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Wenger: Dutch coach lured Dutch Skunk

Arsene Wenger says that Manchester United’s former coach, Rene Meulensteen, played a big part in convincing Robin van Persie to leave Arsenal.

The toothy badger wrote a letter to fans, you guys, to make it clear he wanted to leave the club, and the Arsenal manager says conversations with the player convinced him he had to move him on.

In a not terribly subtle indicator that van Persie was prepared to make trouble if he didn’t get his way, Wenger said, “It is the head-to-head talks I had with Van Persie many, many times that convinced me that I had to sell him.

“Robin van Persie had been convinced by the Dutch coach who was at Manchester United, that played a big part. It was more the fact that I had the conversations I had with Robin van Persie that convinced me, it is not the talk with Alex Ferguson that convinced me to sell Robin van Persie to Man United.”

Ferguson had claimed in his recent autobiography – a book which, in fairness, stunningly captures the noxious essence of the man –that he’d talked Wenger into selling the player.

Of course Ferguson has now gone, after telling van Persie he wouldn’t be leaving when he signed, and when David Moyes brought his own staff in, Meulensteen was jettisoned too. Asked if van Persie might now be regretting his move, the Arsenal boss said, “Only Robin van Persie can tell you that. I’m not in the position to do that.

“I think in the end I had to decide ‘Do I do it or not?’ knowing I will get huge criticism for doing it. But I just decided because at the end of the day I felt it was the best thing to do.”

Wenger also admitted it was still ‘strange’ to see van Persie wearing the wrong kind of red.

“Of course it’s strange because for me he is an Arsenal man. I took him when he was a very, very young player. We have gone together through very difficult periods and he became a world-class player and for me he is an Arsenal player.”

Far be it for me to disagree so vehemently with AW, but he was an Arsenal man. Now he’s not. He’s a filthy, traitorous quisling who, I hope, lives his life without a moment’s happiness ever again.

I know, I’m too lenient.


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Arsene Wenger’s red and white army!

remember the invincibles

Arsene still hasn’t gotten over it. He stabbed us all “Boss”. He stabbed us all. We were ‘you guys’ to him.
Fuck him
The c**t.


Ha ha. Altered your username I see!


That’s is why his wasn’t a ‘normal’ transfer out. To stab Wenger, the man who made him, in the back like that was disgusting. To betray the club who helped him through his many injuries and put up with his discipline problems was despicable. And to insult the fans of our great club by defecting to join the most pathetic of teams, the choice of glory hunters, bullies and the insecure who require validation: that was odious. The centre of hell is reserved for those who betray.

Here’s to him and his odious band getting twatted on Sunday.

sagnas hair

@Exiledgooner, That was beautiful mate

Joey Sixpack

Cunting van cunty will get his. A crock for most of his Arsenal career and after 1 good season.. 1 good season he pissed on us and the badge. We will make him pay. Starting this Sunday.


If i entered a “who is disgusted by cunty van cunt the most” contest i would win the damn thing!!!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

According to the thumb vote you would have some stiff competition.


clearly that would be a “cuntest”


I cant do this because I cant go to games but its my darkest dream… can someone take one of the skunk’s Arsenal shirts and, when we win, ask to exchange shirts and as he weeps silently, holding on to what might have been, ask for a refund?

Young Gooner

I got a feeling that Wenger is still sad over the Dutch skunk move. Now is the best time to teach him a lesson or two. Win more trophies than him at Manchester and I believe we will


I think everyone is a little bitter about this deep down. I can’t remember feeling like that about another arsenal player leaving. Got to move on though. Besides, despite what anyone would ever admit, it may well have been RVP’s email that gave the board the kick that they needed. Start signings or all you good players will leave.


The opposite for me. Couldn’t give a rat’s arse. Not worth wasting time over.

I hope we stuff his arse on Sunday, and that Kos gives him a particularly good seeing to.


And I hope Rooney kicks van Persie too. Rooney being loyal and all, he would neer do such a thing.


remember we have giroud now, i personally don’t miss rvp anymore but am a bit bitter still. getting a win on sunday will be very satisfying

Dr Baptiste

Interestingly, we signed Cazorla, Giroud and Podolski on the back of van Persie’s moaning and look how they’ve turned out. Strange that he didn’t see them as improving the squad sufficiently… No players wanted to leave this summer and then we signed Özil rather than it being a ‘sign someone or we leave’ scenario.

