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Wenger giving little away over transfers

Arsene Wenger says that there’s still plenty of time for Arsenal to bring in new players, but refused to expand on the stories that the club had bid for Newcastle midfielder Yohan Cabaye.

Speaking at his press conference ahead of tomorrow’s game against Fenerbahce, the manager was repeatedly quizzed about Arsenal’s lack of transfer business, but refused to be drawn despite there being less than 2 weeks of the window remaining.

“Less than 2 weeks is a long time and 75 per cent of things happen in the last ten days,” he said. “I would like to reiterate in the last 16 years we have been very successful with transfers.

“If we do a transfer, we will announce it. We always inform you. As for the rest, you have to leave us to do our own things.”

Asked about Newcastle’s reaction to the rejected Cabaye bid, Wenger said, “There’s nothing to explain. You have your opinions. First of all you don’t know if we did bid, and you come to conclusions without knowing what we did.

“So it’s quite amazing that people don’t know but always have opinions about things they don’t know. I do not explain to you what happened. It’s not down to me to explain every single thing I do. We don’t want to hurt anybody, not Newcastle, not anybody.

“You can’t reproach us on one side for not buying and yet on the other side, when we try to buy, reproach us as well. That is a bit contradictory.”

And the Arsenal manager turned the focus from new players that might never come in to the ones we do have and who are tasked with winning the game tomorrow night.

“If you look at the players who play tomorrow, they are top quality players, and you should never forget that. It is not always to think what is outside is better than what you have.

“What is important as well is to rate what you have and our fans have to understand that as well.”

The fans do understand that these are good players, but also that these are the same players who just about got over the line in 4th and lost to Bradford and Blackburn. The players understand that too.

Still, there’s little we could have done before today anyway, so let’s hope something happens before Fulham.

Although we don’t advise holding your breath.

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Move along please ladies and gentlemen, there’s nothing to see here.


I’m getting bored to the back teeth with Wenger’s annual post apocalyptic rhetoric. This is a clusterfuck that he’s brought on himself. If he didn’t want to put himself, the players and the fans through this shite he should have been proactive. It’s about morale, confidence and ambition. If there is to be a new Wenger contract, some of his powers need to be removed.


I hate to say it, but I’m beginning to resent the man more and more with each press conference. You hear him speak, make excuses and then complain that everyone is moaning and all you can do is think “You’ve brought this entirely on yourself”. I can no longer defend him, I can no longer believe that he is doing everything he can to get us back to winning ways. With each transfer window, we’ve gotten weaker and there has been opportunity followed by opportunity to dig in and improve this squad. It’s almost as if he is trying to… Read more »

Glen Helders soul-glo

He is actually now more annoying than Mourinho, which takes some doing.

I feel like punching him in the face every time he opens his mouth.


C’mon the man is wearing yellow….yellow!

Andy Mack

yellow, as in our away colours!
On a press conference away….


ah you gave it away.


This reminds me of that Simpson’s episode where Homer had the opportunity to see Mr T at the mall.

I’ll go a little later, I’ll go a little later. And when I got there, they told me he just left. And when I asked the mall guy if he’ll ever come back again, he said he didn’t know. Well, I’m never going to let something like that happen again!


Here is something to see: a Great post on Untold Arsenal.


Many excellent points, some of which I’ve wondered about myself, but a bit too much “conspiracy theory” stuff I don’t like.


Well Park, Chamakh and Gervinho were very successful transfers alright. 😀

twisted cuntloks

Santos was an astonishingly good panic buy too!

Scott P

I can’t fully understand people lumping Gervinho in with Park and Chamakh. He obviously had quality but lacked a bit (ok, maybe a lot) of confidence. He was no smash hit, but no great failure either. Even if he did have some howlers, he did actually contribute to the team. Further, he did seem to be trying his hardest even if it wasn’t always enough.

