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Wilshere: Wenger told me to take Bergkamp’s No.10 shirt

Jack Wilshere has revealed that Arsene Wenger personally suggested he take Arsenal’s number 10 shirt in the aftermath of Robin van Persie’s departure last year.

The midfielder, who was still sidelined by injury at the time, admits the opportunity came as a huge personal boost during the final stages of his rehabilitation with Dennis Bergkamp, who’d worn the shirt between 1995-2006, his personal hero.

Speaking to Zapsportz, the England international detailed:

“I think I’d been out for more than 14 months then and the boss came to me and said ‘I want you to have the number 10 shirt, I still believe in you’.

“That was a huge boost for me as my number 10 idol Is Dennis Bergkamp, for me he is the best player of all time. And definitely the best Arsenal player of all time.”

Obviously close to boss Wenger, who has nurtured his career since he broke into the first team as a 16-year-old, Wilshere made clear that for all his loyalty to the Gunners his future (somewhat worryingly) might take a different direction once the Frenchman has moved on.

“I want to win things with Arsenal and I want to be there in the future, but if the boss leaves then things could change.

“Arsenal are always in my heart and by signing a deal for the next five years shows my commitment to them and their commitment to me so at the moment everything is good.

“Arsene Wenger has been there for so many years and he’s always delivered trophies.

“OK we’ve had a little dip in the last five or six years, but he’s a great manager and people who question his ability are ridiculous.

“He’s qualified for the Champions’ League for 16 years so I think he’s the right man for the job.”

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Unfortunately in the interim, the shirt was worn by a bunch of dirty cunts. Hopefully Jack cleans it off.


On the other hand, what is up with the rumor that Poldi is going to be loaned out to Schalke????? 1) What will happen when more players are injured? Are you telling me having Poldi on our team is worse than loaning him out? 2) He was purchased just last year. Are you telling me this is another bad purchase? I am so sick of “bargain” purchase strategy that we are trying to employ. Arsene has a degree in economics. How can he ignore the change in supply and demand? Arsene: “I want player X and I think at $25… Read more »


What’s up with the rumor? It’s a rumor.


I literally haven’t got a scooby what you’re on about, but I just wanted to say that $ = dollars, which is different to pounds. Hope that helps.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Those of us who live outside the UK have to make do with these funky keyboards that don’t have a key for the “you-know-what-goes-here” sign. It’s hard being out here in “Forrin Land” and trying to write about how much money Arsene should spend when you can’t type the “it’s-a-fucking-pound” sign.

We do get a $ key, but what fucking use is that to an Arsenal fan ?


incase of a lack of £ sign, either write pounds, sterling or copy this graciously afore donated (<)sign paste in a doc. and use it free of charge ;P


Cheer up the whole football world is laughing at spurs Willian Williwon’t medical, I hate Mourinho but his press conference was funny.


With all due respect that is a ridiculous parallel to draw. If you want to look at it from an economic perspective. Food is a perishable and the demand for it is price inelastic as it is a good which cost a small amount relative to your income. Spending £20m or so on players is a different thing. Why buy a player who’s price is over-inflated when you can get a player of similar ability for a much sheaper price. Hence why he has a cieling. He wants to get value for what money Arsenal is making. While the bigger… Read more »


People, like player contracts are, if we want to use your terminology, ‘perishable’.

Ali Ali-Ali-Aliadiere

For all your economics A-level has brought you, please not that ”cieling” is spelt ‘ceiling’.


not? or note? lol teacher!

