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The Wizard of Özil: by the numbers

34 – Millions in pounds sterling Arsenal have spent so far in this season (remember there’s still January to do this all over again!)
24 – Age of Mesut Özil (until October)
5 – Number of trophies Mesut Özil has in his career (UEFA U-21 European Cup, DFB-Pokal, La Liga, Copa del Rey, Supercopa de España)
1.83 – Özil height in meters
76 – Özil weight in kilos
42.5 – Millions of pounds Arsenal spent to land Özil
559,210 – Pounds per kilo of Özil
550,000 – Pounds per kilo of A colorless diamonds
Priceless – The feeling of goodwill the club has generated among most fans

49 – Starts for club and country 2009/2010
     11 – Goals
     20 – Assists
60 – Starts for club and country 2010/2011
     12 – Goals
     31 – Assists
54 – Starts for club and country 2011/2012
     13 – Goals
     26 – Assists
59 – Starts for club and country in 2012/2013
     16 – Goals
     35 – Assists (are you getting a sense that there might be a pattern?*)

222 – Total starts in the last 4 years (55.5 per season)
52 – Goals (13 per season)
112 – Assists (28 per season)

72 – League assists for Özil in the last 5 seasons, more than any other player in the top five leagues in Europe (@orbinho)
353 – Chances created from open play in that time, also tops all players in Europe (@orbinho)
92 – Key passes in la Liga last season (2nd in la Liga)
13 – Assists in la Liga last season (2nd in la Liga)
84 – Average passing  in la Liga % last season
1.3 – Crosses per game in la Liga last season
0.5 – Through balls per game in La Liga last season
33 – Dribbles successful last season (47% rate)

If we take out the international games and the cup matches and just focus on Liga and Champions League play we can compare Özil to other top creative midfielders thus:

Champions League Plus League Play Numbers
Ozil 2013 Ozil 2012 Ozil 2011 Fabregas Mata Ribery Cazorla
Minutes 2743 3364 3345 2831 3658 2957 3918
Starts 31 40 39 36 41 35 44
Goals 10 6 7 12 16 11 12
Assists 17 20 24 11 19 16 12
KP 121 134 158 50 140 105 105
KP/90 3.97 3.59 4.25 1.59 3.44 3.20 2.41

As you can clearly see, Özil is one of the most creative players in world football.  But more impressive is that he has maintained that high level for four years staying consistently in the top of both leagues for assists and chances created.

The one place where people say Özil needs to improve is shooting but at Real Madrid he didn’t get many shots because he was too busy creating for others: Özil took exactly 100 shots for Real Madrid in league play and scored 19 goals. That’s 33 shots per season and just 6 goals for an average of 5.5 shots per goal and a finishing rate of 18%. It’s really not that bad at all.

Consider as comparison, Cazorla took 115 shots for Arsenal in the League last year and scored just 12 goals. That’s an average of 9.5 shots per goal and a finishing rate of just 10%. Cazorla’s finishing rate was low because he took a lot of speculative shots from distance last season and it will be interesting to see how the two of them play together.

Arsenal took 597 shots in League play last year. Cazorla created 96 shots for others and took 115 shots for himself.  That’s a whopping 35% of Arsenal’s offensive output from just one player. Giroud was second on the team with 107 shots and 34 key passes, accounting for 24% of Arsenal’s shots and Walcott had 87 shots and 35 key passes, or 21% of Arsenal’s totals.

Özil’s career up until now shows a player who is not selfish with shots and would rather create for others, so what we should hope for is a situation like Chelsea with Mata and Hazard who combined for 160 key passes and 133 shots (47% of Chelsea’s output). Between Özil and Cazorla I think there is a very strong probability of seeing exactly those kinds of numbers — both international superstars running the Arsenal offense at the same time and getting each other shots, getting Giroud shots, and getting Theo shots.

Cazorla + Özil…  Cazozil? Özorla? Lizorla? Whatever we call it, it’s a mouthwatering prospect that.


