Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Wenger: We are not strong enough

Arsene Wenger has admitted his team isn’t strong enough to cope with the rigours of a full season and said quite categorically that we will be signing new players before the transfer window closes.

While once again expressing his faith in the players he currently has to work with, the Arsenal manager says he’s aware that beyond his first team he’s got little in reserve and the lack of options will hamper progress.

At his pre-game press conference he told the press, “I’m very, very happy with the squad we have. When I tell you that, it’s about the quality of the players I have. With the number, at the moment we are short.

“Therefore I would be a bit worried that number-wise, we are not strong enough to cope with all the targets a club like this has. We will not go into the new season with only the number of players we have.

“I am confident. The desire of the players to join us and the fact that we have – maybe not as much as everyone writes – but we have some funds available to do the transfers.”

Wenger once again reiterated his desire for the transfer window to close before the start of the season.

“Ideally I would rather have the squad in place at the start of the season and I am a big fan to cancel the transfer window at the start of the season anyway.

“Once the season has started you should be capable to focus on the quality of your play and have everybody with the same players for the whole season – it makes sense.”

Indeed, it does make sense, but given that we’ve seemed unable to make any deals before the start of the season, we’re glad this isn’t a rule in place right now.

So, Arsene says he’ll make the signings.

Now, we wait.

Some more.


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Wenger, stop stating things we all know and do something about it. Bored.


Yep – this definitely qualifies as meh news.


If we don’t sign anyone, TV5, Diaby & Arteta will be like new signings when the return to the team. 😀


The whole LANS thing is so far from funny at the moment


It’s been far from funny for a long time now


Like a New Joke


tell the media to stop asking questions everyone knows the fucking answer to then. press conferences are a waste of time and fans should expect a mixture of bullshit and the mundane from them.


surely he can only answer the questions that he is asked? i’m pretty confident that he would prefer not to say anything about transfers if it was up to him.




Again, it’s the money.

We’re the fifth richest club in the world. We’ve big new deals. We’ve sold players. We may well have slashed our weekly wage bill by anything between £300K and £500K. We’ve hoards of extra TV money coming in. We’ve just made £15m on a disruptive Far East tour. The other guy who sits next to Wenger at AGMs said categorically “we can compete”.

But it’s like everyone at AFC has turned into goblin bankers. AFC makes money and then just sits on it.

What the effing fuck?

Midfield Corporal

Eleanor, sorry to be a pedant but isn’t is the case that people use ‘effing’ as a polite abbreviation when they don’t want to say ‘Fucking’, however you then use the word ‘fuck’ in its proper form.

I’m reminded of a notice i saw recently which read ‘The correct use of grammar is the difference between knowing you’re shit and knowing your shit’.

Good day


What a sad lonely life you must lead


* live *


Yeah, how dare she use a combination of words you don’t like. The BITCH.


*isn’t it

Midfield Corporal

Fuck me, you lot are effing touchy this afternoon.


Touchy? He actually came out and said we are short and would be buying players and they’re still moaning. What is he to do, name the players and how much we are willing to spend on them? I understand the frustration and people have a right to their say but we all know we should have our business done by now. I wish people would just get behind the team and see what develops between now and September 2nd instead of laying into him everyday. Big game tomorrow, Fulham will be hard beaten and we need the 3 points.


I think the blame is mainly Ivan, Dick and the board now. Ivan has been very poor at helping get deals done when it should be his job, just look at what levy at Spuds has been doing, its not that hard. Dick has been next to useless as well at negotiating, when you fly somewhere to do a deal, ideally you have several plans in place, or called in advance. People blame Wenger for being tight, but surely thats what was great about David Dein, because he knew this and knew how to get the deals across the line.… Read more »

fooled you all

That’s right. Wenger is blameless and walks on water


Now that I would pay to see


Really, you don’t know what is happening behind the scenes. So much uneducated guesses are coming from every angle and they think they know things as fact. I assume the reason that Tottenham (and Man City) have been able to get deals done efficiently is because they have football men as director of football (Baldini and Begeristian/Soriano). However, this is just an assumption. Don’t go blaming Gazidis when you know nothing about what is happening behind the scenes. You said he should have several plans in place. I would think he does. Just because a deal wasn’t done don’t conclude… Read more »


