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Marseille 1-2 Arsenal: By the Numbers (Bonus – Ramsey and Arsenal streaks)

89 – Ramsey passes (74 complete)¹
74 – Valbuena passes (66 complete)²
57 – Flamini passes (53 complete)³
47 – Valbuena passes in the Arsenal final third¹
34 – Ramsey passes in the L’OM final third²
– Chances created by Ramsey
2 – Chances created by Özil
1 – Chances created by Özil which so very nearly was the most perfect backheel pass ever
1 – Assists by Gibbs which will somehow count as an assist despite the fact it was really just a defensive error which led to Walcott’s goal
1 – Walcott goal this season
20 – Walcott shots so far this season in League and Champions League play
6 – Walcott’s shots per goal last season in the same competitions
10 – Walcott’s shots per goal the previous season in those two competitions
12,872 – Meters run, walked, and sprinted by Matthieu Flamini¹
12,520 – Meters run, etc, by Ramsey²
11,061 – Meters Valbuena ran about looking like a fish dying for oxygen³
124 – L’OM passes completed in the Arsenal final third
107 – Arsenal passes completed in their final third
16 – L’OM dribbles completed
6 – Arsenal dribbles completed (4 by Jack!)
16 – Tackles by L’OM
21 – Tackles by Arsenal (5 by Ramsey¹ and 4 by Sagna²)
28 – Clearances by L’OM
23 – Clearances by Arsenal
49 – Ball recoveries by L’OM
37 – Ball recoveries by Arsenal
– Ball recoveries by Kieran Gibbs¹ — which is just a funny sounding stat, isn’t it? Gibbs recovered 9 balls in France? Is he a testicular repo man? Remember, a repo man spends his life getting into tense situations. It’s late, I’ll get my coat.

Arsenal’s 10 Game Away Win Streak

10 – Away wins without a loss (Marseille, Sunderland, Fulham, Fener, Newcastle (1-1?), QPR, Fulham, West Brom, Swansea, Bayern Munich
1 and 2 – Number games in this sequence which 7amkickoff was in attendance (Bayern and Swansea)
20 – Goals for Arsenal in the streak
4 – Goals against Arsenal in the streak
121 – Total shots by Arsenal in this streak
138 – Total shots by the opposition
53 – Shots on goal by Arsenal
37 – Shots on goal by the opposition
44 – Percent of Arsenal shots that were on goal in the streak
34 – Percent of Arsenal’s shots that were on goal in all away games in the Premier League during season 2012-2013
37 – Percent of Arsenal’s shots on goal converted into goals during the streak
29 – Percent of Arsenal’s shots on goal converted into goals in all away games in the Premier League during season 2012-2013
6 – Clean sheets for Arsenal in the streak
10 – Number of times Arsenal score first in the streak
33 – Average minute of Arsenal’s first goal in each game of the streak
72 – Average minute of the opposition consolation goal in the streak
1 – Minute of the earliest Arsenal goal during the streak (QPR)
3 – Minute of the second earliest Arsenal goal during the streak (Bayern Munich)
74 – Minute of the latest Arsenal goal during the streak (Swansea)
64 – Minute of the second latest Arsenal goal during the streak (Marseille)
48 – Minute of the earliest consolation goal by the opposition (Sunderland)
1 – First Arsenal goal scored for Nacho Monreal during the streak
1 – First Arsenal goal scored outside of London by Giroud during the streak
1 – First ever defeat of Bayern Munich by an English team at the Allianz Arena (Chelsea merely got a draw)

Ramsey’s Streak

There is no argument that Aaron Ramsey is on a great goal-scoring run. To illustrate just how great a run this is consider the facts that this season, in all competitions for Arsenal, Ramsey has scored 6 goals on 14 shots for a conversion rate of 2.3 shots per goal.  Before this season, Ramsey had scored 11 Arsenal goals on 199 career shots for a conversion rate of 18.09. After bagging a goal in last night’s win over Marseille, Ramsey’s career average for Arsenal is down to a much more respectable 12.53 shots per goal (213 shots, 17 goals).

That might not seem like much movement but it really is. To get back to his career average at the start of this season (18.09), Ramsey would have to miss his next 95 shots thus keeping his career goals scored stuck on 17 and raising his total shots to 308. At Ramsey’s current season average of 2 shots per game, that would take him 47+ matches without a single goal.

Touch wood that never happens!


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10 away wins without a loss. What else can a win be? a slight draw?


15 wins
2 draws
1 lose since AVBs negative spiral speech after the spuds game, lets hope this spiral continues!


A flesh wound. 0 flesh wounds in 10 away games.

Bould's Eyeliner

’tis but a scratch.


1 – The number of matches lost in the last 17 games because of the cunt Anthony Taylor.


Damn that’s soooooo right. That c*nt really cost us 3 points.


Actually 2 assists by Gibbs, he assisted Ramsey too.


