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Cardiff 0-3 Arsenal: By the Numbers

– Arsenal shots in the first half
4 – Arsenal shots in the Cardiff 18 yard box in the first half
1 – Headed goal, on the run, from a curling Özil pass by Ramsey in the first half
3 – Career headed goals by Aaron Ramsey (all clubs plus Wales)
2 – Headed goals by Aaron Ramsey this season
36 – Career goals by Aaron Ramsey (all clubs plus Wales)
13 – Goals by Aaron Ramsey for Arsenal this season
– Arsenal shots in the second half
5 – Arsenal shots in the Cardiff 18 yard box in the second half
4 – Arsenal shots on goal in the Cardiff 18 yard box in the second half
10 – Cardiff shots
3 – Cardiff shots in the first half
3 – Cardiff shots in the Arsenal 18 yard box in the first half
1 – Cardiff shot in the Arsenal 6 yard box in the first half
0 – Cardiff shots on goal in the first half
– Cardiff shots Arsenal let them have in the second half
6 – Cardiff shots in the second half outside the 18 yard box
– Cardiff shots on goal in the second half
0 – Pundits in the main stream who have mentioned that Arsenal’s defense keeps the opposition from getting shots in the 18 yard box
all – The number of pundits who will mention it after this article
1 – Cardiff shots in the Arsenal 18 yard box in the second half
1 – Cardiff shots in the 18 yard box which Wojciech Szczesny saved with the score-line at 1-0 to keep Cardiff from getting back into the match
7 – Matches (League play only!) in which Szczesny saved at an important moment to keep the opposition from getting points or getting back into the match (Cardiff, Palace, Fulham, Tottenham, West Brom, Liverpool, and Southampton)
44 – Shots Szczesny has saved so far this season (in 13 matches)
42 – Shots Szczesny saved last season (in 25 matches)
10 – Goals Szczesny has allowed this season
81 – Szczesny save rate this season (best in the League!)
24 – Goals Szczesny allowed last season
64 – Szczesny save rate last season
0 – Pundits in the main stream who are tipping Szczesny for player of the year
73 – Minute in which Mesut Özil misplaced his only misplaced pass in the Cardiff City final third (28/29)
66 – Minute in which Per Mertesacker first misplaced one of his two misplaced passes (54/56)
47 – Clearances Arsenal made against Cardiff (season high)
41 – Previous Arsenal season high for clearances (Tottenham)
34 – Clearances Arsenal made in the second half against Cardiff
32 – Headed clearances Arsenal made against Cardiff
21 – Headed clearances Arsenal made in the second half against Cardiff (season high)
17 – Statistical categories that Arsenal won today versus Cardiff (tackles, interceptions, clearances, headed clearances, aerial duels, fouls, passes, pass %, possession, final third, dribbles, corners, ball recoveries, assists, shots, shots on goal, and goals)
– Statistical categories that Aaron Ramsey led all players in today (goals, passes, dribbles, and ball recoveries)
2 – Number of Arsenal players who just rolled their sleeves up and got stuff done (Giroud and Flamini)
0 – Number of traditions that broke

7 – Tackles by Arteta
0 – Hairs mussed on Arteta’s head
23 – attacking third passes by Cazorla (second on the team)
8 – Attacking third passes by Sagna
50 – Passes completed by Cazorla (third on the team)
45 – Passes completed by Sagna
1 – Successful dribbles by Cazorla
0 – Successful dribbles by Sagna
4 – Ball recoveries by Cazorla
2 – Ball recoveries by Sagna
4 – Clearances by Sagna
0 – Clearances by Cazorla
1 – Tackle by Cazorla
0 – Tackles by Sagna

8 – Touches by Flamini
6 – Passes by Flamini (of 6)
1 – Shots created for a teammate by Flamini
1 – Tackle by Flamini
1 – Ball recovery by Flamini
1 – Shot by Flamini
1 – Shot on goal by Flamini
1 – Goal by Flamini

