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Sanogo a doubt with hamstring problem

Arsenal’s only signing of the summer so far, Yaya Sanogo, could miss the start of the season due to a hamstring injury.

The former Auxerre man was due to report for French U21 duty this week but withdrew from the squad and didn’t make the trip to Finland last weekend for the game against Man City.

If he does miss out, it’s an inauspicious start to his Arsenal career for a player whose career thus far has been plagued by injury.

Arsene Wenger also has doubts over Aaron Ramsey after the Welshman officially withdrew from the Wales squad yesterday.

He suffered an ankle injury against Man City and will be assessed before the weekend.

Meanwhile, England coach, Roy Hodgson, said he’ll take care of Jack Wilshere as the midfielder returns to tentative international duty.

“I have not had the benefit of Jack Wilshere for a qualifying match or an important match,” he said, “so we are pleased to have him back.

“We are aware of the fact that Arsene is careful with him at Arsenal and I will be careful with him as well.”

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Well that didn’t take long


Is that postman job still there?


Because everyone being fit and ready for the new season is too mainstream….

Tom J

Give him a chance. He played in a big tournament during the summer


Sonogo, You’ll be a LANS soon.

I’ll get mey coat.


Pretty sure this technically means we have made negative signings.


we’d already had more out than in, the outs were all valid moves.

I think we’ll even up the numbers soon with sebastian frey, miguel veloso, and mamadou sakho


Is there any point I’m caring?


Well it was only a matter of time before he joined the Diaby academy for getting paid more for injury than playing.

Silent Stanley

So it begins…

I have to say, there are two positions we can’t afford to have injuries. It’s the GK and ST positions. I can afford to lose players in defence and midfield, as there will be cover for them. Those two positions, it’S A ‘NO GO’


A single CB injury and we’re down to Zachari Fagan or Isaac Hayden. That would be a remarkable situation for a team like Aston Villa, let alone Arsenal.


its ok guys we have bendtner


Will he be LANS upon his return?


LAND (Like A New Diaby)


At least he’s consistent, and that’s exactly what we need.

Henry's Almighty Tallywacker

Stop Joshing.


Pretty sure the medical staff were supposed to catch that during his 17th medical. maybe it’s different these days


This is bad parody.


I’m past the worrying phase as to whether we can actually put a full team out on Saturday.

Arsene knows what he’s doing……….. Pfft


he sure does….andthats undisputed

btw the importance and priority right now are the two fixtures with fenerbache….the league can wait….hopefully our fans wont start booing the squad like idiots again….


If you think that statement makes any sense in the real world, you need your head examined. The league can wait…wtf?


well it does make sense buddy….twist your brain hard enough and imsure youll get it…but anyway considering arsenal fans are acting like retards lately ill break it up to you champions league = 2 games = group stage = abt 20million.then every victory is 1m ..add matchday incomes..add tv rights then add prizes for qualifying from group stages adds up to a figure of roughly 30million just for participating in it…and we have two important games for that. the epl is 38 games and the real business dont start till 2nd round ..mainly from feb/march onwards so for a… Read more »


I actually agree with this guy that the CL qualifiers are crucial but my god, condescending much? Wanting to win in the league does not make you an idiot!


heh murkesacker…ok fair enough…but what about those great fans we got busting wengers balls the last 3 years about this and that all the time ..are they not disrespectful know nothing idiots ? the man is doing what is good for the club and the fans who are supposed to back him up and the players abuse them all in the stadium that was built for…the fans…comedy gold.


So glad I renewed my season ticket for more shit like this. NOT last season at the emirates for a while. They won’t learn untill we stop turning up.

Mills (the other one)

Good one, lets do that, will definitely help in a very meaningful way …

White Russian

@gunnerlad – what’s your point? That he’s injured, which is unacceptable? Or that an untested youngster is so far our only signing – in which case, why do you care that he’s injured? I agree that the most effective way of registering protest – if warranted – with the club is to vote with our feet, but this is the umpteenth time I’ve read or heard people planning to protest over the next week or so. There’s still 3 weeks of the transfer window to go, and a number of very winnable games before then – with a core team… Read more »


Kind of fitting isn’t it, in a negative way?
A club with loads of cash sitting in the bank, for whatever reason go and get a player, with an injury record on the cheap. Who gets injured before the start of the season.
Yes, I’m very frustrated by the way this transfer window has been going.


Could Wenger be doing a Ryan Giggs with Sanogo, pulling him from meaningless games as a precaution with fictional injuries? You can see the straws I am clutching in my hands!

gooner odst

broken liver bones?


Oh my god, what is happening at arsenal. This is why we should have been buying players wenger. Its all going to come crashing down on you wenger. Can’t wait for that.


