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Report: Arsenal 4-1 Norwich

Arsenal: Szczesny, Sagna, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Gibbs, Wilshere, Arteta, Flamini, Cazorla, Ozil, Giroud

Subs: Fabianski, Vermaelen, Rosicky, Ramsey, Monreal, Bendtner, Jenkinson

Arsene Wenger recalled Santi Cazorla and rested Aaron Ramsey as Arsenal beat Norwich 4-1 at the Emirates today.

Jack Wilshere started on the right with Cazorla taking up his usual position on the left hand side, and the Spaniard had the first attempt of the game, shooting from the edge of the box only to see Ruddy get down to make a relatively simple save.

The game settled down with both teams feeling each other out, but in the 17th minute Arsenal were ahead. Jack Wilshere brought it forward, gave it to Cazorla with whom he exchanged passes. At the edge of the Norwich box he flicked it to Giroud, Giroud flicked it back to him to put him through on goal with just the keeper to beat and he touched it with his right foot just inside the post. 1-0GIF.

An amazing goal, the kind of that if Barcelona and Messi had scored it, there’d be pundit jizz everywhere.

Wilshere was a constant threat in the final third, only good late defending prevented another shot on goal from inside the area, while the combination play and pressing made life extremely difficult for the visitors.

There was a stoppage in play after a clash of heads between Flamini and Tettey which seemed to dent Arsenal’s momentum and Norwich found space down their left hand side to get crosses in.

But they had goalkeeper John Ruddy to thank as he prevented Giroud doubling the lead. Gibbs robbed some cunny or other high up the pitch and pulled it back for the Frenchman. His near post effort was going in but Ruddy pulled off a fine save.

Bacary Saga then watched the ball come down from a Norwich header and caught it full on the volley with his left foot from the edge of the area. The shot went straight at Ruddy though.

Flamini’s head clash meant he had to be replaced by Aaron Ramsey and it disrupted Arsenal as Norwich had a good spell towards the end of the half. Leroy Fer forced Szczesny into a very good save with a shot from distance as Arsenal struggled to get near the ball in the final stages of the first period.

However, they went into the break with Wilshere’s amazing goal separating the sides.

The second half began brightly with Mikel Arteta’s shot from distance deflecting out for a corner while at the other end a well worked free kick saw Martin shoot wide of Szczesny’s near post. Aaron Ramsey saw a shot blocked before Giroud headed a Sagna cross over the bar.

Norwich picked up where they left off at the end of the first half as Arsenal failed to find any rhythm. Szczesny made saves from Olsson and Snodgrass, but it was the Gunners who scored, very much against the run of play.

Arsenal cut out a Norwich attack and broke upfield with Cazorla. He played it outside to Giroud whose cross into the box found Ozil’s brilliant run forward, and his header on the run beat Ruddy to make it 2-0.

It was the Spaniard’s last involvement as he was immediate replaced by Tomas Rosicky. Anthony Pilkington then had a chance to get one back for the Canaries but shot wide, which is all he deserved after fouling Mertesacker in the build up.

However, Norwich’s pressure paid dividends in the 70th minute when they got one back. They found some space down our right hand side, the cross came in, Mertesacker got a foot on  it but it fell for Johnny Howson. He took a touch and drilled a shot inside the near post despite the close attention of Kieran Gibbs.

Aaron Ramsey’s long range effort stretched Ruddy as the ball was heading for the top corner and the Welshman set up Ozil for a shot which the Norwich keeper saved easily enough. It was Ramsey again forcing the keeper to save at his near post as Nicklas Bendtner replaced the two-assist man Olivier Giroud.

The Dane then spanked a powerful shot at goal which, as you’ll have guessed by now, Ruddy saved, but the Arsenal pressure counted as Aaron Ramsey put us two ahead again. There was fine interplay around the Norwich box, Ramsey picked it up inside the area, feinted to shoot taking out two defenders, cut back inside another defender, then fired in a low shot past Ruddy to make it 3-1.

And moments later it was 4-1. Bendtner picked up an Ozil pass on the right hand side, unselfishly played it back to Rosicky who crossed to the far post. Ramsey just touched it back to Ozil who caressed it into the net to make it 4-1.

