Friday, February 23, 2024

Valencia reject Arsenal bid for Guaita

According to, the website which broke the news of Arsenal’s interest in Valencia goalkeeper, Vicente Guaita, the Spanish club have rejected Arsenal’s bid for the player.

They say that a meeting took place yesterday between Valencia officials and Dick Law but – and we know this will shock you, Arsenal’s bid – “did not even come close to the expectations” they had.

As such, Dick Law went back to London, but he did tell them that our interest was not over. Valencia told him the player was not for sale.

Arseblog News has been unable to confirm that Law arrived at the meeting with a cloth bag with the word ‘swag’ written on it, which was filled with peseta coins (especially that one which had the hole in the middle of it).

Either way, it’s another Arsenal bid which has been rejected out of hand by the club we’re trying to business with.

It’s almost as if we’re not very good at this.

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Eugh. That is all.


Eugh indeed.

90 days worth of time to strengthen squad
25 players we’ve rumoured to have made bids for
3 Clubs in the last week or two who have publically rejected our bids
1 (Free) Player we’ve signed this summer


Arsene Wenger OUT.

“we are not afraid to spend” and then this?
you fucking go all the way to spain and present a mediocre bid thats nowhere near his valuation nor anywhere near what they expected. wtf? should have done it on the phone you fucking cunts!
What is wrong?, what is fucking wrong???


that last sentence of yours sums it up


The guy who deals with negotiations (badly, but still) went to Spain to try to negotiate. Why is this a bad thing and why should he have done it over the phone? At least in person he could have a translator there, what would have happened on the phone? “Hola…me llamo Dick…tu keeper, señor Guaita….dos euros? Por favor?”


You’d think if he was gonna make a serious offer, with some room for negotiating, then it would be worth the trip. But to just get knocked back and jump straight back on the plane with his tail in between his legs then the phone might have been an option. How very ‘present day Arsenal’




I’d rather we’d get Begovic, but for goodness sake this is getting ridiculous now


I don’t know i think its a huge step forward ..
At least they didn’t get angry and ask somebody to “hold them back”.


We are like the village guy whose face is covered with pimples and is being rejected by every lass he approaches. Will he ever get laid? He might start considering going for prostitutes. A step down in class and loyalty but at least he will be getting some action. For fuck’s sake SIGN SOMEBODY Mr. Wenger!!!

Cygan's Magical Left Foot

In this case we all glad he got rejected as in the long run she would be shit in bed and he would be in the look out again soon after suffering long sleepless nights trying to have good time!!!!.


Begovic has some deal to go to Chelsea when cech is finished.


No he doesn’t-Thibaut Courtois on loan at Atletico Madrid is Cech’s successor


i’l tell you why we wont get Begovic.

He costs fucking money!

twisted cuntloks

spot on !

DL Gooner

How about we all put in a fiver each to see if we can make up the difference?


What do you mean ridiculous. Quoting 30 mil for a keeper who started on the bench, who wants to leave – thats ridiculous.

Adam, Watford

Apparently Barca were turned down when they enquired. I am not sure how recently that was though.

I read it in the London Evening Standard last night.


Why get Begovic when the second fiddle at a crappy Spanish side is available???

C’mon Wenger, get this Guava fellow NOW!


at this point, Dick Law is just being a dick


Brilliant ..


maybe his work was complicated by all the earlier talk about how much money we had and how we were ready to do exciting things


There is not much he can do if Wenger sends him with 10p to buy something worth 50 Pounds.


Surely Arsene isn’t so fing stupid to know that this set of players cannot play a whole season without injury, suspensions etc. First game is a kick up the arse if ever we needed one. We have lost shit loads of players of the wage bill and now we are wafer thin in all aspects.

Who is it that sets the amount that we should pay for a player? Arsene, Gazidis, the board, Kronke. Whoever it is they need shooting as they are incompetent and making us a laughing stock.

with the left and the right

thats the problem that you and most other Arsenal fans don’t seem to grasp. What bothers me about the window isn’t the fact that we haven’t been able to sign players but rather how the market has reacted to FFP. In this current atmosphere where fans, managers, and pundits alike complain and moan about the inflation in football and how the big spenders have come in and just distorted the market for players, it disturbs me that Arsenal are criticized for trying to do the right thing. Cabaye is not worth more than 10mil in fact I would cap him… Read more »

newtons tree

You simply CANNOT go with tht thought process these days..