League Leaders

7 – Points that Arsenal are clear at the top of the table
– Away goals that Arsenal have conceded (second best behind Wet Hams)
48 – Shots that Giroud has taken this season (leads the League)
6 – Assists by Ozil this season (leads the League)
29 – Key passes by Özil this season (second in the League behind Gerrard)
58 – Tackles by Ramsey this season (leads the League)
3.75 – Shots per goal by Ramsey this season (second in the League (5 or more goals) behind Lukaku’s 3.375)
– Successful through balls by Giroud this season (of 9 attempted, leads the League)
92.6 – Percent passes completed by Koscielny this season (leads the League for players with 900+ minutes)
37 – Goals that Cazorla, Podolski, and Walcott combined to score in the League last season
3 – Goals that they have scored in the League so far this season
100 – Percent chance that those three will start contributing soon and we will see a fully functioning depth star


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palace gunner

Well done gunners & flamini, work on tings team big up coyg

A N Other

If Szczesny, Arteta, Ramsey, Kos and Per not the team of the week then I will kill Gareth Cooks.


He basically just picks players who score, so there’s more chance Flamini will be in the team of the week than those.


Other than the whole Ramsey scoring twice thing 🙂

By the way, how does he pick keepers? Roll a Dice?

(And yes, Begovic was in the team of the week after the Stoke-Southampton game)


I know no one from sp*rs will be there…you know why? because the whole sp*rs team moved to Madrid…


Mentioning Spurs fans reminded me……. please don’t kill Gareth Cooks; apparently he’s a Nice guy.

(Sorry couldn’t resist)


for tomorrows game i wouldnt mind them beating united coz after all is said and done they aint going nowhere


I’m hoping a bland 0-0 draw


It pays to keep your sleeves on, Flamini 🙂


Garth Crooks is a fat toad faced Spud cunt who talks utter shit.

But then that’s only my opinion.


there.s nobody better than lego head arteta…..all we hear is bacary sagna..

they were unsung heroes today.oz szez ramsey the obvious ones!


Give sagna A new contract

ack ack ack

pretty please, yes – he’s been MASSIVE this season.

Big Mad Andy

1 – my first Arsenal game today. Loved Flaminis’ celebration after his goal, he is now my favourite person in the world.


Flamini didnt know how to celebrate……thats how long since his last goal. but whatever he did running around the pitch shouting whatever he was shouting i fucking loved the passion.


1 – first Arsenal away game today.

Fucking loving Flamini. Already forgotten the awesome song being sung for him though, the celebratory drinks knocked it out of my head.

On that note, why doesn’t Ozil have a better song? The one that people sing for him is more about Tottenham than him, which I think does him a disservice.


In fairness no pundits are tipping szczesny as Ramsey’s an absolute shoe-in!


We really are looking like the most complete team in the league, by some distance. When your deep lying midfielders are banging in all three goals in a 3-0, your lone striker regularly makes headed clearances from open play, and players like Ozil make slide tackles, anywhere – that’s total football.


No one can hate Ramsey, his story right now is something out of a movie. What a player!


Class of Cardiff (Ramsey)?


The curse of Aaron Ransey has re-awakened. RIP Paul Walker (Fast & Furious police guy)

Weed Wisdom

Celebrities die everyday, not only when Aaron scores. Please stop this clueless superstition.


28,000 (approx) – Classy Cardiff City fans. Fair play to them.


28,000 (approx) – Cardiff fans that participated in one classy moment.
28 – Classy Cardiff fans.


What’s a depth star?


Dunno, but Guessing its not a moon….



Dr. Gooner

Tim’s at it with the Star Wars references again 🙂


That would be a Death Star


Homework, learn puns.


Still don’t get it, even after being told it’s a pun.
Some combination of squad depth and Death Star?

I know, if you have to explain then it’s no longer funny.


He ought to have said “fully operational” though.


Wenger: “This season is the first season [for a few years] where we did not lose a great player…” Shots fired @Gervinho.

