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Report: Saint Etienne offer Park lifeline

According to reports in the French media, conceptual pop band Ligue 1 side Saint Etienne are interested in taking Ju-Young Park off Arsenal’s hands before the end of the transfer window.

The South Korean international, who spent last season on loan in Spain with Celta Vigo, is free to leave the club despite the fact Arsenal have only two fit strikers. Yes, he’s made quite the impression since moving to the Emirates…

Having made a name for himself in Ligue 1 with Monaco it’s not overly surprising that Park still has suitors in France and with Saint Etienne looking for a new striker following the departure of Pierre-Emerick Aubmeyang it’s a deal that makes sense.

For Park’s sanity and career let’s hope the deal goes through.

Arseblog News will certainly be fingering straight to the Park-related chapter in Arsene’s book once he’s stop dithering over the contract with his publisher.

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glory hunter

An outgoing player rumour that’s not Bendtner
It’ll definitely happen.

Daft Aider

They’ll need to find him first, does he even exist?


i heard he is on Military Service in Korea Dressed as a woman..

In other news we are apparently in for a Max Klinger


Come on thumbs down…???? it was a M.A.S.H. reference

Glum Helder

That’s why it was thumbed down. M.A.S.H references are forbidden in the comments guidelines, everyone knows that.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

How dare you mention Mash. Do you know what mash is made of? Fucking Spuds, that’s what!


Crushed Spuds

Diaby's ankles

He is in the same place as Amaury Bischof


Are they really that desperate?

Bri Belfast Gooner

The greatest trick the Ju-Young Park ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.

Daft Aider

So, he’s the 21st century korean scarlet pimpernel?

Toure Motors

Saint Etienne? I guess everyone deserves a second cracknell of the whip. I’ll get my coat

Midfield Corporal

I used to fancy her despite her sometimes looking a bit cross eyed.


Well played, sir.


Bus the Park..

Poor guy never stood a chance with Chamakh, bendtner and gervihno in his way…


I wonder how many shirts he shifted… probably even hand delivers them now.


Two fit strikers?I thought Podolski’s out for 2 months?That makes it only 1 right?


Sanogo and Giroud

and a leetle bit Walcott


So we are counting Sanogo then, are we?


Honestly all the best to him.

Bizarre move by Wenger to hijack him and then not play him… still took it like a pro, never moaned, complained or threw his toys. Worst offence at Arsenal was probably dodging military service. But then again with 2 million angry North Koreans opposite can you really blame him?

Plus did score a lovely Henry-esque goal against Bolton.


I was beginning to wonder where they got this picture of Park celebrating like he had just scored?? As far as I could remember he had never scored for us, thanks for reminding me about the Bolton goal =)


He was just practising being an aeroplane. As one does.


He scored the winner in the fourth round of the Football League Cup against Bolton Wanderers on 25 October 2011


It’s good we get rid off those players we don’t need anymore but why we don’t sign any replacements it’s beyond me. I’m starting to believe we don’t really want to sign anyone if we have to pay a fee for him. If Flamini is this super quality we were looking for whole summer… Nothing against him but… I’m wondering what fans are going to do on the 2nd of september if we end up with Sanogo & Flamini.

Midfield Corporal

Perhaps Arsene is creating some sort of experimental art concept team made up entirely injury prone Frenchmen who cost nothing so he can stick two fingers up at the media. No matter at what stage of its development the team will permanently be 2 players short of being good enough and 1 season away from winning anything.


It’s funny how this guy didn’t even get a chance to prove his inept in a competitive match (bar 2 mins vs Man U). Must have been terrible on the training ground where there’s no pressure. What on gods green earth did we ever see in him?!??

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

He looked OK every time he played. I don’t remember him ever making a mistake. All he did was just not get picked to play very often. No way is a South Korean captain so bloody awful that he can’t get a few games as a sub for Arsenal. I’ve never understood why everybody slags him off so much. I reckon there was something else behind it all. With Wenger’s penchant for playing people out of position maybe he was being trained as cover for Chesney. Still, give it a week and if he joins Saint Etienne maybe he will… Read more »


Good to see we’re not the only club settling for scraps…..

Bri Belfast Gooner

Still reckon they’ll f’ up the Flamini deal!

Wonder what the point was of moving Diaby from 2 and not giving it to Jenkinson – surely there was some transfer behind that decision?


Diaby wanted 24


To represent the number of times he’s achieved LANS status?

The Dude

Confidence is a preference for the habitual voyeur of what is known as (parklife)
And morning soup can be avoided if you take a route straight through what is known as (parklife)
John’s got brewers droop he gets intimidated by the dirty pigeons
They love a bit of it (parklife)
Who’s that gut lord marching… you should cut down on your porklife mate… get some exercise


Everyone seems to have forgotten everything that came into light after the villa game.