*Assists data is all over the map. Some places count every last pass as an assist, some places count drawing a foul in the box as an assist, etc. I used ESPN, mostly because I always have.

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Manic Miner

still can’t quite believe it. well happy!


Forgot 153: Writing this under the first comment so every gunner can see. Please type ( alt + 153) and see

good assassin

Alt + 153 = Ö. Well played, sir.


Alt+0214 if you’re using Windows.


Do you how to do it on a mac?


haha funny Ronaldo ahahh


A world class move made possible by two men: Arsene Wenger and Daniel Levy!


Let’s not forget boyhood Arsenal fan Gareth Bale, who made all this possible.

Strange, now that he’s left Spurs, I’ve really started to like him…


Such a disappointment.. as an Arsenal fan, i have turned on my computer every single day to check for a new signing for over a hundred and something days since the summer started. and what we finally get is one player… which we don’t actually need. we really need a striker who processes control and speed, and can find the right space and timing like our former captain van persie. Giroud has scored many goals this season , but he has waste many possible one on one chances in every single game that he played. and the biggest question is… Read more »


You are an idiot with a weird misplaced sense of entitlement.


I— oh, what’s the point. Go fuck off to the pub and cry in a corner and leave the rest of us to celebrate a fantastic signing.

(I’ll just respond to one thing- you think van persie never misses? Maybe you should watch the ManU-Liverpool game. He was shit and couldn’t find the target at all.)


Cheer up, we just signed one of the world’s best players. We’ve enough attacking players (if fit) to change up the shape of the team if things aren’t going well. What we needed was a new centre half. If we are in desperate need for one because of injury I’m sure we’ll get one in January or on loan.


Bendtner can be a deputy, apart from his ego, he has a good heading capability as well as sense.Who can tell, Sanogo may become a legend. Keep Faith. Trust Wenger. He is a legend!! Not everyone has this manager , We are lucky!!


@Jasondng The Suarez signing didn’t happen but it wasn’t for Wenger’s lack of effort. In fact I’m fucking bananas Wenger didn’t sign an average forward.

And, Ozil is among the best attacking players in the world and he improves our quality immensely, it’s really a no-brainer.


Van Persie misses plenty of one-on-ones.

Gervinho doesn’t fit your very own description of the striker we need.

Viviano is well-capped and played the last season with Fiorentina who weren’t relegated and we need three keepers anyway (everyone has three!)

See, easy enough to stay concise with fewer words.


@jash Completely agree with you. If Bendtner can change his attitude, he can be a good backup to Giroud.
Sanogo might become a legend, but he is not ready yet. I think Bendter with a different attitude is the best 3rd choice forward(after Giroud and Poldi) we have atm.


I’m over the moon with the Ozil signing, but can’t help but feel we should have done more to sign a striker. As it is, Giroud is our only out-and-out striker capable of succeeding in the Premier League. What happens if he gets injured? It would be a crying shame after signing one of the world’s very best assist players only to lack a finisher to put them away. Yes, I believe in Giroud, but also, yes, I think it’s wishful thinking to imagine he’ll be fit and rested to play every single game this season.


…and I should add that’s my only concern (the striking department). In fact, though I know many Gooners were crying out for a defensive midfielder and a defender, I do think we’re sorted in these departments. Few teams can boast someone of Vermaelen’s talents as their third-choice CB, and with Sagna, we’ve got a very capable CB deputy as well. As for DM, Arteta will be back, and in the meantime, we have Flamini (who is also full-back cover) who, in the NLD at least, showed signs that he’s picked up where he left off. So excited by Ozil, but… Read more »

Chris J

Jasondng, I would suggest that you watch a few games rather than adhering to media stereotypes of our key ‘needs’. Yes only having one quality striker is a worry but we desperately needed another playmaker to ease the burden on Cazorla, and Ozil is close to the best going around. The biggest issue last year was the lack of playmaking with two inside forwards/support strikers (Podolski and Walcott). Allowing Cazorla to shift to the left and Ozil to play in the middle is huge, much more crucial than signing… who exactly? Giroud and Walcott is a fine striker/support striker pair.… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

This is a troll post copy-and-pasted all over Arseblog. No idea who the bugger is, but I don’t believe he is an Arsenal fan or a moment.


