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Wenger admits interest in Suarez and other targets

At his pre-Emirates Cup press conference this afternoon, Arsene Wenger was pressed on the possiblity of Arsenal signing Luis Suarez.

The Gunners have been linked with the Liverpool striker for the past few weeks, but the Arsenal manager wouldn’t be drawn on his plans for the Uruguayan.

He made the point that the transfer window runs until August 31st (in fact this summer it’s extended into September), and there’s plenty of time to sign players, but said, “I don’t want to talk specifically about Luis Suarez, because that is between Liverpool and Arsenal.

“We will completely respect what Liverpool wants to do. We want to do it if it is feasible in an amicable way,” he said.

And despite much ire over recent comments, Wenger admitted that Chompy O’Toole was not the only transfer situation they were involved in.

“I am a great believer you have to keep as much confidentiality as possible, which is quite difficult in the modern world. But we work very hard, not only on the case you name, but on other different cases.”

Is that a light at the end of the tunnel? We want to believe.

Go on, Arsene.

Do it.





Do it.

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Simply refuse to believe Sanogo is going to be our only signing.

We will wait and see.

Master Bates

I know you are saying that so that we will tell no it’s not ,so you can feel better.

NO! we are not signing anyone , that 40Mill bid on Suarez completely made up shit 😛

Double Canister

By Liverpool?
who went public with it?


If we really want to sign Suarez, surely someone can just tweet him a pic of the new Liverpool away kit. Deal done!


@dmcle – it can’t be our only signing – the squad will be way too light. Everyone has been very quick to attack Arsene this summer but you have to keep faith in him and Gazidis to pull some names in and you really cant blame them trying to keep it out of the media spotlight.


We keep faith, but I really question Wengers and Ivans ability to prioritise and get things done in the transfer market. Great we got rid of deadwood, but making new signings was probably more important this year.

They have given the media a lot of material by not signing anyone except yaya for the whole of July, you can’t leave things this late and not expect backlash, because it is thoroughly deserved this time round. The emirates cup atmosphere is going to be soo hostile if we lose.

Manchester Gooner

Moving unwanted players on is the first priority.

25-man squad rules are there, and wage bill and it’ll be more difficult to move them on deep into the transfer window.

Arshavin's Dietician

Actually you can have players at you club that you choose not to register as part of your 25man squad.

We are threadbare, they has to be at least 3 more signings especially with our injury record.

Arshavin's Dietician

Actually you can have players at you club that you choose not to register as part of your 25man squad.

We are threadbare, they has to be at least 3 more signings especially with our injury record.


I bid 40£+ 10£ on fifa and they accepted:-D

I bet Wenger can beat rogers in fifa.

We will sign somebody to sing TASTY chants too:-D:-P;-)

Googling Suarez’s girlfriend.foreplay with must cagey.


That sounds a little bit the mental.


At the moment most Arsenal fans are


So you bid £50?




Only if true…


Strange that fans will believe everything negative that Wenger says and nothing positive. Th other day he says that “with or without” signings we can challenge and that he is looking to add to the squad. Then he says that the team will be stronger next year and that he’s working on signings but out of all of that the only thing that people hear is “WE WILL MAKE NO SIGNINGS EVER”, it seems.


Well, you know, Wenger has priors. In the immortal words of George W Bush: ‘Fool me once, shame on … shame on you. Fool me… You can’t get fooled again!’


I love that quote. And I’m a Texan.


Hope madrid becomes as rich
as wigan after the signing of
you-know-who, that’ll
definitely increase our chances
of getting suarez.


Well he did admit he liked Falcao when he scored that goal in the final with his head. So he did admit interest in him that time but we never bought him. Just admitting interest is not going to get us anywhere. But everyone knows there are signings coming otherwise we wouldnt have ben so ruthless with the DEADWOOD. Only things frustrating is we not doing those signings sooner which was promised by a certain ceo it was a mistake leaving things too late. Still havent learned the lesson. Why wait till you get out of the title race then… Read more »

anything for you,Mr Giroooou!

Oh my god he’s going to do it!he’s going to fuking go nuts like that day he went down the slide in Salou!!!spend spend spend!up yours Brendan Rogers!


Spend that money professor


We will certainly buy maybe a little bit new handbrake. The old one is worn out.


We work hard for another handbrake, but certainly it is difficult. We want top quality, for the top level sharpness.




Huntelaar, Huntelaar.


