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Wenger hails ‘top quality’ Ozil

Arsene Wenger has spoken of his admiration for Mesut Ozil after capturing the German international from Real Madrid in a club-record deal.

Revealing that he has kept tabs on the 24-year-old midfielder for quite some time, the boss also took the opportunity to pay tribute to the team of negotiators who’ve worked on the club’s first and only major deal of the summer.

“We are extremely pleased to have signed Mesut Ozil,” the boss told

“He is a great player, with proven quality at both club and international level. We have watched and admired him for some time as he has all the attributes I look for in an Arsenal player.

“I have said throughout the summer that we have been working hard to bring in top quality players to this football club. This has involved many many people across the Club and I have always had the full support of the Club in making decisions on the football side.

“Mesut is a top quality footballer who will be a fantastic addition to our talented squad. We are all looking forward to him joining up with us after his international matches with Germany and working with us as an Arsenal player.”

Speaking from Germany where he is on international duty, Ozil spoke excitedly about embarking on a new chapter of his career at the Emirates.

“I am thrilled to be joining a club of the stature of Arsenal and am looking forward to playing in the Premier League. It will be great for my own personal development as a player and I am particularly looking forward to working with Arsène Wenger.

“From our negotiations it is clear the Club has huge ambition and I look forward to being part of an exciting future.”
Rather oddly, Ivan Gazidis, rather than let the signing speak for itself, also felt the need to use confirmation of the deal as the moment to offer support to chairman Stan Kroenke’s ‘vision’ for the club.

Speaking with a tone that can be described as defensively bullish, the CEO stated:

“This is an exciting day for all of us. We have signed a world-class player who is one of Europe’s brightest young talents.

“Mr Kroenke, our controlling owner, has always fully supported Arsène and the Club in making significant investments to strengthen our squad and to bring in talented players who fit our style and ambitions.

“Like all of us, Mr Kroenke wants to see Arsenal winning titles and trophies and he has absolute faith and belief in our manager to achieve that. We will continue to work towards that goal and look forward to an exciting season.”

Özil will wear the number 11 shirt.

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devil's advocate

The best midfield in the league? Before it was questionable, now it’s certain.

Sir Balls

Three and a half months we have been waiting and thats it ? One fucking signing in three and a half fucking months. £42.4 million on a attacking midfielder which we dont need. Where is the world class striker, world class defensive midfielder, world class central defender and world class goalkeeper we need ?. £180 million in the bank and your net spend is £32 million. Wenger you are a fucking con man, you are only interested in your fucking precious 4th place trophy. Wenger you have failed us for the last time, now fuck off you fucking loser. I… Read more »


I want to be the first to thumb you down you dumbfuck


Get out of here. You are not even a gooner



Sir balls, do one!

Yes still needed a striker but mou was being all cuntish about it. dangling him infront of us then refusing in the last possible moment, leaving us with little time to get an alternative. I fucking despise MOURINHO, not a good guy to do business with and I hope clubs realise that in the future.

Oh and finally, we signed mesut fucking ozil!!!!!!


Such a disappointment.. as an Arsenal fan, i have turned on my computer every single day to check for a new signing for over a hundred and something days since the summer started. and what we finally get is one player… which we don’t actually need. we really need a striker who processes control and speed, and can find the right space and timing like our former captain van persie. Giroud has scored many goals this season , but he has waste many possible one on one chances in every single game that he played. and the biggest question is… Read more »


@goonerdal, spot on, man, I cannot express how much of a cunt that Mourinho is. The anti-football player-hoarding fuck has the gumption to try and suggest that its regressive for Manchester United to hold back Rooney because the concept of ‘title rivals’ is outdated and then refuses to LOAN his FOURTH choice central striker (and they only play one). Perversely, I’m so, so happy, because that cunt loaning to Everton and not to us means he’s gotten the shits worse than Wilshere on Sunday about our chances this season. Fucking hypocunt. I’m sorry, sorry, this is a happy thread…. BEHOLD… Read more »

Kieran C

Alright scrooge fucking relax.

Good Omens

Only here to troll, you know that – whatever happened today Sir Balls would be here giving us his vitriolic nonsense.