Dr. Gooner

Haha… In fairness I think Gervinho would be the last to think that Gervinho is a “great” player.


It’s a shame NB52 wasn’t sold though

lee gooner

That’s number Wang

Scott P

Shinty-six – Number of ways to describe how amazing Ramsey is right now


1 – Position in the league!!!!!!


Damn, some serious readings here blogs.

Ak 47

Totally agree. The ups and down of ramsey would be such an inspirational story to all. The tail of a 17 years old young welsh getting a dream move to arsenal. Just when his career is moving in the right direction,one cunt broke his leg and almost ended his career. Not to mention the psychological and physiological trauma that he has to endure to overcome the awful sight at looking at his broken leg, so terrifying that a 30years old captain (gallas) have to throw up on the pitch and unable to lead his line. He trained hard and never… Read more »


That Gallas performance was when Eduardo had his leg broken at Birmingham, no? Stoke broke Ramsey’s leg, Fabregas was captain, and Arsenal still won the game–Vermaelen scored at the end I think.


Does anyone have any appropriate advice for Spurs fans who find themselves 11 points behind us? We wouldn’t want them to slip into a vacant space would we?


“Keep up Junior”, Indiana Jones anyone???


Get used to it?

Why are we so horrible to them…

My next two thoughts were:

‘Not a problem it’ll only worry the few that can count’


‘Well at least they get to use the extra fingers’

Going to sit in the naughty corner now.


I hope Sp*rs and manure will draw the game so there’s more chance of AVB staying – it’s good for North London you see 😀


Maybe tell them to get used to enjoying watching their team on Thursday nights playing against teams that are either above the Arctic Circle, in Eastern Europe, and/or have unpronouncable looking names?


The way they are going, we will need a new chant
“Not even Thursday Night Channel 5”

oooh to be young

The massacre is in fulll flow. .. come on arsenal!

Missed word gooner

0- Number of traditions that ‘was’ broken

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

…that would be ‘were’ you clever dick!!

If you are going to be Missed word gooner then you need to know the word. Otherwise you’d be Wrong Word Gooner.


I’m just so glad Arsenal made the best of Spuds selling Bale to Madrid (thanks for Ozil). Madrid did quite well out of the deal as well, hattrick today, 9 goals and 7 assists for Bale is a pretty impressive start. Spurs however….sold an Aston Martin and bought 7 overpriced Datsuns….happy days!!!!


Arteta at Cardiff: 5 interceptions, 7 successful tackles, 4 successful clearances (out of 4 attempts), 3 successful take-ons (out of 3). – Auclair Across the last two and half seasons at Arsenal, what more could Arteta have done to warrant a Spain cap? Aside from moving to Real Madrid or Barcelona… Perhaps it is better for us – don’t want him hanging out with the likes of Reina or Pique too much, and he is getting older – but it would be a nice touch to see him recognized for what he is. He came in to a lackluster side… Read more »


And with not one hair out of place either. We all love our Mik. And don’t forget the Lego hair.


What he said.


That’s a good tribute. Wish Arteta could read this and know how much we Gooners love him.

Dick Swiveller

He was the reason I barely batted an eyelid at Song moving on, it was pretty obvious which one was holding our midfield together that season.

Let’s just get him a league title instead of a cap, eh?


There are a few player who really really deserve a title with Arsenal, like Arteta, Rosicky and Sagna who were great servants for this Club. Another reason why winning it this year would be so great.


Let’s keep this up and enjoy a nice early st.totteringham’s day this year

Dr. Gooner

This game really summarized this Arsenal team better than any thus far. We’ve had games where we’ve attacked better and games when we’ve had to defend more than we did today, but in no other game that I can recall has both our attacking prowess and defensive resilience been on show quite so spectacularly. There were leaders all over the pitch. Everybody was tackling, everybody was pressing, and everybody took their turn getting forward. I was so damn proud of the whole team today, and Wojciech Szczesny, take a bow! Save of the season so far, for me. In following… Read more »

jack jack jack

Why dribble when you can pass like us?