Remember the invincibles because we aren't good anymore

All I can say is that we should leave economics stuff to those Harvard based economists and suggest that you treat your A-Level economics analysis as just that.
Atleast consider that this is a bubble and that all bubbles crash?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Try buying bananas out of season in Australia and you will very quickly learn about elastic food prices. Did you know that thousands of people are employed in Queensland to put the bend in our bananas? When I moved from Queensland to Sydney being called a Banana Bender made a nice change from being called a Pommie Bastard. Wandering the streets of Sydney, you used to see a lot of Liverpool fans, but in the last two or three years Arsenal shirts are more likely to be seen. There are a few Chelsea shirts too, but they all look old… Read more »

with the left and the right

Talk about hyperbole! This is football we’re talking about here not peasants trying to feed their families. Just because the French had to pay extra to feed themselves 1) doesnt mean that they were happy to do it 2) that it was appropriate that they had to do it and 3) i’m fairly certain a lot of heads rolled as a result! Wait I see now…Wenger that crazy Frenchman! he’s going to reintroduce the guillotine to world football! first he’ll start with the heads of UEFA and then the billionaires who are causing this inflation! its a masterstroke, no better… Read more »


Wilshere: city ledgend :'(

The Ox, The Ram, Willy and Wally

I think he’ll be no-ones legend if he doesn’t return to his old form.

Injury and hype have slightly got to him – but I still think he can do it.

Agreed, unfortunately. He simply has yet to approach his 2010-11 level, although that level might be somewhat idealized at this point. I feel like when he plays in one of the holding roles, as he did a couple years ago, our midfield is bypassed far too easily when the opponent has the ball. In the attacking role, he’s too predictable, prone to overdribbling, and frankly we’re a much better side with Rocisky there at the moment. But he’s still fighty Jack who plays with his heart on his sleeve, and my favorite player in the current squad. I think he’ll… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Get Flamini behind him (or even Arteta on a more regular basis) and I think Wilshire will get back to his old self. It must be hard getting back into top form when the team is so unsettled. It’s not only our own injuries that can put you off your game, and a run with a stable team, or with quality replacements (Hopefully Flamini for the injured Arteta is one) can make a lot of difference when you are trying to regain some form.

Midfield Corporal

I look at Cesc at 21 and think he was a much more complete player than Jack is at the moment. Perhaps it goes to show the benefit of having played with Vieira, Gilberto, Pires, Henry , Bergkamp and RVP. Poor Jack came into the side last season after a long injury and had the weight of a struggling team on his shoulders, which meant he’s tried to do too much. Hopefully if we can surround him with some better players he’ll reach his full potential and lead us to a string of trophies.


Jack needs to calm down when he plays. Its always hurry hurry and he always takes one or two touches with his eyes focused on the ball before releasing it. Big players have vision and knows their surrounding. Jack has been compared to Xavi and to become as good as him he needs to develope a first touch game. It would also be good if he found some composure in front of goal. He is not complete and still a kid, wich his comments shows (a bit stupid to hint that he will leave if Wenger goes, but hey do… Read more »

Remember the invincibles because we aren't good anymore

If jack has an ordinary game then he’s a 6.5/10. Which is excellent so lay off him. He’ll be the player we want him to be if we show a bit of patience and even he doesn’t reach those heights so what? I’m happy with him playing the way he is. He’s still starting in our midfield and he’s obviously going to improve with games. The only thing that is holding him back is that he seems to stay down for a long time after he goes down. As long as his body can cope with the pressure he’ll be… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Arsecrew, Wilshire is trying to convince the fans to lay off Wenger. If the team trusts Wenger and we sack him, as half the fans are now screaming for, then what does that do to the team? It could fuck us up for the entire season, that’s what it could do. Not to mention that players have frequently said that they came here because of Wenger. Is it so hard to think that if he went so might a few of our players?

Stop fucking hating on the team is what I get from Wilshire’s comments.


Please learn how to spell his name properly- it is written on the back of his shirt and at the top of the page in the headline

Garyneville Shagshismum

Jog on!


Just a bit curious but if Wenger goes does he suddenly harbour a dream to play for Moyes, Pelligreeni, or Mourhinho. Shieks legend that would be a sad day for football.

Maths Teacher

arithmetic obviously not Jacks forte.


