverpool and Rodgers – Arsenal are the only club who have shown a genuine interest in Suarez. The Liverpool manager’s comments that Suarez is worth as much as Bale is irrelevant as the transfer market is completely crazy and not always driven by an auction of players. He is their player though so they are entitled to ask for as much as they… Read more »

Ashburton Groover

sorry unnecessarily morose and downbeat… BUT please Arsene spend some money before Ivan (who we all hate) sacks you for not doing as you were told….

Ashburton Groover

2 thumbs down.. interested in your perspective…is it you think Ivan is a good guy? wants to be on 2 mill a year… or we don’t need to buy anyone? !?

Ashburton Groover

3 thumbs down… come on let’s have some feedback then people…

Brian Mendoza

a) I don’t hate Ivan. Maybe not love him, certainly not hate though.

b) He won’t sack Arsene. What would be the point? Go through most of preseason just to sack the manager? Our club would never do that, we aren’t QPR or somesuch.

c) Arsenal will sign players. All the indicators are there. Why else would they be dropping people left, right and center? Hell, Gerv is on his way, and he actually contributed (albeit not that much) last season. It would be madness to assume they don’t have replacements lined up already.


Wenger might be thinking Gnabry or Ryo can be Gervinho’s replacements. I can’t see him buying another winger to be honest.


So thats replacing fourth position with yet another push for fourth.


That would be a rather bleak view which would account for the lack of support at the Emirates until we put two goals in.

Sometimes, it’s like watching a tennis match except the crowd seems intent on booing their favorite rather than offering a bit of encouragement.

Poor form and somewhat nihilistic.

Gooner of Navarone

I thought the same. I think giving both these guys chances is alright considering Gervinho wasn’t much of a help last season. We can afford not to buy a winger. But a central defender is an obvious requirement. We don’t have anyone in our squad!


I don’t think we will buy a Cback.

More likely wenger will look at someone who can give us a bit of a (physical) presence in midfield (sans Diaby) and also be able to cover as a cback (ala Song) if need be.

Fellaini comes to mind and may happen depending on spending habits of other clubs. More economical would be someone less spectacular but no nonsense like Capoue who shoould cost 8-10m rather than 18-22m.

This position may also depend on how much we eventually come in on a striker (IF that happens of course)


tbh id prefer a bender brother to fellani but he will do nicely enough, gustavo will do tho or gary medal


Has Fellaini ever played at CB?


Which is a reasonable fear to have. Ryo is definitely not ready. Gnabry shows flashes but still raw. He should get a berth but reliance on him will be foolhardy at this stage. Rather we do need someone who can add guile out wide but who can also rotate into the middle (CAM) in lieu of Santi or Rosicky. Eisfeld is another potential but may still benefit from a loan. To me, I’d like to see someone like Konoplyanka at Dnipro who should cost us 15m +. He is comfortable with both feet, playing across the middle, has experience as… Read more »


no need to, we have ox waiting to step up for more game time, i say that squad space and money has a dm cb or stc’s name all over it


Well, I don’t know about anyone else, but I gave the thumbs down because you seemed to be keeping count. This amused me. I was rather hoping to see you descend into an apoplectic rage at each count (“it’s now 6 thumbs down! ffs! wtf did i ever do to you??? you’re all going to hell!!!!” etc.), but alas, this now seems unlikely. Nonetheless, I like to imagine that the dramatic escalation of red votes has rendered you speechless with indignation, so much so that you write something nasty in the margins of a library book you’re reading, or make… Read more »

I think the deafening silence is all the feedback you need.


Eoin- I think having him killed is a little too far….


I just know bendtner will find a way to fuck that negotiation, that’s what he’s good at.

Arsene's handkerchief

To be fair, even if we can’t shift Sir Nic, the club have done well in moving on those who had no future at the club. There’s plenty of space for new players, I’m sure we will make signings, only 4 weeks left of the window. By then we will know who has come in and the agony of thinking who we have missed out on or linked with will stop. Confident the club will make the right decisions, just got to get behind then and ensure they get of to a good start! Come on the Arsenal

is yours gold?