Except it was only a week or so ago that he said we were strong enough to compete with or without additions.

twisted cuntloks

we should re name wenger ‘Sherlock’


Well check out the big brain on Arsene. Seriously though that is really very reassuring after the death by inactivity this summer has been. Now COME ON YOU GOONERS!


In other news, Arsene has realised the Pope is Catholic and bears shit in woods.


Is he and do they?

Holy shit.

Dick Swiveller

My only regret is that I have but one thumb to put up.


Good one!


Didn’t the season start last week Arsene?

Rad Carrot

“Some funds”.

Oh shit.


Few pounds I suppose then 🙁


Do you think it would do our “transfers” any good if he said we have more than 80 million pounds?

Midfield Corporal

Agreed, think he’s trying to down play Ivan’s silly boast to get better value.

The other day i heard a story that Arsene didn’t really want Suarez, it was other people at the club who were pushing for the deal once they heard of the £40m clause. Wenger then made a comment yesterday when telling us the deal was dead which didn’t really get reported and I can’t find now, which said something like ‘ it’s time to stop wasting time on this impossible deal”, which sounded like a dig at Gazidis or whoever pushed for the deal.


“I am confident. The desire of the players to join us and the fact that we have – maybe not as much as everyone writes – but we have some funds available to do the transfers.”

Most worrying statement, why don’t we have 70-100M?, we have the cash reserves. Really wonder why they would not spend this money to improve the team, it does not do very much good sitting in the bank.

Then again, the actions of this regime never make sense


Although Gazidas already beat him to it, stating that you’re billy big bollocks and ready to splash all manner of cash isn’t the best negotiating tactic – especially if you’re as tight fisted as Wenger.


Wenger says we are fine “qualitywise”. Does anyone really think our first 11 can win the Champions league or the Premier league even if they played every game?


Who exactly want EPL Championship?
Not AFC owner.


If we have our best 11 and Jack, Ramsey and Giroud continue to improve we are not a long way off. Interesting stat – only Manu scored more points in the league than the Arsenal last season from Jan 1 onwards. If we add 1 or 2 top drawer attacking talents before Sept 2 I certain fancy us in the top 3. Maybe even a trophy challenge

Rad Carrot

Actually, if you could promise me that our first XI would not get injured, tired, or dip in form, would never get suspended or leave or anything like that, then I’d certainly imagine we could be there or there abouts in every single competition we face. They’re a good bunch, and when they’re ALL on form, they’re practically unplayable.

But that’s an impossibility. So, uh, yeah.


They are decent players and no more than that. Not a single genuine world class player among them. As for being unplayable, that’s just plain idiotic. It’s incredible to me how incapable some supporters are of being objective or even rational.


What’s he supposed to say? “our players are not good enough” – great man management. Unless you’re pre pubescant, you really need to employ your critical thinking skills a bit more and not take everything at face value. We all know the squad isn’t strong enough for a title challenge and the first 11 would be unlikely to beat Barcelona in a European Cup final, but please, we need to stop going off on one over every soundbite. Even Arseblogger is starting to sound churlish and infantile. Toys out the pram at the thought of Yohan (Pani) Cabaye? Fantastic all-round… Read more »


No, he doesn’t have to use that stupid line among others. He can just say “we are looking for players.”


But seriously, this window needs to close so I can update my FIFA team. Sanogo is a beast by the way.

Cyril Washbrook

I genuinely believe that they could, assuming that we had our full first XI available, that every other club in the competition was ravaged by injuries and suspensions, that luck went our way, and that we prepared the pre-match lasagne for our opponents before every game.