Remembering who pays his fucking wages isn’t either

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Do you get angry with shop assistants and tell them “Remember who pays your wages?” If I go into Aldi and see somebody who doesn’t seem to be working hard enough to me, I don’t instantly hate them and want to have a go at them because they are letting me down. Why would I? I’m just a customer. That is a close analogy to our situation with Arsenal. We pay to receive their services, but we cannot claim to be paying their staff wages, and nor would we expect a say in who they employ or the way they… Read more »


No, Arsenal Football Club do, not Arsene Wenger


How many Manchester United players said that they would consider their futures if Slur Alex left? Their fucking loyalty should be to Arsenal, not Arsene Wenger


As much as I love jack, it unrealistic for him to keep his words he made when he was 19, if he were to go trophy-less for another 2-3 years, would he be in his right to leave?


ideally, he wouldn’t……. rooney said 5 years ago that he wanted to follow some manchester united legend(which i don’t remember the name of) by finishing his carrer at man-u, and he has been, u know, i don’t need to elaborate……. what i am trying to say is, that’s the point of keeping ur word: whatever the condoitions are, whther u win trophies or not, if u have said that u will never leave a particular team, then u never do……… if we keep winning trophies and he stays, than what’s special in that?? almost any normal player would stay in… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Are you only an idealist when it comes to other people’s “promises”, or are you a paragon of virtue?


However you may feel about Wenger as a fan, for a lot of the players Wenger is Arsenal and Arsenal is Wenger. If they bring in some chimp like Brendan Rogers after Wenger leaves then you can expect a lot of players to leave as well.

Bring in a Klopp or Guardiola and they’ll stay.


Rather have Buck Rogers instead of Brendan

Midfield Corporal

You’ve just reminded me of my first schoolboy crush, Wilma Deering from Buck rodgers, coupled with thought of Bergkamp, I think I need to lie down.

Big Chief from Antarctica

Not too surprising he mentions Wenger alongside his future. The confidence shown by Wenger in his past is one of the hallmarks of the manager. No manager would have given, for example, RVP so many chances. He kept believing in him. Betrayed and still keeps believing in his players. Ramsey as the prime example now.

Wenger shouldn’t be taken for granted.


Yeah. I think the comment was blown out of proportion slightly, he’s clearly speaking in the context of the present, where some are calling for Wenger to be sacked and he feels he would reconsider his own future in the club if such a drastic and unnecessary step were to be taken. He also speaks about his “commitment to them [Arsenal]” and it’s clear from what he says that the conversation and questions were about Wenger’s future, rather than Wilshere himself.


no player/manager is bigger than the club. I can only worry about the now and take the future how it comes


“no player/manager is bigger than the club.” This sounds so charismatic, and I see this written so often, as though it expresses some unquestionable loyalty to the club. Except that the club needs a manager and players, and what you really want is for the individuals filling those roles to meet your expectations for the club, which is why… “I can only worry about the now and take the future how it comes” …this part bugs me. If you really care that much about the club, then you’ll think about its present and future (which will one day inevitably becomes… Read more »

Midfield Corporal

With respect Burak I think you may have over analysed Gooners comment.

What’s the point in worrying about what might happen until it happens?


I admit that I may have picked him out unfairly as a target 🙂

Midfield Corporal



and another point going down the parallel, After the tansfer dealing we’ve had so far this season, I wouldn’t trust our executives and board to ever get the signing of the next manger right. if not arsene (at this point) then who?

Bob Truelove

I miss Dennis


in that case you can watch dennis the menace




Go wash your mouth.


I just wish wenger would stop treating the first team like an academy. Obviously, these guyz see him as a father figure and there’s nothing wrong with that except of coz when it comes to taking decisive action against them.
I’m not talking about wilshere here, I’m talking about all the other “managed” players that saw wenger that way and so were given a bit too many chances to impress.

Bould's Eyeliner

And yet when they start to produce it doesn’t bother you? Tired of talking about Ramsey’s Crucifixion and Resurrection but let’s look at injuries fundamentally. – Almost never the player’s fault; How do you blame a player for a cunt like Shawcross? In that case, I believe that giving a good player the chance to recover from an injury is pretty much common sense and decency. – A good player can still be a good player; Wenger makes a rational choice for continuing to have faith in young players – an injury at 20 really is a recoverable thing, and… Read more »

Arsenal-induced Heart Attack Survivor

You could write a book on that topic and I’d still read it. Beautifully written, sir.


and that my friend, is the reason you’re wanking off in the comments section of a fan blog while Arsene Wenger has been manager of our club for the last 17 years.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Hmm, different approach to Bould’s Eyeliner, but I feel your response shows promise.