Petit's Handbag

Sir Balls, you say we….nominative plural of I.
Your name is silly, you talk silly and you chase pigeons in Trafalgar Square in your spare time

Archway Kid


jack jack jack

Right, because Ozil shows 4th place ambition.

If you knew anything, one fucking iota, about football, you would know how unbelievably stupid your comment is.


@jack jack jack – aside from the obvious of Ozil easily being one of the best players in the world, this is a great advertisement for other stars to come to Arsenal. I always felt we just needed to sign one to get the others coming. Other players will now see the ambition and look to join. Great signing and I’m sure a CF will come in January as a result. COYG


When are you not fucking furious? Calm down, you’ll give yourself an ulcer


Over the top complaint but I agree with the sentiments.

I would’ve preferred a striker, dm, winger and keeper.


Striker: Sangogo
DM: Flamini
Winger: Ozil
Keeper: Viviano

Hooray, everybody can be happy now!


We got a dm (Flamini), we got a keeper (Viviano) – not sure we needed a winger – a striker would have been nice. But also,


Bould's Eyeliner

Do we really need a striker with Ozil in the balance? with Ozil playing #11, Cazorla on the left wing – all of a sudden, Podolski is free to play in the center, which he can most certainly do, especially with the likes of Ozil feeding him. Walcott plays a similar role to Ronaldo at RM so hopefully Ozil and him strike up a fairly quick partnership, etc.

Either way – as the strategy columnist writes, the plan seems to be coming together. Incredibly exciting!


Give it up. If you’re that livid don’t come to the games. We can find a fan who appreciates the club to fill your seat.

Up the Gunners!

DL Gooner

Vorsprung durch technik!

Welcome to the Arsenal and let the demolition begin!


davidnz says:

September 2, 2013 at 11:50 pm

Sir Ball is absolutely on the mark if people just calm down and look at the facts and forget the hype. I too thought all season Arsenal was chasing a world class centre half and a world class striker. Our world class centre half is Flamini on a free and the world class striker is Bendtner on a free. Now we make a late trolley dash for a 40 mill Real Madrid cast off even though we are flush with midfielders. Erm?

Teri Maa Dhi

We could have done with another striker but what Ozil’s signing has done has added goals and potency to the team so maybe it is a better signing then a striker. A player who can score and create- best stars for assists in europe- assisters are revered over here at the Emirates. Giroud will be great this season and for the last few years we have played with one striker anyway pretty much – or rather relied on one. Now we have a striker to rely on, one of the worlds best midfielders to rely and another in Santi and… Read more »

rj gooner

Sir balls is NEVER on the mark! He’s a trolling fucker who sits there refreshing the arseblog news page looking to get an early “bullshit” comment on here to annoy and piss off the majority of arsenal fans! i agree with you about we could of done with a centre half but look at the ones who have moved clubs this summer… None of them would of improved on what we have in the excellent kos and per. and in regards to the world class striker i agree that Arsene missed a trick with higuain but looking at Giroud i… Read more »


how old are you? 2? 3?
or are you upset that your penis bears a resemblance
in size to a child of this age group?

rj gooner

@alex is this meant as a reply to my comment? If u had been reading the blogs on here for as long as most of us have then u will know that “sir” balls is a bridge dweller!

I refuse to even reveal your comment because it was hidden for thumbs down. I’ve seen you, like a bumbling elephant, wade into a green room full of thumbs up and just generate a sea of negativity. You are a magnet for negativity. I think you need help, Balls.


I thought you’ve killed yourself, Balls

Dave Gooner

Use your head bozo – you think maybe having a player like Ozil on board will attract the top strikers too in time? This isn’t just an astonishing signing, it is a statement.

Make no mistake, this is a game changing signing for Arsenal, and Mesut Ozil is a Tier One professional of genuinely world class.

I am elated, and gobsmacked at the same time. Just…well done everyone.



*Sir balls = this asshole is actually spuds fan who’s just pretending to be a gooner, how pathetic is he?


Ozil to Arsenal one signing to tramp all of sp*rs’ 6!!! quality over quantity they said…. major props to Arsene. heard he was heavily involved.

P/s sir balls, not the fucking time mate!


Search for ‘arsenal’ in google, and guess the first thing that pops up?

Arsenal 1 – 0 Sp*rs!

And its going to be there for two weeks until after the interlull!




