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Klopp impressed by developing Arsenal

Borussia Dortmund manager Jurgen Klopp says he’s been impressed by Arsenal this season and is predicting tight affairs as the two clubs get set to meet each other twice in the next few weeks.

The German has lauded the form of the likes of Wilshere and Ramsey and paid tribute to striker Olivier Giroud who he says is ‘one of the best’.

“Arsenal have kept their style despite the criticism,” he told a press conference today. “I feel their style has always been modern and now I feel it is working well. I’ve been impressed with Arsenal’s development and it will be two teams playing very well playing each other.

“One year ago I don’t think many thought Arsenal could play without Santi Cazorla, but now they have Ramsey and  Wilshere on the wings and Giroud is one of the best strikers.”

Klopp also pointed to the signing of Mesut Ozil as the man who can drive Arsenal to a new level.

“This team missed a player and I think that could have been Mesut Özil. He’s  technically perfect, fast and has developed a drive on goal. He is a very intelligent player and could play in any team.

“You don’t have to force him in training, it is all natural and that is why it was a great idea from Arsenal.”

As for the outcome, both sides will fancy their chances, the Dortmund manager thinks the difference could be minute.

“They will be two close games and I think small things will be decisive and we will have to be ready for these small things.”

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Arsenals Next manager wen arsene calls it a day


i dont want anyone else i just want Arsene. you reckon by that time an Arsene hollogram could do a job?

Nah jk….sign klopp up!


It seems telling that he decided to attend a press conference he didn’t have to so he could say nice things about Arsenal, as he is still suspended. The fit certainly seems there.


Alas, he seems to be as committed to Dortmund as Wenger is to Arsenal. He won’t be going anywhere for a long time.

William Hoang

Wenger isn’t leaving any time soon too, this team is still in it’s infancy and Wenger will want to stick around at least another 5 years for more glory. I think if Klopp is not able to secure the finances to be able to complete his ‘project’ or he is forced to sell his best players for the next few years he may become disillusioned and a club like Arsenal would suit him greatly. We have a patient and stable hierarchy, enough financial power to compete with the big teams and the right philosophy to suit Klopp.

To deceive

What it tells us is he’s eager to flatter. Perhaps he’s tempting us to overcommit in the absence of the flying nutter.


Personally, would prefer Laudrup over Klopp when Le Prof calls it a day.


“Personally, would prefer Laudrup over Klopp when Le Prof calls it a day.”

Why are people downvoting this opinion?

Laudrup is one of the greatest players of all time and his managerial career so far suggests that he could become a great manager too.

Not only that, but he has class too, just as Wenger and Klopp do.

Dick Swiveller

Yeees, but Klopp has built a championship winning side and developed a nice style of play and helped many good players improve even further…Laudrup has taken a good team and improved it slightly, I like Laudrup but it’s a little premature to put him above somene like Klopp.


He’s hardly putting him above Klopp, he’s just stating he’d prefer him and I understand his point of view.

Both would be great options.


great managers don’t necessarily have to be good players

Arsenal's Gattuso

I freakin’ love Klopp, he’s like a younger more eccentric version of Le Professor. I kinda feel sorry for Dortmund, I mean every year they lose a world class player to leeches in other leagues. A lot like us a 2 years ago but I’m sure he’ll stick it through. Hope Dortmund go through with us, we need an underdog to win the CL this year. I’m bored of Munich and Barca.


Future Arsenal manager?


Quite frankly, Mr Klopp is a bit of a over-motivated, self-absored cunt.


What the fuck does over-motivated mean?


Just look his antics on the sideline week in and week out. He’s always sorry afterwards yet acts like a complete wanker again the next week. I dont buy his “I was caught up in the moment” crap for one second. I know we have a certain stance on managers getting banned from the sidelines, but for Klopp it is normally well deserved.


After 20 more years of Arsene hopefully.


i just love this guy and i believe he should be considered when wenger steps down (if he’s not too old by then already). But if he’s expecting ramsey on the wings tomorrow then he is in for a big surprise!


Ahhh our Rambo….deadly wherever you placed him. COYG!