Seems to me that we have players now that want to play for Arsenal and are not just out for their own personal medal haul.

Ironically, van Persie leaving might have just been the catalyst for this season.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

RVP will be famous now. The last big signing Manchester United made before Arsenal’s Golden Age. United’s Last Hurrah. Hope he enjoyed winning the PL because he won’t be seeing that trophy again.

glory hunter

To be fair, that was the straw that finally broke the camels back in most fans opinion.
We could handle selling our best players to Barca and the money men of City & Chelsea, but selling RVP to United was a new low.

Gooner in Spain

Dortmund have taught us all how you to keep a star player itching to move without destabilising the club.


The situations are very different.

Dick Swiveller

What? Sell him to your rivals and the biggest team in the country, who then go on to top the league?

Yeah, Dortmund know what they’re doing.

(They actually do, they used the Gotze money to get some good signings in but the similarities were too juicy to pass up)

They’ll lose the guy you’re talking about for nothing too, maybe it’s right but they kinda need the money to compete with a Bayern-shaped juggernaut so who knows?


No. He moved to the rivals at a time when he was needed the most. He deserves the hatred. He even abused the other players saying the squad is not good enough.

alex cutter

“He even abused the other players saying the squad is not good enough.”

Like when Arteta (and others) said prior to the MO signing that we needed to make additions during the transfer window?

Is that what you mean?

The hypocrisy is thick on this thread. As is the improper use of the word “irony”.


seem to remember his move comment came at the same time we signed Podolski – what a cunt

Dick Swiveller

There’s a difference between saying we need one or two players and the way RvP talked dismissively about the squad, plenty of hypocrisy around but not that imo.


Through his mouthpiece Henk Spaan he specifically singled out Ramsey as a guy he thought was not good enough for the squad, and belittled Wenger for his faith in Ramsey.

That’s turned out really well for RVP, who now gets to play with the likes of Anderson, Young and Cleverley (plus what’s left of the formerly good Valencia and Fellaini) while Ramsey is Europe’s most effective midfielder at the moment.

Clock End Mike


Gutbukkit Deffrolla

But then RVP left instead of all our good players.


of course wenger is sad, he nurtured and developed his talent all those years and then he left and didnt reciprocate the loyalty.
there are two regrets for players that got away – fabregas and rvp
but so be it, time passes and we are doing very well now with new players.

we are also in a very different place now with the club on the upturn in spirit and finance, and i dont see us losing any of our top players like that again

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I wish RVP nothing but air shots (I really enjoyed the one he did last week).

“He misses the fucking ball entirely when he wants”.

New guy

There are a fair few thoughtful responses on this one which is nice to see in a way. I suppose time does heal many wounds. But still, would an own goal and a red card be too much to ask for?


Alos they do say “Time wounds all heels” personally I like that better


or even ‘also’ wrote the cheerful cockney spelling mistake 🙁

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I’ll accept an own goal and a red card but I hope he gets the card for punching Rooney in the face.


I’d have thought that our brilliant start to the season would help us forget about Van Persie’s betrayal but it seems that some of us are more pissed off than ever. Live and let live I say.

Jack's Right Foot

Agreed. We’re doing better now than we when he was in our squad. I’d forgotten about the little c***.


I think it has for the most part, it certainly had for me, have hardly spared a thought for the fool this season. No doubt it’s been brought to people’s minds a bit more this week as we’re en-route to Old Trafford next game. Here’s hoping we can be smiling on Sunday evening at the sight of 3 points and a very miserable looking skunk 🙂

remember the invincibles

we do. bt when he showed his face at the emirates last season all my bitterness came back.
I spent most of the game screaming abuses at him everytime I spotted him on the screen. I derived a lot of pleasure out of doing it.

Dr Baptiste

I still can’t see his picture without saying “cunt”. I don’t care how long he’s been gone or what we’ve done since, when a player tries to make out like he’s doing us ‘guys’ a favour, going by his statements, then I find it very hard to be anything but bitter.

A good comparison would be Fabregas; he had won very little with us but is always following how Arsenal are doing and, as has been reported on a number of times, wants to come back at some point in his footballing career.

No Neck



What made me so angry last season when he came to the Emirates was Gunnersaurus giving him a hug. I’m sorry, he betrayed us and you’re a fucking Tyrannosaurus Rex! Do a Gennaro on his arse!