Also, a good piece of business to move him on before his form fell off completely.


the fact that we were actually able to sell him, for some actual money, is a testament to that. can’t give the other two away it seems


Yes i think if Gervais was younger fans would have had more tolerance. There is a player in him that may still come out with confidence and playing constantly. This was however the wrong time and place for him , during the current climate we need players who deliver ALL the time we cant sidestep we need to step forward.


If you count profit made on sales well yes, very successful

Andy Mack

Park was a gamble and may have paid for himself in shirt sales in South Korea.
Chamack was free and did very well for the first 3 months of his first season when the skunk was injured, plus his shirt sales in Morocco would have reduced his salary costs.

So neither was a great signing but equally they don’t fit into the Rebrov/Veron league of nightmare signings.


Gooners: “If you’re not going to buy anyone, why dont you just tell us”
Wenger: ” But your punishment must be more severe”


Wenger: “Calm down, Gooners! Now’s not the time for fear. That comes later.”


75% happens in last ten days. Meaning 25% has happened. 25%= 1 player (Sanogo). Therefore using Wengerian Logic we can expect 3 more additions before the window shuts. But we need 4 additional players minimum- striker, DM versatile defender and keeper. Then again Wengerian logic states there are not many players who are of the quality to sign for Arsenal available, so god knows what will happen!


I’m starting to think we’ll have to resort to putting Diaby in a remote control wheelchair with Wenger on the sidelines with fake rubber arms.


Best comment ever.


The remote control wheel chair part just got me im absolutely buckled ahaha


from Father Ted right?



Lightning Pace

“75% of things happen in the last 10 days” which maybe true but in our case isn’t much help when we should have taken advantage of the strong position we were in at the beginning of the summer. He’s papering overthe cracks but the cracks are turning into chasms sadly.

jack jack jack

I know you’ll all think I’m crazy but Wenger just doesn’t look panicked to me. All the papers are doing “Arsenal at panic stations”, “Last minute trolley dash” headlines, but I don’t buy it. Why is it that when other clubs take our players at the tail end of the window it’s good business? My guess is that, despite lodging bids earlier in the window, we planned to do most of our business at the tail end of the window – allowing for tougher negotiation and a nice game of brinksmanship. The idea that we weren’t planning to strengthen until… Read more »


why would Wenger intentionally leave all the transfers till the last 2 weeks, knowing full well Arsenal would have a bare and weak squad at the start of the season and risk going out of the Champions League because of it?. Please don’t try and find excuses for Wenger and the board and I feel sorry for you if you are doing that, but if you are trying to boost morale for everyone then I see where you’re coming from.

jack jack jack

I said ‘most’ not ‘all’. I’m sure we would have preferred to get our business done early, but we missed out on some targets and it is the nature of the beast that most activity happens near the end. The approaching deadline forces the selling club into action so they can in turn replace what they lose. When there are months to go they have incentive to string out the negotiations, try to drive the price up, and hope other clubs get involved and turn it into a bidding war. That’s just how it works. Most of the transfers that… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

So many people demanding four players in specific positions where we need strengthening. So many people saying that when Higuain’s price jumped 10 million we should have paid it without quibbling. You cannot do both on 70 million. 70 million will buy you four players if they each cost around 17.25 million. We do probably need five or six in reality to replace players who have left. But for arguments sake we’ll stick with four. If we had bought Higuain at 35 million we would have spent the money for two players on just one player, and we would have… Read more »


Dude, just look at our closest rivals. Liverpool and Tottenham have done their business well paced over the course of the window and have reaped rewards – and Iago Aspas and Soldado contributed in their first PL games for the club. Please note that both clubs have last season’s top scorer missing/sulking yet they managed fixtures as tricky as our own. This is not some grand strategy, this is Wenger not knowing how to finish a transfer. That’s fine, he can’t be all-knowing. But when you aren’t equipped for something, don’t take it all on your head and then refuse… Read more »


