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Wenger lauds Wilshere goal

Arsene Wenger has called Jack Wilshere’s opening goal one of the best he’s ever seen.

The England midfielder combined with Santi Cazorla and Olivier Giroud with a series of increasingly intrictate flicks before calmly slotting the ball home with his right foot, and the Arsenal manager was quick to praise the beauty of the strike.

“It was certainly one of the best goals,” he said, “one that I enjoyed the most as well because it was a team goal. It had combinations and the speed which you always like your team to play with, unfortunately it doesn’t happen always. This one was a mixture of technical quality, speedy thinking, quick reaction and as well being calm in front of goal.

It had nearly everything you want to have, combined speed and calm and relaxed attitude. It was a great goal. I think we have scored some good goals this season already.

“All the goals were great, but the first was exceptional because it was improvised, combination play.”

And Wenger also had praise for today’s opponents who, despite the scoreline, made life difficult for the Gunners.

“We won 4-1 and their keeper had a good game. But I think as well that Norwich played well, so it is strange. They made it difficult for us. We had a difficult period between 30 and 60 minutes where we struggled a little bit to keep our game going.

“I would come out of the game thinking Norwich is a good team.”

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When football becomes art…


Arsene …



I still have a hard on from that first goal! Football porn at it’s best! COYGs!!!

aussie gooner

I was one of the #Wengerout people, and also one of the ramsey doubters, I’m so glad to have been proven wrong twice. Much rather watch Arsenal win and play like that than say “i told you so”.

so proud of how far this club has come since the state we were in for the year following the capital one cup loss where we finished the season horribly and then the departures of fabregas and nasri, then RVP. now we seem to be on the up again and it’s fantastic.


As soon as Wilshere took the first touch from his own half i quickly reached for the lotion and set myself up nicely for what was going to be the best arsenal induced ejaculation ever!


Booring, booring Arsenal, eh?


That first goal.

good assassin

The goal is on a Dennis level of perfection. Kleenex sales probably went through the roof after that goal.


The celebration after the goal is even Dennis Level…

Serioulsy watch it again…..
Wilshere slides on his knees towards corner flag and Giroud manages to slide-accelerate past him, actually turning in midslide to embrace Jack…. its like Dirty Dancing

and now we know

Nobody puts baby Jack in the corner.


It’s my favourite film too,I just wish there was a sex scene in both movie and match!

Zorro in the box

Classy as ever from AW. And of course a manager like him would love that goal, absolute peach. Hollywood stuff.

Casual Gooner

At first I thought Wilshere’s goal had to have taken some sort of deflection or lucky bounce somewhere. After seeing the replay from above their goal I can confirm that every single pass/flick/improvisation was fully intended. Football is a team sport and that was a team masterclass!

Bombay Gunner

HAHA! I think some of the Norwich players also thought so. They just stood there looking confused for a second after the goal.
It was a goal so good that you cannot appreciate it in real time. You need to see a slow motion version, just to confirm it was not lucky/deflection.

Wengers spare change

ruddy just stands there admiring it,absolutly nothing he or anyone else could do.listen to the crowd as the move unfolds,pure class.


Even from the other end I just turned to the bloke next to me and said I think we just saw something very special


I was telling everyone in the pub it took a deflection before Giroud flicked it through for Wilshere to score. It was only when I was watching MoTD that I realised it was complete perfection. Had to watch it 5 times in a row just to take it all in after that.


Wilshere – Cazorla – Gibbs – Cazorla – Wilshere – Cazorla – Giroud – Wilshere – Giroud – Wilshere – Net – Ejaculate


Haha! Brilliant!


Crap, now I’ve got the image of Wenger as Farmer Fran in my head. Anyone who has seen The Waterboy (and will own up to it) will know what I mean.

For the uninitiated, he’s the incomprehensible assistant coach of a crappy US college gridiron team. As they win their final game against the odds, at the instant they score the winning, spectacular touchdown, it cuts to (warning things cannot be unseen)

Gunner From Another Mother

*begins to read faster and faster*


The fun thing was the commentator couldnt keep up with the speed of passing..


A goal with class.

I Dream a Paradise

@Blogs: Thanks for the GIF in the Match Report article, else i would have raped the replay button of the video today!

Wengers spare change

is there a link for ramseys goal anyone?


The english media try to bring him down but he keeps on showing them why he is Shere Willpower.Take a bow Jack for that performance after a bad week thats why we all love you.. COYG

Clock End Mike

I agree, Norwich were good. With better accuracy in front of goal, they’d have beaten many another team in the League today. Except for our purple patches, they passed and moved quite as well as we did (if not better, at times), they harried (and hurried) us, and they defended well.

