Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Diary of a season: Arsenal 2-0 Napoli

After the 2-0 win over Napoli, Hayley chats with Chris Toronyi of Arsenal America.

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Love you analysis.

Clock End Mike

Great discussion, Hayley and Chris, and plenty of insight into the way the Arsenal team are just all coming together at the same time as Özil’s arrival has given them and us all a lift. As Chris says, that first 15 minutes especially was just magical to watch.

Long discussion about Arsène Wenger and his love affair with the Arsenal. You picked up on the fans singing his praises at the end of the match. That just sums everything up, doesn’t it?


Cba to watch the diaries but would just like to praise Chris for the excellent Arsenal America pod with Billy Beane last week. Excellent stuff.

The Truth.

Too right. Chris’ work on Arsenal America is excellent. Fuck the haters, such as the idiot commenting below.


Not hating, or indicting him as person – just making an observation of what was, IMO, poor and elementary insight. As an American myself, I fully appreciate the work he is doing here in The States for Arsenal, just don’t think he added any valuable insight and quite frankly, showed a naivety to the game, Arsenal and our manager. Everyone’s entitled to an opinion. Ours happen to differ. Such is life.


Love your analysis, Hayley. But from one American to another, Chris, I’m sorry man – you seem to be out of your depth here.


After such a great Arsenal performance, It’s a shame to see such a poor video diary. Listening to Chris waffle on with his misguided opinion of Arsene, was painful.

Where’s ‘Dad’ when you need him, eh.


There was something intangible in the air last night that would not come accross on TV. Something a bit special. The signing on Arsene’s name is commonplace and does not mean much – it is a bit hollow as Hayley said. The way we swept Napoli aside however brought back memories of Highbury and the prospect of football of a standard we haven’t really seen for years returning (or some may argue coming!) to the Emirates generated a real buzz, in the first half especially. I hope to see a lot more performances like that this year. We’re the north… Read more »

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