Its like paying 25% of the ACTUAL PRICE for an apple, INSTEAD of the actual price… because YOU think apples are worth tht much instead of what its actually worth. In the market, due to the inflation, the prices ve increased..


I agree that we shouldn’t spend stupid money. But I believe the reason we are in the current situation (other clubs want more money for their players than they are worth) is that the club failed to plan in advance and left it all too late. This has happened for so many years and someone needs to get the boot for this. Other clubs know that we are struggling and panicing that’s why we eventually will pay too much money for some mediocre player. I guarantee you at the end of the day this will make the price tag of… Read more »

You sound like Arsene “I always said the transfer window should close early.” Well I say players should be cheap, and I say Jennifer Aniston should come and give me a blowjob, and I wish and hope for all these things, while meanwhile in the real world those who play the game reap the rewards. We’re like Frodo and Gandalf at the end of Lord of the Rings as we sail off into another land where we can stay frozen in time as the world moves on around us.


Damn right-it’s a fucking arms race. Just saying ‘we don’t like it so we don’t want to engage in it’ isn’t going to work. Animals that don’t evolve more often than not go extinct. I’m not saying we’ll go extinct as a club, but we run a serious risk of being left behind.

with the left and the right

if the world of football in a direction of insanity and self-destruction then i’d rather be on the side that’s either trying to stem the tide or won’t take part in it. I’ve always loathed the “welcome to the real world” arguments, they really are quite poor. Just because something is one way doesn’t mean it’s the right way and it has to be followed.

Midfield Corporal

I like to imagine that at this moment in time there are red flashing lights and a siren going off at Highbury House, like on the deck of a submarine as its under attack. Arsene is stood there impassively trying not to look worried while all his staff are frantically running about trying to sort out a transfer. On a large pin board there are photos of our transfer targets similar to the one the FBI have with Mafia family trees on, as each one falls by the wayside a Red Cross is struck through the photo……Higuain gone, Suarez gone,… Read more »


This is starting to remind me of all those people who phone up to ask about things I sell on Gumtree but offer half my asking price and then say”c’mon bruv, let’s do a deal ok?” You can guess what my replies are!

A N Other

All this when spurs are buying that umpteenth player and smashing their transfer record every week.


they could buy 100 players and they’d still be shit


I can push all that bullshit when I’m actually talking to spuds (why I actually talk to a few I’ll never know) but on the blog are we really going to be that delusional? For the first time in my 20 years of following the Arsenal their squad is without a doubt better than ours. Lloris, Paulinho and Bale would waltz into our first 11 and that’s not to mention Vertonghen, Soldado, Holtby, Capoue, Dembele, Sigursson, Friedel, Lennon or Sandro who’d all be welcome additions to our squad. I’m sure most of our first team could break into their first… Read more »


Absolutely – the Spurs squad is getting much stronger whilst ours is currently getting weaker. This can be turned around though with 5 strong signings.


My take on things is that the board have neither the footballing knowledge nor the capacity to get the deals done. It would be easy to blame poor old Dick or Wenger for that matter, but like someone just said, if Dick Law is being sent to sign players with little bargaining power, what can the board realistically expect. Whoever is orchestrating these negotiations are liable for our failure so far in the market. Wenger’s last comments were “there is a whole team of people involved in bringing transfers in”. This is probably the first comment I ever remember from… Read more »


fredflintstein, you make a good point. We could easily change things with 5 signings. The problem is that we have so little time to make those signings in.

With £155M in the bank, as was reported yesterday, we could make five £31M signings. It won’t happen though. I’ll be surprised if we get 2 players now.

Dick Law out, David Dein back in! Let’s sort this shit situation out!

A N Other

Not sure we can say that anymore…They will give all the top 4 clubs run for their money…


But still finishing behind us…. It’s hell to be a gooner…

David's semen

AVP has certainly shown tightarse Wonga the way home on the transfer front


We’re THAT guy at the nightclub, aren’t we?