Jack's Right Foot

When he first left us I couldn’t stand looking at him in a United kit, scoring all those goals that he should have been scoring for us.

Now I don’t give a flying fuck. He’s not as good as he was when he played for us, United are not the team they used to be, Fergie and that Dutch-uncle have left and we have Giroud and Ozil. I barely get a twinge of emotion when watching him play for United now.


Amen to this. He betrayed us and he’s already suffering. No leg breaking required.


Bang on. I’d much rather watch him walk off at the end after a beating from us than see him go off injured.

Dr Baptiste

It would be highly ironic though


and we have Ramsey, arguably the best player in the PL at the moment.

big black clock

Can one of our English coaches lure Rooney here then?




That pathetic bold ugly potatoheaded miserable overrated cunt called our club arseanal and said he prefers to call us that way. Wanting him here is like rubbing your face with some horse shit, isn’t it?

Master Bates

..or we could grannies

Master Bates

** offer grannies ,I mean offer hims old yucky prostitutes .It’s important people understand what I meant ,especially for such a usefyl comment


Bollock’s to Rooney he has been obsessed with us this week. Hope he is chasing shadows throughout the match on Sunday until he loses his rag and gets himself sent off.


seeing Rooney in Arsenal colors……that would take some time to get used to.

Meh, there are other and tastier fish in the sea if you ask me

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Sorry, Rooney doesn’t speak the language.


(Not trying to sound too dramatic) This is our time to show that ballbag what he is missing out on. Nevertheless, I’m glad he left. If he didn’t, we would never have met the dreamiest man the football world ever knew, Olivier Giroud.


Technically we signed Giroud before Rooben von Persil left… That was his name right? You know… the guy who plays for one of those crappy mid-table northern clubs


Agree with the sentiment but Giroud was already signed when he fucked off -_-


to both above, Wenger has confirmed Poldi and Giroud were bought to replace VanPricky. They knew he was going before the summer and did their business early. The skunk was gone before he even wrote his infamous letter, which begs the question of why he did it? impatience I guess?


Bob Piires was dreamier. Just saying…….

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I feel sorry for RVP because he is missing out on Ozil’s brilliant assists.(*) I would like to see Ozil give RVP an assist for an Own Goal tomorrow. It’s only fair he gets to see what he’s missing.

(*) I don’t really feel sorry for him. I want him and Rooney to have a Newcastle-style punch up on the half way line. Red cards for both (but only after RVP gets that Own Goal)


Hope our back 4 and even Flamster would give him hard time. Go and f**k him!


Be nicer if our midfield plays them off the park and he just stands there throwing his arms around sulking.


Come this sunday, Nothing will be more sweeter than shoving dutch skunks words so far down his little boy throat its gonna come out of his little boy anus.

Cannot wait! cannot!


way way way too lenient


Until we win the League…..I’m afraid, he has the last laugh. He is a Champion AND he earns more money. Loyalty?….no chance in this day and age. Flamini…he was a cunt and new he’s not?

Young Gooner

The different between Flamini and this cunt is Flamini never said anything bad about Arsenal. Not to mention his disgraceful attitude by publishing the letter and things that I wish I can forgot. Even more painful than what Na$ri did.

Ok I’m a bit bitter here. Thank god we have a good season so I can moved on peacefully


I rate RVP above Nasri in terms of cuntery. The fucktard made fun of our club with that letter.

Edu's fake passport

But Adebayor has the biggest cuntery of all


There is a big difference between going and playing in Italy rather than running off to join your rivals.

Dr Baptiste

Does he have the last laugh when that medal is his only one and he’s left floundering at a mid-table team?

the ghost of LANS

i think the thing that grates the most about van persie with us is the way he departed. i remember seeing him against newcastle a couple of seasons ago and he really got the crowd on his side and made us all feel like he was an emblem of the club in the same way as a fabregas, adams or bergkamp. with cunts like adebayor or nasri you almost expected it off them because of their attitude that extolled from them during games and when they left it was pretty much “great, fuck, thanks for the inflated price tag”, but… Read more »


and all the while when he was captain of the club. that’s not a skipper should behave.


ohh……how I wish we make him pay……make him pay so badly…….that the little boy inside him is so tortured and depressed that it grows into a old man filled with regrets………….