Trolol copypasta?


w’eve just got the best number 10 alive, and your still moaning? have a ord with yourself or piss off


Your village called Jason. They actually don’t want you back.


All that needed was some pretentious references to wine/music and I could’ve sworn you were Myles Palmer.


The more I think about how this all turned out, the more I love it. I mean, didn’t Sp*rs fancy Ozil? Or Manure? Or Madrid? Well that’s ok. Arguably the best German international is a GUNNER!


Still pinching myself. Always thought Ozil was one of the best players in the game, and can’t believe we got him. He’s also a consummate professional on the pitch, very well disciplined, and very, very even keeled.


And if are in top 3 till jan, we can buy 1 more world class player in jan with 40m we still have and win the title!! COYG!!!

Dave Gooner

This is a sensational signing. Nothing less. Mesut Ozil is a model professional of world class, and this is a Tier One signing unmatched in this transfer window, make no mistake. And there is actually no way on earth Ozil would have signed for a Tier 2 club like Tottenham, he is – quite literally – out of their league. As, I might add, are we. Indeed, whether he would have even considered Moyes at JamU is also a significant doubt. That is a team in serious danger of losing its place at the top of the EPL. Under Moyes,… Read more »


Per and Wenger instrumental in signing Ozil. Two individuals who wouldn’t be at Arsenal if many had their wish…sigh!

Arsene Nose

I’d probably crash this site if I write how I really feel about this signing.. Good job Arsene


what i dont understand is that why did madrid sell him?? i mean, he has been such a prolific player for the last four years… ronaldo must have gotten at least half his goals because ozil created them… yes, we offered 42 million but is that really a reson for madrid to sell one of their most creative players??


To spite hard bargainer, uber-businessman, transfer rockstar and the ultimate mastermind of all time, Daniel Levy 😉


Nobody understands it, especially not the Real Madrid fans. They are furious about this sale and were singing his name at Bale’s presentation! Florentino Perez had to shush them, that’s hilarious. Take a look.. I don’t know if this site is also in English though.


Thanks for the link. The website was spanish, but chrome translated it into english.


and i am beginning to think that madrid sold ozil becasue maybe they don’t need him anymore, i mean they just bought bale, so probably they are changing theier style style football… i mean, they have already got a great skillful striker in benzema and with bale and ronaldo on either sid of him, both of whom are fast players with a dribbling, passing , crossing and finishing abilities… ozil used to create chances for them by splitting open the oppsition defence by clever passes… maybe now they will rely more on individual dribbling, very quck counterattack and clinical finshing…


probably looked at ffp and thought, IF that does stick and we dont move some serious money we risk a serious shafting


Its so good, it’s Stupendous!!!


his finishing rate is 19%, not 18.

Gooner Splat T Spuds

Or was it 19% of the story?


fucking get in still cannot believe it . unbelievable signing


What I love about Arsenal is even when they splash out big, they do it with such class


0 – dives to end an unbeaten run
0 – players bitten

i fucking hate madrid but have always loved özil due to his pure class, couldn’t be happier with any individual signing, he belongs with us


I agree, I feel as though this deal still falls in line with our principles. Buying one of the World’s best rather than chucking £30m at a player who has spent most of his career in Ukraine (I’m not suggesting that Willian will flop).

Andy Mack

Willian is certainly not a flop, but he is a real mercenary.
He’ll go where the money is best over where the football is best.

Penis = hard.


As an american, I find this analogy repulsive. But on a day like this with this Ozil signing, it’s a thumbs up!


