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Sagna hails ‘warrior’ Flamini

Bacary Sagna says he’s looking forward to playing alongside Mathieu Flamini again and hailed his compatriot’s ‘warrior’ spirit.

The midfielder, who has returned to the Emirates having rejected a new contract at AC Milan, is expected to take a place on the bench against Sp*rs having impressed Arsene Wenger with his fitness during a stint training with the club.

Speaking ahead of the North London derby, Sagna, who played alongside Flamini during Arsenal’s promising but eventually fruitless 2007/08 campaign (as well as for France), told

“Mathieu is a warrior. I had the pleasure of playing with him six years ago and he is back and very motivated to play for Arsenal. I am looking forward to playing with him again.”

Well-versed in the passion of London’s premiere beauty and the beast coming together, Sagna also spoke of how much he’s looking forward to hearing the terraces recount what it is that Mrs Villas-Boas Snr does with her spare time.

“This game is one of the highlights of the season because it is a derby – we know how important it is for the fans, the club and the players to win it. The atmosphere is just magic and it will be even more magic if we win on Sunday.”

Yes, Bacary…yes it will.

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Arsene's handkerchief

Bacary, we love you, Arsene at least give this man a contract if you won’t buy no one else!


Agreed. Don’t keep all that money for your new contract Wenger. Don’t be a greedy arse Arsene, 😉


Nah, it’s time to let go of Sagna so we are closer to our aim of having squad of 11 players who we will play every minute of every match in the season


Come on arsenal you can fucking do it


does some cunt thumb down just because someone swore before the wateshed.

come on you gooners. come on you fucking gooners.


I hope we destroy spurs on Sunday!


Nobody like or dislike this! It’s perfect as it is!


Someone took it from 5-2 to 5-3. Must have been a Tottenham fan.

My brother is pregnant

Trash the spuds!


disliked it because it was 5 1


Flamini got sagna motivated… I hope it spreads round his teammates like “chakra” even with a thin squad we will trash spuds to the extent they won’t know what hit them COYG!!!


Fuck the transfer window, it is just negative chi. Come Sunday only one thing matters, we smash the scum to pieces. Take that you shit eating, money spending toss rags!


Having Sagna in this team is such a confidence booster. He’s certainly one man who, with his display, can give us victory.


Woke up in the morning feeling depressed, I don’t know if it’s the lack of transfers or watching Wengers press conference? (Grabbing a beer) I’ll reserve my judgment till 9/2/13.


I’m afraid the 9th Februrary has been and gone mate.

Edu's fake passport

He is American, that’s how they write it, month first

Good Omens

Ding ding, next stop Baker Street.

Hefty Dave

Give Bacman a new bloody contract for as long as he wants and lets show this new bunch of fancy boys what the prem and a bloody derby is all about.


ALso AVB go do things with marrows and that hole of yours that points to the ground !!!


I’m currently going through as many comments as possible on this site, trying to like them so they have 5 thumbs up and 2 thumbs down where possible… COYG! Let’s trash the 5pud2!


sorry got to dislike your comment just to maintain the gap !


Sunday can’t come sooner!

A N Other

One of the best Arsene’s signings..

What I like about him is that he doesn’t mince his words. He says the way he sees it..

Good Omens

How great would that be to be called a ‘warrior’ by a work mate, it would make my day. Saunter into work Monday morning, everyone looks at you, thumps their breasts – ” Bring on the workday, no job too large, the warrior is here”… then I’d go out and fix boilers knowing if that boiler plays up I will go medieval on its ass, and they’d know it ! (Perhaps I shouldn’t drink on Friday evenings).


thumbs up 5 times and thumbs down 2 times.
just do it 😉


Sagna is absolutely right but seeing Robin van cuntsie amongst the glorious arsenal red makes me cringe to my soul.


done it


blew it


off topic but i’m really irked by the transfer of eriksen (sp.) to tottenham. I know this is controversial but do you think that as a player tottenham is a more attractive destination? call me pessimistic but tottenham look eerily strong, Paulinho/ capoue are both more exciting than flamini (no disrespect) and the article saying nb52 could play has riled me no end. I’ve been not a staunch believer in wenger and what financial restrictions he puts on himself but i’ve always been proud of the fact that arsenal stick to their guns with transfers but i guess thats because… Read more »


Flamini is not meant to be exciting. If he’s exciting; he’s doing it wrong. On the rest, Spurs have brought a lot of players, which looks good, but there is not much there that is better than we already have. More importantly, they have lost as many first teamers as they have signed, and with Bale going…… looking at some of them: They’ve paid £26 mil for Lamela, who would be competing with Walcott. In Eriksen they’ve paid £12 mil for a 21 year old who would be fighting for a place with us with Aaron and Jack. Capoue is… Read more »


The Bacary Sagna seal of approval is all I need. Welcome home Mathieu.


