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Flamini returns as Wilshere faces late test

Mathieu Flamini will return for Arsenal’s game against Crystal Palace tomorrow having sat out the midweek defeat because of concussion.

The Frenchman is back in the squad for the trip to Selhurst Park with manager Arsene Wenger saying, “Flamini is available because he had no basic injury – it was just a precaution.”

Meanwhile Jack Wilshere will have a test on his ankle before a decision is made regarding his participation. The midfielder required treatment on Tuesday night and was substituted in the second half.

Beyond that it appears the Gunners have a clean bill of health – bar all the players out injured – for tomorrow’s game.

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I can somehow feel that Flamini will play instead of Wilshere.


Would’ve wanted to rest Wilshere anyway. He was pants against Dortmund and I’m literally DYING to see Santi-Rosicky-Cazorla start together.


If Santi is Santi Cazorla, then who’s Cazorla?

Clock End Mike

Our Santi, he’s so versatile, he can play on the right and on the left simultaneously!


Santi Carzola is almost like Scaramanga in the the showdown of the ‘Man with Golden Gun’, shooting left right and centre. If they cast Santi instead of Christopher Lee, James Bond wouldn’t have stood a chance ;•)


hope the players don’t face criminal charges cos someone literally DIED waiting to see them play.

Mills (the other one)

Cool, when did we sign up Santi’s brother?


We need to rest some players tomorrow.
I would start with this team if i was Arsene.


Jenko TV5 BFG Monreal

Flattuso Arteta


Gnabry TGSTEL Rosicky

The umberling anteater

I don’t think that would be a good idea,
a) We need to get back on the winning horse and while it looks good enough to do that job, it may add a tinge of this-is-easiness to the team subconscious to clearly rest that many first 11ers
b) The league is vital, as is 3 pts prvious to the tough series of upcoming fixtures.
c) The risk & rest should take place midweek, in a setting where the subconscious is more likely to be take-your-chance.
Maybe bench one of Sagna/Gibbs, neither CB, & one of Ramsey, Ozil, Giroud.


Santi to the left of me, Santi to the right, here I am, stuck in the middle G̶i̶r̶o̶u̶d confused..

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

So Wenger’s book may be about Arsenal’s successful cloning experiments.

Time We Won Something

Flamini’s one yellow card away from a 1-match domestic suspension. If he gets his usual booking against Palace tomorrow (and I think he will), he’ll only have to miss the cup fixture against Chelsea, plus he gets a whole week’s rest before the crunch games against Liverpool in the League and Dortmund away in Europe, so I’m pretty sure Wenger’s playing him tomorrow.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Well, if he doesn’t manage it in the normal course of play can we expect a bit of dissension over some innocuous throw-in on 89 minutes?


Beyond that it appears the Gunners have a clean bill of health – bar all the players out injured – for tomorrow’s game.

You just don’t get that level of detail anywhere else, other than right here, at Arseblog News.


“Consistent in patches.”




We’ve missed you Flamini.. Now go get that yellow card you need…


Isn’t Flamini’s next yellow card his fifth? Doesn’t that mean he has to skip a match after Crystal Palace? We have tougher opponents in a row after tomorrow, don’t we?


Ah, I was a bit overly worried. I just realized he can miss the Capital One Cup game against Chelsea and get ready for Liverpool, Man Utd., etc.


Let’s hope he doesn’t go for two to make up for the lack of one v Norwich…..


Flamini is the type to see a studs up challenge and go right into thinking “eh it might sting alittle but imma get me that ball”


Wilshere needs to step his game up. He is now down in pecking order after Cazorla, Ozil , Arteta, Flamini and Ramsey. Even though the British media may make a fuss about it, he needs to be benched based on form.


i don’t think there is a very specific pecking order currently with this players. Especially because with our wingers injured, we are basically playing 5 midfielders out of 7 available(ramsey, wilshere, arteta, flamini, ozil, cazorla and rosicky) … and as of currently we are nearly always playing two games a week, so everybody of them is getting nearly equal playing time with choice based more on tactics rather than preference….

mach iii

His form is incredible!

Jack Wilshere, what a player!


pretty sure we’ve got another case of Rambo on our hands. Jack will struggle here and there, maybe even for the most of this season, but with Arsene’s confidence and patience he’ll literally explode at one moment. and deary fucking me, how we’ll all enjoy it.

basil marceux

Fuck I hope he won’t literally explode

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Yeah, the useless sod. He only managed one simple little tap-in against Norwich.

