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Boss confident of Flamini involvement

Arsene Wenger is confident that Mathieu Flamini will be fit for Sunday’s clash against Manchester United.

The midfielder limped out of the Crystal Palace game a couple of weeks ago, but is back in contention and in training today, with the boss saying, “Flamini I am confident he will be available, Wilshere, we’ll see.”

Jack is also part of training today but his ankle knock might be a good way of keeping him out of the England squad announced yesterday.

Wenger is also looking for his team to take their good recent form into the game, and show their title credentials.

“It is one of the games where you can build confidence and gain credit,” he said. “Recently we have not done so well there”


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I hope his obligatory yellow is used taking a slice of shin off the little boy.


I would happily take a draw if that cunt is swimming in horse guts for the next few months.


Why the draw & horse guts? I would rather win go 11 points clear & watch RVP spank the little fat boy (read Rooney) in frustration!


I hope we make the little boy cry his eyes out and realise he made a big big mistake


Please be fit Flamini… unless frimpong is brought on for the last 10 minutes when we are comfortably ahead, who else is going to attend to the dutch skunk?


I hope he breaks the cunts neck


That would be murder , a bit too strong even for Flamini 🙂

good assassin

It would be self-defense, not murder. In my book, at least.

Matthew Sellar

With all due respect, saying such a thing just sounds crass and stupid, it doesn’t sound “tough” or funny


Reading the passive aggressive comments and then suddenly coming to one that was outright insane made me lol other than that, Too far.. maybe a leg break or two.. or 3? will be satisfactory. P.S about that third leg, Flamini will find a way don’t you worry.

Don The Gooner

Flam kicks the f*cking little boy out of that cunt will do



Arsene nose

Wenger should just make the team watch highlight of August 2011 before the game.. That should rile the team up


Good news on the injury front and I’m sure utd fans are bricking it 🙂


I can easily see the Skunk getting sent off.

If we’re in control of the game, a couple of goals up, he’ll lose the plot as he’s prone to do.

Hope he tries to nut Sagna and breaks his own fuckin head.

good assassin

Sagna has nuts of steel, eh? That might very well be the case.


To be honest, last two games, he should’ve been sent off. Reckless tackles on Sagna (in the game at OT) and Mertesacker (at our place) should’ve both seen him see red.


I hope the Dutch Skunk tries to nut Shrek, not one of ours.

Up The Arsenal

Kenyan Gooner

We all love Flamini.


I don’t even care if he get suspended for 10 games for breaking the Dutch skunk’s leg.


Nah nah nah nah
Nah nah nah nah nah
Mathieu Flamini
Math-ieu Fla-mi-ni

devil's advocate

Great post mate cheers for that

Henely Gooner

Dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dah

(to the tune of The Sweeney)


All about Sweeney/Flamini! Do do do da doo do do do!


He’s French! He’s free!
He’ll break your fucking knee!

Sarson Vinegar's frightening sarnie

United fans should be bricking it but they’re still under the illusion that our defence is weak and that we are perennial bottlers.

But then, United fans are cunts.


Wonder what all the pundits will say if we win comfortably at Old toilet. “United aren’t a top team and they still haven’t played Chelsea or Man City”.

Fucking cunts!

Sammy Nelsons Arse

Fully expect us to win we’ve always played into their hands a bit tactically before always having lots of the ball but being exposed at the back. This Arsenal is different however and If UTD approach us like they usually do then they will get beat.

We are looking pretty healthy squad wise which makes a welcome change going to OT. Amazing to think Poldi, AOC, Jack, and Theo to come back !


First time in years that I’m actually looking forward to a match against Manure with genuine confidence. Think Flam might have to get some extra-large pockets sewn on his shorts to fit Shrek in, though.


Wayne “shrek” Rooney, is an overrated English player with a big mouth, he is no where near Aguero/ van persie/suarez or torres at his previous best. We must shut him out come Sunday


Who are Aguero, van Persie, Suarez and Torres.
Round here it’s Cazorla, Ramsey, Giroud, Arteta, Ozi etc.
Don’t care much for that other lot you mentioned as some sort of benchmark.
Up The Arsenal!l


We’ll see who has the ‘Welsh Football Legend’ on their team at the end of the match.


