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Mesut A-ÖK for Norwich clash

The knee knock sustained by Mesut Ozil in Germany’s 5-3 win against Sweden last night won’t keep the midfielder from playing in Saturday’s Premier League clash against Norwich, despite early reports to the contrary.

According to the Press Association the 25-year-old (Happy Birthday for yesterday champ) was only substituted as a precaution with the German Football Association unaware of any serious repercussions. Ozil scored just before half-time as his country came from two-nil down to win in Stockholm but left the field of play inside the last ten minutes.

For Arsenal fans starved of proper football for two weeks Ozil’s fitness fillip sets up the mouthwatering prospect of a link-up with Santi Cazorla who is set for a long awaited return after nearly six weeks sidelined with an ankle problem. The likes of Theo Walcott and Bacary Sagna are also closing in on full fitness while Lukas Podolski, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Abou Diaby are also believed to be making decent progress.

Arsene will no doubt update everybody on the status of the squad in the next 48 hours, fingers crossed everybody has survived unscathed.

In other news, Nacho Monreal says Arsenal can compete for trophies on a number of fronts given their terrific start to the season. Speaking to Arsenal Player, the Spanish international, played up the optimism at London Colney:

“The players’ confidence [is different this season]. You can tell that they are very enthusiastic, very happy, the results are going our way and logically that makes everything easier. We have a happy group and that is very important to playing football well.

“I would not say just one [trophy], I would say a few,” he said when asked whether the Gunners can end their trophy drought.

“Of course that is very tough to achieve.The Premier League is very difficult, the Champions League, these are major trophies but we are on a good run.

“We are top of the table, it is still early doors, but we will take every game as it comes and at the end hopefully we’ll win a title.”

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Let the drooling begin!


Drooling already!


I assume you meant drööling of course…

Mesut Aussie


The fool of a Took

Is Sweden, we drooooåååååööööööääääääl!


If i were Norwich i’d apply for a transfer to the SPL with immediate effect. they will be no coming back from what “Cozillatt” will do to them….


Oh Thank Dennis


Can’t wait until most of our players are back, it will be good to have some selection headaches and be able to give key players a rest.

Can Ozil bring out the bet in Walcott?




With Ozil, Wilshere, Cazorla, Rosicky and Ramsey all providing attacking midfield options I’d say we already have some nice selection headaches.


As long as Nicky B stays fit we should be ok. I predict Bendtner will force his way into the Arsenal team ahead of Giroud with a dazzling display in the league cup vs Chelsea (scoring 3 assisting 2 more). Then he will go on to score 30+ goals this season leading Arsenal to the quadruple. After that he will go on to not only become Arsenal’s best striker for the next 9 years (bringing trophy after trophy), but he will infact fulfill his destiny and become TGSTEL… And indeed, be immortalised in bronze forever outside the Emirates… Or it… Read more »

Donut Maestro

I was about to ask what you were smoking and can I have some before I read your last sentence. Now I know. “Radical dude!”


If I could put five pounds on Nicklas Bendtner becoming TGSTEL in the next ten years I would.


He already tried, He would’ve had 4 assists in the Sunderland game but for Walcot’s wastefulness only got 1


imo bigger question is if this is Özil now, imagine him with Cazorla to play in as well, i think they will improve each other immeasurably and this will draw players off walcott = more space to run in


Ozil can bring the best out of anyone. The shittiest striker like say soldado could score 30 if Ozil is behind him

jack jack jack

However much time we spend practicing these sexy passing triangles isn’t enough time

jack jack jack

I demand that our players eat, sleep and walk in triangle formation and until this is the case I will not be satisfied.


This news just broke some Spurs hearts. 🙂


Sajit all there hearts were broken on the last day of the transfer window.


Happens every year, otherwise known as saint totteringhams day


They have no hearts.


Perfect news. Life is sweet right now


Christ, I cannot wait till Saturday.

Might even give the pre-match Bovril a miss and get straight in, that’s how excited I am about Ozil & Cazorla – in the same fuckin team!


Calm down son, the Bovril’s a must


Özil, Rosicky and Cazórla = Drool induced coma


Brilliant news! Lets hope Theo and Poldi get back asap too.
Can’t wait to see us line up:
Cazorla – Ozil – Walcott
Ramsey – Flamini
Gibbs – Koscielny – Mert – Sagna.

Looks tough for Wilshere to get in there at the mo. It’s great to have competition in the squad! 🙂


this is the exact formation I use on Fifa 🙂


And Arteta and Podolski and The Ox and Rosicky and Monreal and Vermaelen!!! WHERE DO THEY ALL FIT ??? 🙂


Wilshere too.

Arsene McCloud

Giroud is tall so he might make a decent goalie- at least he can head out the clearances.
Schezzy up front is unusual too – but he has got a tricky Cryuff turn in his locker.