Dick Swiveller

Yep, certainly do.

If you extend that to 3 subs too as well, I’m sure of it.

Problem is, that is NEVER going to happen so we may as well ask if a unicorn could beat Bale in a fight (pretty sure it could, Bale has the natural agility but one gore or a sharp hoof to the knee and it’s be curtains for him imo).


No good manager will start saying they are weak in a position of the team as that will destroy the confidence of the players that play in that position. He has said rightly we need to add players and it goes without saying the new players will challenge for the first team. There is no point buying players who can’t challenge the current players. The players know it and if they want to keep their position they will raise their game. Once new players are bought in and everyone is playing to their best, then there is a chance we… Read more »

jack jack jack

We probably don’t have the consistency to win those competitions at the moment, but on our day we can beat any team in the world.


same old bollox but something to cling to right?.. right? 😉

Dennis Asiimwe

Maybe what he has realized is that bears only shit in ‘top top top’ quality woods…


And even then it is only maybe a little bit top top quality shit

silly business

Or that lacking a little bit the sharpness shat on themselves.


And yet people above still cynical about the prof..? This has clearly been the plan all the way through the summer (to wait for CL qualification) and the only reason idiots are getting their panties in a twist is because they haven’t been privy to this plan. Calm yourselves down, wait for two weeks and then judge. Wenger must be sick of you lot….


You’re going to get SO many thumbs down but I see where you’re coming from and have been thinking the same.


Quite frankly us lot were getting sick of him too…

Rad Carrot

10 days, actually.

And absolutely. Why not judge him when we’ve signed three free ‘utility’ players and we get battered in the NLD? Do we get to judge him properly then?


Bring on the thumbs down, wenger puts up with it everyday. If we get battered by the scum BECAUSE we haven’t strengthened, then he deserves what he gets. I just find it hard for people to get angry about something they can’t hope to understand. He doesn’t hold a press conference just cause he’s realised we need more players does he…? If Wenger can become a terrible manager over the period of one year then we should’ve kept Chamakh, cause under that logic he’s gonna be a world beater by Jan.


Why wait until CL qualification had been sorted? If Fenerbahce had spanked us, we would still have needed a full squad.

I know that the argument will be that a better quality of player would have been available with CL looking guaranteed, but there was the possibility to sign Luiz Gustavo. He would have been a great signing regardless of CL qualification. He would still have prefered Arsenal to Wolfsburg I would have thought?

The Alsacien

Gustavo wanted to stay in Germany one more year because it would allow him to become a German citizen.

As Red said, stop getting your panties in a knot and stop thinking that you know more than professional people who have been at the top level of football for longer than you were an idea in your dad’s sack.


So, you can support Arsenal but are not allowed to question any desicions made (or not made) by Wenger?

Who says that I think that I think that I know more than them? You think it takes a genius to work out that going into a new season with two fit CBs is lunacy?

And don’t make comments referring to my age when you don’t know what it is. Not everyone was born in the 90s.


I think the point is correct, but the player you mentioned isn’t a good example. We can’t force people to join us, and he didn’t want to come. He went to a mid-table team in Germany instead of us. That says a lot more about him than it does about us. But that player aside, I agree with your point. I think waiting for CL qualification or the end of the window wasn’t necessary. Spurs aren’t in the Champions League and they’ve signed very good players, and done it quickly. I find it incredibly annoying the condescending tone Arsene uses… Read more »


Look, we all want to know what is going on at the club before it happens, but the bottom linke is they have absolutely no obligation to tell us what they want to do, how they want to do it, and how badly. It would be terrible business to just come out and tell everyone in the world your strategy and tactics. The only reason why we as fans are going crazy about all this transfer gossip is because we have so much more access to information and more importantly, misinformation. We think just because it is written somewhere that… Read more »

Dennis Asiimwe

Why would we risk it at all? This is the part I can never understand. Why would we risk the Aston Villa game, a squad short of players for a CL qualifier which was vital as hell? What is he, a gambler? Our transfer process is usually farcical but this time we took it to another dimension of the word. It does not make rational sense, and it does not even make investment sense because it is simply a form of gambling. You cannot begin to defend the way we have gone about things. No sir…thankee kindly but no.