What trophies are these? I love you Jack, but you and I have differing views on the phrase ‘always delivered trophies’.

Why do you ask my name? It is beyond understanding.

The Emirates Cup a couple of times, the 4th Place Trophy three times and don’t forget the coveted Pointless Trophy which we successfully bid for on eBay.


out of curiosity, would you be pleased if we had won the Carling Cup a few times in the last eight years, with our League & Champions league positions being the same? I don’t get it – Arsenal were a competitive team, always in with a shout for the title (save for the last 2-3 years) in an incredibly competitive league. The fact that no one has outright dominated the league for the last “8 trophy-less” seasons should tell you that. I do admit that things changed dramatically after the summer Cesc left, but what could you do – he… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I would have loved three or four wins in the last seven years because it would have added “Feel like a winner” to the team’s skillset. I agree on what you say about Cesc. He would have been leading this team this season had he stayed, and we wouldn’t have needed boasts about potentially buying top stars because even the anti-Wengerites could surely see that Fabregas was a top star. The plan was a good one, and the only thing that really let it down was that Fabregas had that gnawing need to return to his roots. Jack could have… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Oops, I mean Wilshire and Rambo, of course. Not Wilshire and Wilshire.

Wait! What a midfield that would be. Wilshire and Wilshire. He should have been twins.

afolabi ademakinwa

Share will power


hey mr. adeabukadizwelemetekelada it’s sheer willpower.


You can’t help but worry at the amount of players who are at Arsenal because of Wenger.


Or those who want to come here because he’s the manager. i’d imagine benzema is one of them….

Jamerican guy

Jack the future Legend.

Arsene's bottle of water

Nice one. But then again Wenger gave it to Gallas too, along with the captain armband! That I will never understand.


Probably gave them to Gallas so that he’d stop bitching and moaning and pouting like a spoiled baby. Unfortunately he didn’t honour his end of the deal…..

le potato

Jack THE ripper !!


Life is not always about reaching the top, its about affecting lives in a positive way! Wenger does command love from his players which speaks about his personality!

jack jack jack

I just hope he knows there are still gooners out there who love, respect and believe in him. One day his time will come, but not yet.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

His time will come in two and a half hours. He is going to show Fulham how a single player can destroy their team in 90 minutes. Go Jack Go!

Well, it’s still OK to get excited before an Arsenal game, isn’t it?


Clearly Idontknow you don’t know, and neither does Wilshere – who is just a kid, but cannot see the bigger picture because Wenger is dad, and as a dad u support him always even when he stinks. By the time the likes of Wishere reaches mid 20s money and trophies become more important THAN DAD. They soon come to the realisation that they actually have a real dad in Barcelona, or that dad is stingy (RVP) or the realisation that dad is actually a failure (and stingy) who does not buy stars (Henry). So Wilshere, I hope you are reading… Read more »


Jack dedicates his life to staying fit and healthy, avoiding drugs and the like, remaining out of daily rags for promiscuity, earning millions a year and doing what he loves best as a career. Whilst also being a father, a husband and an idol millions…

You ‘diss’ him on an Internet blog…

Who really needs to grow up?

Gunner believe

Although Jack may turn out to be a very good player as glimpses between injury suggests the No. 10 Dennis thing should not be a millstone around his neck as no one could compare to Mr Bergkamp the legend.


One of the things people like about Arsenal is that Wenger really believes in his players. It might be his greatest weakness as well, but think back to Gibbs messing up in the CL tie with ManU a few years ago. That might have been the end of him at another club, but Wenger stuck with him, and now look at him. Maybe you won’t win the league every year that way (maybe you never will), but personally I’d rather watch Gibbs become a better player for a few years than have a cunt like Evra in my team and… Read more »


U just have to love this guy…

gooners n roses

For all this wilshere coverage, his midfield partner is just keep getting better and better. What will happen when both peak in form soon? COYG!


