Friday, June 14, 2024

Gibbs jumps up jumps up and gets down

Kieran Gibbs admits he channeled his inner House of Pain when he discovered the club had signed Mesut Ozil.

The American-Irish-American hip-hop group urged everyone to ‘get out your seats and jump around’ and Arsenal’s left back did exactly that.

“Jumped in the air,” he said when asked what his reaction to the £42.5m deal was. “But you don’t even have to be an Arsenal fan to jump in the air.

“When you find out that a world-class player like that is coming to England you’re going to jump for joy even if you’re a Tottenham fan. Well, maybe not a Tottenham fan, I won’t push it too far.

“In the end we and the fans have got what we want: a really good addition.”

It’s unlikely that anyone associated with Sp*rs, whose ‘strategic partnership’ allowed Arsenal to do the Ozil deal, would be doing any jumping at all. Apart from off cliffs and tall buildings, but then who cares about that?

Gibbs was asked if he’d make a special poem to commemorate the record breaking deal, but despite having more rhymes than the bibles got psalms, he politely declined the offer before serving the guy’s ass like John McEnroe.

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I hope Gibbs didn’t hurt himself jumping up and down. He’s a key player in our squad, especially when Cazorla is out left and drifts inside.


I suppose Kouranne Gibbois brought his sax out during his celebrations.


We played spurs out as if there name was sega

Deadline day goose bumps

keep on plugging away Gibbo.

Consistently stepping up.

Arsene's Nose

Jumping with no handbrakes on..


That requires a lot of mental strength


and abit of good spirit.

Arsenal-induced Heart Attack Survivor

That’s for top top top quality jumps.


I’ve been jumping up and down for 5 day running back kind of hurts..but..WE”VE GOT MESUT ÖZIL!!..


I believe that should read; WE’VE GOT MESUT FUCKING ÖZIL!!

Incidentally, I wonder how many Arsenal fans have learnt the Alt Code for Ö since we signed him.


I learnt it …for those who didnt…ALT + 0214 = Ö

Midwest Gooner

Or on a Mac, Option-u then the O.


or just buy a nordic keyboard which has ö ä å letters


copy n paste

Midwest Gooner

I got a thumbs down for mentioning how to do the umlaut on a Mac? Is that you, Bill Gates? 😛

Arsene's Nose

While he was up there,did he bother to ask Vermalean when he’s geting back down?


Question: Is Ozil better than Fabregas? Who is better

I know they are different kinds of players, but if you had to rate one above the other, what would it be like


Fabregas left.. Ozil is a Gooner.. that’s the only thing that matters to me.. Who is better than who is a game played better by Tottenham fans..

'Tottenham fan'

Ozil is better, the best no.10 in the world imo. so pleased we.. errrr those bastards got him…. yeah…


Hahahahahah!!! Its hard to be a spu*s Fan this days.


That is always hard mate… always hard…

Arsenal-induced Heart Attack Survivor

It actually might be good if they’re vampires. That way, they need not worry about getting in the sun, cos they’ll always be in our shadow.

God, i hate interlulls


Loads of bragging from spuds @work prior to this Ozil deal and now SILENCE! Except for sniggering Gooners that is……hehehe.

The Original Arsene's Nose

Love how we – players and fans – are all squeezing every delicious drop out of this transfer and he hasn’t even made his (glorious) debut yet, long may it continue! I’m not normally one to count my chickens but everything about this signing just feels SO GOOD I’m almost certain that the good times are just around the corner. Taking nothing for granted but feel like I might finally be able to banish my post 06 mantra ‘never underestimate Arsenal’s capacity to dissapoint’.


spurs are shit

Dr Baptiste

Finally, some common sense…..


and ION the sun came out today..

Naija Gunner


Imagine a star (because Gibbo’s star to me) jumping up for another super star, what on earth do they expect us to do….fly to the universe? 😀


Make noise at Emirates and support the team fully? And no booing at 1 of our own?


Just heard rebel rebel on the radio:

“Mesut Ozil, spurs are a mess
Mesut Ozil, they’ll be fifth at best
Mesut Ozil, how could they know?
Kraut-Turk, I love you so”


I love this.