2008 called – they want their transfer target back.


Funny thing is that there was a big hullabaloo about Huntelaar as a world class talent last summer, especially after the sale of Van Persie. This year, it’s all about Suarez, Higuain, Jovetic and Rooney, all players the tabloids linked us to.

It is amazing to think how much control the media has over the emotions of the public, so much so that we haven’t got any of these players and it is already the end of the world.


Signings are on their way. We are gonna seriously challenge this year. Fat Gooner is gonna be so pissed off.


a calm postive gooner…

*note, you’re currently a minority & in danger of being verbally abused by suarez*


Just buy a centre back or a striker. Pls that’s all i ask of you arsene 🙁


Omg Arsene this is so cheeky!! I can’t deal with anymore heartbreak this year I just can’t


You sound more like daughterofHenry!!!


No way were going to go into the new season without more deals; its simply never going to happen, Arsene is not going to let that many players leave and not sign anybody, even if it wont be the same quantity wise the quality should outshine the departing. I just hope 1 of the other cases is a good striker other than Suarez, i’d rather have a striker with a few less goals who isnt going to be banned for half the season munch of various people and fuck us right over in a year or 2 and knowing our… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Ah, but he doesn’t have any Barcelona DNA.


If we sign him and draw them in the Champions League there’s always a chance that he will get some then.

He got some Chelsea DNA a few months back.




patience is what is most important here. There is nothing much we can do. patience is key. I believe AW has the club’s best interest at heart and furthermore the window is so far from closing

jack jack jack

Literally in the space of a few hours and a couple of articles the comments have gone from arse raving mental to positively serene.


would like to believe things are being done quietly but no agent/selling club stays quiet these days so hard to be convinced by his words…

but then equally hard to believe Sanogo will be our only signing by the end of the window!!


I’m baffled why we aren’t bidding for Rooney too. Suarez looks uncertain, we should make a move before Chelsea seal the deal. Rooney for 30m is great deal, as it includes a bitchslap to a certain RvP and all the Mancs who wanted us to respect him.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

If we bid for Rooney against Chelsea we would almost certainly lose out to them, but we would at least drive the price up so that they would have less to spend on any other targets we are after. That would be a positive.

On the negative side, we could actually end up with Rooney.


Wenger finally realised that to win the league you need one major cunt in your team. Please get busquits and shawcross eswel just to be safe


Look, we can get biscuits, but not Shawcross, because he’d fucking eat them all and share with nobody.


every time is see that name im reminded of the fox’s biscuits advert and i get nightmares of Gazidis tieing Arsene to a chair forcing him to sign biscuit man

Giroud's Tribal Tatts

Every time?

Double Canister

you missed Pepe.


Activate it.


If we lose a couple of games before 1st Sept…what’s the point…no title challenge again.
Groundhog Day….a scuffle for fourth. Get these mystery players in….they should have been involved in pre season.

Arshavin's Dietician

Heaven forbid Arsenal should ever lose a game.

Goatee of Robert Pires

Arseblood has a point and I this is one of the main qualms I have with Wenger. Buying late maybe cheap, but it makes us loose too much ground in the league. Saving 5-6 million buying late could be easily compensated by finishing better in the league if not for lost points at the start of the season. Remember that disaster in the 2011-2012 season? The 8-2 spanking? Our early position in the league?


I’ve said it in another post but there are plenty of good players out there who are either surplus to their teams (Gustavo, Kroos, Shaqiri) or just great young talents who are first team players for their clubs (Jorge Resurreccion, Grenier, Gonalons). All of them can improve the squad surely. And before anyone spout the “this ain’t FM” crap, neither is it impossible. We have the money, the players are rather feasible targets, go for it Arsene.


Kroos ‘surplus’!?!


I would argue, Kroos and Shaqiri are no where near being surplus. Robben and Ribery are aging, the future midfield for Bayern will be: Muller Gotze Kroos Shaqiri Thiago Bastian The same goes for Gustavo. Bayern have sold Emre Can and Javi Martinez is more centre half than midfielder these days, so apart from Bastian there is now no other combative central midfielder. Still the right offer could land some of them. I’d take any of those three in a heartbeat. But you are right there are plenty of quality players out there who could make a big difference to… Read more »

Jack's Right Foot

Jorge Resurreccion?! I’ve been struggling for a name for my kid. Done.


Is Salomon Kalou available?