TexGun E5

Best midfield in Europe, soon. Santi, Lil Mozart, Ramsey, Wilshere, Arteta, Ox, Flamini, and now Ozil. Damn. I must be dreaming. Watch out Barcelona.


Best bit is reading the Spurs forums. They’re livid that we’ve signed Ozil – think that they should have included him in the Bale transfer. As if he’d want to go to them.


HIP HIP HIP HURRRRRRRRAY…welcome to arsenal (mozart) ozil….world class signing at last, plus our existing world class players means trophy times again in the Emirates……..fuck all these negativity shit!….to all the haters, check the stats, we true gooners are happy because we know that maestro Ozil can make even Bendtner (aka greatest striker in the world) look classy!


No disrespect but there’s only one mozart: Rosicky.

Cheers mate.

Tom J



I love you Arséne

jack jack jack

To the whingers and moaners, the doubters and the abusers, I forgive you. While I would love to have you all wear Spuds shirt to all our home games, holding signs saying “Arsene Knows; I Didn’t” in a ritual of public humiliation, I would rather welcome you all back in to the fold and encourage all of us to get behind the club like never before.

And to the big wigs and the fat cats of world football, watch your back. The Arse are fucking coming for yer.

Double Canister

No forgiveness Jack jack jack, they are a cancer.
Genuine critique of the club and AW is necessary, if only to check that they do the right thing now and again, but we have some professional naysayers around here.


I would like to personally thank the Spurs for selling their best player to the RM, so we can land Mesut Ozil.

Now have a great season, Spurs fans. Soldado is not worth anything close to whatever you paid for him. He won’t score another goal unless it’a another penalty kick.

Teri Maa Dhi

And to think we would have taken Soldado at one point if us fans had our way- purely because were stressed and wanted anything but credit to Wenger for waiting and the foresight to know Madrid would need to sell and for convincing the player to sign, which Ozil alluded to in his statement. A striker, a very attacking midfielder , a very ferocious mature midfielder and an experienced Keeper not a bad window. Even Wenger would privately admit that he wanted ( maybe could have) done more but then he looks at United and does that smirk of his.… Read more »


Incredible signing. Absolutely incredible.

Wenger's Waterbottle

It might be hard to watch Arsenal now…….with such a huge, throbbing erection.


Seriously though, Ozil, Cazorla, Wilshere, Walcott, Ramsey, Rosicky, Oxlade, Podolski.
Pass me a towel.


Arteta & Flamini – Add another towel. You’ll sure need it.



Good Omens

Stops weeping and places my finger nails back on the tips of my masticated fingers…oh happy days.


Horst Hrubesch once said, “We in Germany are prone to rave about foreign players. We praise Wayne Rooney to the heavens, likewise Ronaldo or Messi. But we have our own Messi. Our Messi is Özil.” José Mourinho says, “Ozil is unique. There is no copy of him – not even a bad copy.” José Mourinho also stated that, “He is the best number 10 in the world. Everyone loves him and sees a bit of Luis Figo and Zinedine Zidane in him. Ruud Gullit labelled German Özil as a “technically perfect” player who has “total control of the ball” and… Read more »

Teri Maa Dhi

What an orgasm inducing post…

This is how you want to feel after the transfer window.

Real gave us him because they wanted to buy a talking monkey. Well talking monkeys are rare so they should cost money.

Thank you Real for being stupid.

50 Shades of Gandalf the Grey

Willkommen zu Arsenal


Holy shitwagon we signed Ozil. Keep Giroud, Kos, Mert and Aaron/Mikel fit and we have a core that can do something fucking swell (oh, and with a touch of Santi from the wing…)

Wish we signed some defensive players but fuck it, we have Ozil.


That’s not a bad transfer window. We got a defensive midfielder, an experienced keeper to challenge Sczezney, and one of the best creative players on the planet. I would’ve liked a striker and a defender too but fuck me, Ozil. Wenger delivered. That little smile was vindicated!


Oh and we didn’t sell anyone we didn’t want rid of. Last summer was us touching bottom guys, I smell ambition in the air!

Manic Miner

My faith in Wenger is restored


Mine was never shaken!

I Love my Arse

Mine was never shaken too.


Top, top, TÖP quality.


