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Wigan’s Coyle: We’d love to sign Park on loan

Owen Coyle has confirmed he’s spoken to Arsenal about taking Ju Young Park on loan at Wigan Athletic but admits the South Korean international’s salary could scupper negotiations.

The Scot, who has previously taken the likes of Jack Wilshere and Ryo Miyaichi on loan deals while manager of Bolton Wanderers, is eager to bolster his attacking options at the DW Stadium but despite being an admirer of Park thinks the Latics have to weigh up the financial outlay.

“We’ve spoken to Arsenal about Park, and the discussions regarding the footballing side went very well,” Coyle told the Evening Post this morning

“Jonathan Jackson [Wigan chief executive] was also having discussions with the financial people at Arsenal, but I think the package was just a little out of our reach at this moment in time.

“What people have got to understand is that, while we are looking to bring in very good players – which we have done – we will only play Championship salaries, albeit with incentives and bonuses to do well. The players we have brought in have all come within our budget, and that will continue to be the case.”

Revealing that Park is desperate to make a move before the 4 November loan deadline for Football League clubs, Coyle continued:

“We’d have loved to get Park in, of course we would, but we also have to understand the financial situation.

“It’s not closed by any means, dialogue will continue between Jonathan and Arsenal and we’ll see where it takes us.

“I’m led to believe that the lad himself is keen to come, because he wants to put himself in the shop window before the World Cup next summer.

“But it can only happen if there is a financial agreement, and that is what we are working on at the moment.”

A loan move certainly makes sense for Park who isn’t likely to get any first team minutes at the Emirates in the near future. Best of luck to him if he makes the trip North…he could even indulge in a little Europa League action.

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This is a no brainer surely?


I hope this goes through and he does well. His first and only goal for us was a beaut, so many people were left disappointed after that. Championship would be a great place for him to showcase his talent.


This article is very short on specifics… maybe Arseblog can’t get us the exactly salary numbers, but I was hoping you’d at least have a ball-park figure.





Could easily have been prevented from happening! Wenger out!

Silverstre for the Ballon d'OR

I don’t want to offend you, but this joke is getting old.



omg wtf they are tapping him up!
Hands off!

Adam Richards

Why is there a problem over the salary? Either we pay the full whack and his only chance of seeing any action is if North Korea invade the South.

Or Wigan chip in and pay some of his salary and we pay the rest.

How can there be any problem with this deal going through?!??


yeah, but we want to pay as less as possible, so negotiations will probably take a while… if on the footballing side all the three parties are fine with it, than this deal will probably go through, but financial negotatians will probably take a while…

Mo gunner

guise srsly why are you so harsh on harsh ?


Invading shouldn’t be easily said as you said. Fuck arrogant Englsh.

Hans Brix

Feeling a rittle ronery?


Quiet down Jong Il


I’d hate to be a Korean Arsenal fan

Dutch Skunk

Fox Mulder and Dana Sculley from The X-Files need to get over here and investigate why on earth did we sign this guy and not use him.


I can’t really understand the situation, to be honest. We have Park on whatever wages and we won’ t use him at all because he is surplus to the requirements – thats ok, plain and clear. But then why don’t we accept Wigan’s offer no matter how small their contribution to those wages are? It would still lessen our wage bills plus if he could get a good string of games (and he probably would since his competition were Grant Holt) we might even get some half-decentmoney for him next summer. So why block that move?

glory hunter

Completely agree mate.
Unless there’s another suitor , that’s willing to pay a larger chunk of his wages, anything else wouldn’t make sense.


i don’t think we are trying to block it, just trying to get wigan to play as much as possible…




Don’t make me correct you 🙂

it’s pay….*

Adam Richards

Haha, to be fair the Arseblog News Hound made exactly the same mistake in the article:

“we will only play [sic] Championship salaries”

Unless Coyle actually said the word play that is.


Isn’t his contract up at the end of the season?


He could get some matches in a good side and get back in contention for the world cup.

I find it hard to believe that money is such an issue.

This really my £800 pay rise in to perspective!


The world cup is not our concern . If he is “desperate” for it to happen maybe he should take a pay cut as we have not exactly had good value out of him have we?


He could end his Arsenal career on a rare high – injury time winner against the spuds in the Europa League final.


They will probably get knocked out way before that, though.

Spuds, I mean!

Mach iii

What many people forget is when RVP left, it wasn’t just RVP. It was the little boy inside him too. How do you replace this ‘void’? Park Chu Young is this replacement. He is not for sale.


Please ship him out

the only sam is nelson

hopefully we’re negotiating to take Grant Holt on loan in exchange

*fingers crossed*


Our benches aren’t that strong


the food-budget could explode from this


Yet another one of our top players leaving. Where will it end? Gutted.

Joshua Wong

Don’t think he ever got a fair chance under Wenger. When we had that striker crisis in either the UCL or COC and he called on Hayden and Akpom instead of Park in the squad really took the cake for me. This guy is a former national captain for crying out loud!

Red Smoke

Eh I’m on the fence on that one. You’d think by now most people would know that Arsene might know something we don’t – as in he knows the player personally and sees him day in and day out in training. He might realize that Park, ex-national captain or not, simply won’t/can’t cut it at Arsenal on any level, be it COC or FA Cup. And yeah Wenger probably realizes he made a mistake with Park.


