Monday, July 15, 2024

Diary of a season: Marseille v Arsenal

A 2-1 win against Marseille followed by Hayley’s review of events in the south of France…what could be better?

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We all love other gooners but if I’m honest, this level of post match review should not be on your blog. It all seems a little awkward and a case of playing the cute card that for someone looking for some decent detailed content, is not what we’re all looking for.


You want a different level of post match review? Then go do it yourself. And then share it with us – game in, game out.

Can’t do, won’t do? Well, there’s a surprise.

As for “we’re all” … WTF? Arrogating or what?


My god, those facial features are just stunning. I’m sure it’s been said a thousand times before but I’ll say it again. Vince, you’re one handsome devil.


My god, that was dull. It’s the second one I’ve sat through, but this time I just listened and didn’t watch. Big mistake as Hayley’s face is the only good thing about this. Slow, boring and repetitive. A long career in punditry beckons.


The second one you’ve sat through? You poor dear. If only the internet had a limitless number of alternative pages to look at – say, ones with cats doing funny things or nekked ladies – then we could all be happy. Never mind. Perhaps if you force yourself against your will to watch a few more episodes of Diary of a Season and you still don’t like it, you could read a book instead?


I quite like it. I think i’d enjoy watching a match with them. getting a nice quiet drink afterward and discussing the match in a very levelheaded manner. yes indeed.


I agree.




Hey RedRob – Haley and Dad didn’t get too technical tonite, but you would be surprised by their understated knowledge of the squad and the game. They often bring a nice historical perspective as well by relating current issues and situations to those of the past. I appreciate that as I have been following Arsenal closely for only about 4 years.

It’s nice to listen to normal people sometimes.

And isn’t that Vince a looker?


How very, very boring. It was also a tad embarrassing as well. Definitely cringe worthy. We need someone lively with a good sense of humour because some performances are laughable. Past tense of course. Go the new and formidable gunners!!


Lol that has made my morning SO cheesy – brilliant


‘Aaron Ramsey will score 5’ – made me chuckle. If he scores even 1 against the Orcs I will be up in the air fist bumping screaming ‘F**k YEAH!’


I read Tim Stillman’s post on Vital Arsenal before Blogs snatched him and I also watched Hayleys match reviews before Blogs snatched them up too. He knows what I like.


An ale per chance

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