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Oxlade-Chamberlain to miss ‘at least 6 weeks’

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is facing a minimum 6 week spell on the sidelines after sustaining cruciate knee ligament damage against Aston Villa.

The midfielder, who turned 20 last week, suffered the injury just before half-time on Saturday during a nasty collision with Antonio Luna and left the Emirates on crutches.

Arsene Wenger confirmed the lay-off would be lengthy but was confident that he wouldn’t need surgery and there’s no suggestion it’s the more serious kind of cruciate injury.

“He will be out for at least six weeks, he has a posterior cruciate problem, a ligament which is stretched,” said the Arsenal manager.

“We don’t think it will need surgery, he is consulting tonight (Tuesday), but it will be at least six weeks out.”

Chamberlain joins Arteta, Vermaelen and Abou Diaby as long-term absentees.

Arseblog News wishes him a swift recovery.

Update: The Ox himself reckons 3 months.

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Frank de Boer

Terrible for him and the team. He was very dangerous in his 45 minutes Saturday and had such a good opportunity to establish himself this season. Let’s hope he’s back sooner than later and can make that big next step in his career.


A stretch is much better than a tear. Get well, Ox!


Cruciate ligament damage always scares me because they start become recurrent. I pray that it’s only been inflamed. So unfortunate, why do all our young players who are about to hit there stride always get injured. Bah!


Chamberlain himself tweeted this

“Gutted i’m injured so early in the season. But I’m going to be working hard to hopefully be back playing in 3
months.Thanks 4 all ur support.”

Now did I skip a class where 6 weeks equates 3 months!!! arrrgh!


Welcome to Wengernomics 101

North Bank Gooner

Or 6 weeks til the injury heals, 6 weeks rehab before he plays again?

Not many players finish healing, and start the following week after 6 out.

Medical Staff

We told Wenger 6 months. What is he smoking?


How long is a Wenger 6 weeks?


3 months, of course.


I HOPE it’s no more than 3-4 months. And also that it doesn’t reduce his pace after his recovery. 🙁 I love the Ox.


Have to feel for him, Being a world cup year he just wanted to be out there playing week in week out. I predicted this was gonna be his year, still will be! get back soon the ox. I fucking love you!


Knowing England, he’ll get picked anyway. They love injuring our players.


Thankful that the sensationalised bullshit from the tabloids of “Chamberlain out for 3 months/6 months” didn’t turn true. Get well soon Ox!


‘Minimum six weeks’ in Arsenal language means from 8 up to 16 weeks (a whole season in extreme cases) so let’s not get ahead of ourselves.


Ah yeah, good point… 🙁


Insert LANS comment here


or LANI: like a new injury


Anyone want to take a bet that in 6 weeks time he’s having surgery when it turns out waiting 6 weeks didn’t help?


You could see immediately what difference having someone with pace made in first half he was a handful. Shame there was no leader like Arteta to calm him down. The challenge was reckless and unnecessary. He got carried away with occasion like most of the players and lost the plot. We didnt need to go at Villa so recklessly. Good teams when they go ahead can sit back and slow the game down. Thats why our defence kept getting exposed. For ox he is young and will mistakes. We just missed leader like Arteta to be a calming influence.


Wenger six weeks? He’ll be back by 2017


Does anyone know if its true that Flamini is training with us? Or if he is still any good?


He was released by Milan last season then ended up playing another season for them. This time also they offered him a new deal but he refused. At 29 years of age he is not too far gone. He might be our Plan “Z”..


they say he’s like a new signing. Except he’s old and he’s already used us.


more like an ex-wife, then.


At least six weeks, but at most 3 months, I’m sure.


Thanks Gary O Driscoll…


Well that potentially saves us 60,000 to put towards a bid for Gareth Barry or some other top, top player who can’t get a first choice position at a club…often one below us.


Awful news for the young lad, hope her gets well soon. As everyone has intimated…see you in 6 months – next season


Lets just hope it is only six weeks. Get well soon Ox. Southampton must be devastated.

Jamerican guy

hold your head up ox because i still think this is your year to shine. really hope u come back fitter and stronger than before.