I don’t have to wait till the end of the match to know that. Hint: He is an orc-pwner, and not a sister-in-law shagger.


This is a very good news indeed. If Moyes tends to play Nevilles’ game plan like that day, Flamster would hit them back!


This present arsenal team is on fire ,united will ve no clue on how to touch us .BRING THEM ON


Off topic but a breaking news:

That Soldado penalty won Spur’s goal of the month award..!




Ahhhh Spurs and their wonderful supporters. They’re just a gift that keeps on giving the whole year round.

Oty gooner

Is this a joke?coz its funny


That’s a lie,they picked Gareths goal against Juventus

Silverstre for the Ballon d'OR

Source? It would be hilarious if true.

Mr Eko!

Our very own Flattuso is back!


I think we have a very good chance of winning… Lets just make sure we don’t concerned the first goal because that will give them encouragement!




You know Van Cunt Face has been complaining about his toes. Message to ALL Arsenal defenders. tread on VP’s toes at any or all opportunity!!


Any news on theo?


Sarson thats how we beat liverpool.they still think we are weak and will be very surprised.

Silverstre for the Ballon d'OR

Flamini playing would fill me with confidence.

A bit like seeing Silvestre’s name on the team sheet before an away game in Camp Nou.


Excellent news. Flamini will be massively important if we are to get anything out of the game on Sunday. For me, Mathieu sums up precisely why we have turned things around since that horrible defeat to Spurs at WHL last season. Since that loss, Wenger, probably heavily influenced by Steve Bould, has taken a more pragmatic approach. The days when we could turn up at somewhere like Dortmund and play pretty, expansive football and win 3-0 are now gone. We don’t have those players any more. Instead, the emphasis has now been on defending well and protecting the lead when… Read more »


RVP, how are you?


Well… It only looks like ending because you think he has committed himself to PSG.

In fairness thats a plucked from your ass sentiment / hunch / dream.

Wenger will sign for 3 more years and they will be golden..

BTW Steve Bould is a curt handshaker.. he is not a hugger… he is a horcrux for George Grahams’ rage and a hug would make him human again and then there would be hell to pay


I don’t think Özil joined us knowing Wenger would leave at the end of the season and Wenger is not the kind of manager to lie to his players either.


Aren’t you done playing fortune teller?

If you can’t appreciate the fact that we are 5 point clear in the league and just won away in Dortmund, then in the glorious words of Mr. T:

“I pitty the fool!”


Wow, you seem to know a lot Fatgooner. One thing I know is that we don’t see as much of you these days as when Arsenal were struggling last season. Funny how your ‘knowledge’ is so disparaging towards Wenger and seeks to give him as little credit as possible for what is happening at Arsenal now. Personally, I don’t think you know what you’re talking about. For example, when you and others were busy dissing Ramsey and slagging off Wenger last season, Wenger was busy building Ramsey’s confidence. Now look at him. Ozil wouldn’t have come to Arsenal if Wenger… Read more »


Oh, Fatgooner, beacon of truth and bastion of Arsenal knowledge, riddle me this:

If Arsenal are awesome and fat people are jolly, how come you’re such a cunt?


Arsenal ARE awesome, but I’m not a cunt – just a realist. Riddle me this, then, my abusive friend: if Wenger is so keen to stay on as our manager then why hasn’t he signed a new contract yet? With the team flying high, this is absolutely the most appropriate moment for our glorious French leader to put pen to paper on a new deal – so why hasn’t he done it? There was a incident last season, while we were going through a particularly bad patch, when a newspaper wrongly reported that Wenger was about to sign a new… Read more »


A bit far fetched… You don’t seem to have understood his persona. Arsène Wenger has turned Arsenal into his life. He has put his all into it. It’s like an experiment where a manager doesn’t simply buy good players and lets them play together as all the cunts do, but moulds a TEAM. Wenger has a very unique philosophy. All players currently at Arsenal and every player Wenger is interested in, need not only to be a good or promising players, but also – as Wenger has stated before – need to have the right attitude, such as the will… Read more »


Being a compound idiot as usual. Do you ever stop?