I think that’s well said for the most part mate. I think there are definitely players at the back and in midfield (central and wide) that we could sign that would make us a much better team. My real concern is up front… I just can’t think of a striker who’s available that fulfills the much fabled ‘stellar’ signing that we have been promised, and for me that is what our priority should have been. I reckon we’ve completely misinterpreted the Suarez situation and, in hindsight (ah what a wonderful thing!) £32 mill for Higuain looks far better business than… Read more »


Let’s hope we are in for a nice surprise and Wenger does the business!

Brian Mendoza

Both the Gerv and Chamakh leaving on permanent moves? What is this I don’t even




He is right though. Publicly stating who we are going to sign doesn’t make negotiations easier. It causes more shit. The Higuain saga was on every newspaper and then the price went up. I don’t care how quiet we do our business now just so long as when the 31st comes we’ve signed at least 3 quality players to please us all

Cork Gunner

Looks like we’re drifting into a situation where we’ll end up at the end of the transfer window making a very expensive bid for Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Not that would necessarily be a bad thing (apart from the commercial viewpoint as he’s 32 in October) as he is a spectacular player with an even more spectacular record of success in every league he’s played in. Supposedly not a great contributor for dressing room morale though.



Put Bendtner on the bench for the reserves. Just in case our keeper gets injured and someone needs to come on and put the gloves on.


And he is not the wan to do dat. Wenger chose his words b4 he speaks. He know he club are too slow wen it comes to transfers.


Apparently you don’t choose your words before you “speak”.


I don’t understand why he hasn’t signed players and bedded them into the squad. With Suarez they knew about the 40m +1 so why bid 35m and wait two weeks before bidding again? It’s wasting time, from the looks of the Asia tour the team spirit was great, surely you want the new guys in on that too

God forbid we sign Gareth Barry

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

The 35 million was a guess from the Press. The only reason we know Arsenal made any bid at all is because the Scousers made it public. That was the “and a pound” bid. Up until them all we heard was the rantings of the Press. Arsene Wenger didn’t speak on the subject until Ayres/Ayers/Scouse cunt did.

Hoosier Gunner

Well, looks like we now have the “real estate” to sign some forehead. Sounds good to me!


I am of the opinion that Nick Bent is the single worst player of the last century to don the Red and White.. #DanishPastry

Arshavin's Dietician

Gus Caesar?


It would be great to see some signings and I’m sure even Arsene would like to make early signings and bed them in as soon as possible. But unless someone with experience of making multi-million pound purchases can come on here and say something different, can everyone please shut the fuck up until 31st August and see what actually happens?

Silent Stan

Does anyone know when Bendtner signed his last Arsenal contract? What were they ——— at the Emirates to give him a contract that hasn’t run out yet?

Arsenal needs to give that lazy bastard a job for what he’s earning. Maybe a community service with less confidence kids in the community, because he’s got a shit load of it.


Dont blame Bendtner blame the idiot who gave him 52k a week contract.would you take a wage cut?


Can’t believe our good fortune in clubs wanting Girvinho and Chamakh . Please ” make it so” Captain Picard. Top top top players want to play ECL football so we may have to wait till we hopefully qualify 26/27 August to land our major signings , that’s fine as long as we close the deals. de Espíndola should come earlier because he played for QPR and wants to stay in London. Small signings first and build up to the biggies last. Sounds like we will be kicking them out and dragging them in right up till the last few days.… Read more »


what does Arsene mean when he says he’s made one bid. is he saying he made only one bid for Suarez ?

but that Ayre guy confirmed on 92live that he had received 2 bids from us. ??!?! what’s going on

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Liverpool Lie.


“I want to buy your house, so get out tomorrow morning” Haha you gotta love some of the shit he says

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

That is exactly what Liverpool have been doing with the people who live around their stadium. Only they don’t give them lots of money. They are running down the neighbourhood until the crime drives the last few people out instead. These are the people you have to deal with to buy Suarez. Buy a bitey racist from ruthless cunts who don’t even give a fuck about the people living beside their stadium? Don’t be surprised if that ends badly. And people on here think Arsenal treat their fans poorly for not keeping them informed when they are trying to buy… Read more »

Amaury Bischoff

Both the plyrs R wellcome at preussen muenster, anybody impornt reading this, if any1 wants i can speak with swapping option for preussen muenster plyrs, 4 for 2 oder 3 for 2. I’m speaking for love of arsenal FC.