No but Oba Martins is 21 again.

gooner odst

Kanu recently celebrated his 10th, 30th birthday in the glorious non-Gregorian month of Smarch

Merlin's Panini

I’m not going to believe anything until I see someone holding up the shirt. Can’t keep falling for all the media speculation and getting wound up when most of it amounts to nothing even when it’s “close” or so and so is “set for a move”.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I hear that Air-Sea Rescue planes have been scouring the channel ever since Bernard failed to appear for his medical.


The only thing they work hard on is renewing Arsene contract and selling players…..otherwise, how working hard produced a list of rejects


I really hope this is the case and very much true! Suarez would fit like a glove in our squad * my opinion of course * the goals he scores is exactly what we are needing. We haven’t had a prolific striker since the legand that is Titi Henry. I also hope we strengthen up at the back, also in the midfield as I think we are too attack minded in there. We need CDM like Petit or a Vieira and we will surely challenge for honors this season! Please Mr Wenger don’t wait till the 31st of August before… Read more »


We have had a prolific striker since Henry.


who the dutch skunk ?

not in the same category as Henry by a long shot. Vanpussy was a one-season wonder.


so who exactly is in the same category as henry right now and is he available?


if you read properly, the comment i replied to said that ARSENAL HAVE had a prolific striker since Henry. my argument is we HAVE NOT had a prolific striker in the same league as Henry, since Henry. not Baptista, not Aliadiere, not Bendtner, not Eduardo, not Van Persie, not Vela, not Chamakh, not Park, not Poldi, not Giroud and not Walcott. its not about who is a prolific striker now and available. thats a whole other point. but to answer your question, in my opinion, there are only very few top quality strikers out there today who come anywhere near… Read more »


Is Suarez banned for all types of games, CL included, or can he be involved in the qualifyer?


It only applies to the premiership and FA/league cup games, he would be available for the champions league.

Merlin's Panini

only English league and cup games. He can play in the Champions League. Unless he stays at Liverpool! Ha!


Suarez is a “case” alright.


we should buy frey to give competition to szcz and m’vila to shore up and add physicality to the midfield. Kalou would be a useful option from the bench.


no, no and no.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

yo say no, it’ Sanogo


I hope the llight is not a train


This isn’t tantamount to abuse. This is abuse.


I want Arsene to watch this video:

Seriously… do it.

Gooner sickunt

I admit interest in Angelina Jolie and other targets. Not sure it means anything 🙁


I’d take Alexis Sanchez if Suarez doesn’t join.


I’d take Alexis Carrington. I’m so bored of this transfer window now.

Midfield Corporal

Is that a Dynasty reference? Well played sir!

Arsene's handkerchief

I’m not even worried about transfers anymore, there’s no way we would clear out as many players as we have and not have targets in mind to replace them. Arsene has always preferred to keep things under wraps, I reckon there will 3 coming in. I find it refreshing that the media have no idea what we are doing, do all they can do is try spread doom and gloom as there is nothing else to report. Arsene loves Arsenal, he will do what’s needed. C’mon Arsenal

pauly bear

Question. If/when we get LS ,What would happen with Rosickys number 7? Bit harsh to jank the number off him


I’d rather pass on Suarez than take the number 7 off Rosicky!


If we buy suarez i’m sure he will get number 11, and if gervinho is going to roma I think wenger will go for eriksen he is cheap 16 million euros and better than gervinho.


Did Football Manager 13 decide his price at 16mE?

He is one of the brightest talents in Europe, there is no way Ajax will be selling Eriksen for 12mP, with so many clubs in queue for him.


Yes ajax will sell for 16 million because he is in final year of his contract with ajax get the facts straight .


Again, who decided his price? Did his agent call you up- ‘Hey GunnerDareMacedonia, my client is up for sale at 12m£, spread the facht in Arseblog’

PS: Just want to get my facts right 🙂

Parson's nose

Better than Gervinho?
And that’s a recommendation?

On that basis they could sign me. I’m 53, with bit of a gut, but I guarantee I wouldn’t miss some of the sitters Gervinho does

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

See, the problem with the real world is that if we offered 12mP for him because he’s in the final year of his contract then some rich club would come along and offer 12mP2p thus pricing us out of the deal. That could never happen in Football Manager 13.