Tony Joseph

Film Flamini, Flim Flamini, Flim Flam Fleru.
Flamini is back to destroy Roo.
To the tune of chim chimney from Mary Poppins.

Another yank

Chim Chimney, Chim Chimney, Chim Chim Chiroo.
Who needs Van Persie when we have Giroud?
Lukas Podolski and Cazorla too.
Fuck off Van Persie we do not need you!!!

P.S I found this last season, cheers to the fan who came up with it


On a scale of one to ten, that rates somewhere around infinity.


There are three things I want to see from Sunday’s game:

1. Flamini wiping out Van Purse-strings.
2. Flamini wiping out Mr Potato Head.
3. Manchester United fans crying in sadness and disbelief.

…okay and 4. Moyes being pelted with excrement from the stands.


Manure Bingo


Manchester “Untied” fans leaving Old toilet in droves at the 55th minute, and the away fans singing “is there a fire drill?”

Wenger Burger

No complecency pls !


Would anybody on here take RVP back? We would be unstoppable with him. Would be good if he had he balls to admit he made a mistake, we would have been much stronger with him last year and utd weaker, he knows it, everyone knows it.




Fuck that for a laugh.

Silverstre for the Ballon d'OR

I would bite your hand off to have him back. The manure fans forgot about Rooney’s public transfer requests and happily sung his name as he helped them to the championship.

There is no reason we shouldn’t use Van Persie.


Thumbs Down. Some things you cannot forgive. Not all fans are as fickle as utd’s.


It’s like getting back together with a girlfriend who has cheated on you with someone you really hate. You’ll never be able to get the image of them together out of the back of your mind.

Woolwich Peripatetic

Where would he play? A big part of our play revolves around having a big guy up front who can take a lot of punishment from CBs and still bring the midfield into the game. RvP is not that guy. So now you have RvP as the no.10 but he’s not as good at that role as Ozil.


I’d start Ozil from the bench against united. I think he has slightly underperformed in recent games (from his high standards).
Starting him from the bench may insure complacency doesn’t set in and make it clear his position in the team is based on his performances not his pricetag. Others are playing well I’d give Serge a start so we aren’t too one-dimensional.
What do you guys think?


I think I know why you are not the coach.

Ozil has not been underperforming. Unless of course you have built him up too much in your head.

Go and watch most of our goals and the way we keep the ball after scoring, he’s always central to them


Really now? I would like to say how well I do on Football manager. LOL.
Anyhow, looking at the player ratings of serge and ozil and the comments.
I think I deserve an apology? Sometimes you need to think outside the box. Remember when the boss dropped veremalean and szsz for a big game? It helped szsz and the mert-kos partnership was discovered


Really now? I would like to say how well I do on Football manager. LOL.
Anyhow, looking at the player ratings of serge and ozil and the comments.
I think I deserve an apology? Sometimes you need to think outside the box. Remember when the boss dropped veremalean and szsz for a big game? It helped szsz and the mert-kos partnership was discovered

Arsene Klopp

People need to pipe down. Sunday game is not about RVP. It’s about claiming the throne in the league.

Rectum Spectrum

flamini and arteta versus who? carrick and cleverly? oh dear united…..oh dear….


Umm…isnt Carrick injured?


Get over it. RVP has left us. Our fans sound pathetic to be constantly going on about it and wanting to break his legs/neck. We should be bigger than that. Footballers come and footballers go. Accept it. Strange the way everyone loves Flamini again. 4 months ago they didn’t want to see him near us again. Now, he’s a cult hero. Shows how transient and fickle football is. I bet these same fans would soon love RVP again if he signed for us.


It is your right as a football fan to be upset at your star player and captain leaving for United. I choose to hate him for as long as I want and as far as I am concerned I am right.


Yep, it is your right to hate whoever you want. I just think that hating someone for leaving your football team just seems a bit childish, trivial, and silly to me. You can be disapponted in him but why would you hate him? There are plenty of worse people in the world to hate.

