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Roma in London for Gervinho

According to Football Italia, Gervinho’s move to AS Roma is edging closer after the Serie A side’s director of football, Walter Sabatini, was spotted in London ahead of talks with Arsenal.

The Ivorian, who missed the Asia tour due to ‘injury’, worked with Giallorossi coach Rudi Garcia during his time at Lille and is apparently keen on a switch to the Italian capital after an unhappy couple of years at the Emirates.

It’s been reported that personal terms have been agreed with Roma and that the only serious stumbling block is Arsene Wenger’s conscience getting the better of him.

Having remarked that Real Madrid’s £105 million bid for Gareth Bale is a ‘joke’ and that UEFA’s Financial Fair Play regulations seem to have made clubs turn ‘crazy’ he’s worried about overcharging his Italian counterparts…apparently a fee in the region of €8 million is causing the Frenchman sleepless nights.

In other news British boy band One Direction have made tentative enquiries about signing Nicklas Bendtner on a six-month loan. The pop group, best known for songs ‘Kiss You’, ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ and ‘One Thing’, are reeling from the loss of 21-year-old singer Louis Tomlinson to Doncaster Rovers and are looking for someone with a reasonably big Twitter and Instagram following to fill the void.

The striker, who won Denmark’s version of the X-Factor as a 16-year-old singing Robbie Williams covers, is understood to be interested in the chance to do a bit of choreographed karaoke in front of crowds of screaming teenage girls…but only if he retains the rights to his burgeoning jewellery business. He did says his feet would be firing soon. 

We’ll keep you updated.

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There’s only one fuckin direction Bendtner should be going.


Straight in our first 11?


People that disliked this need to get a fucking sense a humour!

Master Bates

I liked it because I think he should start , afterall he is TGSTEL

Loop A Hole

Top top quality.
And for one thing, sure we don’t have much squad depth, but as far as I’m concerned, Gerv is the first one from our “Squad” last season to leave (Maybe Coq, but used so sparingly last season) So we aren’t depleted in a way media says we are, but that’s not to say it’s good enough.


Are you on crack? We’ve got a stupidly light squad. I’m not taking into consideration those from the youth team there.

Perry S.

classe mec!


like a new signing…


I’m ok with him leaving, he’s no bobby pores after all. What I’m more worried about is the stress it will cause me (and you) as we have another space to fill and will have to rely on our super secretive/fucking useless procurement chaps.


I miss Bobby Pores. Most blackheads I’ve ever seen on a player.


– Gervinho
+ Suarez

That’s the business that needs doing.


One less Gervinho leaves space for one Miyaichi or Gnabry.


I’d prefer to give that place to someone who can buy alcohol though


Unfortunately for you sir, both Gnabry and Miyaichi can legally buy alcohol in the UK. Hell, Miyaichi can even legally buy alcohol in Japan (where, by the way, the age check consists solely of going to a machine that asks あなたは20歳以上ですか and clicking the button that says はい, nothing else, no proof needed. Downside is that it appears exactly as I’ve typed, no translation for foreigners)


a team of drunks would be great, they’d punch john terry and steal ashley cole’s phone


Hopefully we will also sell/get rid of park, chamakh and tgstel too so we have a group of players we really want at the Club any news on that maybe? Those stories are more interesting to me then those with suarez etc.

twisted cuntloks

we are shedding all the right players but we musn’t replace them with more deadwood.

will the players we need want to play for arsenal?


Pores = pires , my bad


How DARE you!?


Now we can start to look FORward and HEAD in the right direction.

Sorry 😉


Someone had to! lol


Well said, good sir. 😀


With the Way Wenger is Behaving right now, I don’t think I want Arsenal to sell anymore.. Not even chamack. Pissed!!!


Perhaps you should wait until you’re sober, and then reconsider that statement about Chamakh.


Yeah, seriously. Can’t believe he forgot to put the hashtag behind #pissed. Makes no sense otherwise.

Gooner of Navarone

Gervinho, Chamakh, Park and Bendtner out. Do we have 15 players left?


I think we’re down to 18 now?


Nono, that’s the average age of the squad (kidding!)


Correct, 18. These are our established first-team players: GK: Szczesny, Fabianski Def: Sagna, Jenkinson, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Koscielny, Gibbs, Monreal Mid: Arteta, Rosicky, Wilshere, Cazorla, Ramsey Fwd: Podolski, Giroud, Walcott, Chamberlain There is NO WAY we can go into a season with 18 players. It’s barely enough to fit a bench if all are fit simultaneously. I’m sure Wenger will strengthen this squad. But the thought of him making no signings – whether due to deliberate neglect or last-minute failure – is really frightening, and will almost certainly mean player burnout and goodbye to the top 4. Again, I’m sure Wenger… Read more »


“I’m sure Wenger has the common sense to strengthen.”