Flying Dutchman

Right now nobody is in for Eriksen and Ajax does not want to let him walk for free. A bid of 12-14mill pounds would be taken seriously! He could very well be a bargain, the problem is that we are stocked in that position with carzorla, wilshere, and rosicky…


Suarez ASAP and fellianie and arsenal will win a trophy


Hope madrid becomes as rich as wigan after the signing of you-know-who, that’ll definitely increase our chances of getting suarez.

Bendtner's ego

I have a feeling that this Suarez situation will resolve itself after we complete our champions’s league qualification.

What will be telling is how Liverpool approaches their transfer window and their spending. They just bought some striker for £21m, correct?

Arshavin's Dietician

Not yet

Arshavin's Dietician

Not yet


I dare you to do it arsene…..


Why don’t we give Brenden Rogers 3 brown envelopes with 3 different amounts of money in and make him choose? He likes that kind of thing.


@paulybear no way would he get little mozarts 7. Id bite his arm if he tried. Its not like old purse strings demanded the number 10 @ united. People do change numbers.

Steve McQueen

I was skeptical beforehand, but now I can say I’m fairly certain Le Prof has no intention of signing Suarez, it’s some grand elaborate game that no one gets apart from Arsene. Before the summer hit, there was heavy speculation linking us with Loic Remy, but that looks to have gone up the Khyber due to the charges against him, although hasn’t stopped Newcastle sniffing around. The Higuain saga was a joke tbh and in reality we should have bid £29 as soon as the Cavani deal looked like it might go through, before Napoli became loaded. The lessons of… Read more »


I’m sorry Mr McQueen, but I’ve got two words for you: UTTER BOLLOCKS.

Wenger publicly states that he’s in for Suarez and this finally convinces you that he has no intention of signing him?

And as for the Cavani/Higuain situation what you said makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. How would we know about the Cavani deal before Napoli themselves?


Blogs does this picture has to be used ? My arms are getting scared…

Arron Gent

I believe this signing will now happen – he never talks about signings EVER but this was a sign…..please be a sign!! Still need a CB and a DM otherwise with The Ox stepping up, Rosicky fully fit from the start, Theo ever improving, Giroud, Santi and Poldi settled and in their 2nd season I really dont see why there is so much doom and gloom – just need a positive start and carry it through the season…..

p.s. yes the ban is an FA ban so he would be eligible for CL games

pauly bear

Ha ha ha I got a thumbs down for asking a question wtf.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Consolation thumb up because you did say you hoped Rosicky would keep his shirt number.

Silent Stan

Again, I notice similar trend to comments made in the previous years. It happens before a or every match until transfer window closes.

Arsene’s comment in September after a game loss will be, “We weren’t in for Suarez”.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Just so long as it isn’t “Fuck me, we bought Suarez and we still lost a game. All those fans I listened to swore we would be unbeatable if only we bought the bitey racist!”


Ffs, we need an experienced cb.someone who’s played in multiple leagues, europe amd international. Ive heard of some french guy called ‘the squid’.. fingers crossed


Do it!, Do it now! *schwarzenegger – predator*


“Go ahead, skin it. Skin that smokewagon and see what happens.”

“Are you gonna do somethin’, or stand there and bleed?”


Throw down Arsene….


Bromley gooner

Don’t know about anyone else but Ian Wright has been getting on my tits fr a while now! He says that world class players shouldn’t come to us because we don’t have any world class players! Well leaving aside the Wilsheres and Cazorla’s Podolskis and Koscielnys amongst others how else can we bring them to then compete, the guy thinks far too highly of his own opinion and really needs to shut up!


Do it, Arsene! Or make Bendtner the Frontman because him and Suarez are both World Class. But I prefer Suarez because he’s another type of striker than Giroud and TGSTEL

Midfield Corporal

IG- “Arsene, have you read Arseblog News today? There are some pissed off muthafuckas ready to give you shit after you made that comment about the squad being good enough, you’d better feed them some crap about how we are trying to sign people but can’t talk about it. I’m gonna phone Joe Kinnear, see if Shola Ameobi is available”.


Suarez, Fellaini and Centerback. Just get it done Arsene. Please stop messing around.


I’m sure Wenger is also very conscious of the fact that there is still huge potential wuth this squad. It’s key to not stifle the development of the likes of jenks, Ramsey, will here and the ox. These players are our future and a squad should be built around them. I’m extremely positive for new season, couple of additions and I think we’ll be just fine. Our competitors, especially city have spent far too much money on average players (fernandinho, negredo) and don’t get me started on 28mil on soldado…… Stupid spuds

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