I have to agree with your comment. However one thing that has been bugging me this whole summer is that finally we have a summer where everything is in our control (no players plotting their own agenda) And we seem to have top executives qualified enough to make good strategic decisions – overall our search for finances/sponsors and the asian tour has been an exemplary success. Yet with all this, how are we not ready for the season especially when some of our rivals are on uncharted territory with new managers. We should be making the best out of this… Read more »


The Higuain and Suarez deals were public. God knows why but in recent years transfer negotiations have become very public. Negotiations probably always start early, but all he meant was that they are concluded in the last few weeks. And someone already made the point that we have 70m, a largeish but not huge amount to buy four or five players. One of those will be a big transfer, say 30m or 40m. Which means we have to spend the rest very wisely. We are not Chelski or Man Shitty or PSG etc., we don’t have a sugar daddy owner… Read more »

Toure Motors

You’re right. You are crazy. I don’t think AW will pull out the required 3-4 top quality players to make us competitive. Hope I’m crazy though


Just shut up and buy the players we need.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

You have to shout at the 2,714 selling clubs in the world too or the deals won’t happen.


Arsene to wife:
“prepare me a top quality breakfast
missus de Wenger im off to train
my top quality players, hope the
weather is top quality like your
dress. I must say you’re looking
every bit of top quality there
missus de wenger….before I forget
did I say top quality?”
stop all this and get in some top
quality (oops) signings ffs its long
overdue !


Oh dear!


Top quality muffins too. he is afterall spending some money.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

We need some top quality comments here too… so I’ll shut up and fade into the woodwork again.


Funny how he bashes the transfer window extending into the season but does all his buying in that period.


best gravatar….ever!

makes comment even funnier.


Sort of missing his point there I think. Clearly if a lot of his transfer history is toward the end of the window and the end of the window eats into the season, then one might think it makes sense to end the window before the season… no? that’s all he’s saying I think


It’s about his argument that the mid season transfer enquiries disturb his players’ focus yet he only ever does his business in that period.

Eric Blair

Why don’t the football authorities change the transfer window to June and July, why does it even need to be open in August? Aren’t 2 months enough to complete all transfer business?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Most business gets done at the end of the window so that is why most of his gets done then. There are perfectly valid reasons for moving it to the start of the season, but also there are (international) arguments against it that have won out so far. If he could push all his deals through before the season started I am sure he would, but all the other teams have to play ball with him, and they won’t because… they’re waiting til the end of the window. It’s not rocket surgery, you know!!!!! 🙂 (and if it were then… Read more »


Damned summers.


What is he talking about?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Transfers. He’s great on the “Theory of Transfers”. He going to flunk the Practical exam though.


Wenger’s way is always to say nothing and try to give explanations efter the fact. I would also say that most of his successful transfers were done in the first 25% of his time at Arsenal, quite a long time ago now.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Most of his money was around in the first 25% of his time at Arsenal too, quite a long time ago now.

Can’t we just stop slaughtering him for the transfers he did when we didn’t have any money to spare? he’s got rid of all the iffy ones who wanted to retire or play football. He’s only got He Who Shall Not Leave now.

We have enough to slaughter him for this summer without bringing up things which have lost their relevancy now that we have a little bit money.


That was awful what I wrote up there wasn’t it? i’ll go now!


Ah, you’re alright fella!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Ahh, you say you want to leave, but I said the exactly same thing a couple of posts further up, and look! I’m still here too.

We are symbolic of the typical Gooner, who is desperate to have a voice that Arsenal will hear so that we can tell them they’re cretins and our cousin “NameGoesHere” could do transfers better than them, AND keep ticket prices down for poor people like us at the same time, AND still find time to ring the doorbell at White Fart Lane and run away without being seen.


“So it’s quite amazing that people don’t know but always have opinions about things they don’t know” – its almost as if Arsene has never been on the internet before. And fair enough, we shriek and moan about no signings (many of us saying ffs sign someone, ANYONE!) and then shriek and moan when the player Arsenal is going after isn’t exactly who we would’ve chosen. Not trying to defend the non-transfers of the summer, just want to point out that we’re all a bit high strung these days (as if anyone needed reminding).