…what does being a Yank have to do with anything? Making us look like tools…

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Repulsed by a hard penis, but happy to perform the unnatural act known as “thumbs up”. Americans are so kinky 🙂


is it because God was an American, yet your impulse as an Americans is to give good news a good thumbs-upping?


Correction: God is Dutch (not The Skunk…)


Assist = Viagra

rj gooner

I cant sleep! Too excited to read the morning paper! I have work in 5 hours

oh shit!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

If they know you support Arsenal they will understand.

rj gooner

And still smiling on my way to work! Todays going to be a great day!


I’m wetting myself already!! Giroud or Podolski with Cazorla, Ozil, and Walcott supporting behind them. With a midfield base of any combo between Arteta, Ramsey, Wilshere, Flamini and Diaby (I know, I know). That is a fearsome line up. With that midfield heck it’d even be possible for Sanogo to snatch a few goals (maybe even why Wenger can live without a back up striker), remember a certain Togo striker who can’t hit a barn door? Well he had 30 goals in one season when supported by Cesc. We all know it was mostly Cesc though, the guy’s shit as… Read more »

jack jack jack

You forgot Rosicky! Never forget Rosicky.

renaissance rosicky

Indeed, words well chosen.

Never forget Rosicky. Ever.




Never forget Daniel Levy either. He made all this possible. Closet Gooner, methinks.


Never Forget Rosicky =NFR


We don’t even need a striker anymore. We actually can dribble the ball into the net now.


‘The thing about Arsenal is, they always try and walk it in.’

Well maybe now we can!

Andy Mack

Hopefully Afobe can step up as well.


Ozil = HUGE signing

and lets not forget

Flamini also = HUGE signing

Arsene, I am sorry I doubted you


Yes, every doubting Thomas eat the humble pie and apologize to Arsene 🙂


this humble pie would be a lot easier to swallow if Niklas Bendtner wasn’t our backup striker


Sanogo’s our backup. Bendtner is backup to our backup – TGBUTEL?


Innumerable- the number of Madridistas bitching on Madrid’s facebook about him leaving 😀


Is incredible that they sold him, to anyone. I mean, Di Maria/ Benzema/ Higuain- ok. But Mesut fecking Özil? He (was) probably their best player after Ronaldo! I don’t think you could legitimately even pull this transfer off on Football Manager.


hey, what do you expect from a club that agreed to pay 86 million for bale?


Isco deal shouldn’t be underestimated in playing a role either. If he’d gone elsewhere (City bid for him too), no way they’d have sold Mesut Özil. We might have gotten Di Maria, who isn’t in the same league at all in my opinion. Özil really is ‘top, top’…


Madrid deserve whatever they get when they elected Florentino Perez.

Just glad we are the beneficiaries!


Yeah, indeed it’s incredible. Thanks to Sp* rs! More grease to their elbow 🙂


2 days ago, when someone posted a comment about Ozil to Arsenal in this site, my reply was ‘Is that even possible?’
How wrong I was?


Yeah, their loss is our gain. Hahaha!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Took them three hours after telling their fans he’d gone before they got round to taking him off their cover photo. They are kicking up a fuss over there. They sound like we did four days ago. We found a solution in Özil. Obviously Bale isn’t seen as the solution to them losing Özil. If they end up believing that their team has sacrificed Özil to get Bale then I think they will be a lot of very unhappy chappies and they may never take to Bale. I like how this could turn out… Bale is too expensive to sell,… Read more »


Gareth Bale repents and becomes Gooner.


It’s magic!
At Arsenal Özil has the chance to be THE Star, he can become the second coming of your lord and saviour Sir Dennis. I’m sure he’s going to relish this.

jone thomas

Great buy by Wenger,really explains what he meant by “special” player I mean compared Ozil>capoue+lamela+chadli+and that other cunt sp*rs bought,though I feel we should have got Ba or someone,because if Giroud gets knackered we’re light in that dept.


There’s always January


True, true…

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I don’t remember us buying him. Who did we get him from?