Don’t bet on him expecting Rambo on the wings; like many managers, Klopp also enjoys engaging in mind games prior to big games. He did Mourinho big time in the games against Madrid last season.


i think he meant in line

Supa Dupa

Already getting praise from the next Arsenal manager, once Mr Wenger hangs up his jacket and tie.


And water bottle…


And puffy coat…

Civilized Gunner

And zipper


You mean the sleeping bag and have permanent damage on the zipper? I’d trade my kidneys to have one of them 😛


and the trophyless cabinet :p


No one tells the zipper what to do.


Klopp’s a great manager! Can’t wait for the match tomorrow, it should be a great one!


Jurgen Klopp, to me is an amazing manager, he and his staff have created a team which plays some of the most beautiful football in Europe (on the cheap). He is a man of integrity who loves football played at its best. personally, i think he would be a great successor to AW (hopefully not to soon). In my dreams of the future i have the god Bergkamp producing some sexy players which Klopp can play around with.


#aha #poldi #podolski #lukaspodolski #afc #arsenal #AFCvsBVB #someMoreRandomHashtags

Cape_Töwn Gööner

I don’t think another manger is better suited to be honest.. But then again they do not make managers like Arsene (nor rednose) no more.. That can span generations.. We will have to wait and see..


We really need to win tomorrow to take the pressure off in two weeks when we go to Dortmund in between pool and united. Nice to feel somewhat confident going into these matches, unlike Bayer last year where I was just hoping we would not get embarrassed.


Something something Klopp is the next manager something something similar to Arsene. Compelling point on Arsenal’s style. Obligatory COYG….but seriously COYG!

Master Bates

Obligatory Gooner Till I Die

and ofcourse <3 Ozil

The Artist formerly known as DangerMouse

@DC Gooner. That was the laziest post ever. Put some effort in man ! Made me laugh all the same.

Master Bates

Tomorrow will be great opportunity to show Lewandowski which team he should move to

It’s Arsenal…


I would rather we put up a performance that makes him feel he can not get into our team. Come on you handsome handsome french bloke.


He’s got a touch line ban hasn’t he?….he’ll be able to see us shit all over his team very well from row Z.

Bould's Eyeliner

If Dortmund can’t perform without him for a few games, then why would we even be concerned over this tie at all.


unless he starts eating cake with a janitor again


I like klopp but would love to see Bergkamp succeed AW

Andy Mack

Didn’t God say that he didn’t want to manage a team, only to be a coach here.
Also it would be really really difficult to have a manager that didn’t travel to the further European away games.


If God cant travel to distant European cities for Champions League then all the matches will be played at home at the Emirates. He is God you know. Anything is possible for him (except flying may be).


I’d love to see Klopp succeed Arsene, with TH14 as the assistant manager and Bergkamp as the head of youth setup.

Rectum Spectrum

i think bergkamp would be a better assistant manager. also for me the jury is out on TH14. he was so demanding and in his last few seasons had a stifling effect on the young team as they were so afraid to slightly miss-hit a pass to him. it made him one of the worlds best players but he would need to chill and temper it a bit to succeed as a coach.

William Hoang

If you want Klopp, you’ll have to accept he’ll want to bring in people he knows not just various Arsenal legends you like.

Double Canister



If his rant at the Napoli match official is anything to go by i think klopp would be spending alot of time in the stands in England (were he to replace Arsene) not with the cunt refs, cunt officials and cunty F.A….

Black Hei

Yeah, he really gone nuts on that one. There was spittle everywhere. Linesmen would have to carry an umbrella or hide within a wengerstyle parka.


all the talk about Klopp as our next manager, I found it interesting to see Jogi Low sign-on as Germany’s manager through Euro 2016. Obviously “The Best Managerial Spot in Europe” won’t be open this summer for him.

Gooner til the end

Looking forward to an exciting match tomorrow.
As for Klopp being next AFC manager, he’d be one of my favourites


We need to be at the top of our game and I’m sure we will be. I don’t want to sound over confident, but I’m secretly hoping we teach Dortmund a thing or two about Total Football. Klopp will learn from the stands from the real deal and master that is Le Professor.

Lets all get behind the lads tomorrow!