You are perfectly right! Thank you

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Get off of this blog and start training. You might be playing tonight.


…”and then shriek and moan when the player Arsenal is going after isn’t exactly who we would’ve chosen”

You mean the player the press has made up a story about us going after, right? Most of the transfer “news” is pure shite. Who knew we would bid for Bender? Cabaye? How many rumoured “targets” were actually targets? We shouldn’t give newspapers and websites so much credibility with their transfer rumours.



Gutbukkit Deffrolla



I do not honestly think there is some 70 million pounds out there for the manager to spend. What you see this man doing is basically to align what he does to the overall strategy of Mr Kroenke. I am of the believe that quite unlike in the past where we spent about 10 million pounds to buy about four players, the plan was to use the same amount to get one super quality player. Like he tells you, he does not have to explain everything. To tell you everything is to get into a scuffle with Mr Kroenke and… Read more »

ack ack ack

if that is somehow indeed the case (it ain’t), then gazidis trumpeting to anyone who would listen about our sizable transfer warchest was rather less dumb and naive than mind-numbingly stupid.


Just go and get fellaini. proven and powerful. ideal for us. defo need a keeper also. jesus it cant be that hard with 150m in the bank.


That would go until deadline day. Man U are in for him and Everton, quite rightly, will try to get the best fee.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

They won’t do a deal with United but you think they will do a deal with us instead? Would that be to punish, um, fuck me I forgot the bastard’s name. Actually, not such a surprise he is a wannabe in a proper manager’s shoes. Anyway, back on topic, I suspect they would rather not sell him to anybody and just keep him. That would be punishment enough for United. They probably don’t feel the need to take our money and caress it while they fall into the bottom half. That would be overkill. We should probably make an offer… Read more »


The won’t sell to Man U because they bid a ridiculous amount of £28m for both Baines and Fellaini, i.e. they bid roughly what Fellaini is worth for both of them.


Arsene honestly has no idea what sort of impact signing a quality player or losing a player can have on not only the squad but the fans. This is just incredible to me.


And correction Arsene, not all 75% of transfers happen in the last 10 days, i think you mean 75% of Arsenals transfers happen in the last 10 days.

If we sign three more players at this point, that will be spot on 75%.


Oh, what a bunch of old pompous patronising bollocks


Over £400m already spent in the league and Wenger says that is only 1/4 of the business – so there is still £1.2bn
of transfer business to go (for us 3 x 0, so £0 left to spend).


75% of transfers, not money spent.


Patience is over. Gazidis and Wnger should be sacked as they acting against the company.


Nooo!! Well I dont know why, but we need them. No Osmanov and T.Henry, They would buy class players and lead us to things we fans deserve. Go Ivan and Arsene! GOOO!! 😐

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Yeah, you picked a fucking good time there mate. Give em a ring. Tell Wenger not to bother going to the stadium tonight. We’ll ask one of the Fenerbahce coaches to give our team their team talk for tonight. What could possibly go wrong?


c’mon even buying now just proves that we’re being robbed and wenger..feck off..somebody should put the hollyhood ho*oker kroenke and his henchman nazidis down for good..please put them to sleep!

iain culverhouse

Just don’t know what to think now, starting to wonder if we will ever sign anyone


Oh, arsene you sound like that broken record that was already broken for 8 years ago, indeed there’s nothing to see or read moving along.


Although there is time to read it anyway and make a comment about it before actually moving on?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Always time to read a post and comment on it. Even if you’ve got nothing to say.

Um, I’ve got nothing to say.


Its amazing how wenger takes this club as his. He doesnt seem to care at all. Even ferguson wasnt like him. If he doesnt buy top quality players he will have to go. I think suarez will do with all his gabbage, i dont care. Get in richards, bender and cesar.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

70 million will only just get Suarez. Forget other signings (except on a Free or Loan) if we do get him.

A N Other

He has lost his Midas touch.. I can’t see him staying longer than this season, if that.