Nacho ‘super sub’ Monreal

or if you are american, Nacho ‘victory cigar’ Monreal


Just hope they can keep the run going until all of the injured players are back(not sure we will see Diaby this year).

Silver Gunner

Julian Draxler in jauanry will be justbthe tonic


Got enough midfielders.


He will replace our little Mozart in one or two years

Gunner From Another Mother

It makes me sad to picture him no longer playing for us 🙁


Can never have enough, and midfielders.


Need a new rabbit’s foot. Rubbed all the hair off of this one.


Have 8 baby ones = 32 rabbits feet. Only available in fours.


Did Nacho actually say “early doors” or was this translated?


puertas temprano

Mesut Aussie

love a good early door!


What a relief

Gooner Dave

Szczęney back on form
Gibbs in top top form
Santos swapped for Monreal
Solid centre back partnership
Sanga in top form
Ramsey is like a new man
The rock Flamini
Super super Özil
Giroud scoring
Oh yeah and Arteta hair is still perfect


Probably happiest to see Walcott back. Real width that we missed against WBA.

But who am I really kidding, Santi and Ozil will be something else!


how about real speed


Early doors? Every game as it comes? Nacho has really taken to English football.

Beeasmart Abdul

I am not really happy with the present info but I am very sure that we are equal to the task of confronting any club.

Mikel Artekkers

Please… no more! I’m dehydrating from all this damn drooling!


Drooling a cup full till saturday, then salivate for them goals to pump in.

Perry S.

Not sure if anyone believes in jinxing, but please stop rejoicing so loud. Let things happen as they come and be happy with wins, please don’t keep talking about fitness and player combinations…let it be…please!


For Norwich I doubt Cazorlita is starting given the fact he just came back from a 6 week lay-off but for sure will go in around the 65′ mark. I think will start like this:


Subs: Arteta,Cazorla,Fabianski,Monreal,Vermalen,Gnabry,Bendtner


See Arteta starting this one. He will be fresher than the rest, considering he doesn’t play internationals. Not sure who goes out though. Rambo? that would be crazy with the form he is in. Flamini? surely not. Who then? Who?


Did Nachoman really say “early doors”?
Hilarious dude! Hope he’s never sick as. a parrot


Giroud + Ozil + Cazorla
= Godzilla!

Van persi + Giggs + Nani
= Vagina!


Is it possible to give this a couple thousand thumbs up? That’s the most cuntastic comment ever.


Torres +Mata + Etoo = Tomato


I, for one, absolutely LOVE vaginas.
Can we find another insult?

The 3 Billion Dollar Stan




Glasgow's Gunner

Nice one, Nacho. You will get no complaints from me.


I think he needs a game off.


Yep me too. Should have him on the bench only play him if needed. Have Santi and Mesut combo strike down on Dortmund.


“…Abou Diaby are also believed to be making decent progress”



Time to unleash TV5 and give the BFG a break. Important games ahead and time for our captain to prove he is no bench warmer. Good idea also to play Jack in his favourite cm position. To me he is a great player and just finding his form. He is certainly worth more than 8 minutes for England. All this negativity has to stop. Finally Gnabry should also start. He adds some width to the side and wont start many games when Theo is back.


you don’t know Wenger very well


It’s very unlikely that Verms will start but Wilshere didn’t play that much for England and Ramsey could need a break…would love to see Gnabry too but it’s also unlikely to see him in the first XI


It’s always difficult to play a team fighting relegation. Let’s take the strongest squad to Norwich. I am glad Ozil is ok.


“We are top of the table, it is still early doors, but we will take..” Hang on a minute, I might be wrong but I very much doubt they say “it’s still early doors” in Spain too.. Has the translator tried to spice up nacho here?

Silent Stan

We can drool and cum, but if the formation or player positioning is wrong, we won’t get a taste of what we want. I hope AW makes the right decisions.

Black Hei

You mean to say you hope that AW makes the decisions you would make if you are in his shoes, because you are clearly the brighter one around.


Can’t agree more with Silent Stan, for once.

Wenger thinking tactics is no better than politicans trying hard to fix our society…


I agree with Black Hei. In hindsight, would you still criticise putting Rambo or Theo on the wings? Sure, Rambo struggled out there but it’s highly likely that putting him on the left has directly contributed to his current form. I think AW is a tactical genius to be perfectly honest. Tactics are done in different ways. Is Mourinho a tactical genius for getting a goal and grinding out boring 1-0 wins? Hardly. Remember that AW took Henry from a forgotten winger to best striker in the world, got Flamini playing the best football of his life as left back… Read more »


Imagine Suárez in front of Özil and Cazorla. Make it happen Arsene!

Emir of Emirates

Wiv Suarez,…I’ll gladly droooolll till thy kingdom cum!!…#freeparkchoyoung

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