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Trialist Pérez returns to Colombia

Trialist Sebastian Pérez has returned to Colombia after reports that he’s failed in an attempt to get a work permit. Non-EU players must have played in 75% or more of their country’s international games, something the young midfielder certainly has not done.

In a story that’s a touch confusing, the Sporting Director of Atlético Nacional, Víctor Marulanda, told that they were aware of the requirement.

“We knew that and we waiting for an answer, but couldn’t get one and the player will continue to work with us. The possibility of going to Arsenal has been ruled out.”

Marulanda was asked about how Pérez was feeling about returning, and said, “I don’t want to talk about this on the telephone. We knew it was an important opportunity for him, but we maintain a good relationship with the club.

“The letter they sent us (a review of his performance) has excellent comments.”

He then continued to include Arsenal as a possible departure, saying, “There are two interested clubs. One of them is Arsenal for sure, but it’s simple – if there’s another cast-iron possibility, the player will go.”

The issue is confusing because:

a) We don’t know if Arsenal want to take him permanently

b) It’s unlikely that we’d apply for a work permit before making a decision to sign a player


c) We signed Joel Campbell and then applied for the permit, so surely the same would apply in this case.

It seems to us that using him in the Man City game was a sign we’d like to sign him, but given our priorities are a bit greater than a 20 year old it would be odd indeed if we spent a lot of time on this one.

Then again, we could just as easily send the entire transfer team to Medellin.

Show them our Dick.

That should solve it.



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We need that Uruguayan fella.Bad.


I don’t think Liverpool are in a position to sell any more players…after losing their star striker andy carroll they had to let go steward downing, too… Now they know what it feels like when the big spenders … like West Ham…knock at your door, ready to splash the cash and you can’t do nothing


although, considering all the ‘huge profits’ they’d be making from the sales of ‘superstars’ such as Andy Carroll and Stewart Downing, surely they could ‘afford’ to sign another striker and let Suarez leave (and make an actual profit. shhhh) ?


you guys are forgetting they’ve also lost their top playmaker in jay spearing. there’s a huge hole that needs to be filled. i thought it was bad when we let cesc go. but i must say i feel for liverpool on this one. no way they can let suarez leave now.

Tom J

They also have a massive gaping hole to fill inside David Brent Rogers forehead


Let’s not forget ol’ Jonjo.
He put his Liverpool boots back on the Shelvey and fucked off too


Using him in the City game was a sign we’ve fuck all else to put out there.

Might take me boots on Saturday. You never know.


this just means that we’re defo in for Gustavo, right? no sense waiting for a DM (generally much cheaper than strikers) to get a work permit when we could just buy one off the rack.


I originally took it as a sign that we were looking at signing players and signing him in particular. Now I guess you’re right, fuck, I’m looking forward to seeing the reappearance of the “first XI consisting of 10 players” since substitutions were introduced in the 65/66 season…

…and that was still later than the last time spurs won the title, hahahah

Arsene's Waterbottle

So a story about Arsenal not signing a player…..hardly “news”


I’m worried about all the outgoing players!

Deadwood IN!


Gundogan is the most handsome football player on planet earth.


Ah! Giroud cant decide whether he’s offended or heartbroken…




Giroud? ha! I feel he too knows it. Gundogan baby, the face on that boy tho! would fit right into our swoon midfield or



He looks like a grub lol


Oh the things Aaron Ramsey does to me…


I quite like what I saw of him, looked composed on the ball, neat passing. Maybe in the future, then.

Arsene's a CLINT

Wasn’t he only on trial for a week so quite right he would return to the club that owns his registration. As someone else pointed out we have more pressing transfers to persue


Unless we, you know, bought him.

Toure Motors

Surely they realised the permit issue when they offered a trial….? Another strange one

Alex Manninger

We needed a player so we could rest Arteta for 20 minutes against City, Arsene was baffled when he realised he had no one who was capable of covering for him. As a result he offered a trial to some Colombian knowing full well the exact circumstances 😀 I have it all worked out 🙂


Top priority needs to be getting Sanogo fit for the upcoming Champions League qualifier. All transfer activity should be suspended in the meantime, in my opinion.

Arsenal-induced Heart Attack Survivor

‘All transfer activity’ eh? Very nice!


Can’t understand if you’re being sarcastic or seriously feel that the excellent work of Dick Law and Order should be suspended. He is responsible for the signing of…eh…erm..well, Yaya Sonoga i guess.


What are you trying to do here mate?
are you being serious?, run out of stuff to post?, or are you this -> “a yaya sanogo fan?”

or have run out of your meds?, or is it me who has? I don’t know anymore.


I will adopt him


Sod that, I’ll marry him if that’s what it takes. It ain’t being consumated, though. He’s no Giroud.