The Noise

That’s because the fraud himself has no clue what to do or who to buy… It’s all so boring and predictable.




I’m really not very optimistic after watching the interview that we have any quality players lined up. Feel it may be 2-3 panic buys. Latest rumours say willian in London to to meet spurs and Roma are too to discuss lamela both would be excellent signings and strengthen our squad.,how can spurs attract these players with out champ league football and apparently less money then we have??? And in the mean time we are linked to cabaye, Williams and michu. Wtf is going off?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

His basic approach would be to have a number of names to try for, with the expectation that some will come and some will stay. I don’t doubt he doesn’t know which ones he can get, but I am sure he would have made a list to work from.


The sooner he goes the better. I’ve lost interest in anything he says and does until he finally says he’s leaving then does it.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

You’ll be angry and lonely and not well-informed if he manages to pull a rabbit out of this tatty hat and saves the day. I’m not making any long term plans based on what will happen with Arsenal….

Who knows? (Arsene is supposed to, but I’m beginning to wonder to tell you the truth).

Bob Truelove

Have the spuds only spent 25% of their budget?! Cripes. Who knew 5th place was so expensive?


Well, they are about to sell 75% of their team.

jack jack jack

They’re about to lose their best (read: only) player from last season, who they built their entire team around. The spuds will be smote upon the rocks once more.


Well…Fuck Kroenke. Fuck Gazidis. Fuck Arsene.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Fucking El

Hank Scorpio

Fuck off Arsene. Everybody else is signing ‘top top quality’ and what are you doing? Trying to buy nobodies who will add nothing and doing it on the cheap. We don’t need Yohan fucking Kebab. About the only thing you’ve managed to successfully do of late of any value is infuriate Pardew. Buy some proper players so we can genuinely challenge for something or leave

Arsene Wenger

Haha .. You sheople !! Got Punked by me for another you .. Too easy ..


Due to wengers persitent fun and games Skysports have determined arsenal is a joke and announced that from next week, all Arsenal games will be shown on cartoonn network paving way for more serious games on skysports channels.

I breathe Arsenal

Hopefully we Sign some quality players.


Thanks for your contribution. You will be sent a medal by carrier pidgeon. No cash refunds.


Pogba, Bender, Jackson Martinez and I will be happy.

Outside the Box

I only hope that Sp*rs are banking on Bale leaving to balance the books with what they’re spending this summer (£90m+ if willian signs) because if they’re doing it to prove their ambition to their star player in a bid to keep him at the club, it will make an even bigger mockery of us not spending over the last few seasons to keep ours!


The reality is that while Spurs have shaky finances, one big summer of splurging out like this won’t make them bankrupt even if they don’t sell Bale. AVB has made a team plan without Gareth Bale. If they keep him then it is a bonus. Arsenal’s finances are far better than Spurs but we couldn’t afford to gamble for the first few years after the stadium move. Since 2010 we have had money. And now this summer we have the guarantee of the new sponsorship and kit deals and the new TV deals coming up. We are guaranteed to make… Read more »

Andy Mack

Spud are trying to build a team/squad now to cover them in the coming years when money isn’t available whilst they build their stadium.


Genuinely baffled. Ive always believed in this man and his way of doing things. I usually found myself nodding in agreement, or simply shaking my head with a smirk when I heard Arsene speak intelligently when others seemed foolish. I have praised him during our most fruitful period, and backed him during our barren spell. However, I’m left confused by the goings on during these summer months. The realization that we needed to strengthen was apparent to all towards the end of last season, even during our near perfect run in. Excitement built as new sponshorship deals were signed, it… Read more »

jack jack jack

The ruthless clearing of deadwood could signal only one thing – that we were planning to upgrade our squad significantly. I, like you, have been fucking confused by the lack of activity that followed. The only explanation that I can muster is that we planned to do our business at the end of the window, feeling out the territory with preliminary bids during the summer. I think we were taken massively off-guard by other clubs doing their business so quickly. I think, further, Wenger believed that our small core could take us through the opening weeks of the season until… Read more »