It was almost 5 when Wilshere curled one just wide after good work by Ozil. But despite the Norwich pressure, Arsenal really showed their class, found some magic moments and moved back to the top of the table.

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Silent Stan's Content Mustache

Can someone let me know when did Arsenal FC stop playing football and start painting masterpieces with their feet? This is unbelievable football being played. Interlull? Fuck you, no problem.

Doctor Satan

I heard the cloths were handed out before the game because the janitor refused to clean so many seats. 😛

All five goals were fucking awesome.



Hope Mathieu is alright


Fantabulous stuff from Gunners. We are playing some of the best team football in Europe. COYG #topoftheleague 😉

AND FOYS – You are not good enough to be­ our be our RIVAL muahahahaha

fingers crossed on matty flamini. Watching Rambo, Jack, Caz, OZ and HFB with flamster in deep vs Dortmund would be mouth watering prospect even for neutrals.


The Arsenal scored four goals not five.
Opponemts goals ar never awesome. Opponent’s goals are all shit.
All The Arsenal goals are beautiful and all the other cunts score with jammy lucky shots.


Jeez. When do they need you back in the ward?



Having been in the Emirates when the entire 60,000 celebrated an away goal (and I had a tear in my eye at the time), I can say there is a time and place for everything.


Will Arsenal ever get a penalty?

Arsene McCloud

You mean the Eduardo goal?
Yes. He deserved the ovation..


@Goonerjoe — Nope, apparently its a new FA directive 😛

@Arsene McCloud — yup. Possibly one of the most emotional moments I’ve ever had at a football game.

That said, if we hadn’t been 5-0 up at the time………


All you can say is we scored a really good goal and three fucking masterpieces

another yank

Is “Arsegasm” part of the vernacular yet? Because if not, it should be. Wilshere’s first was Arsegasmic. I had many Arsegasms today.


something special is happening right before our eyes….long may it continue

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

Even the boss Arsene Wenger looks 10 years younger… kind of as if he’s time-warped back to 2003-2004!


Speaking of which, I love the fact you’ve had this Username since before we got Özil – before the season started, even. Credit to you.


Oi England, mind the gap.

Joey Sixpack

Joga bonito football. We will win the league. Mark my words.

Eboue's Hairbrush

We won’t now you’ve jinxed it.

Remember the invincibles

Those Ramsey and wilshere goals are straight out of a compilation video.


Rameseys the Great!


Ramseys number one, he knows the secrets of desire
Ramseys number one, he put the people all on fire


Having finally got my breath back, if you look beyond the goals (hard I know), the other thing that really stood out today is the midfield are back to hunting in packs again.

— Norwich player comes forwards: Arteta presses him, Wilshere puts a foot in and Özil nicks the ball away.

Norwich player left wondering: ‘What just happened? And ‘where did the ball go?’

Swap the Arsenal midfielders, but it happened again and again


Very good point, it was like forming a triangle around the player with the ball, absolutely fabolous team defending.


“An amazing goal, the kind of that if Barcelona and Messi had scored it, there’d be pundit jizz everywhere.”- Enough said.


What can you say about Aaron Ramsey?!
Sheer brilliance,what a finish!!2 fake shots, a lovely finish and it’s game over.

Our 1st goal was the best team goal i ever seen.

Ozorla was superb. 2 goals from ozil.
Class performance from the boys.

Bring on dortmund

Oh btw,Top of the league!!!


The ref was a Norwich player disguised in a ref’s uniform…and even with that, they were totally outclassed and kicked off the park!


It was interesting that the game was pretty flat in terms of decisions until we got the second (when Norwich were looking dangerous). After that, we got nothing.


and his pull down and pass back to ozil for the final goal


I’m pretty sure you only ever get goals like that in fifa street..and of course the emirates”


Ramsey’s Maradona move towards the end then the backheel to Ozil. That is all.

Gooner of Navarone

Ramzidane. I fell off my seat when I saw that!


Yep, and then Ashburton Grove erupted as if he just scored a goal. Highlight reel stuff.


