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Wenger ‘always convinced’ by reborn Szczesny

Arsene Wenger says he was always sure Wojciech Szczesny had what it takes to become number 1 at Arsenal, despite dropping him last season.

The Polish international was dumped for compatriot Lukasz Fabianski after some indifferent, rather than abysmal, performances, but since winning his place back has shown the potential that so convinces his manager.

He played a crucial part in the run-in last season, with a series of important stops, and this season looks more confident and dominant behind a solid Gunners defence.

There was talk that Arsenal would target a high profile keeper in the summer, but Wenger says, “The speculation didn’t come from me. I was always convinced that Szczesny would make it.

“He was a bit kamikaze when he played at youth level but he also made impressive saves. You need that kind of character to be a good goalkeeper. People also forget that he is 23 years old, which is like being 18 for an outfield player.

“He questioned himself, especially after the European Championship, where it was a massive disappointment for him and it affected his belief.

“But he has matured through disappointments like we all do. I believe that every big player has to go through that. It took him a while. I took him out of the team last season but since he came back, he has been consistent.”

Sometimes there’s nothing like a short, sharp shock to get a player focused again, and with Fabianski and Italian Emiliano Viviano waiting for their chance, Szczesny knows there’s no room for complacency.

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He is just short of World Class at the moment, within two years he will be right there with the best in the game.

Santi Claws

I feel like Chezzer is the kind of keeper who will get better with age. Players like Casillas, De Gea, they’re keepers whose main strength is in keeping the ball out of the net through quick reflexes and anticipation, but Szczesny is an all-around keeper, he organizes his defense well, is vocal, and dominates his area. Just needs to improve his distribution, his concentration, and add a few more blinding saves to his game. Mindful of his age, he could be the cornerstone of two generations of really solid defenses over the next 15 years


honoustly, we dont need casillas or valdes. Spend it all on a top class goalscorer. #PierceMorganOut

Problematic Speller

Every time I ask my friends about who are the top GKs in EPL, nobody mentions Szczensny. Instead, they talk about usual names like De Hayer, Check, Mignolet, Lorries.

I hate that.

Prove them wrong, Szczesny


To be fair he isn’t yet at that level (bar Mignolet), or at least hasn’t been for very long.


That’s true, it was only as soon as the tail-end of last season he started being consistent and having good games. Before that I still remember a lot more concern over the position than in the summer.


Even in business monopoly they say kills interest… A healthy competition brings out the best. It can only get better with the competition Wε have now. Elsewhere am worried over Arsene’s future the finger is pointing at the exit door. Pls Arsene Wε want you to give us one more chance… SIGN DA TIN PLEASE. 3 points today no dull moment. Wish you a nice day.


I always preferred Cluedo.


Plεasε lε4rn to TYP properly first.


Did Arsene really described Szczesny as “kamikaze” at youth level? That was so… appropriate!

The only Olivier is Giroud

I like the fact that we have such a young keeper being our no1. He can now progress to become a true great, and in five seasons’ time when we have a squad that has won everything there is to be won (champs league, FA, Premier league) we will all point and say “Yes, signing Ozil was the start, but our Keeper has matured from that young, potential world beating squad that RvJudas left, feels like ages and ages ago”. (Not that we’ll even remember the cunt by then, so we’ll probably just say “that time when we had to… Read more »

Tapscotts Testicles

I have faith in wojciech. Sure, he was a bit over confident in his youth..who isnt? Compare and contrast his confidence with Almunia…a very good keeper shorn of any confidence at all….and it did for him at Arsenal.


Szczesny is a massively underrated keeper, very young in goalkeeping terms but has a great spirit and I’m a big fan of him! Not afraid to shout at the team for mistakes or organisation you can always hear him yelling at the wall before a free kick! Big things for this lad!


Schezzer has grown, can’t wait tor 3 pm. its on baby….oh its on

Cazorla, Ozil i bet the world would be watching.


Well done wojciech I was a bit unsure of him last season, but he’s been doing brilliantly so far, becoming exactly the sort of player I’d hoped he would be.

The Ox, The Ram, Willy and Wally

Seems a strange thing to comment on. Scezzer’s confidence has never really been an issue. I also reckon there’ll be a few more hiccups/low points in the next few years before he becomes a really top goaly.

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