And a logical choice. 1) Flamini fulfills cover for RB and DM thereby eases pressure on our positions for bids in those areas and our bargaining position. 2) Flamini is more experienced now and will bring the sort of cool head that Benayoun did for us two seasons past. 3) Flamini is similar in many ways to Arteta and Ramsey so we have triple cover in the position. If you consider we have not been playing with a dedicated DM (Arteta is closest) for some time rather a rotating midfield 3, this makes a lot of sense where most are… Read more »


Erikson would normally be a wenger signing, talented and cheap suprised he has let him go to spuds. To be fair their team does look strong now and their bench is very strong and experienced, were as we have on our bench zalalem a guy who to be fair has no experience and sanogo and gnabry barely a 1 st team game between them and you can see wenger is reluctant to bring them on because of this. We can’t challenge until we have a strong bench, fuck this stifling talent shit. If you want to win you need a… Read more »


Eriksen isn’t as good as everyone thinks he is, he was very good for his age once, not anymore.


Can’t tell me Paulinho, lamela, soldado, Ericsson and a cb wouldn’t have enviro rates out squad and really driven us forward this season. Paulinho looks real class especially and would have liked a player like Soldado to come on when Giroud is injured/out of form, he knows where the net is, and alot better than no one


They could improve the squad but we could also buy much better.

Spurs may have jumped the gun (no pun)

OTOH, our reinforcements currently are existential where their’s are very much concrete.

If Arsene pulls off 3-4 great signings (which he still could) the press, the pundits most on these threads are going to look very foolish indeed.

if not, they will have him for breakfast.


If we don’t sign anybody, it doesn’t matter. We will run Cazorla to the ground and when he gets injured we will run Zelalem to the ground but who cares? Lose 0-5 to United, oh well. We’ll probably miss out on the CL spot and those cunts down the road will be celebrating but does Stan give a fuck? No more CL money, so just increase the ticket prices to compensate for the earnings, there are more than enough tourists to fill the 60,000 seats at the stadium every week. Nobody cares anymore in the management.

Theoretical Signing #1

I don’t think existential means what you think it means, but otherwise good points well made.


Maybe Tottenham did not buy the top top players in the world but they are reinforced (Paulinho is great, but plays the one position we don’t need that badly). One or two of their players are bound to be great (sometimes you get Andre Santos, sometimes you get Arteta). We of all clubs should know form and competition for places are what make players perform week in week out. Maybe it’s too late to buy our first choice players, but we can at least buy quality depth, options and players to contend for positions. I think most are mostly happy… Read more »


I hail warrior Sagna.


do it

Richie Waweru

Everyone just relax and try to imagine the transfer window is closed and these lads are all we have. Let’s back them to the end and hope for a positive result after the derby.


If the transfer window is closed and these lads are all we have, I doubt people will be in the right state of mind to back them until the end. Just a few more injuries and we will have a Zelalem-Frimpong-Gnabry midfield three playing against Manchester United. Relax! They are top top top quality! If not they are just lacking a little bit the sharpness!

Hank Scorpio

Just reading we’re interested in fucking Solomon Kalou
If we sign a plodder like him Arsene & co should hang their heads in shame & offer to step aside while chimpanzees take charge of the club

Andy Mack

It’s just a twitter joke. Picked up by some half-wit at the daily mail newspaper. No reason to think it has any truth to it.

Merlin's Panini

Salomon Kalou would be a fucking disaster. I’m hoping this is bullshit seeing as we’ve been linked with him every year for seemingly forever and it’s never come to anything. At least all these new spuds players haven’t gelled yet so our football should be a lot more cohesive and fluid than theirs. Can’t wait for this fucking window to shut. I’m sick of it and I’ll be glad to see the back of it. If we end up with no one else and it has serious repercussions on our season because of the lack of depth i think things… Read more »


They won’t get ugly unfortunately. No more Champions League money but that can be compensated with a ticket price increase. There are enough tourists to fill the 60,000 seats at the stadium every week.


Kalou! Top top super quality. If he signs arsene, just fuck off you massive cunt


Believe everything you read?

Daily Mail?