Petit's Handbag

The last time Arsenal lost a league match with Mathieu starting…..March 23rd 2008.
(Taking away the fact he left for 5 years)
We are unbeaten in 5 years, 7 months & 2 days
That’s damn impressive

el bahja

I think wenger is trying to force wilshere into the starting xI which I think he (wilshere) should be selected base on form #COYG let’s get a clean sheet come tomorrow


Good for us. ‘Balance’ back again!


No harm Wilshere starting on the bench. No point risking anything. Added to the fact that Flamini almost counts as 2 holding midfielders now.


Yeah, it won’t hurt to rest Wilshere for the CP game.

gunner for ever

Dear Flamini!!! you are highly welcome.We really missed you during the game against dortmund.Your type of game is important to balance our team but make sure that you do not break any legs while tackling.
come on you gunners!!!

Mark Hughes

He’s had a metal plate put in his head now, so he can really do some damage and not have to deal with this namby pamby concussion business.


The flame is back and ready to embrace the dark side.

I’ll be gobsmacked if he doesn’t pick up a yellow.

I just worry that he’ll go over the top and end up with a red.


if flam on 4 yellow I rest for palace cos there shit and keep for Liverpool bigger test. If I was wenger I just play the same team on Tuesday and maybe replace jack for rosicky if not 100 percent.

Dr Baptiste

Or he could play against Palace, pick up a yellow card, miss the League Cup and be back for Liverpool.

Your way, he plays against Liverpool, gets a yellow (because we all know he will) and misses the United game


Agreed. Either way….you can’t not play someone just because they might pick up that 5th yellow card. The same thing is going to happen when he is on 9 yellows(probably before Xmas the way Flam destroys the opposition)


why not ??

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Because you wouldn’t play him again this season. He’d be on 4 yellows every week.


I just heard Flamini is currently suing NBC, claiming Law and Order are trademarked names for his left and right legs.

Silverstre for the Ballon d'OR

I’m drunk at work and this is fucking hilarious.

Petit's Handbag

Are you a bus driver/airline pilot Mr HAHAHAHAHAHA?


Brain Surgeon.

Just fitted a metal plate into Flamini’s head. After a couple of drinks I added horns so that he’ll be even more intimidating on the pitch. I can’t wait for the game so that I can see how they work. Somebody should warn Chamakh not to antagonise him.

A N Other

I cant believe how important flamini has become to our side. Now, the fact we got him for free must be kick in teeth got sp*rs who bought just about everyone for silly money.

Oty gooner

Some manure fan was loughing at me coz they bought that hairy fellow and all we could afford is a free former player who isn’t needed by his club anymore

Dr Baptiste

Bendtner wasn’t a former player as he was still on our books…..


If flamini has played on Tuesday, I really don’t think dortmund would have scored the second goal, because he could have already been shouting at someone to track lewandowski back or would have done it himself.

Dr Baptiste

To be fair, i don’t think they would have scored the first either. While Ramsey has been fantastic, it showed what over-confidence can do. I reckon Mathieu would have just hit it. The old adage rang true ‘when in doubt, hit it out’.

Puns are a Clichy

Mark Lawrenson talking about Tuesday night:

‘For me, Arsenal’s improvement in form has come down to how good they are when they play in their opponents’ half. When the majority of play is in their own half, they still do have a weakness.’

Did he watch the second half? I would say the complete opposite is true.

How do these guys get paid for this tripe?


‘Harsh’, so if he Flamini doesn’t play against Palace, then surely he won’t play against Chelski, ‘cos if he gets carded he’ll miss Liverpool. But he can’t play against Liverpool, ‘cos if he gets a yellow in that match he’ll miss Manure. Do you see the point I’m trying to make?? In an ideal world we want him playing every match. He will miss matches because of suspension. You can’t not pick him with that in mind.


Given the importance of flamini in the side, it makes you wonder why Arsenal never replaced him with a decent defensive MD!

We screamed for one for over 4 years

New Haven Gooner

Flamini is fine, but that concussion is still reeling from the effects of getting Flaminied.

Arsene of Nigeria™

I’ll just have a beer and watch Dr. Flamini put some Palace players to rest. Then we can unleash him against the mugsmashers. Chelsea can kiss Bendtner’s boots for all I care! COYG

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