Bane to Batman: “Victory has defeated you!” Flamini will make a good Bane 😉

Dick Law

Once a Gooner, Now a C !_! !\! t.


I can’t forgive. I lost a £200 when I bet a mate he wouldn’t leave. The hatred I have for this bloke is not normal. And I just know, the cunt he is, he’s gonna ruin my Sunday then I’ll have to listen to Hansen/Durham/Owen etc talk shite all over again.

mach iii

Robin Van Cunt.

How does a player throw away a legacy to win 1 x EPL title… Such a shame that that little boy came inside of him.


Van Persie’s hair’s going grey, he’s playing alongside by the likes of Cleverley, Giggs, Young and Fellaini, he’s getting beaten at home by West Brom, and he’s getting a bit shitter.

We’ve got players like Ramsey, Ozil, Arteta, Mertescielny, Giroud, Wilshere, and Cazorla, and we just beat Dortmund away.

Forget about revenge, I feel sorry for the guy.

Gooner of Navarone

It’s funny how we always use Mertescielny now. Mertesacker and Koscielny are so fucking good together. Title winning CB pair I tell ya!


And i thought liverpool fans were oathetic, but you lot. Wishing someone would break rvps leg or wish that his career is ended. Im a united fan, brother is an arsenal fan. We spent all last night debating the match without a lick of hostility. A few of you are understanding that you guys are a lot stronger this year and people leave clubs all the time. After 8 years and hardly a trophy hull, sometimes its time to go. He has a medal now, will he regret it, i couldnt argue he might at this point a little cause… Read more »


Spare me when Rooney first threw his tantrum and threatened to join Man city there were upto 30 morons outside the grounds of his house threatening to kill him. Such class!!

Dr Baptiste

I have just re-read the comments here and can’t see anyone wanting his legs broken or have his career ended. Can you please highlight this as it sounds like a United fan trying to stir up trouble like Rooney, who is such an angel when it comes to loyalty….. a £250,000 angel

Dr Baptiste

and the sentence structure and grammar. All in all, a good example to show people of how not to write in English.

He’s at it again lower down too….


I’m still wondering what the vest position is? Sounds like something for the Arsenal gentleman’s club.

Casual Gooner

Buddy please. This isn’t a United forum. Bar a couple of individuals, the majority of us don’t want to see any harm come to any player, from any team. We’ve suffered enough with the sights of Eduardo, Ramsey, Diaby and countless others to know better. As true Arsenal and football fans, we want to see our team play football the Arsenal way. That doesn’t mean only pretty passing by the way. But even when Flamini, Koscielny, Ramsey, Rosicky or anyone else gets stuck in, it’s all with the beautiful game in mind – never an ounce of malice. Now hop… Read more »

Clock End Mike

Very well said. My sentiments exactly.


I haven’t worn a vest since I was in junior school


Fuck off

Arsene McCloud

“You guys,” again.
Did you write fungus resignation letter too.
Is that you Darren Dein?


I really don’t want hear our fans singing the first part of his song at old shitford. But I enjoy the second part very much.
You’re a cunt Robin
You’re a cunt
You’re a cunt Robin
You’re a cunt
You’re a cunt Robin
You’re a cunt
Ooooooh Robin you’re a Cunt!! ( with a capital C )


I totally agree!


Cue van Persie crying after we thrash them on Sunday, begging for Ramsey to swap shirts with him.

Dr Baptiste

He’ll probably be looking for Santos….


I fuckin loved watching that guy blitz opposition defences with clever runs nd thunderous volleys, we stood by him through all his troubles and this is how we are repaid, but that sadly is human nature…


I feel a bit for Wenger here, this tosser of a player knew exactly what he was doing & then hung wenger out to dry by demanding the move. Wenger knew his mind wasn’t in it and wanted to jump ship. But hey that’s water under the bridge an all, just get me the three points on Sunday Lord that’s all that we care about now.


It’s probably because things are looking so rosy for us but I don’t hold Van Persie in near as much contempt as most other gooners. In the near future looking back I think we’ll always look at those two seasons when we held off the spuds and scraped 4th as being of critical importance. And after losing Nasri, Fabregas and also Wilshere after the 10/11 season, RVP really did carry us to 4th just as he carried United to the title last year. I’ll always be grateful for that season. Of course he then decided to move on and from… Read more »


We even took 3rd in his last season.