It’s not a gamble we needed to take either, we’re financially strong. Losing the playoff may well have had damaging long-term effects.

I’ll say this for Arsene though, he seems to help the team hold it’s nerve at key times. So very well done to them for their efforts at the end of last season, and for (it certainly seems) winning the playoff tie.

Monkey nuts

But if the plan was to wait for qualification it didn’t quite account for losing the first game of the season and having only one centre half for the second very difficult game against Fulham. If we are pointless after the Spurs game it doesn’t really matter who we sign in the 12 days left – 10 now and still no one signed. Wenger may be sick of us but frankly who cares. Arsenal isn’t his or anyone’s play thing to experiment with. His cock up of a Summer has made us a weaker team when so much was there… Read more »

Rad Carrot

Well said. Arsene’s done wonders for the club, but it was here before him and it will still be here after him.

Jimmy Brain's brain

“the gaul”
That was a pun, right?


Spot on.


Higuain wasn’t failed, we pulled out. In two weeks that will be seen as the correct choice. Has it ever been thought that those early attempts at signings was to appease impatient fans? No more unlikely than other suggestions about him this summer. I think my point is that we truly know very little of the workings at Arsenal, and all this is becoming a bit too much like a ‘2 Minute Hate’. Wenger has a plan, he will execute it to the best of his ability (baring in mind he has to deal with his own stubbornness on a… Read more »

Monkey nuts

We pulled out because we had our heads turned by Suarez’s agent and because Real put up the price once Napoli got the money for Cavani. That isn’t planning, or being proactive, that’s jumping about and being reactive. Yes we don’t know the true workings at Arsenal but Wenger admits a lot of effort has gone into this transfer window with zero players of any note coming in. That would suggest the workings are not very effective. Do you really belive there is a plan in place to have such a thin squad of players after the season has started?… Read more »

jack jack jack

Gary Neville said something interesting on Sky the other day. He said that the clubs that managed to get their transfers done early were happy to “swim with the sharks”, whereas traditional clubs like Arsenal and Man United didn’t and tend not to pay huge sums of money in agent fees and the like. No idea what any of that means, but it sounds like dark forces are at work in the transfer market that we know very little about. Still, I’m confident we’ll bring in the players we need. We missed out on earlier targets for various reasons (Suarez,… Read more »


HIg, and Bender were genuine bids, look at the amounts bid but went moved on as there were limits put in place, very possibly by the manager, or we were told to do one, which I understand and am glad we had the good grace to do so. Suarez was a balls up from start to finish, goodness only knows what the agenda was there. The point is that they had no initention of spending BIG money until the CL was tied up. Once we’re assured of the 30-40M that it brings in who ever controls the purse will let… Read more »


Not as much funds as ppl suggest..

You little weasel, Arsene.


he’s right though. the amount of money some people have suggested be spent isn’t realistic.

e.g certain truth averse representatives of the media and fans that draw out their fantasy team in comments threads without any sense of how much the player would cost in transfer fees, or wages, or whether they are available, or interested


Swiss ramble? It’s not all some evil media-fabricated rumour that we’re sitting on piles of cash. Take a standard Arsenal game, 60000 seater stadium. £62 cheapest ticket. That’s about 3.8 minimum on the the most conservative measure per home game. Did no one take note of how much more money is in the league off of TV rights now that BT are involved? We are minted and Wenger is penny pinching and putting us through another season of shit. This isn’t anyway to show respect for the fans. I’m sceptical of short-termisn but Wenger seems to have such a long… Read more »


it’s not either/or. wenger can be pinching pennies and people can have unrealistic expectations of who we can and can’t buy, that’s all.

personally i think we need a fair few players rather than spunking most of our transfer funds on a 50m player.