Arsene's stylist

We are Roger.

North Bank Gooner

I for one wouldnt mind waking up with a beast!

No, not the beer goggles munter, but finally replacing Gilberto would be nice

Edu's Braces

A Liverpool fan made fun of me yesterday, a fucking Liverpool fan


They have never won the Premiere league.
Point that out the next time ..
Ignore all their arguments

And if they persist point out the fact that they most likely never ever will win the premiere league.
then directly stick your fingers in your ears and go “lalalalalalalalalalala” because they most likely will counter with the same phrase about our club and one really cant argue with that.

Oz gooner

They’ve won a champions league and two domestic cups since we last raised a glass. Careful what you say about Liverpool and Spurs, they could easily give us a pasting this year. Spurs could turn out a cracking team.

You want someone to direct your anger at… try the smug Frenchman at the Emirates


i see your Liverpool Fan and raise you a Notts County Fan……………..I (pardon my language) shit you not!

Lightening pace

i feel your pain Edu’s Braces


Surprise surprise…

Joey Sixpack

Why all these rejections? :'(


Because we are tight arsed


Maybe we should be more patient and wine and dine them .
Before we pull our Dick out.

Hefty Dave

This does make me laugh that he has to come back to the UK and cant actually negotiate on out behalf while he is there.

Hefty Dave

On our behalf !!!


We have really become the ridicule, how long can this go on….? No more class that we used to boast of.
We have simply become the worst managed club and so unprepared for the season which will impact our performances in a very negative way. We don’t look ready for the business, and it will be a miracle if we do qualify for the real champions league this season.
Spurs will most likely overtake us this season, at last.
“WHAT ARE THEY REALLY SMOKING” at the Emirates glass house? Anyone has a clue?

Happy Dave

Do we know how much Dick Law gets paid as I will do the job for free ?


Spurs can spend 105m with ease we can’t give money away. Tough times!


In fairness,we would be kind of rubbish at negotiating if they accepted our first offer….


But why did we not go with a back up plan?
Surely Dick could bargan on price without having to go back and ask permission for an extra penny to seal the deal

Merlin's Panini

He should always keep an extra quid in his pocket. It’s got to work at some point, right?

Arsene's handkerchief

Why we haven’t attempted to go for Begovic is beyond me, he seems to fit the profile, experienced, good keeper, plays in the premier league. With regards to the bidding process, how we can be so wasteful this close to the end of the window is ridiculous. Bids to test the water should’ve been made in June, not 11 days before the window shuts. Looking at it, we need 5 just make up the numbers in my opinion, the only issue I have is the level of quality we are looking at. C’mon guys, sort this mess out.


If those bids were made in June, the targets wud be at napoli or spurs.


Everyone can be a clever clogs and suggest Begovic straight after he’s had a very good game.


had very good games most every week last season


And I’m sure you and everyone else rating him highly recently were following him closely last season


I will save my angst for when I know this is true. The press know this stuff passes is off and a lot of it seems made up. Not quite meh but meh-like


Passes is off? pisses us off
Edit button please Boggs. Autocorrect is killing us.


Now you are just being rude.


I wonder if the people who run this club are all masochistic – deriving pleasure from continued rejection.

It’s the only plausible explanation I can think off.

Hefty Dave

If things continue on the way they are at the moment there will be a world of rejection that will keep the combined masochistic desires fulfilled for a few years to come with some to spare


Why are we wasting time on mediocre players? We need an experienced goalkeeper, not another Mannone (no offence to him. He was never good enough for Arsenal)


Maybe because the experienced goalkeepers are not available? or too expensive? or more likely do not want to play for Arsenal? Just because there are quality players available, don’t assume they all want to join and play for Arsenal.


Why the fuck is no one talking about Cesar?!? Have I missed something?!? Pretty sure he’s available for close to nothing too….. FOR FUCKS SAKE WENGER!

Kenyan Gooner

Why does everyone hate us?


Like said before, because we are tight ARSED!


Is the term “rejects Arsenal bid” trending yet?