The entire arsenal football club is in absolute shambles. From the youth setup, to the medical team, the chief exec. Everything has been falling apart for years.
Kronke either doesn’t care or don’t even know. Ivan has no power over wenger. And wenger like all dictators blvs that he is omnipotent and is trying to sort out everything himself instead of hiring the right ppl.

The Ghost of Peter Storey

“Absolute shambles” is BY FAR an exaggeration. Sure, we could be doing better but we aren’t Liverpool, Leeds or Coventry.


Liverpool have done good business considering their position. I give them credit for standing us down, if I was Liverpool fan I’d be proud of how my club preformed this summer. As an Arsenal fan…


But we will be soon if we don’t change it.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Actually I think most dictators go in for organised killing and genocide. You may have mistaken the Professor for somebody at Chelsea.


Nearly tieing up a deal for a japanese lad – Sai-ning No-wan…name is kinda funny but I trust arsene….


That’s a Chinese name

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Typical of Wenger to confuse the issue like that. Has us all looking one way, and then….


It is reported in that we signed Flemini… is there any truth in that ?

In Lehmann Terms

More profit for this summer’s transfer window. Fucking marvellous.

The Ghost of Peter Storey

Next Kraftwerk will put in a bid for Poldi and I fancy a last minute move by the Bakenaked Ladies for Bendtner.

Delhi Gooner

Can’t wait for Arsene’s book. The chapter on “how i trolled everyone during the transfer window” would be one to watch out for.


So not looking forward to the next transfer window…


With the greatest respect to Mr Park, I literally don’t give a fuck what he does in the next few days. We need 3 top quality/4 very good signings to have a hope of finishing in the top 4, let alone higher. So as long as Park doesn’t poison the entire first team squad in an act of revenge (leaving Gunnersaurus to take his place on the bench for the derby) then he can do what he wants.


the last line is a gem!!


Arseblog News Arseblog News will certainly be fingering will certainly be fingering straight to the Park-related chapter in straight to the Park-related chapter in Arsene’s book once he’s stop dithering Arsene’s book once he’s stop dithering over the contract with his publisher. over the contract with his publisher.

Dick Law’s not handling that, is he? We could be waiting some time.

Midfield Corporal

There’s a nasty echo in here.

Jimmy Brain's brain

Reminds me of Paul Merson.


I quite enjoyed that. I thought it was a song. For some reason I heard it in my head like a proper old Cockney song, like Knees Up Mother Brown, with mental pictures of Dennis Waterman and some similar likely fellas in the old pearly waistcoats, thumbs thrust inside the arm holes, heel clicking away, while they sing it over and over. They then link arms and do some energetic leg kicks while a bloke enters stage left balancing on a rolling barrel and some bird with big jugs starts flashing her drawers also doing the high kick thing. A… Read more »

Midfield Corporal

Liking it Mooro, it’s quite fun in your mind isn’t it.


What the chips happened there? Bloody Android.


We showed no class by the way we signed him. In the end it was all for nothing!

Champs Magnétiques

Don’t suppose Kurt Zouma would like to go the other way?

Red Cannon

Merde! We should have simplified the whole deal by trading them Aubmeyang for Park (obviously with a whole lot of cash thrown in as well) in the first place. Aubmeyang would have fit our team beautifully!

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


He’ll be a future answer in an Arsenal trivia quiz.

I keep a little bit of paper with such names on for just such an occasion. I’ll add him after Malz, Diawara, Poom, Alberto Mendez and Bischoff…


It could be true, if we could manage to offload Gerv and Chamakh, then why not?


Oh god. We’re… we’re not going to sign anybody are we? And now Park’s gone. I can’t take it anymore! Let me out of here! Arrrrgggghhhh!


Wenger will be on the final day on his death bed and in his last breath “Dick get me my will I am ready to finally sign my whole inheritence” Dick was not there. Where was dick? Apparently he had been cited in Paraguay looking for a dwarf that had demonstrated a unique style in beating llamas with a stick and dribbling a football on behalf of new Arsenal manager Ju-Young Park. He had been adopted by a kroenke who took over the entire club after the rest of the board went into a bunker and left the gas tap… Read more »


Great. All i can hope is that the people using their time negotiating this aren’t the same ones we need to be negotiating BUYING players.

Adam Richards

I’ve spent more money on my lunch in Serbia (you can buy a 3 course meal for 4 quid) than Arsenal have spent this transfer window. Even with Judas Flamini.

Not sure if it is the food here, but I feel a little sick.


Where’s the follow up bid for cabaye? I don’t get why you bid for a player unsettle him then wait a week before following it up. All we succeed in doing is pissing the club and most importantly the player off! Just so amateurish its embarrassing


And another news story to turn into an anti arsenal thread. Arseblog becomes trollblog. Meh

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