Somebody needs to update

Teri Maa Dhi

Mate Kiddleton

Ozil, Wilshere, Cazorla, Rosicky, Ramsey, Arteta – DAT MIDFIELD


Flamini!!! He put in a shift against the Spuds


* +Flamini




Fucking yes! Plus we smashed the record against liverfool, man shitty, mancUnts and twattenham on a single player! 42.4Mil he’s a bargain! AW you Cheeky frenchmen, i just wanna pinch your cheeks!!!! COYG!!!!!


I cannot believe this! After quite possibly the worst summer transfer window ever, Wenger pulls out this gem. We should all be ashamed for having ever doubted him. I would say with one decent defender signing we will have the quality and depth to challenge for the title. Extremely excited to see Ozil in action and watch the gunners play this season. I expect big things from the arsenal this season. Can’t wait!!!


I’m over the moon about this signing, yet I still doubt Wenger. One signing in the area which this team was strongest. We needed signings all over the team. Let’s hope we’re lucky and don’t get too many injuries and that none of our players experience a drop in form because on the bench we’ve got teenagers and Bendtner. Bendtner for fucks sake. Our first 11 can beat anyone, but I don’t think our squad has the depth to go the distance. We had all summer and tons of resources, while Ozil is a top, top, top signing it does… Read more »

Good Omens

I think your right neutral, I honestly think we needed a couple more, we are a bit short at this moment of having a very strong ‘squad’. I do moreover like your approach at saying your a bit down about the wider scope of things, unlike that angry sensationalist ‘Sir Balls’, stick to your opinion, most are worthy.
That said, we have to smile at Ozil hey 🙂


While logic would say the right thing to do was to buy a few good players in each area of the pitch, Barcelona have shown that having an amazing attacking midfield alone can achieve great things. We probably now have the most dynamic and interchangeable midfield in the league when all are fit. Many of the players in the squad are also very versatile so can cover for each other and reduce the effects of injuries. Only concern is who will cover for Giroud if he gets injured.


Put walcott up top and tell him to wait for the through balls. With Ozil, Rosicky, Cazorla (and 2 of Ramsey/Wilshere/Arteta) behind we don’t need a target man when we can pass around and through any midfield and defense.

jack jack jack

Nothing comes instantly. You build teams piece by piece. Look at Bayern, that’s the way they built their current team, bit by bit. Nobody wants another average player on the books for 3 years. We’re waiting for the right striker to become available – a loan stop-gap like Ba would have been great, but that wanker Mourinho thwarted us. In the mean time, let’s hope Giroud has a superhuman, Henry-like constitution and plays 50 games a year for the next 7 seasons.

Good Omens

That’s a fine point Jack, but do recall – that was the plan, that’s why the haemorrhage of talent has so depressed us and indeed Le Boss. Despite what you think of the individuals now – Fabregas, Song, Nasri, Adebayor, Van Persie were supposed to be the core of the team that was being built.
That’s why I will never forgive them, they must have known, they went with the money.

jack jack jack

“increasing deluded Arsene Wenger”

The fucking cheek.


There are two options here, Arsene has been deluded every season when he claims we are strong enough to challenge for titles while everybody else says we are not, or he is just a liar. Regardless he does not need to make such claims (in public, sure the team might need a confidence boost). Take a look at Amy Lawrences recent interview where Wenger say he does not want a director of football because if a signing does not work out Wenger will get the blame but if it does work out the director of football will get all the… Read more »


Or option 3 he’s been let down by certain players he put 100% faith in who turned their back on him and club leaving gaps in a team he thought capable of winning titles… that can’t be easy to navigate through! So maybe he was just trying to build the fans up to get behind the team he was left with and (like you said @neutral) give confidence to those players as well. I go and watch arsenal and I’ve seen good days and bad days but it’s never boring and we do have some great players to watch, I’m… Read more »

jack jack jack

You take the same information as everyone else, and come up with completely different conclusions. That either makes you a genius or a complete moron.

I know where I’m putting my money.


Well none of us really knows what Wenger thinks, I just can’t accept a man so experienced and having had so much success in the past as being ‘delusional’! He lives for football it seems so I imagine will have known what his team has been capable of! So I guess you could call it ‘lying’ or perhaps his way of managing it is the reason why we’ve been so consistent at getting into the champions league. Which btw I agree is only a bare minimum. A less short-sighted view of things might suggest we are on the up now… Read more »

jack jack jack

That wasn’t directed at you JSM.