There’s always January and £30m of the transfer fund available

Gooner Splat T Spuds

30Mil Plus 25Mil for securing group stage champions leage which will be in by then.

And then there’s all the gold bars in Wenger’s dusty disused wine cellar plus all the cold hard cash in his fridge and in his mattress…

Andy Mack

And in January if some of the bigger teams look like they’ll be out of the CL in the group stages, their players may be more receptive to a move.


There’s always Podolski, I guess. So long as Giroud doesn’t get injured before Poldi comes back, that is.

With Ozil in the attacking mid position and Flamini-Ramsey behind him, Cazorla will probably play most games on the left wing, leaving Podolski as an alternate striker.


What about Wallcott as a striker supplied by Ozil’s killer passes?
With Ozil in the team Wenger can play the tea lady up front and she’d bang in a few.
Ozil can make anybody look good.


We also have TGSEL. Its not a bad thing that he’s stuck around in my opinion. Lets be honest, the guy can score a goal in the premier league. He proved that with us and Sunderland.

He may not be the greatest striker that ever lived, but he’s certainly not the worst either. Sanogo seems way off the pace at the moment and i would much rather see Bendtner on the bench at this point in time. Lets face it, We are stuck with him till January, we might as well get behind the lad!


After a deal like this, I have no further comment on TGSTEL 😉

Andy Mack

Sanogo (like Afobe) is still only 20.
They need some playing time but they’ll only get better (injuries allowing).


Or we can play the Barc formation 4-6-0.
Or Theo can get his “dream” gig in the front. 😉

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Monreal at Left Back, put Gibbs up front. Better first touch than TGSTEL.

Andy Mack

A very good idea!

Still Miss Cesc

What happens to Ramsay in the above equations? And Wilshere? Lots of midfielders with talent- best in BPL I would argue. Maybe we could field a team with 11 midfielders then we would not have to worry about goalies and strikers or centre backs. Barcelona has been moving in this direction for a few years now and it seems to work for them.


They still play in a 50+ game season, but we now have options. We don’t have to run Jack into the ground or worry about Arteta’s fitness every time he gets kicked.

Dick Swiveller

They’re both covering the deeper two midfielders as well though, our midfield is one almighty triple Venn diagram.


How da f*** did we get this super transfer, so happy, I’m having potatoes for breakfast tomorrow, before they get bad (oh wait)

jack jack jack

Let’s be honest, we eat Spuds for breakfast every day of the week.


Was it only 34 million pounds? Most are suggesting 50million euros? I couldnt care less to be honest!!

Did we also keep TGSTEL around? not to sound like a dick, but i would honestly rather play him up front than Sanogo this season if hes still here. I dont care about anyones past, once they pull on that red & white jersey i will back them whole heartedly!


I think that’s the total after Mannone, 5Head and whathisface’s transfers were totalled
42.4 – deadwood = 34m

Maths was never my strÖng pÖint but whÖ gives a fuck!! WÖÖ


Yeah, now come to think of it he does look like a TGSTEL 🙂


Bendtner does…


income +10 expenditure 42.5 plus wages saved minus wages for Özil gives us about 34mill spend, a tremendous signing and as ever Arsene our french genius has our bank balance in the back of his mind, offer the man a new contract now


Wow! OZIl! Looking forward to Ozorla. We are already a possesion team, now more top craft to our attack. Loving the feel.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla


nah, probably not.


Would rather Djourou stayed in defence


Nothing special, and won’t win Arsenal the league, way to weak in other areas, 42m panic buy!!

Jamerican guy

trinidad shut the fuck up! thank you


Which areas? Serious question.

Our finish last season was characterised by a strong defence and much less offensive penetration as far as I remember. Ozil fits in well, especially in our counter-attacks.

Sure, we could’ve strengthen other areas, but to be honest, I’ve felt throughout the summer that we’re doing ok but need reinforcements on the front three.