P.s. manure are 8 points behind us 8 games in. Fucking lol. Fuck off van cunty you cunt. (I apologize for any offence)

Sweaty Testicles/Scrotum

Ok Klopp, now watch us murder your lads tomorrow.

Arsenal-induced Heart Attack Survivor

I’d rather we win a football match tomorrow, but whatever…

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

Arsenal 4-1 Norwich was only a warm up!

A N Other

Tomorrow could be a real test.. I know we said that same about Napoli but they got a shock treatment early on which they couldn’t recover. Klopp and his team are too experienced for that.

Last year, I was worried about us but not this time as we are playing just as well as anyone in Europe and getting better.

Arsenal have got their mojo back and I am loving it.


Two years ago Klopp didn’t speak English.


The best is yet to come Arsenal are climbing to be number 1 team in the world we want borussia Dortmond striker Lewandoski and Reus welcome home boys


Nor do most of the people on Arseblog.


The team should pick itself.


Prefer to see Jack a bit deeper but I suppose he could swap duties with Ramsey.

Santi, Ozil and Ramsey behind Giroud will afford all 3 liberty to move around,swapping flanks or take turns going through the middle.

Jack (or Ramsey) or whoever is next to Arteta will have to support the Spaniard a bit better than against Norwich defensively. We need to improve and sustain our effort through 90.

Expect to see Rosicky at some point, maybe Bendtner and Gnabry.

Humble Gooner

He’ll play Ramsey in the middle and either Wilshere or Rosicky on the right, I imagine. Unless it’s a case of Wilshere giving better cover with Arteta.


Ok first off i believe this to be FACT! Look at Swansea 10 years ago almost out of the fooball league the new chairman and owners decided they were going to do the opposite that was done before. They decided to stick to a brand of football and they kept bringing in Managers that played similiar style of passing football as a result players stayed and nothing got drastically changed, as a result they kept imporoving to where they are now. For me hes not the rigth fit for Arsenal we need a similiar Manager to AW to pick up… Read more »

Parisian Weetabix

First off, anyone who uses the word “Fact” in an attempt to add credence to their opinion deserves to be covered in tar, rolled in feathers, have a chicken beak strapped to their face and be forced to spend the rest of eternity balancing on a basketball as mascot for England’s worst football club. Second off, I actually agree with the majority of your opinion, but I don’t see why Kloppo couldn’t do the job. I believe BVB play good-looking attacking football in a formation similar to our own. He has experience which is always a good thing, and is… Read more »


That first para is a “Fact” 😛


They play a primarily counter attacking game based on pace, rather than a possession based game. If like us at present they had all their wingers injured they’d be sitting ducks.


That first paragraph though. 😀


AW has already suggested Dragan Stojković they have the same phyilosphy they like to meet up and talk tactics they both appreciate the beautiful game.


I wonder if red nose and moyes did the same thing. like talk tactics and stuff which includes buying off the reff and playing the most pathetic and boring form of football ever.


The Moyes situation looks like handing over a purring Ferrari to an electric scooter rider. He doesnt know how to go above 30.

Ekow Howard

Next manager is Bould who jas the template


Imagine him and podolski together. Sitting on the bench smiling.

prof. senderos

Or.. imagine him and flamini, barking the ref together


Perfect successor to Wenger.


Klopp should definitely be in the running when Wenger decides to call it a day, providing he’s willing and available.

Laudrup is proving to be a good manager but can’t help but feel he would dump us after a season or two for Barca or R.Madrid.

Roberto Martinez should be considered if he can keep Everton at the level Moyes did for so long (early days but they are much better to watch under Martinez)

Clock End Mike

There are a few candidates often discussed — Stojković, Klopp and Laudrup are all reguarly mentioned — and I agree, Martinez would be an interesting prospect (it’s perhaps telling that Everton under Martinez are playing better football than Man Utd under Moyes). I’m happy to be surprised when the time comes — hopefully not for a few years yet — for Wenger to move upstairs. After all, how many of us expected his appointment as successor to Rioch in 1996? He was almost unknown in England, and hardly in the mould of George Graham… Everyone seems to want “another Arsène… Read more »

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