I’m sorry, but Robin who ?


RVP = Ungrateful Cunt.

End of.

It Is What It Is

Wouldn’t typically do this, but here goes

Shit for brains
Shit for guts
RVP’s a total cunt

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

A list of temporary nicknames for the Arsenal 11 this Sunday:

Koscielny: “Bonecruncher”
Ramsey: “Fleshlumpeater”
Flamini: “Bloodbottler”
Ozil: “Gizzardgulper”
Sagna: “Butcherboy”
Giroud: “Maidmasher”
Arteta: “Meatdripper”
Gibbs: “Childchewer”
Cazorla: “Manhugger”
Sczcesny: “Littleboyscoffer”
Rosicky: “Traitorwalloper”
Gnabry: “Judasdisposer”
Mertesacker: “BFG” (not really a nickname)

Dr Baptiste

Why is Cazorla ‘Manhugger’? Is it due to his small size that the best he could do would be to hug someone into a foul?

Casual Gooner

Though admit it, you could totally picture him with that patented Santi-smile, simultaneously hugging and humping someones leg.

Adorable and vicious, you gotta love Cazorla!


Regardless of what happened behind closed doors during the transfer window,
I love the fact that Arsene Wenger is so diplomatic about it.
He never has anything negative to say about the player that left,
and this is one of the many reasons that I love & respect him.

Now lets make it a hat trick of wins and clean sheets this week!


The red face as usual wants to claim credit for luring the traitor.Yes he helped him win the the title. I tell you why the rf left.The heat in the kitchen coming from MC/Chelsea and Arsenal is getting more intense. Where once only Leeds/Sunderland/Leicester/Newcastle/Blackburn were his challengers in the mid 90s,they have been followed by teams with the cash to challenge. Wenger used to be his main challenger from 1998 to 2005 only to be unable to compete in the transfer market. So from 2005 to 2007/8 Chelsea was his main challenger. Since the last two years ,Mc and Arsenal… Read more »


The word cunt is used for the lowest of trash and really should be used to describe half the idiots posting here. Can not be happy with your current position in the league. Nope you have to wish harm on a player by his own right could have left when nasri and the rest of the lot left. Nope he stayed, carries your whole fucking team. I always was under the impression Arsenal fans were on a different level then say dog shit(liverpool, enter other club with nothing better to do then worry about past happening and not whats happening… Read more »

Dr Baptiste

Praising him? for what? Did he play in all 11 positions in his last season?


I come not to praise the Dutch Skunk but to bury him……to misquote WS


We’ll call him a cunt because he’s a cunt.

You’re a cunt as well.

Now fuck off.

…and tell mum I don’t need dinner as I’m out tonight.


Get off your high horse.


Fuck off mate, that’s the reason the likes of gerard left right?
why don’t you go off and suck rvp’s balls since you like him so much.


@Jonathan Obvious troll is obvious.


Dear Jonathan,

You are a cunt.

RVP is a double cunt.

Hope that explains it.



Oh please just fuck off from here. He did not bugger off along with Fabregas and Nasri because he had not had a good season till then. Must be too difficult for your brain, which is so full of shit, to comprehend. No need to tell us how to treat our ex-players. We know how much your folk like Carlos Tevez, and how Rooney was booed at the prospect of him leaving your club for the Russians. You don’t even know what you are talking about, and come here to wind people up, you sanctimonious bastard. Judas was not a… Read more »


Yes, all gooners should be grateful to the player who was crocked for most of his time at Arsenal for that 1 good season before he ran off to Manchester United. I can’t understand why anyone would hate such a person


Seven years on the treatment bench on full pay.
1.5 productive seasons.
Of course we are pissed at him
P.S. Not all of us are wishing him a life ending injuries.
I want him to have a lifetime of airshots.

Clock End Mike

The whole point, my dear sanctimonious, self-righteous, ungrammatical friend, is that this particular blog/artcle (read the title!) has one purpose and one purpose only: to comment on the treachery of the toothy greying Dutch striker, and to give us Gooners an opportunity to blow off steam and vent our anger at the way he repaid our long-suffering support. It’s fair to say he could have been an Arsenal legend, but sold his birthright for a mess of pottage. It’s not just that he left when he did that sticks in the craw, but the way he left. It just wasn’t… Read more »


I said it at the time and I’ll say it again now.

Fuck that guy!

