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Diaby suffers cruciate set-back

The Mirror are reporting that Abou Diaby has suffered a set-back in his recovery from a cruciate injury and is out until next March.

The French midfielder ruptured his knee ligaments last season but was expected to make a comeback towards the end of this year. However, further surgery means he’s going to be out for longer, and his chances of playing any part in the current season are slim at best.

By the time he’d get into full training, and find any kind of match fitness, it would surely be too late to play a part.

Arsene Wenger told reporters today, “He had a little key hole surgery again, on the the knee because his knee blew up every time he did something so it is now six months after the cruciate.

“He could not even jog yet so with new surgery it is a set back for him so competitive football cannot be played before March.”

It’s yet another blow for the midfielder whose career has become synonymous with injury and spells on the sideline.

While there’s obviously widespread acceptance that many of his problems stem from the horrific injury inflicted on him at Sunderland, it seems that the Arsenal manager has taken steps to deal with his many absences.

Whereas in the past we might have been left short, the midfield is now a place of real competition and quality.

In which case, we really should just wish Abou all the best, and maybe one day he can get a good spell of games under his belt without another injury.

It probably won’t be for Arsenal, but I doubt anyone would begrudge him a good spell somewhere else.

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George Graham

They call me Mr Glass. Poor fucker. All the best Abu!


Out till march?

let’s hope he’ll have enough in his locker to join the rest of the lads atop the tour bus as they parade the F.A and league double in the streets of London.


i now realise the F.A cup cannot be won in March i feel stupid now. im off

Parisian Weetabix

If any team could win the FA Cup in March, it’s this one.



Bolarinwa Mayowa

I’m crying now, who the hell is this football god by the way? This is not funny atall.


Oh no! I feel so sorry for poor diaby, such terrible luck. here’s wishing him a swift recovery.

Harsh Gill

This seriously sucks. Gutted for Abou. Hope he makes a full recovery even if takes a few more months, have a good pre season under his belt and then comeback next season and do what he does best!!


Who is this Diaby guy everyone keeps mentioning?


Given the number of negative votes (24 to 2 at the time of writing), I’m giving the poster the benefit of the doubt and assuming this was surely tongue-in-cheek. Right?

Correct Guy

Feeling bad right now


I don’t know what Diaby has done to deserve this.
May Allah show him some Mercy and wish he gets back to playing football again, as soon as possible.

Aaron Ramsey

Thumbs down i presume for mentioning Allah..?

Abit sad

Aaron Ramsey

Thumbs down i presume for mentioning Allah..?

Abit sad

the greatest hemroid that ever lived

thumbs down to religion in sport. thanking god for scoring a goal makes me sick


I’ll have you know thanking Dennis is perfectly acceptable.


And why is that?

Black Hei

Isn’t what you are describing discrimination? BTW, what do you think of Ozil’s prayer moment before every match?

Wesley Sniper

It’s not even funny now.

The Real Gazidis

It never was.

petits handbag

Fuck I hate Dan Smith



Daft Aider

It’s a tragedy as I feel he never reached his best with us, I genuinely hope he recovers and manages a season here or elsewhere but now I feel time is against him and all these continual ops can’t be a good experience.


This guy injures his injuries. He’s like the opposite of wolverine. Get well soon.


Yeah and the scumbag that dicked him is still “playing” football


I don’t think he is (professionally, at least). Dan Smith was working in a call centre last time I heard. Good riddance: Even one of the Sunderland fans’ comments (page 2) describes him as ‘everything that is wrong with English football.’


Hahahahah. Dan Smith works in a call centre. So there is justice.

merde bag

PFB – poor fucking bastard


Oh Diaby really sorry for him….

He must be broken not just outside but inside aswell.


He (and I) must be absolutely gutted. At least he must be financially secure. It does at least save those worries.


At this point I feel he needs to make a decision about his future… Either think about going into coaching because he has plenty to offer young aspiring players; or consider helping himself to van Persie’s secret stash of horse placenta.


At this point I feel he needs to make a decision about his future… Either think about going into coaching because he has plenty to offer young aspiring players; or consider helping himself to van Persie’s secret stash of horse placenta.

AZ Gooner

Just when you think life couldn’t get worse for Diaby… Really feel terrible for the guy. Get well soon…

Edu's fake passport


who wouldn’t want to get paid for not working?

it’s not as if he has lost his whole family or something like many people do.


Imagine getting you dream job, then being totally unable to do it for more than a few sessions at at time. No money in the world could make me feel better. Money is not the be all and end all to peoples emotions an psyche.


Exactly! I don’t get this outpouring of pity. The man has been on £50k/wk for 8 seasons odd and hardly played. Silly of the club to keep offering him renewals. Bet if we weren’t top of the league people would be saying something else.


Diaby has asked the club not to pay him till he gets back on the field (Source: a respected ITK)


After all this outpouring of sympathy and support from loyal Gunners, Diaby will recover one day, enjoy an excellent season and then request for transfer out of Arsenal.

another yank

Watching him boss the midfield against Liverpool last season was such a joy. I was hopeful, with everyone else, that he would be able to get a good run of games and put his injuries behind him. He showed all the skills and tools he has in the frame. It’s terribly unfortunate for him and how injury riddled his career has been. There is a really good footballer in there, and I wish we could have seen more of it the past few years.