Spoken like a true disciple of The Church of Arsene Wenger.

Actually, there’s no reason at all why Wenger will strengthen – he’s bonkers and has completely lost the plot. The bloke who thought that crap like Bendtner, Santos, Park and Almunia were good enough to play for us has surely lost all reasoning. But don’t let me get in the way of your religion – I know how much people like you hate reality.

Just keep on believing in this madman.


The reality that this guy also signed Henry, Vieiria, Pires, Fabregas etc?

Not to mention RVP and Adebayor for less that 5m.

Stop cherry picking points to prove your argument and grow up. Have some patience, show some respect.


Yes sir, I am a true and proud disciple of the Church of Arsene Wenger. Some of the priests in our Church are under investigation for child abuse, the subject of a widely-known chant by the infidels down at Shite Hart Lane, but let us pray that the integrity of our Church will remain intact- Amen.


Gervinho is still going to score a million goals somewhere and we (Arsenal fans) will weep.


To AS Roma: Gervinho is an amazing player we promise. We could throw in TGSTEL and Chamakh for an extra £1m too. OK i should’nt jinx it 🙂


you mean the 1m going to them right?


I know gerv is inconsistent, has a poor touch, cant finish, struggles to pass but hey, at least he tries and acts in a professional manner. I won’t miss him but I hope he finds some consistency elsewhere

DL Gooner

He rocked the shit outta them dreads tho!

Just thought of this clip again http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bsj35KUZeos




Why sell off our depth now? Gervinho may have been disappointing, but it’s not as if he’s useless, especially now that there’s no African Cup this year.


Relative to our cash reserves €8m isn’t exactly a pile of money. Also someone needs to photoshop Arsene into that picture.


Zack, the club has more than 8m, at least another 70m that we know about.

If you’d like to photoshop Arsene into a photo of a pile of money, then get cracking.


Really agree with you, while he was never gonna be a starter week in and week out getting rid of him now seems a bit silly. He was good to have on the bench or as rotational player for the early capital one cup/fa cup games, frustratingly inconsistent he may have been but by no means the worst footballer to have played in the red and white.not to mention he tries bloody hard we have to wonder if the 8 million we get for him will be worth losing yet more depth. All boils down to reinforcing the squad, if… Read more »


Ha! Have you read the comments section on this site after Gervinho plays? He get’s slagged off like he plays for the other team–about his shooting, passing, and how he looks. Now you say he shouldn’t be sold? Some gooners are schizophrenic.


Everybody talks about the need to adapt to the English game. Gervinho has missed more goals than TGSTEL but if he comes right he will be a regular scorer.


I must say that I’m flattered that you attribute all of those comments to me.


‘Some Gooners’ are not me. While i ain’t gonna preach on and say he’s the most wonderful footballer we’ve ever seen or even say he’s consistent i’m simply saying if we have a guy whose a decent squad player it’s worth holding onto him until we have something better with which to replace him. We’re hardly the largest squad in the league after all these culls now are we? Don’t misunderstand me i’m happy we’ve cleared the decks of the true shite, (we all know the names) but we’re now looking light on the ground as a result and getting… Read more »


Our squad is weak as it is, shouldn’t we strengthen before selling anymore squad players?
We will be really light if we sell him, definetly need an experienced winger.
Gnabry only had a couple of appearances. Ox had his first full season last year.
Theo and Ox can’t play 50+ games all the time.
We have replaced experienced players with promising youngsters before and look how it turned out.


Okay so with all this movement out, which no one is complaining about, there has to be some sort of plan to bring a few reinforcements in…right, right…..RIGHT?!?!?!? 🙂


Good to see Wenger being ruthless. Gervinho has talent but was ultimately a disappointment. We’ve got Gnabry and Miyaichi coming through and Chamberlain can play on the wing too. Thank you Roma.


*shakes head in pity for the Romans*


Vini Vidi Vici – He came, he saw, he missed the fuckin ball from a yard out.

I will admit my latin is a bit rusty though.


That joke just made my day! LMAO! but i wasnt laughing when he did that at bradford!
Good Luck Gervinho, dont let the door hit your forehead on the way out! (bad joke, i know!)