Besides we have Giroud’s.

Özil Gummidge

Even if you told them you were channeling Roald Dahl, I don’t think some of the players would like those nicknames, and Arteta doesn’t drip meat he glows pearls.

Toby C

I pray every night that we will win more trophies than Van Persie does at Man U in the same period. Its looking less unlikely than it used to!


Remember RVP thought Ramsey wasn’t good enough. Let’s hope Rambo scores the winner!


For me, i said the other day, DVB was the most important game. But beating United will be the most fantastic day to me. There is no team that i hate more than Utd. So seeing RVP banging goals last season REALLY REALLY hurt. But seeing us in this form, going to OT and scoring goals and winning will be the amazing. If it is possible for us to win 6-0 or above, i will be the most happiest man. Even seeing City reap them the other day was super cool. COYG


How green is your grass
How green is your grass
Robin van persie
How green is your grass


I don’t understand why you people bashing on Van Persie.
He told Wenger “Boss am pregnant”
Wenger asked,”What does that have to do with me?”
The little boy in him screamed,he told Van Persie to go to Manchester United,there he would have proper midwives in Evra,Giggs an co’ when the time comes.
Saturday is when the labor pains start,lets wait and see what will happen.
He might give birth to Adebayor or worse still Bale

palace gunner

Of course rvp must be talking of this little mouse inside his head the coach, our problem when rvp left was arsenal fc goals per game, man.u top goal scorer, dont forget rvp left afc bad news then but he left being prem top scorer, got us in top4, i watch reruns of gunner games rvp had alot of turnouts with goal decisions like the pens he never got v ac. Milan


I imagine arseblog saying the last statement in Gollum’s voice. ‘He’s a filthy, traitorous quisling who, I hope, lives his life without a moment’s happiness ever again.’

Denilson's back pass

I hope Sagna decks that cuntnugget in the balls if he starts hugging our players in the tunnel again.


I usually don’t bother about a player when he leaves, if he wants to go somewhere else, well that’s his problem if he wants to make a downward move to a less superior club. But for RVP I make an exception, its the sheer cuntishness of the man, writing to us guys, the little boy inside him crap, thinking he is better than the club, after everything the club and in particular Arse did for him. I think now old red nose has gone, he won’t be happy, and that gives me a sort of warm glow. Well he is… Read more »

Daft Aider

fingers crossed frozen piss from a passing plane permamanatly takes out terry, cole and van persie during the next man u chelsea game – that’s how I like my justice cold (and pissy)


He had a chance to become a legend, and threw it all away. Once he retires he’ll not be remembered at Arsenal I can sure you of that, and depends on how his playing days pan out at United (he’s already 30 so not long there) I doubt he’ll be regarded as one of their top legends too. Ten years down the road he’ll be remembered as that signing who did a job for United. Kinda like Davor Suker was for us. He’ll no longer have continuous affiliations with either clubs, not like Henry, Bergkamp, Keown is with Arsenal. When… Read more »


The thing with the little Dutch boy is that he is an ungrateful little shit. When we first played them last season, Sagna refused to be all hugs with the Dutch boy and so the Dutch boy retaliated with an off the ball tackle that should’ve been a straight red (but OT referee gave him a yellow). Then when we played them at home, again, off the ball tackle on Mertesacker. I don’t remember him kicking lumps out of other players while he was still in red and white. Is that how you show your gratefulness, by trying to injure… Read more »

Gillespie Road

To paraphrase the esteemed Gunnerblog:

I hope that, by the end of Sunday’s game, the little boy in van Persie is desperately ringing Childline

top top top quality

classy wenger, despite the cunts cuntiness, Prof still says it was his age.


RVP is a mega cunt

igor stepanovs

van cunt got himself a huge pay-rise and a solitary premier league medal (both of which he realistically may have got with us, had he stayed and showed willingness to repay even a fraction of the faith the club, manager and fans showed in him through his endless injuries, allegations of rape etc). in order to cash in in the very short run, he has passed up on the opportunity to be remembered as a great, with affection by ANY club. he is dirt to arsenal fans, and he will never be a hero to man united fans for playing… Read more »

Tony Hall

Would happily settle for a comprehensive 3:0 victory this Sunday, HFB, Rambo and the wizard of Ozil on the scoresheet, shrek getting sent off and that dutch bloke running into a goal post and knocking himself out lol

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