Ramzil!!!!!!!. Great win. Good Goals. Awesome Koscielny. Three Points. Top of the League. Stuff of Champions. COYG!!!


Pretty sure saying ‘Top of the league’ is never ever going to get old, such an enjoyable phrase to say (especially to Utd fans HAH)


We all hoped he’d evolve into a complete midfielder, AW knew he’d be a goal-scorer, but a roulette?! On the fucking wing?! I want some of whatever he’s chowing down.


I Mean i still can’t decide which goal stood out ! there WERE all class. `i’m still drooling ova the combo between giroud n wilshire. but then i got straight up boner ova ramsey personal goal. agghh hell with it .there all good !!! 3 point . top of the table. can’t complain ! COYG !!!!


Signed a World XI player over the summer. Developed some amazing talent with a sold British core. Massive club profit$. Never strayed from total football. Top of the league. #Wengerout.

The Truth.

…..and Samurai Bendtner passed to feet and moved off the ball!!!!! Happy days all round.


Me: It’s like watching a different team
Missus: You’re much calmer this season. I don’t hear you yelling “you donkey!” at the TV every game.




Bendtner was always a good player, it was just his attitude that sucked. He had/has a bit of a problem with finishing but when he played he always got into goal scoring positions. Maybe a dose of humility and Ramsey-like step up in terms of finishing could see him reach his potential. Be a squad player and take your chances Nicky, it’s as good as it gets for you.


It’s official: RAMSEY IS NOW A GOD!!!!!!!!!!

Why is my name required

We’ve got Lionel Ramsey

Messi who?


Easy now on the thumbs down….it’s only deliberate exaggeration meant to celebrate his brilliant form over the last 6 months or so. I’m sure no one can deny that at this rate, Rambo is on a sure path to being one of our best players ever, so relax people 🙂

Poldi, ein Fußball-Gott.

Bergkamp, Ramsey and we need one more to make a trinity. Hail Bergkamp!

Arsene McCloud



(Don’t normally get into these bits of the discussion,but cannot resist).

— I assume Brady is the Holy Ghost 🙂


The Arsenal machine is BACK! Well played boys…Very well played

another yank

Fucking Brilliant.


Top of the League , Bring on Dortmund


Good old arsenal we,r proud to sing your name and when I say good old arsenal I mean it we,r back to our best what a display is everybody beneath us watching


a Bendtner goal would have been a perfect end to the game

The Truth.

So true, if that had happened, I would have laughed my stones off in pure joy and amusement


Was torn between that or Özil’s hattrick


And we weren’t even playing that well. That is fucking scary.


No more Welsh Messi please. Rambo is in his own class. Ramsey is Ramsey 16. Nuff Said

A Yank

Right? I mean after the Flamini sub we sort of lost momentum. And Norwich got off a fair number of shots in the second half. Need to tighten that up for Europe, but still… 4-1 with some lovely goals and top of the table.


when we get the pace of Theo back…ohhh my, those teams are in for a beating


Rambo = the Welsh Messi!


No more Welsh Messi please. Rambo is in his own class. Ramsey is Ramsey 16. Nuff Said


Ok you’re right….. Messi = Argentinian Ramsey!!!!


Messi=The Argentinian Ramsey


Sorry didn’t see your post my bad


Messi = the Argentinian Ramsey


I should have refreshed the comments section before posting.




Messi = The Argentinian Ramsey




Brilliant win. Best thing about this run i am not counting the number of points we are behind the leaders, let the cunts do it.
Come on you Gunners.


After the 80th minute I didn’t want the game to end. It seemed we were on the verge of putting more in with every attack! Absolute class all around the pitch. I really wanted to see Bendtner score one, though! That would do wonders for his confidence I’m sure.

Manchester Gooner

I’d rather keep him hungry, because there’ll always be a period when we need him.

The party has just started. No need for everyone to get drunk.


You seriously think Bendtner has a problem with confidence?