It’s you that needs to F off.


you disrespecting asshole.

Hank Scorpio

It’s only the DM reporting it so far but Kalou is a cheaper version of Gerv with slightly less skill, a lot cheaper (£2.6mil supposedly) and far less heart. Would be a tidy profit though – slightly inferior player albeit heartless and 5mil in the bank

Hank Scorpio

It’s only the DM reporting it so far but Kalou is a cheaper version of Gerv with slightly less skill, a lot cheaper (£2.6mil supposedly) and far less heart. Would be a tidy profit though – slightly inferior player albeit heartless and 5mil in the bank

Thin Gooner

Sp*rs love La Sagna


Go Flamini! Kick those slacker hard and out on Sunday.


Some of the biggest fighters in the team are the French boys.

Barring Jack, Koscielny, Sagna and now Flamini will all dig in heels and grind in the result.

Hoping our Belgian Vermaelen will return to combative form soon.


Spurs just signed eriksen…they now have a better team than we do…fact!!. Not only will they make the top 4, but they’ll challenge for the epl. Wenger has turned into an idiot these last few years. Dont get me started with gazidis and law. Spurs have levy and baldini helping avb build a frightening team..,plsss Wenger, pack your bags and get lost….ur a looser and a disgrace. Sanogo and flamini-top top quality…stupid idiot


How is it a fact? We are still The Arsenal and come Sunday we (better) will prove it
In Arsenal (the players not the football club as a whole) I trust

[…] So is Bacary Sagna […]


Hank scorpio

We paid over 11m for gervinho and sold him at a loss. To sign a player that failed in the pl as his replacement smacks of desperation. Yet I guess he’s cheap and we will over pay him

Just end the misery now, every day I have the hope we sign what we desp need but apparently no top top quality available who can play our game. Thank god for kalou then, our new arshavin


It is derby and it will be arsenal vs 5pur2.


Dont know why but this comment made me happy. Let’s cherish it at 5-2.


Anyone else or just me wishing we had kept arshavin now?


I have to admit that I was one of the many who thought Bac’s best days were behind him as one major injury after another had taken its toll. I was ready for him to leave this year and never see another one of his shit crosses again.

Give me a large slice of humble pie please! He’s been professional as ever so far playing out of position and playing really well. At this rate, young Carl may have to wait another couple of years.

Bac hates Spuds!


I was one to point out his merits last season when many were heaping praise on Jenkinson.

It’s easy to get carried away like we are with Ramsey at the moment, granted his massive strides in improvement.

To me, Sagna embodies our ethos. he is the remnant of the old guard and holds important institutional memory. he is a leader and a fighter and an inspiration to the rest of the squad.

I’d give him the captain’s band without second thought.


A podcast i listened to yesterday described both players mentioned, as the ones who always celebrate and go nuts when we score; and always are emotional when we lose an important game.

We need more players like these (which we do have, they arent the only ones) but I say keep them for as long as we can.

Skunk, Vieira, Flamini; great players, but wouldn’t but them a pint.


Q) what team brags about how much money they have and spreads wild rumours about the players they will sign but can’t manage to arrange a piss up in a brewery? A) arsenal So disappointed in this transfer window having not signed 1 quality player. There are players out there that could potentially have strengthed a very weak side ( based on injuries) just read the scousers have signed sahko from PSG, and obviously Edmonton FC bringing in a whole new bunch of bodies who I personally think are brilliant buys ( paulinho for example) I hate to say it… Read more »


Won’t worry too much about Sakho. Currently has an attitude problem and has not been great last season.

not to mention Rodgers last trumped us to Sahin but did he know how to use him?;)


70mill well spent, my best album is call promise’s and lies……. UB40 rock

Hank Scorpio

I agree Greg. The figure being touted for his wages is 60k per week. Until he actually signs for us I’m going to assume nobody could be that stupid. Surely they could be could they?


Shezza or lloris? probably lloris
Sagna or walker? sagna
Gibbs or rose? gibbs
Pertersacker or dawson? pertersacker
Koscielny or vertonghen? Koscielny

Arteta or sandro? Arteta
Ramsey or paulinho? Rambo
Rosicky or eriksson? Rosicky

Walcott or lennon? Walcott
Santi or lamela? Santi

Giroud or soldado? tie


We could also extrapolate that their new signings are good but we can afford a better tier. 1) Lamela. We can get Mata or Konoplyanka or Di Maria. 2) Ericksen. They lost bale. We haven’t lost anyone substantial this summer. 3) Paulinho. Flamini is probably a better fit and an instant capability for us. 4) Capoue. A good buy @9m but what price a late Fellaini bid? 5) Soldao. Benzema is a notch above or Leandro Damiao (Falcao situation also bears a bit of watching albeit likely it will drag till Jan before/if Monaco sells) 6) Since Flamini cost nothing,… Read more »

Theoretical Signing #2

Theoretical dammit! Hypothetical! Something!


