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Klopp impressed by Arsenal

Borussia Dortmund manager Juergen ‘Klipp’ Klopp says he’s looking forward to the Champions League clashes against Arsenal and says he’s been impressed by what he’s seen of the Gunners so far this season.

The two sides were drawn together in the group stages of the Champions League two seasons ago with Arsenal winning one and drawing the other, but having taken Dortmund to the final last season, and Arsenal somewhat weaker in terms of the squad, the games promise to be exciting, tight affairs.

“I somehow already had the feeling last week that we would get Arsenal,” he said. “I don’t why but that’s why I watched Arsenal in the Premier League on Sunday on TV and I was impressed by how good they were.

“Everyone kept saying they have lots of problems, Wenger can’t get rid of his money, he doesn’t get players for his money, but I was very impressed how strong they are.”

No doubt he’ll be watching Sunday’s North London derby, and the German has long been tipped as potential successor to Arsene Wenger.

Meanwhile, it’s being reported that Nicklas Bendtner is in talks with Crystal Palace over a possible move there.

Let’s hope he’s actually talking about not simply doing his best Ben Kingsley in Sexy Beast when they put forward a possible weekly wage.

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Wouldn’t mind Klopp as the future Arsenal manager. Young, hungry, tactical , a great man manager and has already won silverware. Question I would be come to us?


It does seem hes like the german equivalent of Wenger in Germany, question is does he want to stay on at dortmund and see his best players go to Bayern every year or come here and do the same…


Like Lewandowski, who is in the last year of his contract but refused to sell to Bayern Munich, just like Arsene did with RVP…Oh wait…


That’s totally the same, I mean United had just bought Wilshere off us and we’re their only competitor for the league.


Point taken, I had forgotten about Gotze. I guess we have not been competitors for the league since 2009 anyway

Tom J

And Gotze had a release clause in his contract triggered, Wilshere does of have one


Gotze no choice. Lewandowski choice. Could have grabbed the cash but chose to make him stay.


Write in understandable English please, at least re-read something before you post it to make sure it makes sense!

The 3 Billion Dollar Stan

Arsenal is a dream job. Champions League football (hopefully for another year), £100m+ in the bank, big stadium, history etc.

Oh, and we pay our manager more than almost everybody in the world…


Plus, we’re the bloody Arsenal.


That’s the spirit I want to see tomorrow, none of this money spending stuff, just 110% backing of the team and the Arsenal.

Tom J

Plus his employers will be satisfied with finishing potless for 9 years as long as he turns a profit


If and when Wenger starts spending, he will be rightfully regarded as the best manager in Europe. All the Klopps and Peps can go do one.

As frustrating as this summer has been, lets not forget what Wenger did to our club and give him the respect he deserves.


“If and when Wenger starts spending”- are you for real?


His interview yesterday:

“The prices today are just linked with the financial power and the desire of the buyer”.

What did he mean? Did he mean we have the desire but not the financial power, or the financial power but not the desire? As SwissRamble illustrated almost a month ago, our accounts suggest we have the financial power. Therefore one must assume we do not have the desire.

Andy Mack

Or maybe like every one of us, the club don’t have the desire to pay unrealistic prices.
And those player prices should drop notably next year if FFP works even slightly.


He means that clubs have stopped looking for value – if they want a particular player, they’ll spend any amount to get him. He said that with Bale in mind. Bale is clearly not ‘worth’ £80 million – he isn’t much (if at all) better than Ozil or Di Maria, who are apparently available for less than half that. But Madrid want him, so they’ll pay over the odds for him. Similarly Man City paying £30 million for Fernandinho – he’s probably no better than Paulinho or Gustavo (who keep him out of the Brazil team) or Arteta, who were… Read more »


So instead we get left behind by our competitors who are willing to pay the market value, which is what other “top” clubs are willing to pay for the best players.


Yes I agree Redondante I agree Bale and Fernandinho moved for ridiculous sums and I would not have endorsed spending that money on either, but dont you think players that would have improved our threadbare squad have moved between clubs for realistic fees this summer?


I can honestly say I don’t know – I watch a lot of English football, a fair amount of Spanish and some German, but I wouldn’t trust my judgement on players from Italy, France, Brazil or Ukraine, and I don’t put all my faith in YouTube, Football Manager or FIFA.

For instance, I think Lamela, Eriksen and Paulinho look like good players. But when Spurs sign a player, it means there are a lot of better, wealthier teams in the world who didn’t want him.

Tom J

But the players you mention were all signed by spuds. We are supposed to be catching the three teams ahead of us


You’re living in the past, just like Arsene.


no way Arsene said this squad is good enough to win the league, and now we have added Flamini it is only better…


And now I hear Kalou is on the way. He DOES know what he’s doing..