Teeth Gnashin Wailer

GRRR, Jack x 3, stop making sense, dont you know its time to screech and panic? Enfield have got loads of shiny new players that cost loads, and we’ve only got a broken frenchy from ligue 7. Everyone else is spending more than players are worth with money they don’t have, its not fair! Arsene and Stan are pocketing all the money, its all stitched into Wengers stadium jacket, the weight of it all ruined the zip! That lovely spanish fella only wanted an extra 10m, we got that in spare change down the back of the sofa, we should… Read more »

Teeth Gnashin Wailer


Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I too think we expected to do deals early, but couldn’t nail the players down because the players are holding out for the chance that better deals might come along later. I know it sounds weird, but when you are in the market to hire people rather than buy objects it really can be difficult to spend 70 million. Tea bags don’t tell you to piss off and not come back until you’ve got Rich Tea Biscuits and a genuine silver teaspoon (and then fuck off with Bone China when you’re not looking), and Aldi doesn’t double the price because… Read more »


You know what hurts. That statement RVP made about him disagreeing in the club’s direction. Seems like we’re seeing what he was on about.


it’s like the last days in hitler’s bunker. an insane dictator surrounded by yes men, none of whom have the balls to tell him that he is deluded and it’s time to go. it’s really sad to see this but and the club has brought this on themselves. i’ve been asking the question “does he ever listen to anything he says?”. if he did then he wouldn’t be reminding us all of the transfers that he’s mad over the last few years. i spoke with a non-arsenal supporting friend earlier today and predicted virtually everything he said at this evening’s… Read more »


This one made me chuckle. Hitler’s bunker! I don’t get why people get all worked up about what is said at these press conferences. The press ask him stupid, cliched questions, he gives stupid, cliched answers. What do you want him to say? Q: “Do you think Arsenal can get a result tonight in Turkey, given how threadbare the squad is?” A: “The fuck we can! Next.” Q: “Can you tell us anything about transfers?” A: “We’ve almost got Fellaini, but that crazy bastard wants 130K a week and asks us to buy him a pink armour-plated Hummer for his… Read more »

Andy Mack

Q: “Can you tell us anything about transfers?”
A: “We’ve got XyXy who’s the next Messi and YwYw who’s the next Ronaldo and they’re only costing 25m each and will sign in the next 10 minutes ….Oh shit PSG and Napoli have just offered 90m for each of them…..”


Riiiiight, the best comparison to Arsenal is the Nazis, and to Wenger is Hitler? Excellent work, my good fellow.

j mccalla-bennett

he just gave us a back hander followed by be quiet, by us I mean the the in arsen we no longer trust ingrates

gooner odst

Lets get Inanimate Carbon Rod in. I hear he’s a magician in the penalty box, and I think he’s cheap too but we have to hurry as PSG or Monaco might hijack any potential deal.


The man who wishes for the window to be shut before the season starts is also the same man who want to do his business when the season has started. So I’m thinking…what’s Arsene’s true plan? I’m guessing he wished the window was closed, so he won’t have to buy. He’s hammered on ‘top quality’, then bids for Cabaye, is that his idea of top quality? I’ve never seen Arsene Wenger more confused, the trolly dash 2 seassons ago is childs play compare to what’s happening now. I guess Park, Santos etc are the kind of quality that tops Mr.… Read more »


I think what is bothering me most right now is how I keep reading and hearing on the sports shows how Liverpool, Manu, Man City, and Chelsea woukd be crazy to sell any of their top players to us because we are their rivals but WTFdid we do with RVP. I guess we were the
assholes to sell the best striker in the BPL to one of the best teams in all of soccer, but no one else is stupid enough to do the same thing.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Do they have any with a year left on their contract and that we want? Circumstances dictate results.


Keeping him for last season would have been worth more than the £25 or so million we got for him.

Andy Mack

25m plus salary… No it wouldn’t have been worth it.
The same way Dortmund are shooting themselves in the foot with Landowski (or however it’s spelt).