I think, on the pitch, perhaps he does. He hasn’t seen consistent game time in two years, hasn’t scored a PL goal in probably as much time.. I don’t know if you’ve played professional football, I haven’t, but wouldn’t your confidence be down a bit after something like that? Off the pitch, I agree with you. But you can’t deny the psychological effects of such a long lay-off for a footballer. A goal does wonders for any one, look at Ramsey. Now he can’t stop putting them in!

Wesley Sniper

I really hate it when commentators compare Ramsey to Messi just cos he scored a couple of good goals, I mean come on let’s not overrate the lad, the Argentine’s good but he has a lot of catching up to be compared to Ramsey.




Infinite thumbs up 🙂

Trex d Gunner



The other bugbear for me is the whole: ‘Now they have Özil they are a good side again’.

They all expected him to turn up and be head and shoulders above everyone else (but thats the BFG), so now he must be making all the other players better.

Rad Carrot

Coming up to the week that will define our season – we play the scousers then the salford lot, with a trip to Dortmund in between. Looks like we’re setting ourselves up well – we come through the next few weeks, we might just make something of this season!

RC Motors

The wait for Cazorla, Rosicky, Ramsey, Ozil, Wilshere to all feature in the same game was so worth it. The football played in the final third was just beautiful. Also a mention to Giroud whose vision and first touch is worthy of any one of our midfield’s.

Performances like this make me love being an Arsenal fan.

The Truth.

I can’t remember the last time I saw a centre – half with a first touch as good as Per Mertesacker. I mean, the guy pulls a sixty yard punt from Ruddy down on his instep, then straight away lays the ball forward to Arteta. Class. McLintock and O’Leary would be proud.

Manchester Gooner

Just like a training afternoon

Manchester Gooner

Those were 4 of the best goals I’ve seen from us in some time.
My cheeks are sore from smiling, holy fuck that was awesome!
Now to flog Dortmund and we are guaranteed get mr lewandowski’s attention

*not a guarantee


There are no words to express how amazing the boys played today. The first goal has to be one of the best teamplay goals I’ve ever seen. And OH MY FUCKING GOD! AARON FUCKING RAMSEY! He’s not even my son but boy am I proud of that lad! Keep it up son! You sir are an inspiration! #COYG!!!


thanks for clarifying that Ramsey is not your son 😉


that was just pure class from arsenal!
just cant wait for may.


Carzola… passes to Giroud… plays it to Wishere… flicks back to Giroud… flicks back to Wishere… eases it into the bottom corner. Thank you football. Thank you Arsenal.


I don’t think a commentator like Martin Tyler could have kept up with that goal. It was a lightening fast one touch zig-zag mesmerising move. Not even Cuntalona could come up with something like that. I loved the Norwich defenders; all running back, keeping their shape and discipline, and they end up standing stationary, in a disorganised bunch, looking behind them with bemused expressions on their faces as Wilshere taps it in. One had to feel sorry to see hard core professionals being made to look like rank amateurs. I hope we are going to see lots more of that… Read more »


Giroud+ Özil+ Cazorla= Gödzilla
Valencia + Giggs+ Anderson= Vagina


Small correction though
Valencia+Giggs+Nani would be perfect


Van Persie + Giggs + Nani would be “more” perfect. suits the cunt

Aaron Ramsey



Awesome win! Can’t wait to see more of ramsey, özil, wilshere and cazorla.
By far the best midfield in the BPL!


the first goal was fucking vintage!


i hope “vintage” soon becomes “trademark” again….

Ivan Drago

I love how we can take off Flamini and Santi and replace them with Rambo and Rosicky, finally have some depth, and it feels good


We have depth even though Walcott, Ox and Poldi are all out, and Gnabry not even in the bench.


Even more, that when we take off Giroud to rest him (terrible game, only both assists by that point 🙂 ) and bring on the Last Samurai, he gets a good reception, and seems to have remembered what a striker is.

Der Springer

That was beautiful all around. I was thinking partway through the second half that I would comment about how complete a player Giroud is BUT-
Holy sweet jeebus, on current form, if only Messi could play box-to-box he might be as good as Ramsey.


What a player Giroud is, absolute class. He might never become the goalscorer the dutch cunt is, but I think his all around play is second to no striker in the league.