But our goal-scoring today will live a long time in the lore of the Premier League. Playing like that, it’s hard to imagine any team who could have kept us from scoring.

But we do need a few more clean sheets…


Spot on, this is a game the Arsenal of the last few years could easily have lost! A new era has come it seems


saw this on the BBC…
“Manchester United slip eight points behind leaders Arsenal as Southampton score a late equaliser at Old Trafford.”

Last year you could have just switched Arsenal for Manchester United, so nice to be on the other side of the story


Southampton must be gutted at dropping points at a mid-table team, they’ve dropped out of the top 4 now….


My favourite quote of the day was on the BBC feed from a Southampton fan:

‘If Southampton are to compete for a Champions League place then they really need to be beating these mid table sides.’


It is nice, but you can’t switch the two…. United, even in their dreams, couldn’t comprehend a goal like the first one that went in today.

In the long term, sometimes they might be winners, sometimes Arsenal, but they’re never, ever class. And that makes all the difference.


Blogs you missed the part where Wenger said “I saw that goal and the whole combination play and I immediately ejaculated so hard.At half time I had to change my pants.I was lucky Per carried one of his pants.”

Civilized Gunner

One of those goals that you brag with for ages. Special praise to Giroud. Class is permanent


34th time I watched the replay of the wilshere goal…….. 35th now


RVP……What have you done!

Amazing goal Jack.

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

What does this ‘RVP’ stand for?


Regretful van Persie.


Relegation Very Possible

Arsene McCloud



I couldnt be happier he left. I wouldnt want him back at AFC even if ManU Paid US the transfer fee !!


Agreed, none of the goals today even came from a striker, and I’m not sure the Dutchman could have filled Giroud’s role.


I have watched the replay of that goal over 100 times, and each time it gets better and better.


contender for goal of the season award…




It is


The goal was so good they named a website after it FLICKR.


What a goal… pure class

Eric Irish gunner

Fuck I just got dizzy looking at that, what a goal

Tom Thumb

Gets better and better every time i watch it.Up there with berkamp goal v newcastle.Shere brilliance.Two points clear, what a day


I’ve watched is so many times I’m now watching their players.

Look at the No 27 (I think). He doesn’t know if he’s coming or going.

Mark The Spark

I know another club that would make a DVD of that 😀


It’s Giroud’s backhealed little flick that floors me. That guy’s touch is incredible sometimes. The touch and the awareness.

Wonder if the MOTD crew will be backpedaling later. Alan Hansen opined that Arsenal had ‘no chance’ of finishing above Spurs. The twat.

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

You forgot to mention Gary Lineker. He’s a twat too.

BT Sport should air a replay of their August 16th (Friday) ‘Life’s is a Pitch’ show where half-dozen football ‘experts’ were in 1000% agreement the EPL title was a three-horse-race between ManUre, Man$hitty and Chelski however engaged in fierce debate over which one of them would win it. The Arsenal were not mentioned even one time during this conversation which lasted 20 odd minutes.

To be fair I thought we’d finish 10th this season. It’s never felt so good to be so wrong.


I liked the opening MOTD comment on arsenal – can we find something negative today, boo hoo, we cant. we’re not gonna get the ‘make arsenal look bad’ bonus for this week.


Instead they went for it in the end Arsenal wouldn’t win the league Chelsea would apparently!
With Fergi gone their nice old order is crumbling in front of their eyes. Will be fun to watch these retards cake their pants as the season progresses.
Beat Dortmund in the next match, the old Arsenal swagger will be back in full flow, us unable to wait for the next game!


They were right.

Arsenal always walk it in.


Alan Hansen can’t backpedal, his knees are fucked.


When yer talken abooot pace ….and pooower and …..aweernuss and ….tooch ….and technique…. whut was I seying agin?


Jack is well and truly back and answering all his critics. There is something special about this team and that goal sums it up.

Arsenal-induced Heart Attack Survivor

I’d say Jack is on smoking hot form. 😀


Can we spare a word for Ozil’s gut busting run for the second? Commitment as well as class.


Fair play to Norwich. This game wasn’t a walk in the park. They get their scoring sorted out and they won’t be in the relegation crowd for long.


And I love their kit!


Sheer brilliance Even FIFA 14 couldn’t make that stuff up….

We were talking of a cazorla-ozil partnership masterclass but from where im standing it looks like Ramsey – Ozil are starting to hit it off.

though from the 1st goal its as if everyone was involved.