Klopp can go do one is a bit harsh. I understand the Pep one he wants ready made star-studded teams to manage. I have a lot of time for klopp though as he has built his team. He has lost star players like Kagawa and now Gotze he has moved on admirably. Signing Aubameyang and keeping Lewandowski is a smart move to give the youngster a chance to blend into there league. The bin dippers were desperate for Mkhitaryan at the end of last season Gotze left Dortmund moved fast and replaced him with Mkhitaryan. Lost a centre half but… Read more »


Klopp looks like a club buider, so he would be a perfect replacments when Arsene decides to retire. But alas I don’t think he would leave Dortmund for Arsenal…

Bould's Eyeliner

One would naturally assume that actually that would be the case – he’s spent years building dortmund, would he want to leave before achieving what his goal is? Beating Bayern in the league? hmmm.


Wouldn’t mind? I’d be going crazy if we got him, he is amazing. Wenger’s biggest problem isn’t the lack of transfer activity, it is the lack of flexibility, he is still trying to fit everything into his pre-assumed ideas, like when Gibbs is playing left winger, just to ‘provide balance’, like he did with Eboue. It simply doesn’t work like that, one player on the wings won’t make the team more stable at all, but it kills our attacking power.

Edu's fake passport

Gibbs was a striker until about 15-16, so he can play left wing.

Sweaty Testicles/Scrotum

Yeah, I’ll listen to progman07 for tactical advice…

I think you’re forgetting that Gibbs has been a winger for a significant chunk of his development so it’s hardly a bolt from the blue that he’ll be used on the wings sometimes.

He is also good at getting into crossing/goalscoring positions and crossing/shooting. Stop being an armchair pundit and looking at on-paper positions and actually look at player performance.

Bould's Eyeliner

LB and LW are pretty much the same at Arsenal in terms of attacking play anyway, if you haven’t noticed..


Hahahaha!!!! And he just got an assist from that position in a few minutes of playing there. Where do you think he plays when Arsenal are attacking even when he’s LB? How did he get that goal? By not contributing to attack, eh?


He is very much like a young Arsene , Lojal (So noway he can be priced from Dortmund) , Inventive , likable and last but not Least HUNGRY and uses the tools at his disposal (Are you reading Arsene remember those days?). Also he was right to be impressed we are good. Now he wouldn’t be too fucking impressed if he saw our bench , and he didn’t see it because we aint got one.

Andy Mack

Like Wenger, Klopp will not break a contract. If his contract is coming to an end then I feel pretty certain that he’s be interested in joining AFC. But after being involved in a club with such strong support (Dortmund fans are amazing – 60 thousand who are as fanatical as our 5 (+/-) thousand travelling [away] fans), I’m not sure he’d want to be involved with us because we have so many unsupportive home ‘fans’. If one Dortmund fan boo’d his own clubs player, the other 60 thousand would chuck the idiot out. Whilst ours argue that they pay… Read more »


I really like the way Cardiff fans get behind their team. Arsenal had better support in Helsinki and Vietnam than at Emirates.


We’re not in Nam anymore, there are rules here

Arty's Art

My friends little sister went to the game in Helsinki, apparently she has been converted to a life long gooner after previously having tendencies towards manyoo….

and they said these foreign pre-seasons were good for nothing!


I see what you did there blogs!The heading says that Klopp is impressed by the gunners, but you put up a picture of him licking his chops in anticipation!

Not to worry though, we’ll give him something to chew on!


Maybe he’ll chew on his tongue itself

Gervinho's barber

A great article and now youtube videos blog’s man you’re really treating us, wish Wenger would treat us too…

Why not

ive seen this exact post before


Dortmund Vs. Arsenal. Now that’s one match I want to watch!

Loop A Hole

All the WengerOut-Klopp Lovers please stand up. And listen to Klopp.

Daft Aider

He would definitely be my choice for next manager, then after a few years get Wenger on the board to help out if he is happy to do so

Arsene Wenger

Ahh that video!! That is exactly what i say each time the media sprouts a new player linked with us! 🙁


Klopp installed as new manager as Wenger moves upstairs as Director of Football.


Wouldn’t mind Klopp as manager when Arsene retires. In fact I think he is the best of the potential replacement. But not sure Arsene would be great as a Director of Football, and it’s probably not healthy with two strong personalities like that in the same club…


It was a joke, guys.


Dial square

Wenger will probably have a say in who takes over from him when he leaves, an unknown from the French division 2


Wenger was quite unknown (at least outside France) when he arrived. Remember I was shocked why the club got a nobody who was manager for a JAPANESE club!!!

With hindsight, it wasn’t such a bad move – was it?