Man that was Harlem globetrotters stuff from the gunners today


Should have been 7-1!!!! Norwich keeper saved their grace. Ollie was denied TWO clear cut beautiful shots, Ramsey denied two, Ozil could have hattricked.

Oh my, I am still nursing my lungs from shouting with joy.


Ollie MOTM!


Under-appreciated performance by Giroud, what a player.

gooner odst

Not even bale can do what Rambo did. While he dominates, Cazorla doesn’t have to bear so much responsibility and will naturally start performing well again.

Jeezus, Ramsey really took em to school and he is not just shooting for the sake of shooting, he is now, more often than not, choosing the right option and when the shot does come its got venom. Notable mentions to Wilshere for the first goal, Koscielny, Gibbs for good defending (bar the goal).

ps. oh van pussy scored again…good for them. 😀


2 contenders for goal of the season in 1 match. Make no mistake, this is one special Arsenal football team.
If I was the opposition, I would tread lighty!


Also since when did Norwich turn into Stoke?


Right after we turned into Barcelona

The Truth.

Stephen, you’re usually on the money, but I’d say our blokes don’t roll around and gesticulate in the referee’s face enough to be compared with Barcelona


You are indeed correct sir.


What an amazing game! The lads put in an absolute shift, all 4 goals were stunning!


Ramsey’s goal was like Nasri vs Fulham – except Ramsey busts a nut on the pitch and possesses a chin.


And Nasri is a chick without busts and possesses a girly grin


Norwich will come out of this game scratching their heads thinking how did we lose 4-1?

Our 4 goals were out of this world!

I honestly would start Ramsey even if that means dropping Santi or Wilshere thats just my opinion.

Ramsey is still imo our best player.

i don't comment here often

Eh, Norwich look like classic relegation material to me. A bit like Wolves under Mick McCarthy. Lots of effort in midfield, some decent wingers whipping in some decent crosses, but very little up front. And any team with Michael Turner in it is going to flirt with the drop. He’s a lumpier version of Michael Dawson.


we made them look average


I don’t think it’s even a question that Ramsey should start every game for us. But Jack just told the manager, I’m gonna fight Santi for a place in the team.


Hope Giroud’s class isn’t lost on anyone because he didn’t score. Assists on the first two goals and the flick to Jack was jawdropping. (I can’t have been the only one who thought he had to be a mile offside to be in that much space? But, of course, he wasn’t.)


Wawawiwa! That was a beautiful game. Would have loved a Bendtner goal though Hahah

We have some of the best players in the world right now. BTW,our left footed super star contingent is fucking A


Robin fucking VanPersie

clueless rooster

organsmic football


Wow, that was worth staying up till 3am for. Just sensational, feels amazing.
Ozil was a bargin
Ramsey is better than Messi (Ok maybe that is a bit too far)
Bendtner actually looked solid when he came on
Finally that first goal….words can’t describe


Jack’s and Rambo’s goals and Le Bob at halftime.

THAT, ladies and gents, is why it’s called the Beautiful Game.

Football with a smile on it’s face, led by TwOzil.

Denilson's back pass

That WAS fucking excellent.


An Arsenal performance of years gonr by! What a win lads. TOP OF THE LEAGUE!


I look forward to Ramsey playing now than Ozil

Is that normal?


Ramsey seemed cocky (in the most excellent of ways) today, as if he knew that anything he’d try would turn into gold.


So impressed with the way Bendtner has been playing. It’s like he’s realised he’s been a bit of a plonker and is trying to redeem himself.


He is putting himself up at the shop window but that is fine by me. I hope he scores a few goals so that decent clubs take note of him and offer him a wage he has grown accustomed to.


I like this feeling. It’s a sensation I have not felt in a very, very long time.


Still jizzing off on all our goals……. hand me some napkins will ya


Here you go – dortmund, crystal palace, chelski


rightly over the moon


Who need striker with little boy in him. We have goalscoring midfielders!


Shit sorry I thumbed you down. Fingers still shaking with Joy. COYG!


I’m watching that gif of the first goal over and over again and I still can’t get my head around it. Fucking insane! How they managed that is unbelievable 🙂

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