£62 cheapest standard ticket? You don’t get to many games do you.

jack jack jack

Apparently he doesn’t. Villa cost me a grand total of £35.


Operating on very little sleep. Completely off it.


Firstly he may well be talking about the £100M people have touted lately.
Seconldly, how do you know what there is to spend? How does anyone know?? All the info we have is gathered from the press and their agenda is to sell papers, not to report the truth.
It’s all estimation, even the stuff that Swizz Ramble says, which I regard very highly, doesn’t reflect what the board or the bank will allow the club to spend.


So that i can feel better, I think he is trying to play it down so that he will not have to pay over the odds.

The Alsacien

Hey Blogs, Please don’t get me wrong, your blog is heaven-sent and a great place for discussion, but I find it insulting that we are all acting like something out of a Orson Wells hoax. The papers and websites need controversies to attract readers. You don’t. How can a true Arsenal fan believe that our most successful manager has the owner’s or shareholders’ interest in mind before the success of this football club? I don’t think Gazidis helped with his boastings but I understand he was just answering questions that were being put to him. Just as the manager does.… Read more »


I see the point about the amount of money being available in the club bank account but the initial reference is about the amount of money available to spend. That’s a boardroom conversation that I’m not in on, so stating that the Manager is a weasel for saying we don’t have what’s banded around in the press isn’t fair,.. no?

The Alsacien

@Blogs, I certainly don’t feel like a cheerleader when I share the manager’s sentiment that the team he put out against Villa was good enough to win the game. As it was to win in Turkey. He’s not a cheerleader for his players either, but he TRUSTS them and they play for him to the best of their abilities. I’ve since watched the Villa game several times (I know WHYYY you might ask) in which I saw us cut through a defensive team with 10 men. If it wasn’t for an appalling afternoon from the ref and the exploits of… Read more »


The £100m came from the press but we were told by the club that there was £70m in the coffers at the end of last season. For the senile old git to try to deny it now is just ridiculous!


Wheeler, I suppose you think it makes sense to tell clubs exactly how much ££ we have then? Nothing to do with senility mate,


“senile old git”

That’s one of the greatest men to be a part of our great club, a man who has done more for Arsenal than anyone in the modern era.

He’s not infallible or free from criticism and you may even think its time for a fresh approach but show some bloody respect.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, any future success with or without him will be in no small part down to Wenger.

Because of what he has done for us I’m rooting for him. Maybe I’m misguided but I think he’s owed it.


To be honest this is the worst transfer window I have witnessed blah blah blah
Now I’ve started I can’t be bothered finishing!!! We need x player and Y player and I really couldn’t give a shite any more.
Do something Arsene or not but I couldn’t give a fuck any more.
Brain freeze and depression have had its toll on me and unless I am told we gave signed Messi them then MEH!!!


Yes, I noticed in typical Wenger fashion he had to throw that in. That is the start of another spin by the spin master.


This is a long long summer!!


Basically Arsenal with transfersare like me and my homework/revision/assignments/work in general. Leave it until the night before it is due. Even if the window closed the friday before the first game, all the signing would be done then!


At least he is admitting this now rather than mid December. Hope he acts on it though


No need of expensive top players.
CHEAP potential kids will do.


Nooooooo. Don’t say that. All of a sudden I am not so reassured any more


Maybe he means that he’s happy with the quality of most of his players but acknowledges the need for more of the same quality? Manager in backs his players shocker.


I think what Arsene said about ending the transfer windows just before the start of the season is actually to prevent what happen to us now. By moving the ending of the transfer windows to the start of the season, the movement that Arsene predict will happen much, will be before the start of the season, not 2 weeks after the season start.