If you want an example of panic buying you should go up North. ManU soared from the lofty heights of Cesc to the relative lows of Fellaini. But to deal with your specific allegation of our weaknesses, you should expand you mind beyond the tripe trotted out but Hansen, Shearer, et al. We had the second best defence in the Prem. We were the only team to beat Bayern at home. We’re not perfect, but far from weak. We have to remember that in the weeks to come, we will have many players back – Arteta, Vermaelen, Ox, Poldi, etc.… Read more »




Ill go with özorla


How did you miss



That is brilliant. Presenting: Olivicott Cozilla, The bigger, badass brother of Theo Vanasrigas.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

CÖDZILLA – Not only does the names, but describes the eyes too.

Anybody noticed that Wenger has given up buying pretty players?


Explain our Olivier then.


I’m a happy gooner. that is all I can say.

AIK Stockholm

Three world class germans is a good start for this new era. Watch out England!

Randy Pan the Arsenal Fan

By collecting the best German and English talent into a single all-conquering team Wenger is seeking to sow harmony where there is discord.

He doesn’t like football really, he’s just in it for the world peace…


One immense signing to tramp all of sp*rs’ I dare say. we have spent more money on a single player than manu or citeh have. can’t touch this.


I was getting a little frantic or worried regarding the delayed announcement. Here in Chicago the family and I every year spend this labour day holiday on a museum crawl. I was scolded by my American wife frequently for checking my phone, and some exhibits require phones to be off.


Now with a lot of mid fielders , Will a 4-5-1 be good? What are your opinions on this?


Daft Aider

Bendtner is only fit to serve the rest of the team at lunchtime,
even then that’s too close to the first team for my liking…………


My opinion is please don’t use all-caps. It’s awful.


ozil/flamini hahahahaa

Richter Scale Madness



Man utd, bought a microphone off dell boy, don’t think it will work, only fools


Wow! What a steal for 42.5 million with the assist stats. Giroud and Podolski welcome your new and natural goal provider to help smash your goal records. Well done Wenger!!!


Ozil is a world class player, probably top three in the premier league. Awesome signing by Wenger, full credit needs to be given and those who said he’s not willing to splash some cash need to eat their words.

However, I’m still worried that we have not got any cover for Giroud, and that we are susceptible to injury at the back. I’m not sure we have the depth to compete in all four competitions, but I suppose time will tell.


Gooner Forever

He also has more nutmegs per season than any other player in the history of football.

Daft Aider

What’s he like with cinnamon then?


Eh, allspiced out.


I believe he does them all the Thyme.

Randy Pan the Arsenal Fan

And Wenger is a footballing sage


And he does them all so gingerly.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

He’s a tarragon of virtue too.

Oops, I lose the herb fest

Dick Law

It’s a sage signing.

Daft Aider

Most excited I have been about a player since DB10, Sol or Overmars, no idea what formation we’ll be playing when Giroud gets burned out though :/


We will probably be training Theo and/or Poldi to get better at playing off the shoulder of the defenders (heck we trained RVP to do that), maybe have both of them doing that with Poldi central. And we will now have 2 players who can play the through ball into the space really well. Our need for a big striking option is only because to add variety we lump the ball up from the keeper to bypass the opponent midfield so that our midfielders dont get predictable and get caught trying to bring the ball out. But if we have… Read more »


Theo can score bags full of goals now.
New teamtalk in the changeroom for premiership teams as they prepare to face The Arsenal….”now remember to backpedal towards our own goal like we’ve practiced all week…”


I also have a feeling Akpom might show a leap in his development in the 2nd half of the season. He seems to have a few concepts right in his mind, needs better presence, confidence and work rate.


Agree, I think Akpom looks better than Sanogo at present. He scores goals…


Sanogo is a kid. He is playing as a sub only because at the moment the way we play we need a tall presence at the attack side of the field. Any output from him in next 1-1.5 years will be an unexpected bonus at the moment. I also think he was very nervous/timid when he came on, he is better than what he showed on the pitch.

