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Arsenal 3-1 Stoke: By the Numbers

3 – Assists for Arsenal by Mesut Özil so far this season³
159 – Minutes of play for Arsenal by Mesut Özil so far this season
53 – Minutes per assist for Arsenal by Mesut Özil so far this season
143 – Minutes per assist for Arsenal in League play by Cesc Fabregas in his best ever Arsenal season (2007/2008)
17 – Shots taken by Arsenal against Stoke City today
7 – Shots created (aka. “Key Passes”) by  Mesut Özil against Stoke City today¹
10 – Shots created by Mesut Özil in League play for Arsenal so far this season
10 – Shots created by Mesut Özil in league play for Real Madrid this season
5 – Shots created per game by Mesut Özil in League play for both Arsenal and Real Madrid so far this season (20 total shots, 4 total matches)³
16 – Minutes per Key Pass by Özil for Arsenal this season
15 – Minutes per Key Pass by Özil for both Arsenal and Real Madrid so far this season
3 – Shots created by Mesut Özil via set plays against Stoke City today¹
2 – Assists by Mesut Özil today versus Stoke City¹*
– Assists by Mesut Özil from set plays today versus Stoke City (1 corner, 1 crossed free kick)
12 – Goals by Arsenal from set pieces last season (corners, direct free kicks, crossed free kicks, not counting penalties)
3 – Goals by Arsenal from set pieces this season³ (tied with Chelsea)
22 – Goals by Man U from set pieces last season
5 – Assists from set plays (17 total assists) by Mesut Özil for Real Madrid in liga and Champions League play last season (3 corners, 2 crossed free kicks)
1 – Goals scored by Mesut Özil from direct free kicks for Real Madrid last season

158 – Appearances for Arsenal by Aaron Ramsey
9647 – Minutes of play for Arsenal by Aaron Ramsey
216 – Ramsey career shots for Arsenal
– Shots by Aaron Ramsey against Stoke today¹
18 – Ramsey career goals for Arsenal
535 – Minutes per goal by Ramsey over his career
7 – Goals by Ramsey for Arsenal this season
9 – Shots on goal by Ramsey for Arsenal this season
720 – Minutes of football played for Arsenal this season
103 – Minutes per goal by Ramsey this season
38 – Percent of his career Arsenal goals Ramsey has scored this season
6 – Tackles by Ramsey v. Stoke (of 8 attempted)¹
22 – Tackles by Ramsey in League play so far this season³
6 – Ball recoveries by Aaron Ramsey v. Stoke² (tied with Flamini and Sagna)
6 – Attempted dribbles by Aaron Ramsey v. Stoke¹ (tied with Özil and Gnabry)
2 – Successful dribbles by Aaron Ramsey v. Stoke¹ (tied with Özil, Gnabry, Arnautovic, and N’Zonzi)

13 – Shots since Bacary Sagna last scored for Arsenal, with his head, a bullet, to drag Arsenal back from 2-0 down, against the LWC, when we beat them 5-2, in Feb 2012, and I have to be specific because we’ve beaten them 5-2 twice in the last two years.

Wenger parks The SS Pragmatic

341 – Passes attempted by Arsenal in the first half
187 – Passes attempted by Arsenal in the second half
161 – Passes attempted by Stoke in the first half
346 – Passes attempted by Stoke in the second half
87 – Passes attempted by Arsenal in the Stoke final third, first half
45 – Passes attempted by Arsenal in the Stoke final third, second half
7 – Chances created (key passes) by Arsenal in the first half
7 – Chances created (key passes) by Arsenal in the second half
3 – Aerial duels by Arsenal in the Stoke half in the first half of the game
12 – Aerial duels by Arsenal in the Stoke half in the second half of the game
4 – Clearances by Arsenal in the first half
9 – Clearances by Arsenal in the second half
20 – Attempted dribbles by Arsenal in the first half
5 – Attempted dribbles by Arsenal in the second half
1 – Mesut Özil, Aaron Ramsey, Arsene Wenger