Play him on the right. It’s obvious.


Wa you talking about jack ?
Which trophy hav we won recently ?
Fuck off jack you can leave anytime , many great players left in the past , no one is bigger than the CLUB .
Jack *Your shit manager should buy and be ready before the season starts ryt .
how come we hav only one center defendfer for Fulham game ?

Wenga out


I think you’re on the wrong blog.

There is nobody called ‘Wenga’ at Arsenal, nor, to my knowledge, has there ever been.


I think people should think how much of a change it is going to be if Arsene was to leave. People only value trophies but stability at a football club is the ultimate goal, especially for fans. Just look back and see clubs like Leeds, Liverpool, Rangers, Nottingham forest, Blackburn etc. What do you think their past trophies are worth now?? Arsene is ultimately as equally responsible for the past few years’ failure to win trophies as he is for the past success of the club. One thing he has done consistently is never to jeopardise the stability of the… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I agree. Stability is important to all fans of all teams. Have you ever followed a team that was relegated? Not if you are a Gooner. I was living in Cardiff and going to their games as I couldn’t afford to get to London and was there when their relegation into the 4th Division was confirmed. You could tell it had happened just walking the streets of the city. I admit to developing a soft spot for the team in my years there (even though they are a bunch of bastards, and they were burning an England flag in the… Read more »


@JC What you are referring to is a Giffen good. You have ‘normal goods’ (as your income rises you consume more, eg when JD20 signed a contract he could afford more mango butter from the body shop). An ‘inferior’ good is a good that as when your income rises you consume less of such a good (Sanogo no longer buys tescos basic lasagna since his new contract). A Giffen good is a special type of inferior good that as its price rises you consume more of it (as you can’t afford anything else and this good is a necessity) and… Read more »

Its not even your money?!

If he goes. He goes. I stopped believing in player loyalty to fans long ago. Not to mention the majority are so thick, its unwise to analyse their comments. Having said that. Players can only expect loyalty from clubs in return as long as they are performing. As a result I prefer to support the badge more than any player. We are just using the players as a way of facilitating our aims. So I care little for loyalty because if a player became really shit ( for whatever reason ) I doubt I would be protesting against a will… Read more »

The Alsacien

I’m watching the Fulham vs Arsenal game being promoted on Supersport as :

“..It’s the fans vs more lost and the Arsenal will be plunged into total disarray..blablabla”


Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Supersport can shove their microphones up eachothers controversy-building backsides. Now that would be news worth hearing about. I’d watch that. I’d even help by fetching them some bigger microphones.


Could it be jack the lad has put on too much body weight and is too fat to even reach the level he was at before the injury? To me he looks chubby and slow on the pitch these days. He could shave of 5-6 kilograms and be a better player for it. I don’t see Iniesta and Xavi carrying around of tub of lard.


Luv u and more of dat jack. May be treats frm 3 or 5 more squad players lyk u could teach dose irrational fans a lesson. In wenger we trust.

Gooner sickunt

Jack is a bit overrated. Nowhere near the quality of cesc fabregas and he’s not young anymore in football terms. I hope he becomes an arsenal legend but probably more a ray parlour status than a berkamp or Henry…


Yeah at 21 his life is basically over. He should probably just kill himself now because he’s “nowhere near the quality of cesc fabregas”.

Gooner sickunt

And a bit irritating that he blindly supports arsene who has clearly lost his way just because he believed in him.


Not sure what Jack brings to the team currently but he’s an Arsenal boy so I’ll let the blind loyalty comments slide for now but if he wants to give it the ‘big one’ then he can fcuk right off!

Doesn’t score, doesn’t assist and his passing is off. But his trash talk is world class.