Hoping for an Arsenal loss some fan you are Pete

White Russian

I guarantee, if it is 0-0 at half time against Villa, mongs like Pistolpete will be booing.


and thats where the good fans of arsenal in the ground grab the booing moron by the neck and throw him out the stadium. no fights no words nothing…

At least he’s sorted his grammar out a bit.


Can we put a full team sheet together for this weekends game?


He is on his way to fullfil his dreams… To follow the footsteps of Diaby…:) That interview cursed him.


When he’s back he’ll be like a new signing.


it will be a relief when people stop using this rather tiring stock f*****g phrase.


Thank god you put those *** in, it would have deeply offended me otherwise

Merlin's Panini

Cuntfuck. Bollockdusting shitweasle. How’s that?


Its weird since you can swear on this blog i no longer feel the need to do so… :/

Master Bates

It starts…


At least none of the other new signings are injured…

Master Bates

M’vila has a bit of a niggle in the ankle 😀


i read that sebastian frey has the flu

Giroud's Tribal Tatts

Hatem Trabelsi.


Wenger is likely to hail Diaby as being like a new signing for the 6th season in a row, whenever he is able to get on the pitch.

Master Bates

He’s probably ‘injured’


Doomsday comments in 3…2…1…oh wait they’re already here


It’s a no go for Sanogo




The league has not even started.

[…] Yaya Sanogo could miss the start of the season with a hamstring injury. You couldn’t make it up etc etc. Well, you could, but there’d […]


Wake me up when San is all go

Lucas North Bank

We will cope without him if necessary…up until a few weeks ago he did not exist. So its hardly the hammer blow some are making it out to be.


I’m pretty sure he existed.

Judgement day (once more)

Who saw that coming?

*Smashes head into a brick wall*


If you get a player with a proven goal scoring record you are likely to get goals
If on the other hand you get an injury prone player…

Hank Scorpio

We are going to have a bench full of kids this weekend. In any case, Akpom has been more prominent and impressive in preseason than Sanogo


Theo, Monreal, Ryo, Vermaelen, Sanogo, Ramsey all injured for the start of the season. And who knows when Diaby will play. But still no signings – that’s just incompetence.

Cesar? Williams? Gustavo? Anyone?

One thing for certain – you won’t sign a soul if you don’t actually make a bid. And release clauses don’t trigger by talking about them.

No other club repeatedly makes it this difficult.


no other club has had to factor in the repayment of a 450million stadium while being financially slef sufficient and still competing in the highest competitins in europe for the highest positions with players from its own academy.

no other fans could be as thick as to constantly complain and moan to a club of arsenal’s class and stature principles and ethos.


The stadium excuse is starting to wear thin. What was the point in moving if not to capitalise on the increased revenue the Emirates would bring? Granted, to begin with things were tight, but by the club’s own admission the shackles are now coming off, and yet the club refuses to spend to improve the team. We’re not asking them to break the bank; no one (reasonable) expects a £50 million signing, but some strength in depth is not too much to ask. Having a great academy/spending restraint and buying sensibly to bring in outside quality do not have to… Read more »


rome wasnt built in a day. in such projects like ours you think and act long-term. if some fans were dumb enough to believe that we would be winning titles back to back and champions leagues and signing ronaldinho pirlo and eto when weve just built our new ground then thats their fault, not the club’s.

and no the stadium is not wearing thin for our debt still stands at somewhere like 220-250m and for that we still need to pay something like 19m a year …so it is still a burden.


We haven’t really competed per se the last few years. If by compete you meant played decently until we came up against a decent European team, fiddled around in domestic cups for a bit without winning one, and desperately hung on for a top four position without ever going near winning the league…then you might have a point. And look, principles and ethos are all well and good, but probably Higuain himself and definitely everyone at Liverpool would argue we aren’t squeaky clean.


why would higuain argue anything? and as for liverpool they are shooting themsleves on the foot with the noise they’re making..luis will put down transfer request in a while and theyll be forced to sell lower than the 50m they were aiming at. not accpeting the 40+1p bid might bite them in the arse…


No, no ,no this has nothing to do with the stadium. This is about our best players being sold too cheaply, and the proceeds not reinvested back in the squad. The funds weren’t needed for the stadium. This is about an attitude amongst manager and Board that 4th is an acceptable achievement. That in no way aligns with the ambitions of any good player, which is the reason for them leaving. This is about millions being pissed away on the wages of sub-standard players paid on potential. now that a lot of that has been recouped, the Arsenal management have… Read more »


Well on the bright side, we go into the Villa game top of the league and, er, well, that’s it really.

Delboy in Peckham

Fuck. Shit. Cunt. Bastard.


We tried to sign all of them but Napoli snapped them up 🙂


Not quite…..we did manage to get Shit, Jack Shit!


And Mr. Fuck All too, don’t forget. He might make a big impact this season.