¹Led all players in this game
²Led just his team in this game
³Leads the League
*There is some confusion about how many assists Özil chalked up today because apparently some fantasy football stats count Özil’s shot which was spilled by Begovic and finished by Ramsey as an assist. An assist is a special action, it’s a visionary passer intentionally creating a goal for another player: it’s not the last pass, it’s not the last shot that’s ricocheted in, it’s not drawing a foul in the penalty area. It’s a very specific action. Özil twice put a corner in the exact same spot for Mertesacker to win the header which got him his goal. That’s a work of art. If you start awarding assists for just anything, you risk watering down the beauty of real assists by lumping them in with junk like spilled shots. Besides which, we already have a way to count that junk: Begovic should get an error.

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NO worry about our shadow shitty spud, f**k yeah!


1 – Aaron Ramsey’s

Ahem, that’s “Aaron Ramseys”. Sorry. Of which I agree there’s only one.


Let’s Laugh at the ManCs ..hahaaha


Why does ozil have 3 assists?? It should be 4, isnt it?


Don’t think the rebounded free kick counts.


Read the article before you comment…

Edu's fake passport

Don’t be a d!ck before you comment


That smile says it all doesn’t it. So, so pleased for him honestly can’t think of another player who I really hoped would get past all the bad stuff and have things come right in the end more, not even Diaby or Eduardo much as they’ve both had a pretty rough time for similar reasons. Whether we’ll finally get back to winning the shinies again this season only time will tell, but I think we can all agree it’s looking a hell of a lot more likely than it has for quite a while – and it would be very… Read more »

Rad Carrot

Look at Rambo smiling up there.

LOOK at him.

That’s the smug, satisfied look of a Gooner on top form. A player who smashed home the first goal of a very comfortable victory. A player who shrugged off a horrendous, dispicable attack a few years back and today, finally got around to rubbing his massive testicles all over the face of that dribbling orc fucker.

That’s the smile of One Aaron Ramsey. Fucking eat that, you miserable pieces of shit.

I love it when we destroy the orcs. What a beautiful weekend.


Remember how Shawcross made the England national team right after breaking Ramsey’s leg?

No commentary other that that. Remember.


Swansea are playing good football at the moment if we win there next week, I’ll be even more convinced of our position.* fingered crossed*


Im enjoying watching us at the min. Great run of results. The next few league games look quite favourable. Winning the league will be decided on if we can get more points from Mancs and citeh, chelsea, liverpool and spuds. so although im enjoying it atm, and rightly so. Theres still a long way to go. Up the gooners


Why does Wenger say that we got ozil for only £ 21m?


Perhaps the only way Ivan could get him to sanction the deal was by lying & telling him it was the half-price sale weekend or something…


Flamini was a saving of £20m


I saw it on too. Anyone else know why he said that? What its supposed to mean???


£42m divided by two equals £21m for each player. Flamini was free.


Ahhh yes, not the half-price sale weekend, but the good old buy one, get one free.

Gotta love Arsene, even when he (finally!!!) smashes the club’s transfer record he manages to do it in a way where he can turn around and say ‘well, but actually we only spent… ‘

Still, can’t knock it – at least so far it’s looking like an absolutely inspired use of 2 for the price of 1 🙂


Good 3 points today. Plus the scum lost to shitty, normally i would be over the moon but i’m sure all you guys know whats happening in my city.


Yes indeed, horrible horrible news thoughts are with you all in Nairobi. Things like that sadly put football very much into perspective, we get so happy or sad or angry over it but it is only a game after all… doesn’t seem so important when something serious happens.


Thoughts and love with Kenya. Horrible what’s happened but I’ve been to Kenya and I know the beautiful spirit of true Kenyans will prevail for this madness.


Any stats for Flamini since he was MoM


I looked at his numbers. Not sure why he won MotM except that he pumped up the home fans.


Kenyan goon, the game offered us a break from the sad occurences of yesterday.