Johnny 99

That goal was sex. Life is very good at the moment, long may it continue. Stay humble, keep doing what you’re doing and let’s see where it takes us.


So, Mr Bergkamp has reiterated his desire to coach at Arsenal at some point in the future! I so hope he does. When I read or see an interview with him it’s like looking at an ex girlfriend I still fancy! Will never forget when he got the top 3 goals on the month on motd! Maybe everyone has seen this but belows a link to all his goals, if you want a pleasurable trip down memory lane


here you go guys enjoy and let the Arsenal be with you always.

Its “the” goal btw.

Canonbury Gooner

This is the goal we’ve been trying to score for the past 17 years!!
All the criticism we’ve had for attempting to “play tippy tappy around the area and trying to walk the ball into the net”.
Well, we did it today. Wengerball at it’s finest – the spirit of Denis is alive and well.

“This is the goal we’ve been trying to score for the past 17 years!!”



The speed of the passing in real time is incredible. Sublime football. Tuesday should be a cracker. COYG.


I keep watching the goal and its hard to process it for some reason.

Its the wilshere back heel pass that really spins my head.

Absolute world class goal.

Its not about 40 yard strikes football is a team sport i hate goal of the month/ season are just individual runs etc.


These guys were possessed by alien power, the passing wasn’t for average human thinking. You won’t see such a goal in your lifetime nor will it happen in the next 2 millenniums.

yeah right

How does it feel to be tottenham
how does it feel to be small
You sold bale
we signed Mesut Ozil, mesut ozil, mesut ozil


Jack Wilshere before-cigarette =2 goals in 69 games ….. Jack Wilshere after-cigarette= 2 goals in 2 games …… Get that man a Cuban cigar BOSS JW10!!!!


Playstation football

I am happy to read all the comments about this goal. It shows everyone can appreciate beautiful football. I have to say, if you don’t see the genius of this goal; if it doesn’t leave your jaw open, then I don’t think you “get” the beautiful, funny-old game. It’s a lovely reward for Wenger after everyone but the dog branded him a blundering, myopic, old fool before he bought Özil. I guess Monsieur Wenger knew after all. Shame on the fans who attacked him, especially the chavs highlighting him being French. These foreigners are what’s made football so beautiful in… Read more »

“Out of my huge respect for Mr. Wenger, the players and the fans I don’t want to go into any details, but unfortunately in this meeting it has again become clear to me that we in many aspects disagree on the way Arsenal FC should move forward. “I’ve thought long and hard about it.” 05 Jul 2012 ~ Robin Van Persie That’s what you’re a player. As a manager, Van, you would fucking suck. You’ll be hated forever, and now you’re sinking in Fold Trafford, you really fucked up. This will be compounded when we win the league; equalling the… Read more »


To round all the coment up such goal can only exist in some people imagination,but brilliant arsenal has made it a reality.goal of the season coyg


The bloke next to me and I did not celebrate immediately. We just kinda stood there staring at each other for a second like we weren’t sure what we had just witnessed. Next thing I’m hugging a complete stranger and we’re both leaping up and down like mad men. What a totally fantastic goal

A N Other

I saw the goal and I kept saying it out loud.. It’s fantasy stuff. I have dreamt of this kind of goal several times but never really thought i will ever see it. This goal is as good as berkamp’s goal against Newcastle. It will be remembered forever.

Our team is beginning to play like invincibles. It’s awesome awesome arsenal again.


“Did you see that ludicrous display last night”?
“The thing about Arsenal is they always try to walk it in”
– Said noone ever after that Wilshere goal

the Only One


Jack Jumblies

This goal will define a season and a generation for football fans. It will be an iconic mainstay of Premier League highlights and stand as one of most incredible sequences in pro sports.

For me it’s up there in unforgettableness with Jordan’s last second three pointer over Craig Ehlo, or Flutie’s Hail Mary for Boston College.

I have a feeling this team is capable of even more special moments like this.

Victoria Concordia Crescit


Jack plays best from deep. With Flamini in the set up, we play a 4-1-4-1 in which case he is deployed further forward (to me best in a roving role rotating with santi and Ramsey just behind Ozil) With Arteta, jack is useful adding bite to defensive cover and carrying the ball forward. He is (along with ahem Diaby) one of the few players who can slalom through the opposition and offer vertical dynamics (although Ramsey’s Zizou channeling may mean we now have another) What I like about the goal (aside from the fact it is absolutely fucking mental) is… Read more »


I see on websites everywhere – Wilshere goal one of the best ever in PL or in Wenger’s reign or such.
I disagree. For such a goal the headline should read “Arsenal goal”.

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