Yes, but also, RvP REALLY wanted to go. I suppose Wenger wasn’t going to keep a player who made it clear he wants to move to a rival. Come on, RvP takes most of the blame here in my books. But on top of that, he had only one good season with us, before that he had too many injuries. Would you pay more than 30m for a 28 year old striker with one good season? We only complain now because miraculously the cunt has stayed fit since moving and kept his form. If he had another injury riddled season… Read more »


I don’t recognize this blog as being a fan’s blog. All i heard (read) is how much we need to spend and how much playing for the title will cost. We are the only top club who acts like a club. We build players from the academy, we have the best ladies team, we have a first team nurtured to play beautiful football, not an addition of patched multimillions robots. What we are missing are real club fans who will get behind the team and bring this special atmosphere which sparks real performances from the players.


the club charges ambitious prices. the club should show ambition on the transfer market. end of story. if the club wants a more fan-friendly atmosphere in the stadium they should either reflect the ambition that they charge with a more aggressive transfer policy, or they should decrease ticket prices to match their ambition. either would probably create the atmosphere you desire but the supporters who want change do support the team. they support the team more than your “real club fans” we understand how the club is fleecing its fanbase. we understand that our current way of operating is a… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

The Club only charges 60,063 people ambitious prices for tickets (and I do believe there are some cheaper seats, which people gloss over when complaining about ticket prices). To be brutally honest, Arsenal charge what they think they can get away with, and they are only asking the price from 60,063 people, which is a drop of piss in the ocean of Arsenal fans world wide. There are massive queues of people waiting to get season tickets. If the ones who are paying now choose not to then there is no problem getting replacements. If the Club is fleecing the… Read more »


It is not a free market. There is something less rational in play when people decide to buy tickets. Support of the club is an emotional attachment. not a logical one. The inclusion of the emotional attachment takes this out of the normal supply-demand jargon and into something else. People who support a club logically are called glory-hunters, and they left this club a long time ago. That’s what the normal economic argument would show. People would leave Arsenal and watch the new top-quality product. But Arsenal supporters will pay whatever it takes to get in the stadium and see… Read more »

Arsene's Bored Banker

2009 called. It wants its arguments back.


Hohohohohohohehehehehe lol


Welll thanks Wenger, I feel better now.


16 years of transfer greatness Arsene. What was the last great player we bought? Cazorla Arteta mmmmmmm great or just not shit. Further back Nasri? naaa. its been a while. A fully formed great player TITI Robbie Perez took a while to set the world on fire. He seems actually only good at selling players

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I thought we were all agreeing to hate the board and Wenger but love the players? We can only pray we get one or two players as good as them in the next 10 days. Apart from Bergkamp all our great players came to us because we were capable of winning the Premier League. The financial restrictions we have operated under have removed that from us, and so the potential great players have stopped coming and we are having to make our own. We are at a success level that is considerably below the level that top players want to… Read more »

Silent Stan

Muhahahahah aaaaaahahahahahha aaaaaahahahahahha aaaaaahahahahahha aaaaaahahahahahha lol


Arseblog, it’s not your job to be positive about arsenal all the time, but I have to say this new slightly negative slant is depressing as shit. Totally understand where you are coming from, hell I feel the same way. Guess my point is that all this sucks.


if you can think of something positive to say about the club please share it…


Our mascot is a Tyrannosaurus Rex. That’s pretty fuckin’ awesome.


Thank god its not Barney

Teeth Gnashin Wailer

@ DarthRhyder, We were in for Barney, but Wenger wouldnt pay the damn fee!



It may not be fun to think about it but the really great teams wind up spending tons of money to buy the really great players. I certainly don’t think it is fair but it is the truth. You can only develop so much talent before they decide to go somwhere else where they will get paid a lot more and win a lot more. The rich get richer.


Dortmund? Lewandowski and Gotze may be leaving (have left), but I’d rather watch them than Bayern. A great team.

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