0- The number of penalties I conceded today.
1- The number of fingers Aaron used to shush the orcs today.


It’s great to see the camp full of smiles and what i love about Arsenal right now is that there doesn’t seem to be any egos, just fantastic soccer by happy players, i’m loving it! I can see so many great things from this side!!

Clock End Mike

7am, I agree with you about assists. They should mean something positive, deliberately creating a goal rather than just being the previous touch. Strange concept anyway. As John Cross says on Twitter, they’re a new idea, an Americanism. Never used to hear the term when I was younger.

H.P Arsecraft

But you are creating a goal by taking the shot which is a positive action. A rebound from a keeper should be a assist and its not like a keeper always makes a mistake when he saves a ball. Quite the opposite.

Gooner of Navarone

IMO, like he said, it should be a deliberate action. Only then can we judge how good a player is in creating chances by the end of the season. Otherwise, it would be too inflated.

H.P Arsecraft

Clattenburg have a new favourite now that the rednosed alcoholic is gone. Cardiff was robbed blind by that retard today.


Clattenburg has been good for Spurs for a while, thats the 6th straight win for them he’s officiated.


Solid performance but we realy looked tired, just not happy we would have to rotate the squad for the westbrom game because i think westbrom away would be tricky, Good to see arteta back looks like our front 3 vs westbrom will be

jenkinson comes in for sagna, monreal for gibbs, arteta wilshere as our double pivot, fabianski in goal, vermaelen for mertesacker.. Meaning ozil will have to start or ramsey arteta double pivot and jack in the number 10role, how i miss rosicky. Hope westbrom make some changes too


Super fucking Rambo. :’)






Once again Arsene got it right with Flamini it was a signing I was not so sure about but boy oh boy am I wrong. It’s gonna be hard for him to lose his spot if he continues like this.

there’s Ozil, then there’s Flamini the underrated one.


Wenger just said he’s resting Wilshere against West brom.

Double Canister

Jack may find it hard to get back in the team, with Arteta fit and Santi back soon.

well, a rest is what he needs anyway at the moment.
Teams may foul him less now that they know we are going to punish transgressions with goals.

Gooner of Navarone

He attracts at least two players at any given point in time. So, I always see him creating space for someone else in the team.


The level of performances put in week in week out by our Aaron is too damn high! Not that Im complaining of course! Dare to Believe!

Ryan Shawcross

0 – Bones i broke today

0 – Times i didnt get booed when on the ball

1 – Times i was made to look slightly less of a dirty hacking orc cunt by Robert Huth

David Hasselhoff

I got two twin brothers, they are Jens the Mad Hasselhoff. And as you can see, Huth the Orcish Hasselhoff. We abandoned Huth under the Bridge, but even the Bridge didn’t want him, then he got sent to the Orcish horde. Sorry about him guys.

Richie Waweru

I really miss seeing Santi on the pitch. Trying to outwit the Orcs seemed to have been a pleasure last season. Hope he gets back soon.


Fantastic win…top of the league…bring on manu, manc, cheslc whoever… B)

gooners n roses

May i know how about stats on Gnabry? Seems tidy if not sparky. And for a boy who just learned he will play close to the game and against the Orc as well, i say that is impressive.

Am I the only one to notice that Flamini spends the entire game moving his hands all over the place, gesticulating, fuming, growling, screaming, and being extremely gruff and angry? Wish there were stats for how much shit is in the opposition’s pants, because those stats count, and that’s what Flamini created. Doo doo stains in the Orcs’ panties.

/ / / / / / / / / / / /SHEZ LASAGNA / GERMAN / SHELL-KNEE / GIBBON ///////////////////FLIM FLAM / / / / / / / RAMSEY ///// OZIL WALLY / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / CAZORLA ////////////////////G-RUDE That’s the team for me right now. Although you could replace Flam with Artet. And also, leaving Wilshere out is scary. I want him in. For me it’s directly between him and Ramsey. You can’t drop Ramsey or Cazorla really can you. This is a… Read more »

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