If only you had a decent first touch, technique, field vision, and composure in front of goal and in the final third you could have been a terrific player. Sometimes these things just don’t work out. Bientot.


If only I was good looking wealthy and clever….


This is a win win situation, the guy seems a nice lad though, all the best gerv.
As for B52, let’s keep him only on the condition that he’ll surrender the title ”TGSTEL”

Silent Stanley

This will be the greatest mistake if there’s no ready replacement, and I mean someone of equal quality or better. People have short memories. Gervinho played a major part in our attack last season and I must say, one of the best player in the team. Played as a Striker and delivered as much as he could. He’s the only player that has the confident to take on players. In the world we live today, people focus on what is not than what is it. The bad games overshadow the good ones. Gervinho is understanding the game at Arsenal better… Read more »

Merlin's Panini

I bet Gervinho really had to concentrate to do that facepalm in the photo. So much forehead to aim for.
Anyways, I wouldn’t mind if he stayed. He obviously gets in good positions, otherwise he wouldn’t have missed all those chances. Good luck to him if it does go through though. Always seemed like a decent chap to me.

knysna gunner

You and your followers are trully a bunch of idiots


and you, sir, are infused with super super bitterness

Midfield Corporal

We’ll get rid of Gerv, Bendtner and Chamakh then parade 5 new world class players all costing 30m+ each while the fans say in unison ‘sorry Mr Wenger’. Then the Arsenal Secret Police will drag a bound and gagged Fatgooner out into the centre circle, the crowd will go silent as we all look to our manager sat in the directors box, will he pass judgement or show mercy?????

Double Canister

Box of matches, anyone?




Isn’t No Direction a bit energetic for TGFWEL?


Selling all this deadwood is fantastic news but how does wenger think we can compete with the squad we have when we’re selling our so called ‘strength in depth’??? Surely this means we are clearing the decks to bring in world class squad and first 11 players. I bloody well hope so


I make the squad 27.
Less Frimpong and Ryo that’s 25.
Less the under 21’s that’s 22 or 23.
Less Gervinho, TGSTEL, Chamakh & Park 18 or 19.

Scary. Still need to sell before they can buy too many players with confidence.

Arshavin's Dietician

Wenger has stated that Miyachi will be part of the first team squad this year.

What has happened to Frimpong, I remember when he made his debut against Liverpool, he was a beast in midfield. Guess the injuries have taken their toll.

Has Fabianski signed a new contract as they was huge talk of him quitting us before th start of the new season, should have signed Schwarzer, perfect back-up.

Perhaps Begovic is on the cards as they have jack butland & Pubis has left.


Straight swap for de Rossi???

Arshavin's Dietician

They have Michael Bradley who has turned into a very accomplished ball winning player, he was excellent in the Roma v MLS all stars game, that would be a more obvious swap.


I don’t claim to be a good football manager, but I’m pretty sure you need players don’t you? That’s a thing isn’t it? I mean even shit players would probably be more effective than no players at all. I’m sure Wenger knows more than I do about football, so maybe I’m missing something. Maybe we’re working on a revolutionary 3,3,1 formation which will confuse the opposition. Perhaps by 2015 we’ll have worked out that you don’t need players at all, we’ll just strategically place 11 shirts around the emirates pitch. Think of the money we’d save on wages. Plus the… Read more »

Amaury Bischoff

Stupid, big forehead Gervinho, he should not have brzillian name.V shoud buy aaron lennon for wings n mebbe mcarthy guy from smaller club.

Indonesian Gooner

Good riddance. Although ill miss the forehead.


Ive yet to work out if the guy who posts here calling himself Amaury Bischoff is serious or taking the piss but fuck he makes me laugh every time.


I know, he’s a ripper, isn’t he?!

gooners n roses

I still think he has more in him. He has to adapt playing on wing n striker last season and the only winger/forward who has a good dribbling rate than the rest. He is what we call as depth or backup. I dont mind if striker not coming though as long poldi is planned to play there. And that plan require new left sided wingforward. Tbh, i think its still ok to end up with an extra quality on the wing rather than forward.

Bromley gooner

Don’t know about anyone else but Ian Wright has been getting on my tits fr a while now! He says that world class players shouldn’t come to us because we don’t have any world class players! Well leaving aside the Wilsheres and Cazorla’s Podolskis and Koscielnys amongst others how else can we bring them to then compete, the guy thinks far too highly of his own opinion and really needs to shut up!