Rad Carrot

I do like Keiran – a proper Gooner. Don’t give a shit what FC says – they’re shit. And they know they are.


Everyone go to you tube and put in spurs boardroom reaction to ozil every gooner should see it and make sure all the spuds they know see it

Midwest Gooner

LOL! “Those three ate all the pies!” But don’t worry Spuds, there’s lasagna for dinner.

the only sam is nelson

“In the end we got what we wanted” – interesting that he’s basically saying the players are the same as the fans – exasperated at not seeing any new blood before experiencing that jaw-dropping “what the actual fuck” moment when AW pulls Ozil out the bag and says “how about this then”

if the players are as lifted as the fans by this then i do hope that paolo di canio is wearing his brownest of trousers next weekend for our visit. it could be quite creamily exciting.


Ohh Arsene Wenger’s magic,
he wears a magic hat.
And when he saw THE ÖZIL,
he said I’m having that !

Eddie mcgoldrick

What is gibbs smoking over there at the emirates

Lol me

Fuk spurs we got ozil and I don’t care about the accent

born guner

All what am waiting now is just next week, surely arsenal will dismentle di canio new faces.

Podolski Sklep

Gareth Bale has expressed his gratitude to Spurs’ fans for their support over his time at the club-

“The nights they were cheering my name, I will never forget the great European nights at White Hart Lane”

Great European nights at White Hart Lane?



podolski sklep! great nick 🙂

Mayor of the Woolwich



Męsut Özil. Thats proper that.


I like the use of the words “strategic partnership”….it really is!!
Just that spurs didn’t see it coming…except the £££!!


So if we sell you Modric, can we have a strategic partnership? Please?

Er.,yeah, sure knock yourselves out.

Florence? Levy here. Look, monster monster, we sold you Bale, we got this strategic thing, so how’s about it eh? Don’t sell Ozil? Please? Monster monster.


Hank Scorpio

Can we cut the shit and call ‘strategic partnership’ by its proper term – FEEDER CLUB


When I first saw the headline, I was like “OMG WHAT FREAK INJURY DID HE GET NOW????”. Phew.

North Bank Gooner

Slightly off topic, but I am developing a strange kind of affection for the ex-Enfield Primate. Not only did his wantaway antics make the planets align, and send us the Son of Bergkamp (ok,ok, mary must have had dark hair alright!!) but he also refused to play for the scum, and told Rick Astley exactly where to shove his chicken on a basketball bum wipe!

Is it ok to watch him play and enjoy it now???


Mesut ozil is a gooner. Happy fucking days


Altogether now
Ozil to the Arsenal
Ozil to the Arsenal


Altogether now
Ozil to the Arsenal
Ozil to the Arsenal

Tony Akers

Expected us to sign a top player but not one as good as him got to be one of the best midfielders in the world thats because I rate Gazorlar one of the top two cant wait to see how he does on his debut next week but we should beat sunderland even without him lets just hope we have no one injurede in the interlol Come on you gunners


All I wonna say is that we don’t really care about sp*rs!!!

Wizard of özil

Hope Gibbs did not hurt himself “serving a guy’s ass like John McEnroe”. Sounds a little suspect. Ozil!!!!


I wake my Sp*rs fan housemate up every single day by running in their room at 6am chanting “ÖZIL ÖZIL ÖZIL”. Think I’m getting kicked out…


we are trying to reunite arsenal fans from all over the world. So like our page :


GIBBO! Got so much love for this guy! True Gooner


Ö is för Öriginal, cös there’s nö öne quite like him,
Z is för the Zen that he’ll bring tö the team,
I is för the ITK’s, whö “knew” Wenger wöuldn’t spend,
L is för the Lövely tröphies that we’re gönna gö ön tö win.


I would just like to thank liverpool for refusing to sell us suarez. Without their stubborness we may not have özil


Cazorla and orzil or fabregas? I know what im saying !

the Only One

“excessive orgasms” Ozil is here….wow!

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