Silent Stanley

Psst! All eyes and support on players in Turkey.

I don’t understand why we want to buy him in the first place. He’s 27, he will kill Szczesny.

Throwing ‘derisory'(yes, I said it) bids at clubs to test their desire for money is so old school unless you are Anzhi.

why is my name required

Wenger and dick are in cahoots to destroy Arsenal football club from within. It seems like they hate the fans and are doing this on purpose


This is a bit of a radical idea, why don’t we pay the asking price. Stupid me thought we were serious about mounting a challenge for third place this season


Gazidis’s boast about our new found financial firepower inspired the price of all our targets by 50 percent.

You can’t tell everyone how much cash you have and expect sellers not to ask for more.

Absolute incompetence.



Adam, Watford


But then again, hasn’t the questions been asked before, and vehemently, in the past about why haven’t we got any money to spend in previous summers.

I think it was an attempt to quell any dissenters, who would know that our money pot would have to have increased this summer.

Still, there’s no reason why actions could have spoken louder than words by now. I think the club just felt iwould be good PR towards the fanbase.

I hope to get invited to Ivan’s next poker night, I am an awful player . . . honest.

rj gooner

I know this will most probably get thumbed down to death but for the first time in my life I’ll actually openly admit that spu*s squad is miles better than ours! Every one of the summer signings they made would of improved our squad! Admitting this is more disheartening than anything else happening to my team! Thumb down all u like but deep down i think all us gooners know its true and it gets me down!


Currently a 14-1 ratio of thumbs up to thumbs down. Quite the opposite of what you expected, isn’t it?


Make that 15-1.


Make that 66-9

Glen Helders soul-glo

Make that, who gives a fuck.

We will still finish above them, they struggled against Palace.

nigerian gooner

i dont get arsenal fans. arsene will spend. he will and i know it. and screw sp*rs signings. i rather podolski upfront than soldado. and there is only one cazorla, ramsey, wilshere, arteta, rosicky in epl duh. without them darn signings, i still think we can piss into first four. i still believe we can get suarez lol. the qualms is the DM CB and GK. i love wenger, such a boss. it is wise to spend money wisely folks and I believe gazidis and arsene will keep their promises and stun this overwhelming amount of hate at arsenal. Everyone… Read more »

rj gooner

Listen i love Wenger too! He is all i have known as far as Arsenal managers go. But we cant live on past glory’s! YES the unbeaten season remains an amazing memory but that’s all it is, a memory. I love your optimism regarding Suarez and pissing into the top 4 but without being rude….. Get real!

nigerian gooner

suarez or not, the lads can get first four. the problem now i think is we really CAN afford suarez. rodgers especially knows this. we must beat fernabche good today as well. i think this as well has subjectively scuppered our business i think in terms of the calibre of players the club are willing to spend on NOT attract. i dont think we have a problem attracting top top players, coz money does it all in football nowadays(RVP,Suarez and Bale already said so). CL football although puts us on par with the top clubs. we do need to sign.… Read more »


Yeah… get real brov

nigerian gooner

and point of correction. #invincibles is not just buat a memory. it is also truly a phenomena. it will only be completely memory and history after the record is well broken. My regret this transfer was us not getting the columbian kid(perez). he seemed very decent and had a fight in him. which is the only reason i mind suarez besides his shite. The fight in the dog. Arsene sees talent quicker than most. He also i think has a strict starting line up in his head and doesnt have the heart to screw players careers over on the bench(part… Read more »

Arsene's stylist

Why would you get thumbed down to death for stating an obvious fact that the rest of us have been admitting freely for the past few weeks?

pavel nedveds right foot

we get the same “THIS IS OUR YEAR ” nonsense every f@cking season from spurs now, give it up. Bale absolutely carried them last year when he goes its the heart and soul ripped from their team, and although i agree paulinho and capoue look like tidy signings in soldado they’ve spunked 28m on the spanish darren bent. ONly hit more than 20 league goals once in his entire career, no top team would go near him.