Daft Aider

With Cazorla and Ozil in the team it’ll be a good opportunity for Akpom and Sanogo that’s the silver lining I guess

The Alsacien

I am a bit worried about Sanogo I must say.

I watched the u20 FIFA Wold Cup and I must say, he was quite clumsy on the ball (even though he scored a few goals).

Pogba, Kondogbia, Thauvin, and Bahebeck were all miles ahead of him.

But I’ll gladly be proven wrong with time.

Gunner FTW

Cazilla! (Godzilla)


Maybe i am just nostalgic(and buzzing about Meza) but it feels like when we signed Dennis. At a big club before but not going any further , comes to us at the time, with a solid enough 11 with discipline n all that,decent, but added that bit of class and composure to the mix.Getting 97/98 ‘won it out of nowhere vibes’..
Who’s knows


It’s been a great week for arsenal, super signing. I wish we bought Shane long though especially for 5 million quid. We wouldn’t want to buy a world class striker because that might affect Giroud. But I always felt like we need a mobile striker to switch things up especially to get on the end of those hot knife through butter through balls. But I am still very happy. I feel like we have a bunch of winners now and hopefully this group can finally believe how good they are and compete with the very best in champions league. They… Read more »


After a great signing and spending mils for it, I am calling truce on all Wenger abuse. One Love Gooners!

Cazorla, Wilshere, Ozil, Arteta, Walcott, Flamini, Ramsey, Chamberlain, Rosicky.


Seriously, Flamini is the masterstroke. He’s done it before and almost won the league because of his contribution with CESC, WHO’S TO SAY THIS CAN’T HAPPEN WITH OZIL??? I still think CESC is the best but OZIL is same calibre and slightly different of course. Arteta in the mix with Cazorla, Ramsay and Walcott is frightening.


Ozil is a better player than Cesc. Yep, I said it.


Wot a farking coup

This would’ve been unthinkable to me two days ago. I would’ve told you to put down the FIFA


Holding me hands up… I apologise Mr Wenger for calling you all sorts of horrible names. I’m very very sorry.


Now who said Wenger’s contact should not be renewed…AST? Gazidis please sign him up pronto with alacrity! What are you waiting for 🙂


Welcome back Bendtner. Just like the prodigal son, I miss you pants down


Well done wenger. Good call!!!

Phil Rossiter

Awesome signing for Arsenal! Ozil’s signing will pay dividends on-and-off the pitch. His stats speak for themselves, but it’s in future transfer windows where his value comes through. What forward wouldn’t like to be on the receiving end of one of Mesut’s laser-like passes?

Randy Pan the Arsenal Fan

And let’s not forget the boost it will give a squad of players who have been very verbally vrying out for top quailty signings all summer.

Ozil will give us an extra 5% all across the park.

Higuain's Biological Father

Wenger haters, Eat This !


Looking forward for the next game! COYG!


With this fantastic deal for Ozil, even TGSTEL will benefit from the largesse of Ozil if he’s willing to drop his ego and shit and play


Seems like Wenger has found his mojo again to challenge for titles after 8 fucking years in the fucking wilderness. Hurray!!!


Almost tears of joy.


Ozil Gummidge

Keeping my fingers crossed that the International break doesn’t see him picking up a knock. What a signing. Sorry for doubting you Le Boss.


what a name, take a bow


Cazozil Ramshere


Yipee kaye M #f%& 8+# %. R

Randy Pan the Arsenal Fan

Yipee Kaye?

I believe he was involved in a swap deal with Abdoulaye Faye and Stephane M’Baye.

You may be on the wrong blog… :-p


Fantastic signing. Ozil is incredible — I do wonder, however, if the lad needs to bulk up a bit. He’s quite slender and I wonder how he’ll do up against a Fellaini or Essien.

Chris J

He’s not tall, but he’s built like a tank. Will be fine.


6’0 or 183cm is hardly short.