Midfield Corporal

He’s only telling the truth but most of us don’t want to face the reality. None of the name you mention are World class, Wilshere will probably be but the others are just good players.

Arshavin's Dietician

So who is world class in the Man Utd squad?

Probably only Van Persie, and where did he come from.

Not world class:

De Gea, Rafael, Ferdinand, Evans, Evra, Vidic(due to injuries), Young, Cleverly, Anderson, Giggs(due to age), Kagawa, Welbeck, Hernandez, Nani, Carrick, Valencia, Jones, Smalling & Lindegaard.

Possibly world class:


World Class:

Van Persie

This is the squad that won the Premier League, so who needs world class players?


You’ve been watchin football since 2003, I’ve been watching for longer, so you are wrong.

Pearson's Correlation

Watching football without affecting the outcomes of games for longer than you = I’m right and you’re wrong.

Seems legit. Logic checks out. You may commence patronizing.


I’m sure Wenger is so confused right now he can’t even identify his summer targets. It was Higuain until he moved to Napoli, won’t be surprised if we lose Suarez to RM. Which coach in his right senses goes into a new season with just 18 players? Even a team that doesn’t play CL wouldn’t do that.This might just be Arsenal’s worst summer ever.I thought this transfer window would be different.


A fine player afterall. Top quality maybe, but not top top quality to put it in wengerish, and therefore the right decision to cash in. Decent contribution overall although inconsistent. Think he will do well at Roma.

Harish P

Looking at the list we have (thanks to bonjour), I wouldn’t be surprised to see more youth push through (as well as maybe three new signings): GK: Szczesny, Fabianski Def: Sagna, Jenkinson, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Koscielny, Gibbs, Monreal Mid: Arteta, Rosicky, Wilshere, Cazorla, Ramsey Fwd: Podolski, Giroud, Walcott, Chamberlain Judging by the recent Asian tour, I really wouldn’t be surprised to see Wenger give places to Miyaichi, Gnabry, and Miquel, as well as (hopefully) bringing and an experienced (if aged) GK, a defender (world class quality in my dream world) or RB (depends where Sagna sits this season), and hopefully a… Read more »


Heh. You said “gaping holes”

Gunner Rik

We need to make signings and blah blah blah blah blah, but I’m consigned to the fact that they probably won’t happen til a month or so later. Until then I’ll hapily check Arseblog to at least get a good laugh out of silly season. Thanks lads! TGSTEL = The Greatest Singer to Ever Live!

Toure Motors

Any truth in the rumour that Roma’s jet landed on his forehead?

Parson's nose

This report has got to be bollocks. Why would Roma want to sign Gervinho? Have they not seen him play?

He’s hilarious. The man is a football embodiment of the Keystone Kops. He tries hard, he’s tricky, but I’ve never seen such a klutz on a football field. You would not back him to score a penalty with no goalkeeper.

As for Chamakh, was that signing just a major piss-take by Wenger?


Hopefully as soon as this big foreheaded coward leaves them club so will Wenger.


I would love to see ryo get more game time because of this. He absolutely tore the big teams apart when he was playing for bolton. If bolton didnt lose chung yong lee that season, id say ryo would have given them a real chance to stay up. I really hope he never loses that double step over in his game. Could be better than the ox in my opinion.

Wenger Carter Holy Fail

It’s unbelievable how people are making excuses for Wenger. He has had all year to plan and create a transfer strategy, but instead we have left it till last minute AGAIN. It’s just Incompetent and poor management skills. In any sector or industry you work, management encompasses strategy. We have no strategy or so it appears. Poor planning, poor decision making year after year.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


Would the last player to leave the Emirates please turn off the lights.Another master stroke selling off our depth. At least he took players on and provided some trickery.we’ll be even more boring to watch now. Well done Professor.

Merlin's Panini

Q. Are you going to sign Suarez?
A. Sanogo
Q. Oh, well if that’s not happening then what about Fellaini, Arsene?
A. Sanogo
Q. Bernard?
A. Sanogo
Q. Are you going to sign anyone?
A. I keep telling you we’ve already signed Sanogo! He’s top quality.

I’m really hoping he is as good as he’s saying. I guess we’ll find out a bit more at the Emirates Cup.


So here we go then.

The ordeal of being forced to watch a player who could and should have been an Arsenal legend, and will probably destroy us this weekend.

I mean what sort of club is it that even THINKS about selling Eboue for fucks sake?


“Could”? “Should”? He already is! There arnt many arsenal affiliated fans or players who would argue that the guy is a legend.

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