Oh sorry, my mistake…as you were 🙂


Barring a terrible stroke of bad luck with injuries I think we will be ok. As far as a defensive midfielder is concerned Ramsey has been doing a good job and i think Arteta could struggle to get back into the side when he’s fit. We also have Flamini who can slot in there and can also cover most defensive positions as well. Sagna can cover at CB when needed. We have 2 quality left backs, Jenkinson is playing well on the right and now another keeper to push Scez and Fab. Our midfield now looks awesome and up front… Read more »


We doubted you Arsene, but I will now say HATS OFF TO YOU, LE PROFESSOR! You teased us for so long to the point of agony, only to give us the biggest O any man can ever have…the Ozil! 🙂

Mach III

Unplayable midfield!


Bloody transfer window felt like all our games since March.

Touching cloth til the last minute!

Seanán Kerr

No words just

we are gone for good



It would seem all the negative doom and gloom merchants are in bed early tonight. Well done Arsene. You are the fucking man. We are fucking blessed to have you.


I am so sorry wenger. I doubted you this summer. Please forgive me. FORGIVE US!!!

Lenny Pep

I hope he can do a job at CB


Sagna can

Lenny The Pep

In which case I hope he can do a job at right back….


Media rules your mind!!


Oh hang on , Sir Balls has just come out. I think we can deduce from his comments that he’s not actually an Arsenal fan. Sounds like a very upset sp*d in fact.


Arsenal’s new mantra – it doesn’t matter how many you score… We’ll always out score you!

Welcome to Arsenal!!!


Yes my thoughts exactly. win 6-4 every week.


What’s this strange feeling? Actually being happy on tranfer deadline day & being amongst the top headlines for all the right reasons!!!! COYG!

Teri Maa Dhi

Its doesn’t bear worth thinking about but what if we had signed Fellaini and Utd Ozil. Ozil/Fellaini, such a massive difference in quality and Ozil seems like a proper professional will suit our club, style and image.

NowI need to sacrifice fantasy league points to get him into my team.

Teez gooner

Ivan said that we might suprise you. fuck me did THE ARSENAL suprise everyone!!! I cant wait to see Ooooozil in red and white, just have to wait for this fucking annoying interlull to end. hope nothing happens to him or any of the other players.

Harish P

The “super quality” has landed!

Next window: a world class CB please.

Until then, I’m a super happer gooner 😀

Edu's fake passport

We don’t need a world class CB we already have Kos & Per with Vermaelen on the bench & Sagna just in case.

Rad Carrot

Excellent, excellent signing, easily the signing of the Summer for the EPL. He’s a top talent and it’s incredible we’ve got him. But… ah… I don’t want to sound negative when I’m really happy we seem to have a great signing. But I just get the feeling we’re still one or two players short – a defender, maybe, or a striker… I don’t know. Bit late to worry about that now. That’s just me being a misery. A fantastic (and largely unexpected) signing, and with some luck, fewer injuries and a little cohesion, we really could take the BPL by… Read more »

A bittle spie

We can get whatever else we need on January 31st!

Rad Carrot

If we’re still in the running by then – which isn’t necessarily a given, but is more likely than the previous summers!

Die Hard Gunner

Welcome Home Ozil, this is where you belong, where your talent will be appreciated, I nicknamed him already (O’Zeal) meaning ‘Our Zeal’ to win trophy is Here.
Thank You Arsene,
2 – Numbers of time I’ve said that since Sunday.

A N Other

Brilliant quote from BBC commentator.

Podolski on the left, Walcott on the right, Cazorla, Wilshere and Ozil in the middle? Good luck getting the ball back off that lot.


Quite obviously BBC forgot Arteta, Flamini and Ramsey.;)

A N Other

Do you blame them? It’s is an awesome midfield which can combine in all sorts of different ways.. Just Awesome.