Wenger was not an unknown, he rejected Bayern for Nagoya Grampus…


True, Wenger will have a say like sir Alex and sure deserves to have one if he is still around. But knowing he likes to do the opposite and go the other way to everyone’s opinion, he might pull a fast one and install AVB! 🙂

Good Omens

He looks like Benny Hill in that picture. I would walk over bodies to get the Benny Hill theme music to be the tune we come out of the tunnel too. I’m definitely in on him being the next manager.

Sebastian A.C.

On Benny Hill being the next manager? Well, that would’ve been interesting…

Andy Mack

A physio and a nurse in the dug-out!

Merlin's Panini

I would love it if they played that theme tune every time Theo ran with the ball.


Klopp says he was impressed with Arsenal. Yes I am sure he is shaking in his boots. Speaking about boots Klopp looks like a tall Elton John.

Andy Mack

We beat the team that his boys couldn’t.

Not sure what Dortmund have done in the market this window but they lost one of their best players, so are the stronger this year?


They beat them first game of there season.

Lost Kagawa before last season bought in Rues (not bad) lost Gotze bought in Mkhitaryan jury’s out on that one probably not bad though.

Siz C

Hold your horses. The last manager I remember that had some fans salivating at being the future boss was Paul Le Guen (at the time, flying high with Lyon or PSG), well fast forward to now and it would be interesting to see if anyone still wants him as manager! grass always seems greener on the other side!!!


Kloops impressed! Well we have that going for us then.

Jamie McGough

HAHAHA! I love the videos you boys put up. Definitely agree about the Klopp to replace Wenger comment. Interesting that he’s cuddling up to us in the press. Arsene desperately needs to do something on Monday but we can beat sp*rs tomorrow with what we’ve got!


No way was the squad that faced dortmund a few years ago stronger than it is now. Current players that were in the squad are miles improved i.e. ramsey, mertesacker, koscielny,gibbs etc. No cazorla podolski giroud either. We’re much tougher now than then.


I couldn’t believe it when I read/heard people saying that Arsenal have a worse team now than when we beat Dortmund. That was 2011/12 – we had Djourou, Santos and Gervinho in the team, Arshavin, Benayoun, Chamakh and Frimpong on the bench! Some people have the shortest memories.


Bendtner out please!!


Hodor !

Tommy boy

Haha blogs, god I love that film, no no no no no no no no


Tough tough match up. I also had a feeling we would get dortmund and the group of death. Our groups havent been the toughest in recent years and we have struggled somewhat. We were due a tough test. Now we just need the squad depth to handle all the games.


Great manager. And probably the only potential replacement I would prefer instead of Wenger….


Screw klopp. Rather have tony pulis, spend the seventy mill on crouch, etherington and jerome

Andy Mack

Well you’re an idiot then!


I believe you look like an idiot for responding to him… As do I for replying to you… As do I…


He’s retired though, apparently thee constant phone calls from Barca and Real were too much and he couldn’t choose between them.


Will prefer Laudrup over Klopp as future Arsenal manager.


I am impressed with Jeurgen Klopp


There are very, very few managers who would be able to fill Wenger’s boots (despite all the flak he’s getting recently for not spending), but this guy is one of the few who has the potential.

If Wenger doesn’t resign (i think he will), then this guy would be my personal favorite to take over.


Was this picture taken as Klopp said he was impressed with Arsenal? He doesn’t look as if he believes what he’s saying!

Cork Gunner

Would he take the job?

I could think of 7 million reasons a year why he’d bit our hands off for the opportunity!

Tapscotts Testicles

Jurgen Klopp?

He’s like a leather man….fat crocodile!


wow!…he watches Arsenal games, am sure Wenger got no time for watching Dortmund playing and yet this haters call Arsenal a small team

don azeez

I think klopp is a better replacement for wenger.


Clap NO ! Klopp, yes please !!


My choice of wengers replacement…
1) jurgen klopp
2) michel laudrup
3) the current real socidad coach(don’t know his name though) but i’m more than impressed with the current real socidad team

Edu's fake passport

So you want a guy in that you don’t even know who he is, just because his steamboat Lyon.

We should buy their classy little Mexican striker, who loves a dink, I forget his name.


Sami Hyppia wouldn’t be a bad manager based off what he doing at Bayer. I think we’d all want Dennis though.

Tapscotts Testicles

No no no no no no no no no no no no no…….
Is that Don Logan from Sexy Beast or Arsene replying to the 50 players a day he keeps getting offered….?


I’d love Klopp to be our next manager but if he honours his Dortmund contract which runs until 2016 if I’m correct then how many other clubs will be looking for a new manager by then Madrid? Barca? City? Chelsea? Of course Arsenal would be very appealing to any manager but the likelihood we will get this guy is very slim.


Chelsea are always looking for a new manager. After they pioneered the concept of Interim Manager, i expect them to pioneer the concept of having cover for the manager position as well – Bench manager.