The injury gods must have taken the “get well soon diaby” as a challenge.


Dreadful tackle on him but we signed him from auxerre? and at that very young age he was already a very injury prone player


Isn’t Sanogo another injury prone player signed from Auxerre??


Black Hei

He wasn’t injury prone with us until after that tackle. I can’t remember him being injured for long periods.


Gutted for him. Bags of skill but his body just won’t let him play. I fear we may never see him back as has happened to others before.

Seanie Spillane

What a suprise…not. And still picking up 60k a week. A joke.


I don’t see him playing for us again. Awful shame his career has been destroyed, so much talent but has never been able to show it over a period of time.

Mertesacker's Houseboy

FFS Diaby :'(

big black clock

Dan Smith’s tackle injured his ankle did it not? So why is it his recent injuries have all been muscle and now knee related? Impact damage?

I’m not a medical expert but I’d love to be proven wrong that Diaby is naturally an injury prone player.

Daft Aider

Damage done to one place often puts a strain on other areas due to posture, recovery, strains, etc


Check the facts, Diaby was injury prone before he arrived at Arsenal, research on what his manager at Auxerre said about him back then. he said yes he’s good but he was always injured. let’s see the same happen with Sanogo now. Buy ’em cheap, that’s what you get. Thanks goodness the club is starting to smell the coffee.


Feel sorry for him but he should have been released years ago because as a frequent absentee, his mere presence spells uncertainty and costly as well as takes up a seat. On a per appearance basis, he is the most expensive player in the squad.


The word “unlucky” in the dictionary should be replaced with “diaby”

eg. im having such a “diaby” day…..


First thing. Dan Smith isn’t playing pro football or he wasn’t the last time I checked. He was working in a call centre.

Second , the injuries he’s been experiencing are apparently to do with the imbalance the ankle injury left him with in one of his legs. It’s certainly plausible as I was prevented from joining the RAF because of an injury caused by a similar imbalance.

jack jack jack

The one glimmer of hope left is that he’s only 27. He’s 28 in May, by which time he should be back in full training. Give him another season or so to get back to decent form – by 30 he should be back somewhere near his best. Even without taking the Rosicky Constant into account he could have a good few years top level football left in him. If he can well and truly get over his injury problems he could still have the world-beating career he no doubt had the talent for. Lampard won a good 5 or… Read more »


Poor sod. With all the set backs he’s had, he must have an amazing mindset not just to keep wanting to get back and train but simply to be at a football club every day. We don’t see much of him in interviews so its hard to judge what he’s like as a person but he must have considerable ‘mental toughness’ to get by- would be great if the club could find a way to use this to our advantage.

Lawal Malik

All the best Abou. I believe, retiring from football will save U from all the stress U are going through. Gunners Forever. One Love

Rectum Spectrum

Fuck dan smith. Fuck his club. Fuck their fans.

Now we’re in much better shape I don’t care if we even extend diabys contract and try to get him back playing eventually. You know he’s going to leave his heart and soul on the pitch for this club.

Tonia Reeves

Wishing you all the best Diaby!!


wish the guy all the best, but the chances of him playing for arsenal ever again must be gone now? sadly he will be one of those players whos careers will be marked as “what might have been”

Hopefully he can get past this set back and maybe just maybe play some football again

Ping pong 4 Frimpong

Can’t help but feel sorry for the guy. Get well soon


He last kicked the ball March 2013 and he will be sidelined still until March 2014 which makes a complete calendar year…and he still gets paid? Diaby, Arsenal’s Charity Project!


Dan Smith is a cunt. As is John Terry.


John Terry IS a cunt, but he has not done anything like this to any of our players.


As are josh and seanie spillane.


Fucking John Terry.


Abou, just retire mate. Cheers.


Really feel for this guy because he’s actually a talented player that would add to the squad. Not being able to essentially fulfill a lifelong ambition must be shattering. Hope he does get better.. Just can’t see him being what he should have been in arsenal colours.


Lets remember his superb performance at Anfield last season….he OWNED the midfield in that game.

Wenger's Aide

Vassiriki Abou Diaby… Lovely name tho *aside*

Aaron Ramsey

I really want this guy to play for us again. I think most of us would have quit by now.

Cliff Bastin

Wtf again


An immense talent, sadly cut short… Fingers crossed Abou !


Poor Diaby. Financially he’s set up for life, but emotionally no amount of money will ever replace a lifetime of ambition. Such a waste. Should have been someone, instead i lightning rod of frustration, through no fault of his own.


Out of interest, when is his contract up?
Poor guy, I thought this might be his last chance year with us, with another season out I’m not sure how much longer he’ll be around.
Pretend for a moment this is Wengers last year (I hope not) would a new manager keep him on the books?

Wenger's Wonga

No giving up Abou !!!


Real pity, i always believed he would turn into a world class player. You never really get players that tall and yet so nimble.

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