And you are forgetting the little Mozart.
I don’t know if it is an actual observation or just out of excitement, but, we sold Gervinho and brought in the best midfielder (arguably) in the world. So, we have 7 word class midfielders right now; actually 8, since Arsene sees Ox’s correct position to be in the midfield. Anyone else seeing us moving towards a 4-4-2 with Walcott, Poldi and Giroud rotating in front???


nope…we don’t see that. It will be 4-3-3 with cazorla at the left, ozil at no-10.


Don’t forget Rosicky. Our midfield can compete with any club in the world and win.


No Rambow? How dare you!


Looks like arsenal has proved me wrong…we still could’ve added a striker and defender. A proper dm too wouldn’t have been bad. Well done Wenger…

jack jack jack

Flamini is a proper DM. And a fucking raggedy badass to boot.

Tesco Light Mayonaise

I am truely happier than a
Pig in shit. I even did a jig

Tesco Light Mayonaise

I am truely happier than a
Pig in shit. I even did a jig


Great signing in ozil but very surprised there is no alternative to giroud. Ba as a last min deal highlights how much this summer had been done on a whim. Flamini and ozil superb but we needed more, alot more


Massive signing! That really seem to be where we are going. Outscoring the opposition. Cant wait to see Santi and Ozil on the same pitch. Have we finally replaced Cesc? I hope so. Although would have liked an additional striker but its alright I guess. Come on you Gunners! And welcome to Mesut Ozil!


Awesome I won’t have to buy him on FIFA14!!!! Well played Arsene. Great feeling to see a world class player join the Arsenal!!!

99 problems but being a Gooner aint one.

Wenger still has abit of magic left..Despite his trophy failure all players who sign with us always specifically mention how they look foward to working with wenger…
World class striker in JAN and a trophy will follow.


The morons in the press are hailing this as “best Arsenal signing since Robin van Persie”. RVP was a fucking youth prospect when we signed him for peanuts. This is the best signing since Dennis motherfuckin’ Bergkamp, kids.

I think Ozil might add more depth than we realise to the squad. It’s quite possible Wenger considers Lukas Podolski as Giroud’s back-up (while remaining, I hope, first choice on the left wing when fit), leaving an extremely tasty, adaptable midfield to choose from.

The worry remains at CB/RB – but que sera on that front. I’m on cloud nine for now.


don’t worry…by the time internationals are over…Verminator will be up and running. 🙂


Everyone knows that attack is the best form of defence.

A N Other

I would say best signing ever since Henry..


Happy,happy,happy! I know Wenger said he was wanting to add quality, well he did that! I still can’t get my head around it. He should get Knighted. Well done Sir Arsene.

Today was a long day, and well worth the wait in my opinion.


Cracking signing, genuinely exciting and surely sets the tone for deals going forward. Flamini now looks a clever signing!

A CF to assist Giroud would have been great but that could happen in January..I’m off to bed so I can touch myself…


One quality player signed, he gets a big injury and we are again fucked, this has not been a great summer of transfers. We had the funds to make a massive statement and ad to the hard working lads and we are again going to struggle. Sign another striker you stupid cunt.

gooner odst

Bareth Gale could get injured after a 80 fucking million something pound transfer. 7 +£100 million pound spuds can still be inferior to Arsenal. The real identity of Jack-The-Ripper can be revealed by lost DNA evidence. Britain can still win Eurovision (not really).

More assists can unlock Walcott, Podolski, Giroud, Sanogo etc. The rigid system can be made flexible with decent AM. Players will want to play alongside the likes of Özil, Caz etc


Our own Zidane , Mesut Özil !! (because hes just that good )


Hey @sir balls……. u r behaving like a spoilt lil brat. Grow up moron.


Hey @sir balls……. u r behaving like a spoilt lil brat. Grow up moron.


Hey @sir balls……. u r behaving like a spoilt lil brat. Grow up moron.


The Flamini free transfer was a clever bit of business. Excellent defensive midfielder and if we’d paid 10 million for him it would have been considered a very good signing. Getting him on a free completely devalued it however. Signing Ozil was an unbelievable big of business, if he does play in a position that we seem to be well covered in. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy with those 2 but feel underwhelmed over all. Wenger has been clearly in for a proven 20 gial a year striker all summer and yet nothing, and are we sufficiently covered at… Read more »

Edu's fake passport

But it’s nigh on impossible to find a striker that will get you 20 gial’s these days. No one has come close since Lord Wilmington the third in 1896.

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