Whatever klopp is smoking down there at bvb…

master floda

Klopp’s reaction on Kevin Prince Boateng’s transfer to BVB’s local rivals Schalke, was just priceless (German):
He texted Boateng “Schalke????????” 🙂

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]

Richie Waweru

Talk of replacing the manager either through the sack or his on volition is on the rise. Truth is we all sense this is the end of an era that’ll probably see us say goodbye to Arsene after 2 seasons.

Edu's fake passport

I don’t think Stephen Merchant should be our next manager despite being a Very funny guy.


Genuine lol moment for me there.

Good job but then I remembered we’ve spent zero and I’m depressed again.

Thanks for the brief respite dude


knowing arsenal, we’ll up with his brother, klippity, as our next manager


I wish I could give a double thumbs up for that one .


cant believe no-one beat me to it


how many other languages does klopp know? if he was too be our next manager whenever that is, I’d think he’d be a great fit. that said, until that point I’ll support who we have.


Klopp is a breath of fresh air. Spoke openly and candidly about the Boateng transfer he missed out on. In stark contrast to Wenger these days who rarely has a genuine word to say to the fans. (Bit unfair?)

Wouldn’t mind him being Wenger’s successor at all.

Edu's fake passport

Too true. Wengers press conferences are now a farce. Journalist asks a genuine question & Wenger just gives some bullshit cloak & daggers answer about how the press should tell him what to do.

Worst one was when Wenger actually blamed the fans for the fact Gervinho is shit.

Andy Mack

Gervinhos first few games were OK to Good. Not a great first touch but ran at the opposition and made positive things happen (2 or 3 goals IIRC), so what do you think turned him ‘shit’?
Maybe lack of confidence because he had one really bad game and the people laughingly referred to as ‘home supporters’ didn’t support, in fact they got on his case and barracked him relentlessly.

Wow… AW was right again!

Richie Waweru

Watching the Napoli game. They seem to thrive on the counter attack. I heard somewhere that Arsenal conceded the most goals from counter attacks last season. Lets hope we can do better this campaign.



I give you the next Arsenal manager.

I really hope we beat the gobby spuds tomorrow but if we lose , then lose big and leave Wenger with nowhere to hide. If a big defeat is a catalyst for change then so be it because this summer belongs in the twilight zone and I’m totally fed up with it all.


what’s the exact time the transfer window closes. and date. is it the night b/w the 1st and 2nd. or sometime on the 2nd ?

according to its 2 more days plus 15 hours. thats obviously wrong


9 years playing for 4th place! With a reasonable good team! There are few managers out there, that would’ve done the same job, if not better than what Arsene has done for the past nine years. We all know that any manager in a top top top club in Europe that goes for two years without winning any trophies is fired. That’s how I know another manager would’ve won something for us because of the fear of losing their job. But we’ve a man at the moment that doesn’t have that fear, that’s why he is sticking to his pet… Read more »


This transfer window makes me feel like I’m chasing after a girl that I just can’t say no to. Each time I check and hope for a signing (one that actually cost money and other clubs were competing for pen to paper), I am found wanting and annoyed by the whole thing. I should have given up, but only a few days left so I may as well wait it out. We’re all suckers to be fair, up the Arsenal!

Aussie Git

Arsenal win nothing as long as the Frog rules the roost.
Good news is, he’ll be forced out this season. Good fucking riddance


Yeah i agree. What has wenger ever done for arsenal? Well apart from 3 league titles. 4 fa cups. An unbeaten season. A champions league final. A new stadium. Henry. Vieira. Pires.cesc. constantly qualifying for the champions league. Always finishing above the scum. Signing the scums star player and captain for nothing. Earning us respect all round europe. Making us rich. Making sure we have the best training facilities.

Apart from all that stuff he.s done next to nothing for this club.

Wenger out!


…and he did this all by himself?


You are quite correct in your summing up of Arsene’s achievements in his 16 year reign at Arsenal. Yet all of these (bar the new stadium and Cesc) were achieved in Arsene’s first 8 years. In his second 8 years, whilst you were asleep, events have taken a different course. Let me enlighten you on what has happened since the invincibles. 1.Man U,Chelsea and Liverpool have won the Champions League. 2.Arsenal have played Man U 22 times since leaving Highbury. Won 4,Drawn 4, LOST 14. 3.Arsenal suffered their worst post war defeat 2-8 to Man U. 4.How did we reply… Read more »

Dial square

@dexter well said sir, can’t help feeling though, that we are not at that level anymore, and even worse, have a feeling that we are slipping further away each year.
The two or three world class signings that would have pushed us back up to that level look like they are not going to happen, all a bit sad really.
Our greatest ever managers legacy slowly turning sour right in front of our eyes, while he won’t take his blindfold off.


Let’s smash the inbreds.

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