rj gooner

Yes bale carried them last year but Villas-boas noticed that and splashed the cash this window! We were terrible last season until the last few months and the management did nothing. And comparing soldado to bent is bollocks, He would of improved our squad no doubt about it! He is a 15 to 20 goal striker who although wouldn’t of been my first choice signing i wouldn’t of kicked him out of the bed so to speak! Spu*s are showing much more ambition than us and it kills me. I was like “Nigerian gooner” and yourself “P.N.R.F” a couple of… Read more »


don’t see why wenger doesn’t go for Casillas a quality goal, keeper better then that joke arsenal got at the moment. and plus arsenal are crying out for a defensive midfielder as well just hope they sort something out before the transfer finishes. Otherwise you got that smaller north London team getting champions league football this year.


Is there a problem with Cesar? It’s as if we are trying to make matters more difficult for us.
AW said “Less than 2 weeks is still a long time…”. Someone please tell me he’s kidding. The club management has made a laughing stock of the club and it’s fans.
Absolutely humiliating!

Jim S

View Cesar as our Bendtner!

The problem is he wants to get paid what he was at QPR and no club is willing to pay his salary. QPR is dumping
him for 3mil but the salary demand have killed all transfers.

Adam, Watford

True, but for the last two lines, there. ” No one can make you feel inferior/humiliate you without your consent ” – Eleanor Roosevelt A mate of mine is bewildered why £7-8m seems too much to pay for Cesar, other than it will stomp all over our current number 1 between the sticks. My mate doesn’t particularly rate Chesney, in any case. Personally I think the competition and even the mentoring would do him good. I think with it being World Cup season, it complicates the issue in terms of players being doubly aware of playing time and it’s impact… Read more »

Jim S

Who would love to see Real just walk away from Bale and screw them with a 150 mil bill for transfers. Levy would about crap himself.

Second, hasn’t anyone else noticed that AVB has almost completely replaced the team in the last 2 years. So he really believes replacing all these players is going to pay dividends this year? He’s got to be nuts.


Get rid of Dennis Law.


He retired already chief


I’ve decided to go shopping Dick Law style.

I spent an hour an a half in Tesco filling my cart with pretty much all of their ‘Tesco’s Finest’ range. I got to the till and as it rung through I noticed the price. It came to £98.46. I stared into my wallet, bulging full of £50 notes. I turned to the check out girl; “I’ll give you £22.80, but have you got change for a £50?”

Classic Dick.

Glen Helders soul-glo

Is Dick Law a real person or a figment of Arsene’s mind?


I think I know what’s happening. The FA have their fingers everywhere, starting with the ref last weekend, and they must also pay every single club in the world so they would all say “feck off Dick”.
Another theory is that Dick was a bit of a dick in his previous life and now he gets punished for it, starting with his name from his parents when he was born.


He thought Richard Law sounded stupid so he changed it to Dick…


All a smoke screen….At the end of this window we will have signed Casillas,Sakho,Pogba and Benzema(when Madrid announce Bale). Somebody told me… a dream like…..

glory hunter

There’s no point getting angry or mad at forums such as this!
We need to do more to show our discontent, we need to support the players cos its got nothing to do with them.

Wenger, Gazidis,& Kronke need to know that this is unacceptable, but other than boycotting matches, i have no idea what else to do 🙁


Yes the more discontent the better… Lets burn effigies of the manager and the board and players we dislike. That will help attract the talented footballers to the club. Y’all … show your support for the club and make it a place that players wanna be at. To paraphrase some European football journalist…. Supporting arsenal is like being in an echo chamber … Where everyone is screaming. If that sounds like hell then thats what it is. STOP SCREAMING… Where has that ever worked…. Start cheering, stop thinking that arsenal owe you something… 99% of us don’t go to the… Read more »

glory hunter

Are you for real?!?!
You cant tell me you’re happy that we havent strengthened!!
Arsenal owe us a team that can compete.
Thats what we pay for and what we deserve and demand.
If you’re happy with mediocrity, then you’re on your own mate

North Bank Gooner

You dont have to write a hundred posts on a forum saying how pissed off you are to be pissed off!

Ask all of the people that have been writing the same thing daily since June if it has helped in our quest for signings.

What will actually help the team is people cheering them, not booing them because the management are having “issues”

He has a point you know…..