What does southampton get in return during this period?? customized ox get well soon cards and a teddy bear each week?


See you in december ox ;_;


I do not like hearing of ‘at least 6 weeks’ because we have heard that several times and it has turned to 6 months. Our injury woes and the uncertainty about the recovery period gives little credibility to our medical staff. May be I will get lots of red thumps, but if we look retrospectively, we will realize that injuries like those of Wilshire last season, Diaby, Rosicky and even RVP during his injury laden 8 years with us, began with this same bollocks of 6 weeks which turned to 3 months. Talking of Diaby I am sure he has… Read more »

Vincent O'Carroll

I like Alex, I saw his father play in the flesh a few times….I hope he has a quick recovery as I feel he has something to offer. I do not mean this to be disparaging in any way…it is a reflection on the squad that we have. What is your opinion about Alex getting a starting place on George’s best 11 from the late 80s early 90s or Wengers 98 or Invincibles vintage…in fact how many of our current squad could be guaranteed a place in any of those starting 11s????? This is a major issue for me….all our… Read more »

Norn Iron Gooner

There’s a ‘Great Wall of China’ joke somewhere in there..


… what you’re saying is we need to buy a whole team except Sagna?



Yeah, I think he goes a bit too far. Our CB pair of Kos and the BFG is actually good, barring the poor game against Villa. Sagna is class, and Gibbs is still young but improving all the time, Jenkinson too. Arteta and Ramsey are a really effective pair, in fact Arteta is our “leader” and “midfield general”. Diaby would greatly improve us here if he ever stops being injured. Cazorla is a 25 goal a season man (plus assists). I don’t know why Walcott gets so much hate from Arsenal fans. Come on guys, he’s one of the best… Read more »

Alex Manninger

So glad for him if its only 6 weeks (hopefully)! Im sure he has been freeting non stop over the possibility of not making the world cup.

Alex Manninger


Hawksley Court

“freeting”, “fretting” – he’s probably been doing both. I know I have.

ghana gunner

i am suddenly hearing links to kondogbia. Y or y? Surely monsieur wenger can go out of his way to “waste money on a flashy signing”and thus keep the toxidity seeping into the emirates if for nothing at all.


Youthful inexperience got the better of him sadly. It was a never-win ball which he shouldn’t have gone for, someone was always gonna come off 2nd best in that specific situation.

I am AMAZED that Sagna can still walk, let alone be “fit” for `tomorrow’s game.

We have enough to get passed Fener, whatever that Liverski oik says. Up the ARSE!!

(Wenger spend some money.)


In a way this is bad news: it would have been better if the Ox’s potential lay-off had been longer. Now Wenger won’t even consider buying an emergency player to cover for Alex. I was just listening to talkSPORT. Wenger gave an interview in which he sounded very defensive and angry. It’s clear that the pressure is very seriously getting to him. Sadly, it won’t be enough for him to even think about resiging – what a shame. I was just wondering what is going to happen over the coming few months. I was watching the Palace v Spurs game… Read more »


‘I was just listening to talkSPORT.’ – Your first mistake…

Glen Helders soul-glo

I too watched the palace spurs game.

What I saw was a team struggle to beat the team that will finish bottom of the league (by a distance)

Soldado only had the penalty, Chadli was terrible & Paulinho was outclassed by Jedinak.

Liverpool actually looked better than spurs, but it’s only the first game

Hawksley Court

Spurs certainly weren’t as fluent as Man C or Chelsea, but I had an idea they might make a tough go of it at Palace. Once their new players get used to one another, and they get Bale back, and possibley Willian in the side (I saw him last year – he looks very capable) they will be in contention with Liverpool for 4th. Maybe even in contention for 3rd (oh, dear, I hope not). Arsenal are 4 players short at the moment. We all know that. I live in hope that Wenger and his team (he does have a… Read more »


You wish Oxlade-Chamberlain’s injury was worse? Fuck off you cunt.


Question fellas: If we sack Wonga, can we un-sack him back again?