Dial square

What the fuck is wrong with half the people on here, ripping into Wilshere just because he answered a question honestly, he is without doubt one of the most gifted players at the club, have we all forgotten the injuries he’s suffered??
If he left tomorrow I for one would be gutted, and the tossers (@crispy) on here calling him shit, would be the first cunts slating him for leaving…


‘One of the most gifted players at the club’ …… You’ve got to be kidding right? He has achieved absolutely fuck all in the game, unbalances our midfield , doesn’t do anything in a football game well but he’s a media darling and is guilty of believing his own hype as the future of the England team. He has potential and that is all and he might realise this potential if he looks after himself and listens to his body rather than run himself into the ground at the will of the man he revers. I don’t see where I… Read more »


This, I assume is how the ‘Ramsey is shit’ and ‘The Sagna has lost it’ bollocks started. Fuck off and support our players for once. He is still coming through from his injury, yes it takes time get match fit strange concept to the fickle I know, but still true. His talent is obvious, it was seen by us 2 years ago and it seen by the manager who has an eye for this shit. Stop looking for immediate gratification and just watch the young players develop. I don’t take to this bullshit your spouting of Wilshere believing in his… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Whiners gotta whine. Losers gonna lose. They get to a frame of mind where nothing can make them happy. It must be very sad to see no good or hope in your own team.


If Wilshere is more committed to Wenger than Ar
senal Football Club then I hope he fucks off and takes Le Stingybollox with him.

‘He’s always delivered trophies’ – too right Jack. I must have been on a different planet the last 8 years. Clueless.

Mark my words. Wilshere will do an Ashley Cole on us.


Wilshere is very talented but he’s achieved nothing so far. Threatening to leave if Wenger goes is a bit big headed of him. Looks like Jack can’t see that the Nutty Professor is past it.



I love how people say players should not be expected to keep a promise if things are not going well. Is that not when keeping a promise actually means something?

I like Jack but the truth is I followed the badge long before he was born and will do so long after he is gone.


“Bergkamp is the greatest player ever, definitely the greatest Arsenal player ever.”


with the left and the right

I think arseblog is letting their pessimism get the best of them. The article doesn’t imply that ONCE Wenger leaves he might reconsider his future but rather IF he was to leave i.e. acrimoniously or if he was pushed out as some fans have started suggesting we do, then he might have to reconsider his future. But I find it hard to imagine that if Wenger were to retire at Arsenal that Jack would consider leaving.


Most fascinating comments section I’ve seen in a while. Every little thing people can jump on now it seems. We have been, are and will be one of the top clubs in Europe for the foreseeable. We’re in the elite, ffs. There are hundreds of thousands of clubs in the world, we’re in the top 20. Spoilt by the early years, but we’ve got a lot to look forward to.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Well, we won nothing until 1929, so I wouldn’t call us spoilt by the early years. We do seem to have a lot of fans who expect to be paid for their support in trophies. Anything less, it seems, is Arsenal’s failure to give them the only thing of value to them. I’d say that this particular article has generated more vitriol against Wilshire, Wenger and Arsenal than I have seen since RVP fucked off. it is hard reading constant complaints about the club and one of our brightest stars, and it really saddens me to think we have so… Read more »

Parson's nose

Here’s one from the Tim Stillman column on the main arseblog page:

“Arsenal’s transfer strategy hasn’t really ever appeared well thought out this summer.”

Now there’s a man with insight


love the way he didnt mention the dutch skunk

Finsbury Park Gooner

Actually proper disgusted at some of the comments here about Jack. If you fairweather fucks can’t get behind him you can’t get behind anyone.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


Jack makes a great 10. I think he is best played a little forward and behind the main striker giving us the extra offensive body in the box or where he can run at defenders carrying the ball into the box. Ramsey is more similar to Arteta. Neither can get by their men but both have good vision and are conssumate passers of the ball. he is in many ways auditioning for that role. We can benefit from one other player who can carry the ball deep (thus freeing Jack further forward). This particularly in Diaby’s absence. Preferably someone with… Read more »


Ramsey is a great dribbler so he can skip past people no problem.

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