We also tried to get Cunt as well. But Liverpool said no.

You’re forgetting that venerable old Swine, Mr. All. What was his first name again? Ah! That’s it. Bugger! Bugger All. Once he’s done polishing my spittoon he will wreak havoc on the pitch for Arsenal.


In any case, no one would have wanted Sanogo to start against Villa. So what’s the fuss about?
We really need to strengthen in midfield and defence though.

Dick Swiveller

I don’t think anyone is truly fussed about this, it’s just frustration spilling over that IF Giroud gets injured then there’s no real backup unless you count Poldi and Theo, which we probably should but I don’t.


And frustration caused by the fact that the club’s one signing has a Diabiesque history of injury….


Top of the league baby yeah!…….well……


Oh behave!


This is just Wenger playing mind games – Villa will cack themselves when they see Sanogo’s name inexplicably appear on Saturday’s team sheet…


Sometimes it seems like we are an F1 car trying to make its way round a rally course… Why are we so frail? (or are all teams like this)






Wenger had better avoid casinos.


Come on Blogs! The tenor of this blog over the last two months has become so negative. “We have to play Ramsey cos we don’t have an alternative, even though he’s been f***in brilliant over the last 20 games! He’s evolved to become consistently our best player! That’s like saying ManUre had to play George Best because they had noone else of his calibre, what a pain for them! Lets start looking at the bright side of life. If the close season goes on much longer, the negativity of this blog will be the death of me, I only read… Read more »


Sorry to say Blogs, but I kinda picked that up to. We are not playing Ramsey because we don’t have a better alternative, he is actually better than the alternatives. Considering midfield stats the only player to trump him last season was actually playing beside him.

No need toning down your praise of the young man, just not to sound anti-not-too-positive. . . .errr, if that makes sense.

Henry's Almighty Tallywacker

If you actually read this blog you’d know that “blogs” as you call Mr. Mangan actually wrote the other day that Ramsey had become a name you’d want in the first 11 even when everyone’s fit.

Alex Manninger



Yeah, David, it’s just like saying that, because Aaron Ramsey is just like George Best. Christ. Aaron Ramsey is a decent player. No more, no less. Great that he’s playing better than he was a year or two ago but the fact that he looks like our best midfielder at the moment reflects very poorly on our midfield and on our team. As for Sanogo, I believe he was known to be injury-prone before we signed him. But that’s how Wenger likes his signings — cheap and unwanted by anyone else. Later to be recycled as deadwood.


well done david…..our fans are way too negative and full of fear…our fans lack the spine to support through thick and thin…our fans and blogs are in their majority a disgrace mocking every transfer every player and setting ultimatums to our greatest ever manager, mocking the board, mocking our efforts, clueless shitheads who think they can have opinions on complex matters such as arsenals football science…


You’re a paid troll you are.


oh so whoever believes in arsenal is a troll now huh? why dont all you moaning bastards go fuck yourselves? enough already….


this is why we need to strengthen. No Walcott, no Yaya,. If we desperately need goals and need to bring in strikers we have Akpom ? Need experienced reinforcements in our squad. City have 4 world class strikers in their rank. Not even considering Navas. United the same. Arsenal have kids 🙁

Merlin's Panini

Apparently Walcott is fine. Just picked up a little knock but should play against Scotland.


I’m not completely sure you understand the concept of world class. The only world class striker city has is Aguero. As for united, that’s even more ridiculous since they’ve only got one world class striker willing to kick a ball for them in a match and that’s Judas. Not unless you meant one goal a season superstar Welbeck or captain of the bench Hernandez. I’m sorry, obviously you meant the Italian stallion Macheda and Portugese demigod Bebe.


Is Pat Rice available? Take three Shawcrosses to injure him and his magic shorts.

Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz

So with Sanogo, Walcott & Ramsey all injured, Wenger’s transfer policy starts biting his scrawny ass. I hope it hurts.


Diaby’s new best mate….

arsene Bale

injuries injuries injuries everywhere


You reckon it’s too late to return him back to Auxxere?

Midfield Corporal

I can just picture Arsene rooting through his office bin looking for the receipt asking Bouldy if its still within the 30 day money back guarantee period.

Denilson's back pass

Don’t worry guys, Bouldy can play in defence and it’s only a matter of time before Wenger himself becomes the first ever player-manager over 70 to score in the Premier League.

If all else fails, we still have Bendtner.

…and Park? That badass had military training, he could probably fuck up Shawcross and score a cuntload of goals.

Chin up peeps. We got this shit.

Arsenal for the treble.


In FM, Yaya Sanogo is a predator in front of the goal. I hope the same in the real world… Finger cross

Hank Scorpio

You’re not wrong Jokowi. He once scored 40 goals in 35 league games for me!

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