At this point in time, anyone can employ use of all his limbs and can kick a ball might just get a game with Arsenal.

Silent Stanley

Gourcoff is taking a pay cut to join us, innit?!


Let’s hope not. Injury prone and hardly gets any gametime in Lyon. Oh fuck he’s a perfect fit for Arsene


thats what Sky and l’Equipe believe


He’s talented and would be a good back up this season. We need two more defensive midfielders in the current team. Gustavo and Perez would have been excellent. Still hope we can sign Gustavo.


Thought we’ve Nicked this one? Oh not NB52!!


Wow! I dont know what to say. like really.

Double Canister

That was weird.
This will be on Arsenal quizzes for years to come.


Man United would have got the work permit. We should spend the 50 million on FA.


What about the other trialist from football club Angers ?


To be fair, Hot Shots is a great movie!


Wow, I actually managed to write this comment on the wrong article..


Welcome to Arsenal where transfer business makes less sense than an episode of Adventure Time.


And why didn’t Arsenal look this up BEFORE we took him on trial? This seems like a waste of everyones time.


How we’ll look back on these last few weeks and laugh when we sign 5 world class players tomorrow. ‘Cos that’s going to happen right?


I think this article stated it clearly already. Arsenal is all about as confused in recent times during the transfer window. I’m not surprised at the turn of events. Give it a couple of years and we will be talking about another Arsenal missed opportunity.

Amaury Bischoff

weight of signing is getting heavy for fans.


Good. We dont need more deadwood after getting rid of almost everything we had. Any news of Park?


“There are two interested clubs. One of them is Arsenal for sure, but it’s simple – if there’s another cast-iron possibility, the player will go.”

I may be misunderstanding that statement – is he saying that he knows Arsenal are interested but if another club come in he will go there instead?

Sounds about right for us at the moment!!!


Heard somewhere in London, circa May 2013 –

Hey Arsene, this summer window will you be changing the older approach of looking for free transfers?
AW: Yeah, yeah. It’s a No Go

Le Boss and his cryptic comments (with that half smile), i tell you. They will be the death of me.


What are they smoking out there? I mean Wenger and Ivan. They seem to get everything wrong… They simply can’t sign nobody!


Is Gus Caesar available on a free?

the Only One

wenger is cooking up a surprise….. Trust me…


anybody fancy Gourcuff ?

injury prone and talented. was being called the next Zizou before his injury worries. typical Wenger signing.


He looked like a promising player. Sadly, we need someone who can play this season, not in several seasons’ time.

gooner paulie

Ha ha we can’t even sort this out! Does anyone at the club actually know what they are doing? As for our one and only summer signing? He’s injured! Go figure.



wobbly ankles

Wait can someone actually explain to me why it’s so hard for professional footballers to get work permits…as far as I know we don’t really have this problem in the US…but that might just be because no one voluntarily come to the MLS…


So why did we bother trying him out against City?

We need a bit of height in midfield. Wenger will fast run out of options if Gustavo slips off to Napoli for an extra 3m euros.


I’m from Colombia. I’m fan of Atlético Nacional and Arsenal obviously, and these are bad news for me, because this was an oportunity to see a compatriot at Arsenal. i don’t know what exactly happened but I hope Arsene is still interested in him or maybe the things can change in the following days.

[…] 来自:[Arseblog News] […]


Can’t we sign him then loan him back? Give him time to get his permit worked out

[…] the Colombian trialist Sebastien Pérez has returned to his club, Atlético Nacional, with doubts over his ability to get a work permit. Quite how we ever got a […]


It is all clear to me know, we were supposed to have him around for the game against Napoli, HFB was supposed to distract everyone in the stadium with his hansomeness and…then the Higuain Perez shirt swap was supposed to happen. We would have gotten Higuain for a few mars bars and Napoli would have Perez for 30 mil.
The problem was that Gonzalo had changed his hair style and the plan was screwed.


Damn it, damn it all to hell. That was the best comment this blog has ever seen and as I posted it late, it will never get the thumbs up that it deserves. My life has little to know meaning with out thumbs up. This makes me angry, oh crap…another good pair of jeans ruined. I have thousands of cut-offs in my wardrobe, I didn’t need another pair.

[…] 另外,因为担心没有足够的能力去获得劳工证,哥伦比亚的试训球员塞巴斯蒂安·佩雷兹已经返回他的俱乐部国民竞技了。当年怎么给亚历山大·宋争取到天才条款的至今对我来说仍是个未解之谜,但我们争取到天才条款之后对这些人的使用也不见得很成功(参见乔尔·坎贝尔)。 […]

Arsenal suporter

He is the new Diaby………..who allways get injured
Arsenal got warned that Yaya Sanogo was very injury prone …………
the funny thing is they both come from the same team in France Auxerre

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