7am is picky with assists, and doesn’t count a pass to a player who then dribbles a ways before shooting as an assist.

You can read more here , 2nd para:


Did he really even get any assists? I mean, kicking the ball to a defender who should have cleared but ballooned the ball up allowing Theo to hit a wonder goal is now counted as an assist?

He did have two passes which resulted in an Arsenal goal but which the pass itself had something to do with the goal only because it sort of found the player he was maybe looking for.



“Away wins without a loss.”

Eh?! O.o


“Newcastle (1-1?)”

Ah. Get it.

Ashley Cole's Mobile

“74 – Minute of the latest Arsenal goal during the streak (Swansea)”. We scored in the 86th minute against Bayern


Decisive goal, I assume he means.


This is referring to opening goals.

Ashley Cole's Mobile

Ah, cool. I was being pedantic anyways. Awesome run of form.


Means the latest First goal!


he’s talking about the first goal.
in all these 10 away matches , we have always scored first.
in allianz arena, we scored first in the 3rd minute.


Also, in those 10 away wins, we’ve only conceded 4 goals (I think), of which 3 were (dodgy) penalties! 1 goal conceded from open play in 10 away wins, and that was a Darren Bent tap in whilst 3-0 up. That is absolutely amazing and completely glossed over by the club’s ‘performance’ in the newspapers over the summer holidays.

Up there with Arsene’s greatest statistics.


Last night’s penalty was awarded after Ramsey had disposessed that cunt who embarked on a swallow dive after Ramsey accidently stood on one of his hooves.
Fuck those referees, we should have a lot more clean sheets.


Giroud’s london scoring stats were only restricted to the premier league right? Giroud scored against Schalke in the group stages last season


And Bayern.


When in PL they filter their commentary with PL filters 🙂

Eddie mcgoldrick

What is ramsey smoking over at the emirates ?

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

What is Aaron Ramsey smoking?

Obviously it is 99.9999% purity Mojo extract enriched with Viagra concentrate and infused with Stem Cells!


Great stats 7am. Nice work. I appreciate your analysis which gives a nice perspective of how things are really going. Keep it up


We can make winning an instinct at The Arsenal… COYG!


I don’t really know when Arteta, Carzola, Podolski, Chambo and Diaby get back in, how it will be, so amazing right!!

Dr. Phil

Have to say I’m not sure I agree that we don’t have enough depth in the squad. OK we could do with another striker, but we have just won 6 straight games with 7 or 8 injuries and that’s because we have a strong squad.

jack jack jack

Courtesy of Mr 7am, this is a great article:

Basically, the only thing we need is another striker.


1000 – the amount of times the spurs shit their pants during the unbeatene streak.!


I’m not sure who out of Wilshere and Ramsey is going to overtake the other one, but I’ll be glad to find out, they’re amazing british prospects

jack jack jack

Ramsey is way ahead at the moment as he’s had a good solid run from the back-end of last season, through pre-season and into this one. Jack hasn’t been fully fit and is yet to find his form, but when he does the two of them will be a mouth-watering prospect.


Good game…Ramsey/Giroud were very good in particular…but Ozil was out of sorts…may be just adjusting…


I felt ozil needs to build more fitness esp if he has to work for 90 mins in this team…there is a lot of running one needs to do in an arsenal shirt…

jack jack jack

Yeah that and their players were all over him. Which in turn allowed Ramsey and Jack to make runs through the middle, so it’s not all bad. And it didn’t help that we didn’t really have an outlet on the left, when we do (Santi, Podolski) we will look much more balanced.

And Mesut didn’t have a bad game by any means. He created 2 chances and generally did some good work. The thing with him is he makes it look so easy you just don’t realise he’s done something special.

Emir of Emirates

17- number of times I went home happy after matches during the streak..

The fool of a Took

Good game to watch, O´MA was really strong and Ayew is a fantastic player. I´m really enjoying our defence at them moment, we are fucking hard to score against 🙂

Imagine having Rambo, Wilshere and Flamster running at you constantly for 90+ minutes, harassing and tackling you. And when you finally manage to get past them a BFG slides in and tackles the shit out of you. And ehen you finally avoid the BFG you need to beat a young world class keeper.


Giroud did not score. Rubbish striker, Wenger out….





Arsenal-induced Heart Attack Survivor

There are a lot fewer comments/opinions here after a win than after a defeat.


1 – Röshambo: the midfield triumvariate that is currently the envy of the PL.




3 points away from the emirates in the CL, 10 consecutive away win…
Wenger ou….
Stfu, WENGER IN!!!


The penalty that Aaron gave away was a soft penalty, but it’s exactly like what Eduardo did (hate to use the term “dive”) a few years back in the CL as well. Heck, I sure hope it happens in our favour more often!

Uzo_9ja Gooner

Classic comments all round here… *thumbs up ya’all* #COYG

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