Thats it… i am not happy that we havent strenghtened… i dare say that Arsene isn’t happy. i dare say that Dick Law and Ivan Gazidas arent… It must be torturous to sit at negotiating tables and know that the guy across the table has your nuts in his hands because the bedrock of a club is the fan and their foundation is crumbling.. You can criticise me but the arsenal fans are definitely influencing the process. We crucified brazilians denilson and santos and we yet expect their mates gustavo and bernard to come in an take a punt at… Read more »

North Bank Gooner

I am also pissed, its no fun seeing the team I love in this apparent mess. But negativity breeds negativity. If you are an Arsenal player, and you hear your own fans have no faith in you because you didnt cost enough, do you think it makes you play better? It has been a cliche down the ages that the crowd is “the twelfth man”, an essential part of the team. Would you then, as part of the team, slide tackle Jack, mashing his ankle? Wait until the players have left the pitch, THEN BOO!!! Let the team know that… Read more »

Midfield Corporal

Bloody hell Double 98, if we were all like you then it would be like the Stepford wives at The Grove, we’d all be waving a flag and smiling, Gazidis would watch us and think what a bunch of mindless idiots. Accepting the status quo politely has done nothing positive for the last 3-4 years. I’m not prepared to stick my head up my arse and pretend everything is hunky dory in the deluded hope that that will persuade player X to come to the club. I’ve also found doing something is generally better than doing nothing. Fortune favours the… Read more »


Protest away – but slating player after player (and i could name 20) is not the way to attract players to the club.

Protest Kroenke, Gazidas, Law, Chips but get behind Arsene and the good guys

Midfield Corporal

I agree with you in so much as booing players or singling out individuals is not on, but the outpouring on Saturday felt like a release of built up frustration. I couldn’t bring myself to join in because as I looked at Arsene I felt sad that it had come to this.

Lightening pace

I was at the game on Saturday, I felt aggrieved by what I saw on the day and by how the club is clearly going through some internal meltdown. So I thought to myself why not stage a sit in? I’d cheered the team on, hurled abuse at the ref and the opposing team and their stupid fans throughout the game. A sit in seemed the only way to avoid hurting the players feelings and a good way to show the people behind the scenes that we the fans care about whats happening and want something done, but I was… Read more »


Have a sit in instead at the end of the next home game. That way you support the players for 90+ minutes, and still get the point across.

‘its OUR club, and we are not moving…’

It Is What It Is

Great plan and relatively easier to facilitate than anything else. Bring some snacks and a blanket. Just the thought of having to keep the lights on would make them pay attention. And the stewards would have to go home sooner or later.

Support the players wholeheartedly and make a huge statement to the board in a safe, non-self-detrimental way.

They’ll quickly get the message. Genius.


I don’t even see why this guy is being targeted? Looking at his stats he seems injury prone and relatively inexperienced compared to other options we have been linked to?


hence why he is the most realistic and likely player for us to sign. sigh.


Love to see some of you try to buy players… sounds like we should offer 100mill first then negotiate afterwards regardless of the player.

glory hunter

You’re making excuses, how come other clubs are able to wrap up transfers quickly but we cant?!
For example we offered Newcastle £10M for Cabaye, put yourself in Newcastle’s position, would you sell Cabaye for £10M?!?

That’s like a club offering us £15M for Walcott, who in their right mind would sanction that deal?!?!

Gareth Murray

There is no clear market value for players, in the case of Cabaye – Arsenal deliberately offered 10 million which is a realistic market value for a platyer bought for 4 million two years ago – Arsenal expected the bid to be rejected and will go back with a 13 million one. We are however now at the stage of the transfer window were clubs will ask what they want for players, in the full knowledge that guys like Wenger are on their trolley dash. Still though I can slightly understand his position – for example S*urs must be off… Read more »


We would sell Walcott for 15 mil.


We are turning into a fucking joke now….

Bender – Failed bid
Vicente Guaita – Failed bid
Cabaye – Failed bid
Saurez – Numerous failed bids
Higuian – Well, that was just a total fucking mess really!

Richie Waweru

This is just sad now.