Then try it in english.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Didn’t get it then?


holy crap, was that english?

Lord theo

There are two types of people I can stand:
1: transfer know it alls,
2: transfer hypocrites,
3: people who can’t count.

See what I did there? Once the window is shut then we can moan if both.g has been done. It may not be as soon as we like but its clear they are working on bringing players in.


Bendy is like a growth on your balls that needs surgery to remove


Lets just Malouda Bendtner for the year.

Indonesian Gooner

Arsenal in the transfer market is like that woman who cant decide what to buy until the shop closes. Then she buys cheaper stuff. Like park & santos. Then she throws them away in a flash. Or the korean military takes them. Anyway this transfer window is like santos’ belly; its ugly & smells bad.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Sexist pig! You’ll be saying you don’t watch women’s football for the football in a minute. You should apply for the top job at FIFA. You’d be a shoe-in for it 🙂 You just have to outlive the current incumbent and the job’s yours. I’m actually hoping that Arsenal in the transfer market is like that woman who goes shopping without telling you, spends her own money, and comes home with a carton of beer, the latest action movie DVD, a 3-D TV to watch it on, a season ticket for Ashburton Grove, and a bag full of sexy clothes… Read more »


You misspelt ‘wanker’

It’s.. ‘I hate that Platini wanker’

Job sounds amazing though, hope you get it


I know we are looking for a striker and everything but that does not explain how till now we havent recruited a CB, DM ,or G.K. There must be a breakdown in our transfer proceedings somewhere. either with the scouts, board or the manager. (dibbs on manager though)

Bendtner is our new striker now, should have kept Gervinho instead of this dane bag of crap. What is up with Arsene? really


get fucking david dein back in, dick law out


David was alright but his son, Darren, is the largest sized fuck ever. He caused most of our transfer problems in recent years and just to top it off, tried courting Manure when they were in for Fab.


Kenyan Gooner

+ve gooner.

Pele of Romford

If you tell your neighbour you’ve got loads of cash and them offer him two pound sixty and an envelope. Don’t matter how secret the negotiations are. He will secretly tell you to fuck off. And you will be homeless.


Commentator: GOAL for Arsenal – Giroud puts Arsenal back in it!!

Meanwhile in Arsenes mind.

(As he puts the chequebook back in his
pocket, ‘ pfft they said we need another striker?’)

Commentator: GOAL for Arsenal – Koscienly with the equaliser

Meanwhile in Arsenes mind

(hmmh he does head the ball like a striker, time for a change maybe)


Those of you at the pitch tomorrow, Sing” spend some fucking money” thanks


Ohhh.. so thats how the transfer market works. . Cheers arsene!
I didnt realise that all our rivals didnt actually go to other clubs and demand their new players.. there was actual “negotiations”… what a strange age we live in

petits handbag

Cazorla, Koscielny, Wilshere, Walcott. Is there any others who seem like they could be part of a title winning first eleven?
I’m prepared to accept abuse about walcott, but the lad scores and creates goals.
As for Bendtner, it’s gone beyond being funny. He should be working in a call centre for complaints about calls made to call centres.


I think an uninsured Gibbs and Arteta are classy enough for that bracket in my opinion

Gervinho's Greatest Fan

Call me crazy, but I think Gervinho could actually help the club next year. The guy can create on the left wing.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

He won’t be helping much if he’s playing for Roma, except in the wages and squad place departments.


he creates shit loads, unfortunately for us nobody on gods green earth, not even himself knows whats coming next, so there is nobody there to turn the chance into a goal, Gervinho causes more heart attacks strokes and spontanious combustion in gooners than any1 since manuel almunia.


Why are we selling or best players, benthner is staying to clean the lads boots, come on lads let’s support him

Gooner sickunt

I’ve always liked bendtner. Big strong centre forward with decent feet. He’s got an attitude problem but that’s wengers job to sort out and get the best from him. He’s miles better than um sorry can’t think of any other centre forwards other than giroud who actually play!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

If Wenger can’t stop Bendtner being a twat then how on earth is he supposed to make Suarez behave like a human?

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