Eoin Fleming

Acceptance is always good..onow go deal with the fuckin problem please!


We all knw he will sign not because i wants to but because he has to, so this is not news. Who has signed will be news.


Hes always on about the right man to buy jus buy a top class playa

A Twat With a Keyboard

No shit Sherlock!


No shit Sherlock.

N21 Tone

Sense a swoop for Anelka coming on….???


Not after Ramsey killed his agent


Indeed we are not and That’s why I dont understand loaning out lukas freakin podolski!

Did he piss in arsenes coffee or what?


Gasp! Shock! Awe! Honestly Arsene at this point nobody gives a fuuuuck about you talking about transfers, actions speak louder than words, particularly in your case.


No shit Sherlock.

Casual Gooner

“The desire of the players to join us and the fact that we have – maybe not as much as everyone writes – but we have some funds available to do the transfers.”

Before we jump at Arsene’s comment, consider the notion that he is saying this to shift a little of the bargaining power back in his direction?

I prefer this coy approach to the brazen: “We have a £100million warchest! Extort us, please!”


Spot on Casual Gooner

Benzema & Di Maria would be amazing I think, but fear we’d struggle to get both (or either). Personally, I’d like 5 in, but reckon that’s pie in the sky. Personal preference (in order) would be

Di Maria
Julio Cesar
Micah Richards
Sami Khedira

no change out of £100m there though….


Well, its too late for that. Wenger should just spend the money and improve the team depth.


Here here CG!


Who’s going to put money on Arsene signing squad players rather than people to compete with the first XI?

Same old, same old. What year is it again?


Well I’m chilled, it’ll get sorted. I’ve put a bet on to win the league, & if I can find someone to take it Ramsey for pfa award.


For a guy who’d rather conclude his transfer dealings before season kick-off, Wenger sure has a funny way to show it.

le potato

oh look , arsene said some positive , encouraging, meh, words..again..again..again…again ..
and this time he means them…like before..like before..like before…


We only hev ‘some funds’?Oh wel,that settles it,no big name signing.


The thing that really gets me is that everyone and their cat knew we were short on numbers way back in July. With the amount of people that went out, Arsenal should’ve added pronto. It’s mind boggling that the club couldn’t be proactive. It’s always reactive. Thank goodness (ironic isn’t it) that we had injuries and scares to wake people up. We’ll get some people in now, but we are marginally weaker season on season without success and the sh*t storm that was post Vila made it worse in terms of negotiating. Beating Fenerbache has restored some credibility though. Players… Read more »


We could have, y’know, put our own deadline on players arriving. I think we’d all just like to hear him admit that it has been, *again*, a complete shambles, regardless of what happens now.


Our starting 11 are the best team of squad players in the world BUT…… we need a big big shot of class all over the field and we will beat anyone anywhere. Thats what i want. So i doesnt matter what team we draw in the 1/4 finals of the CL we know we got them beat in there heads before we take to the pitch.


And every year add 1-2 beasts. Always improving setting the standards. Someones got to do it why not us?


This is the exact same man that not that long ago said that we could compete for trophies without new signings. Now, he says we’re not strong enough to get through the season.

That’s it. The last shred of belief and trust I had in Wenger is gone now.


I suppose the positive thing to come from this is that Wenger recognizes that the squad does not have the depth to challenge, so now he has to do something about it! The problem I have is that we appear to take an eternity to get deals over the line, so leaving it 12 days to do approx 3-4 deals seems improbable, perhaps not. I don’t think my nerves can take a transfer deadline day like August 2011 though, that was hard work. Right now though I am focusing on us getting 3 points tomorrow at Fulham, that is so… Read more »


John Humphreys: …and your specialised subject Mr Wenger?

Arsene Wenger: Stating the bleeding obvious.

John Humphreys: Your 2 minutes on ‘Stating the bleeding obvious’ starts…


Don’t believe you anymore professor you’re a busted flush. Bye bye has been.