Wenger himself

I as a fan am entitled to hate any opposition player as much as I want and rvp is a cunt if u dint feel the pain of how he diminished and disrespected the cannon of arsenal you can as well go shout his name at old shitford


I did feel the pain. I was disappointed. However, I’m mature enough to realise that most of the rest of the Arsenal squad would also have fucked off to any team with a better chance of winning trophies and for more money. That’s football. I learned that when I was about 14. Any grown man that gets so attached to a player and then turns to rage when he leaves us needs to grow up.


Flame on!


Looking forward to this game big time, fairly tough decision for Arsene is does he stick with Liverpool/Dortmund 11 or bring in Flamini for some extra shielding. it would most likely mean dropping Rosicky to the bench, I’m not sure either way on that decision, I see pros and cons for it..

Would be absolutely delightful to shut these cunts out, and not give RvP a chance in the game, nothing sweeter than walking off the pitch knowing he got bossed.


Especially his team-mates who thought weren’t good enough to win the league with


A bit off subject here. But I think it will be 2-0 to the Arsenal. United’s mid-field will not be able to cope with the quality of the Arsenal Mid-field. They will not be able to get the ball to their 2 strikers in good enough shape, thus not being able to get any quality attempts on our goal (our defense will have a comfortable day at the office) Their defense on the other hand will have a nightmare. 2-0……..Trust.


I think if our players go into this match thinking of breaking van Persie’s leg and that, I think we will be playing into Man U’s hands. I remember Rafael Benitez taking off Steven Gerrard against Everton and explaining at the end of the match that ‘Gerrard was playing with his heart and not his head’ in that match. If we go there and play with our heads, we are definitely smashing Man U to pieces (excuse the pun). I am honestly desperate for us to beat Man U AT Old Trafford. Great news to hear that Flamini is back… Read more »


Flamini and RvP are actually still pals I think–I remember during the tie with Milan in the CL two years back they were posting pictures of each other hanging out at the San Siro together, chuckling, and at the time I thought they were both surely chuckling about dicking Arsenal for a payday somewhere else. That doesn’t mean Flamini won’t want to win. The boy wants a league medal, and I’m sure we’d all be better off if he did it without breaking one or both of Judas’ legs. Keeping RvP quiet and watching him walk off the loser, blowing… Read more »


Flamini Arteta anchoring. Ramsey further forward with Ozil and Santi. Walcott coming in later , shifting Ramsey next to Flamini. Possibly Rosicky on for Santi. We are starting to get options again in midfield. A lot of meal has been made about our lack of striker back up for Giroud. Indeed Bendtner hasn’t quite dispelled the doubts to his ability as yet. What many forget is that podolski may just be another answer to our ‘shortfall’ up top. Remember that Giroud’s hold up play has been particularly important bc we have no natural width and much of our play currently… Read more »


I say we start frimpong instead. Just to scare the little twat.

Giroud's abs

Looking forward to this game! It’s on at 03:10 here in Australia on a Monday morning. But, going into this match, all players know what a big deal it is. We will play with passion, pride and The Arsenal Spirit to take home the three points. COYG!
Tipping Giroud for a very important goal, and celebrating by lifting off his shirt to put me on display. Prepare yourselves, Gooners!

Skeptic Acid

Dug this out from my memory of a reasonably dominant game we had at Old Trafford (although we lost 2-1; one of them was a penalty, ha! what a surprise; penalty at OT).

Why this game? Because this was Flamini’s last game at Old Trafford and he was really good alongside Gilberto.

Skeptic Acid

Also knowing Gollum, he’ll adopt a highly physical approach like he did at the Emirates last season and expect that a flash of brilliance from one of his performing players will get him the result. The referee didn’t deal with the challenges well in that game and I don’t expect him to this time around either. Knowing those cheating c*nts, they’ll revert to tradition and do their best to dive and earn penalties. That’s the ceiling of their creativity. I for one hope and optimistic that, we deck them a healthy 3-0 or even worse. That’ll be the first time… Read more »

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