Think rosicky will last more than 15 games, and it’s not the first team that’s the problem it’s the players right after that, the guy on the bench, the player to replace szec, Kos, rosicky and artera and Giroud, want the team to change tactics mid game as we need something extra who do we turn to?
Injured who do we turn to?
Most teams for the title have to great players in each position and some have 4 strikers!


4 strikers is a bit over the top.

3 is sufficient.

So we have Giroud. Podolski is a handy third option. One more will do. Sanogo will be your fourth striker if you like.


Thie sickener is he will give Wilshere another stress fracture running him into the ground again, he needs more rotation.
Santi was fucked half way through last season but we couldn’t give him a break, it’s just not fair on the players anymore


Arsene thinks Chelsea haven’t spent this summer and finding it hard like us.

Must admit their invisible unsigned player Shurrle looked quite good tonight in the Super Cup and van ginkel is a handy player. Plus they just spunked another 30 mill on Willian…


The good thing is that Chelsea have signed so many midfielders that some will not get game time. last time I checked, Mourinho had 11 midfielders, which does not make them better than us who have 5 midfielders.


Arsenal becoming a bit Dr Goebbels spewing out the propoganda


That’s because you are gullible to believe everything the media puts out.


Don’t believe the Tottenham hype people. 110m spent and they will still finish behind us. I’m not cheering about it–we should be looking up the table, not down, which is what spending this summer was supposed to be about—but Arsenal’s first XI is still better than theirs.


And you can only ever play 11 +3 at once. Our issue is depth at the moment. We can also benefit from a bit more creativity (Over what we already have), particularly up top where a striker with some guile and pace will help. Someone like Leandro Damiao should be looked at. He has lost his way a little and may need a change of scenary to up his potential for the Selecao and world cup next summer. Tall, quick, powerful, good on the ball, a better option than maybe waiting for Benzema at the moment. Likely now uncer 30m… Read more »


Spuds may have blown their wad too soon. Soldado is a decent signing but if we land Benzema class or Leandro Damiao type (who won’t go to them cos they are not in CL), it would seem they have signed close to but not quite quality. Ditto Paulinho to Flamini (even as a ‘has been’) he is familiar instantly with the style of the team and brings experience. Capoue is a great signing at 9m but again, with the likes of Fellaini still available or Goucouff (even if he is -recommitted to Lyon, can still be moved), close but no… Read more »


I maybe crazy but I cant help thinking heavy loss against spurs ala man utd 2 seasons back will atleasr force wenger to panic buy and help in the longer run.. for every santos there will be an arteta mertsacker and benayoun..

Hank Scorpio

Santori that analysis is great except for 1 thing. You are comparing actual signings to hypothetical players who at this stage won’t be influencing the outcome of any actual games

Andy Mack

He’s just comparing ‘actuals’ with unknown’ which is exactly what all the doom mongers are doing without knowing what our situation will be on the 3rd sept when the window has closed.


Am i the only one who remembers what this traitor us. He ruthlessly ran down his contract which meant we had to experience the Denilson experiement. came along teams bullied us off the park or ruined us on the counter. Sorry but i still have not forgiven him.


So he completed his contract, how is that a problem? You bought him for x years and he played x years, how is that a problem? Do you even understand the meaning of a deal?


I want him to start against Spurs. The usual back 4 with Flamini – Ramsey – Rosicky – Cazorla – Wilshere. I think it might be a good idea to use Ryo on the left at some stage. He tracks back well and his pace will help us.


So if RVP had stayed for the last season of his contract and rejected all extensions. You would just wave him off into the sunset. Dont make laugh. Flamini was suppose to replace gilberto. Wenger gave him a shot, even got him into the France national team and he walked for free. He’s done the same to his last 3 teams, no loyalty. Worse still I think if he had stayed, with him and csec in the middle we would not be talking.about 8 years without a trophy.


Flamini only got his chance due to injuries not some great aw masterplan. If we made rvp stay we would have been significantly stronger last season and in with a great chance. If we won and he left thanks and bye but he left because he wanted to win things and aw didn’t.

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