C’mon, let’s not be defeatists. I’m sure he’ll spring a couple of fantastical surprises. He’s modest and keeps his own council in the interest of our unique club. Keep supporting the ole feller, what he is doing and has done is amazing. In the early 70’s through to the prem, our game was end to end, literally, the ball seemed to land in for goal to goal, seldom touching the Highbury turf between the sticks. Wenger may be, and in MHO he is fighting silent Stan the greedy man. The Villa lose was the kick up the rear that the… Read more »


same soup just reheated


Hey blogs, I read from yahoo that we are set to loan Podolski to Schalke. Any truth to this rumor? I hope this is all hogwash…..


The Spuds are after him, too!!!!



Dick Swiveller

Doubt it, I think some journo has seen Poldi not start two games and put 2 and 2 together to make 67, while the reason he isn’t starting (to me) seems to be that he is now backup to Groud rather than a starter out wide…maybe if we had more latitude with our subs rather than our defence taking every opportunity to open their own skin, we’d have seen him on the pitch longer.


That would be good news if that’s the case. It would be a blow for us to lose Poldi’s quality. Thumbs up to you man!

Gooner sickunt

Wengers not going to get anyone who would go straight into our starting line up. He’s not playing games or trying to be smart, he genuinely believes in the quality of our first team. He’s looking for squad fillers.

The Alsacien

So are you saying that Suarez would not have walked into the first XI?

Dial square

It’s all well and good people saying “judge Arsene after the transfer window has closed” but how many points will we be behind the teams at the top of the league by then, I don’t expect us to win the title, but I do expect us to compete ffs…

Hefty Dave

He’s lost the plot


In 9 days we will know if this season is effectively a write off.

I know, you know, we all know whats needed in terms of players, so lets see if he delivers or royally fucks it up.


My guess is that he will royally fuck it up – have you known him to succeed at anything over the last eight years ?

Peter Lavelle

True, Wenger has done a lot for our club, but it is also true that he has gone stale, instead of aiming to win the Premiership, he aims for champions league qualification. I wanted Wenger out the moment he said he would settle for second place for the next twenty years!!!


I know I slag off Arsene Wenger, but I genuinely feel sorry for him. It’s incredibly sad to watch a man who was, ten years ago, the best club manager in the world deteriorate into this sad, confused feeble old man who has completely lost the plot. It’s like observing an exceptionally miserable Greek tragedy. The real blame for Wenger and Arsenal’s unfortunate predicament is the ridiculous management structure at the club. A system which allows one person to have such complete control over the organisation, coaching and financing of players at the club has turned out to be disastrous.… Read more »

Parson's nose

well said Fat Gooner
For some reason you’re allowed to have such an opinion on this website. Many of us are censored.
But good on you


The FBI – Mulder and Scully told me…


Car crash, afer one game,…..? Spurs moving mountains with their buying,…? What have spurs done but sell 21 points (by that I mean just game winning goals and don’t waste your fingers with throwing RVP around as we went from 3rd to 4th, simple maths) for a band of players that no one has really seen in action? Never has beating a newly promoted side 1-0 wiha penalty seen such praise. Spurs pre-season was the worse of all the clubs on tour winning 1 game, now however they’ve moved that step (as they do every year) ahead of us. We… Read more »


£100m or not, I’m happy that I have only 10 days of emotional torture left. Mr Wenger has raised my hope and dashed it at higher proportion. My questions are: why must we have to wait till the last day before bringing in players that we need? 2) if our inaction cost us points will anyone be held accountable? 3) Does Wenger has yearly/seasonal targets which should serve as yardstick for his appraisal? 4) Will our target players still be available when Wenger will be ready to deal? 5) What is the corporate objective of AFC? I believe that candid… Read more »


“We will not go into the new season with only the number of players we have”

Correct me if I’m wrong but have we not started the season yet?

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