We are destined to sign nobody and fulfill wengers vision of starting games with 7 and 1/2 players


What a fucking joke. Ill bet come september 2nd we will get “their were no exceptional super quality players available better than the squad we have” routine. No wenger there were no “super exceptional players” who are willing to be given to arsenal as a donation rather than you know.. spending the fucking money!

glory hunter

I sincerely hope not, just for the simple fact that we dont have enough players to cope with all the games we have.

This is also Arsene’s last chance to show that he’s still capable and unfortunately thus far, he’s failing woefully!

David's semen

Wenger is just an arrogant fugster who is determined to prove to the footballing world that he can win the title without spending a bean. Well Wenger – you won’t.


Why not Begovic?


We would have to beg for him
Sorry 😉

el bahja

Did Dick Law get paid?


that’s our Dick over and out with nowt. something’s never change.
why don’t wenger just go out and negotiate himself he’s meant to be a much respected coach across the world of football, didn’t this transfer malarky get done over phone and fax why did Dick need to fly out was he gona conduct a medical?


I’d rather the manager be out in Turkey with the team than negotiating deals in spain, thanks.


Now, we may be pre empting what is sompy the first round of talks. Having said that the fact that he flew home speaks volumes. Is it the case that the current people we have in place negotiating these deals are simply crap at the job. Other clubs seem to be able to pay what is needed for the player they are after. Why cant we? But on the other side are news outlets now reporting every rejected bid we put in for a player simply because right now it is news? Bids get rejected all the time and the… Read more »


Why is all our business being done in public?
Looks like every club wants us to look like cunts.


Beyond stupid to go after a second choice keeper in Valencia when you have money to burn and Begovic available for the right price. After all the work to get rid of the deadwood we are looking to add more. What’s the plan? Do we have one? Is Guati to be nr 1 or will he be back up to Szsc or Fab? Are they supposed to fight for the spot? To me they are all similar in quality and it makes no sense to add quantity but not the extra quality. Wenger is crap at keepers, he doesn’t seem… Read more »


Arsenal’s £50,000,006 bid for barcelonas LIONEL MESSI has been rejected “OUT OF LEG” but wenger is prepared to go back with an improved offer of £50,000,011.
Source= spendsomef*


seems like we’re prostituting ourselves…

Sir Ali

What are they smoking at the Emirates FFS?

Thin Gooner

The Gazidis ‘we are billy big bollocks’ speech at the start of the summer coming back to haunt us in massive style. Total fucking incompetence.

Gareth Murray

I really don’t understand Arsenal’s interest in Vicente Guaita other than he was recently linked to Barcelona as a replacement for Valdes who has since u-turned on his transfer request.
He hasn’t played a prolific amount of games and here in Spain he is not that highly regarded. He reminds me of Almunia who can be David Seamen one minute and simply Jism the next.
Don’t know what sort of money we’re talking for him but Asmir Begović at 15 million would be the more sound investment in my opinion.


I begin to believe that Arsenal officials (especially Wenger) are not from this planet. They act as if they are living in 19century, their parsimony knocked us out Gustavo, Higuain and others like mata in past summers. I think we need to act fast to silence our ‘noisy neighbour’ that has gone ‘buying-crazy’ just to be ahead of Arsenal come May 2014. Wenger please show your hand


and we know this will
shock you, Arsenal’s bid – “did not even
come close to the expectations” No blogs, it did not shock me. you see these clubs know Arsenal has money and really needs players. Its an intentional act to squeeze as much money from the Arsenal as they can. Now Gizadis should learn never to brag to the world that we have the money.


mamma pappa, uncle dick
went to london with a stick
the stick broke
what a joke
mamma pappa, uncle dick


Oh Dick Law oh Dick Law now you’ve broke the bloody last straw.
We need some players it’s not a lot but what have we done absolute squat.
So hurry up and get them in dont you see our team is so thin.


The only good thing about this season is Arseblog and the comment section.
All this banter really helps.

Arsene's stylist

Arseblog: (Again) please fix the iPad version of the site that crashes the browser.
Are you addressing this issue?


No it doesnt… :p

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