At this point, I think we might just have to face up to the fact that he’s not very good. If he was Wenger would use him.


There are a lot of reasons for a manager to not start a player. I think Park is a quality player but, just like you stated, he might not be good enough for Arsenal, or his style of footballing does not suit Wenger’s philosophy and he is not adjusting well. By the way, it is my understanding J.Y. Park won’t be able to play in the Europa League even if he goes to Wigan. The European roster has been set and cannot be added at this point in time.


Was impressed with how Owen Coyle nurtured Jack during his loan spell at Bolton (despite Bolton being a post-Allardyce team that boasts Kevin Davies). Championship football will do Park some good to regain his form/fitness/confidence level (or whatever). However, I do not agree that Arsenal should subsidy majority of Park’s salary. If we want to make it a win-win-win situation, then Wigan should be ready to pay slightly more than their “championship pay”, and Arsenal should be ready to subsidy a little of the player’s wager, and the player himself should be willing to take a pay cut if he… Read more »

Scott P

Off topic: holy shit, I just got selected to ask Robert Pires a question in a google plus hangout on Friday!!!!!


Thought of anything to ask yet? If not, you could always try and set up a nice romantic date for Pires and Blogs. He’d (happily) be forever indebted to you – just don’t tell Mrs Blogs… 😉

Özil Gummidge

It’s not money holding up this deal. Arsenal just can’t find him.

Özil Gummidge

@Scott P,

It has to be “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?”


Ooooh I will never understand Wenger,this guy is pure talent,on his day he is better than Falcao.
please don’t ship him out.
When will this policy of selling our best players end?
First it was Djorou then Gervinho now Young!!!

the outside of rosicky's boot

Speaking of out-of-favour strikers, does anyone know what’s happened/happening with Benik Afobe?

Can’t remember the last time I heard anything about him.


stilll injured since last season when he was on loan at millwall i believe


Shouldn’t Wigan be negotiating with however Park is contracted to rather than us?…what?…An Arsenal player you say? That can’t be right.

Denilson's back pass

As much as I like Bendtner (as a player, I think he is pretty decent) I can’t help but wonder if Park didn’t deserve a COC runout a bit more than ol’ Benny this season.

Of course I don’t see them in training day in, day out, (and don’t really know jack shit to be honest) but come on, we all wanna see the guy score a hat-trick 😀


Must have been really shit in training, because as far as I can tell we signed the Korea national team captain, he scored a lovely goal against Bolton and that was basically it.


“Ju young Park” – who?

A N Other

No brainer indeed. We make some money, he gets some experience, Wigan get an striker.


To be honest I don’t know why Park’s been frozen out like he has. All I saw was a delicious goal against Bolton, and then nothing after that. You’d have thought after that he’d get a few more games.

Edu's fake passport

He is obviously not very good or Wenger WOULD use him.

King Henry XIV

Le Prof signed Park to keep him out of the Korean military as a favor to a well-placed family friend. Once the danger of the military “call-up” (eh?! Eh?!) passed, AW rightfully drops park like a hot potato. Simples.

Gandalf's Kebab

Expensive favour!


One day, Probably when Park retires and writes his autobiography, we’ll all finally find out just why Wenger actually bought this dud.

I can’t wait.

In the meantime, if Wigan want him then we should let him go. Let’s just charge them a small percentage of his weekly wage – like 25 pence. Although that might be a bit too steep.

Gandalf's Kebab

At 28 with no recent appearances it’s going to be hard to shift him. It would make a lot of sense to try and raise his profile* (value) a bit by sending him on loan. Besides which, we’ve already been paying for him to sit on his arse since the start of the season..

Who knows, he might even come back with something to show for himself.


As Blogs says, he just might be a bit shit. But there’s another scenario that might be more plausible… Park gets a nice and easy introduction to life at Arsenal. After a while he gets to start a game, scores a rather delicious goal, and Wenger starts to really consider him for the first team. The boss invites him over for dinner to discuss his future and bond a bit. There’s excellent food, lots of wine, the ambience starts to get jolly… And then our man Park, drunk off his great goal and more than a little tipsy starts making… Read more »


Not difficult to figure out why wenger signed him. He cost a snip and was a hedge considering we were potentially light up front. Surprise he hasn’t convinced more to start coming off the back of a decent season with Monaco. Did not convince when on loan at Celta. He’s right at the bottom of the pecking order now behind Sanogo and Akpom. Best bet for him would be to be sold back to France perhaps where his quality was recognised but not sure how committed he is. Could never understand why some players (particularly late in age) don’t just… Read more »


Wigan should loan him as Park is a quality player. He has great vision, awareness, technical ability and can score wonder goals. He has show it against Bolton, at his time at Monaco and at national level. Pity he hasn’t had the chance for arsenal yet. Wenger wouldn’t have bought him for nothing. I do however believe he was brought in as a last minute backup for RVP and Asian market sales. His package cost more than arsenal hoped for and eventually he became surplus. He needs a run and given a decent chance, then we can all judge.

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