Think of all the money we’ll save from not having to pay Southampton their £10Ks though


3 days after Villa disaster and we chasing reserve Valensia keeper , madness why we don’t have any new faces by now?

No Hope

Another Wenger donkey – missed like a brain tumour…

No Hope

Wenger pays the price for his arrogance and ignorance – justice indeed. Lets hope he is gone as soon as possible…


The summer of hope that arsenal can be great again almost gone .
Next 2 premiership games will decide our season anithing but 6 points and emirates will be empty and unpleasant place .


How can the emirates be unpleasant if empty?!


Its too hard to take…..i need a shit!

Dial square

6 weeks + 1 minute


I don’t want Wenger anymore but I have to say injuries like his and Artetas right at the beginning of the season is hard on him. Still if he would have bought a DM back up and a winger to replace Gerv he wouldn’t be under this pressure.


I am clinging to the hope that CL qualification will result in a wave of spending and fantastic signings.

I fear this is a sorely misguided outlook.


6 years with our medical team and wenger rushing him back from injury until he finally puts the niggles behind him


I’m a yankee that loves Arsenal. The transfer people on this team are terrible. How can players half the skill of RVP, Cesc, Nasari, and more fetch so much when we get shit for them? They’re not even smart business people just silly trolls sitting on a pile of gold that isn’t even as large as it should be…


Why do you feel the need to tell us that you’re a Yank?

99 problems but being a Gooner aint one.

Arsenal physio team ‘two or three weaks’ = months or even an entire season

i SHUDDER TO think what six weeks means. I hope they are right for once. I like the ox and he is probably our best wide player..Even when he has a bad game he dosent hide and always goes looking for the ball unlike theo.

Hawksley Court

Unless it is of the slightest injuries to this ligament, he will be out around 6 months minimum. I’ve yet to know of an athlete return from this injury in anything less. The recovery time between a stretched posterior ligament dealt with non-surgically and one requiring surgery and reconstruction can, as strange as it sounds, be little different. As the old saying goes, hope for the best but prepare for the worst. The best in this case is a very minor injury and a 3 month return, the worst is a return at the end of the season (maybe), the… Read more »

[…] injury worries might not be as bad as we initially thought. While Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain looks set to miss “at least 6 weeks” with a PCL problem, the likes of Aaron Ramsey, Tomas Rosicky, Jack […]


Ox is very young. Too young to be playing international football at 18. It can mess with a persons mind. They can believe they have developed more than they have. Owen,Rooney and Walcott were the same. It took Rooney and now Theo many years to fully develop their true potential and I believe international call ups so young did not help. Ox actually was not a crucial player last season so is no loss really. The break will do him good, settle him down. 4-5 months out won’t hurt at all. Then he will have to fight to win his… Read more »


Under promise and over deliver, good words to govern ones work attitude. Unfortunately the club (except for kroenke, who in fairness says nothing and is still a cunt) keep over promising and under delivering. Think of the expected revenue of housing development, the increased competitiveness the stadium move would afford us, injury predictions, purchases, every single thing the club tells us is either an outright lie or partially untrue. Arsene is right, he doesn’t have to explain anything – to us, the press, whoever. But he has completely eroded the faith the fans had, and I don’t trust him anymore.… Read more »

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]

[…] his press conference yesterday Arsene Wenger said it would ‘at least 6 weeks‘ before he could play due to a ‘stretched’ cruciate ligament injury. Almost […]


I had a feeling Theo would fudge the pass to Alex swerving into space ahead of him on that fateful counter. For a guy with such talent Theo too often reveals flaws in fundamental areas of his game – but then he’s a young guy, and for me that passage ending in Alex’s injury was a little demonstration of what a team with too many young guys looks like. Theo needed a cool head to lay the ball off to before him and Alex set off on a run, and Alex shouldn’t have slid in for a ball that was… Read more »

Wenger Son of God, Kind of Trolls

First Walcott, then Jack … now Ox. I think this is Truman show shit, this is too fucking ridiculous to even be true. I like this guy a lot was really keen to see what he could do. It’s about time we had our own Bale.

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