Dr. Gooner

I don’t mind not dribbling often. But when we do, we need to be better at it.

Dr. Gooner

Being too dribble happy isn’t good. But there is a lot more to come from Cazorla, Wilshere and Ozil who all have the ability to beat their man off the dribble, and just haven’t done it very well so far this season. Walcott, too.

That’s why the link with Draxler makes sense. He’s dribble and shot happy and loves getting on the end of things rather than just being an orchestrator. Would complement our current creative players perfectly.


Can’t wait for the cunsters game! Form we are in and depth of team we have available, bring on dec 14th, lekker !!


Someone in a recent post said “Ramsey to score….i can feel it in my testicles”

Those testicles really are something!


And one goal for each of those


Reminds me if the tyson era, just keep knockin em down..


Pricks on that MOTD


0- inches displaced by Mikel Arteta’s hair after a full 90 minutes plus stoppage time.

Thanis Lim

They say great defences win the league and I’m starting to have more faith in the goalkeeper and back four. Very proud to see this new stable Arsenal defence! Watertight!


Same old shit, just a different (match of the) day….
“They haven’t faced any of the big boys yet, and they lost to Man U” – Danny Murphy (admittedly, I did like the fact he doesn’t seem to think Man U and Sp*rs are “big boys”)
“If Giroud gets injured….” Franz Ferdinand


I don’t bother watching Match of the day anymore wankchester united loving set of tossers. Just watched them and spuds drop 2 more points great stuff. Only down side having to listen to empty head Owen waffle on four 90 mins.


I still watch the highlights, but either turn over or mute the sound between games.

I don’t mind paying for the highlights, but being reminded that I’m also paying for them to insult my intelligence is too much these days.

A N Other

Actually.. The issue is most of these pundits are dumbwits.. You could see Danny was struggling to find reasons just like the rest of it.. all he could say is that we haven’t beaten big teams as yet. So either they think Liverpool, Tottenham and Dortmund are not big teams or they think City n Chelsea have been winning all of them. My point is that all teams big or small can win or lose against any other teams this season. So if this is only barometer to gauge title winning capability then pundits should be ruling all teams out… Read more »


Let the be disillusioned until May 2014…..I don’t mind we are not title contenders, for as long the points keeps piling and eventually the trophies all sitting nicely at the Emirates – you know – trophie(S). The pundits can bitch all they want – bring it on!


They probably need us to beat ourselves before they consider us title contenders.

Dr. Gooner

I don’t think anyone in their right mind would or should deny that Arsenal have a chance at the title at this stage. But I do think it’s legitimate to hem and haw a bit when the question is phrased: “WILL Arsenal win the title” or suchlike. Ignore our form for a minute; our wage bill is a distant 4th in the league, we’ve not spent anything like our rivals in the transfer market (Ozil notwithstanding), and before September, we haven’t come close to looking like a title winning side in five years. Our main competitors have all won it… Read more »

Dick Swiveller

I know there is some correlation between money spent and trophies won, but I don’t think that’s particularly relevant considering the talent we have for the wages they’re on, thinking about Wilshere/Rambo/Rosicky/Ox/Arteta in particular; although the fact that we haven’t won it for a while may well be.

Going to be interesting to see.

Dr. Gooner

The correlation with wage bill and league position is nearly exact. It’s a sad fact. City’s owners must have known from Chelsea’s example that they could win the league with enough money, and they knew approximately how much money it would take before they bought the club. They also probably projected the amount of profit that success like that would ultimately bring over the next 30 years on a global scale… It’s no wonder so many business men are investing in football now. Anyway, the point of this ramble is that money does talk in football, and we are playing… Read more »


The whole they haven’t won against the big teams (apart from being bullshit, we beat Dortmund away, it doesn’t get more difficult than that) is a really useless observation. You have to beat the big teams constantly to win the Champions league, the PL title is more about rewarding consistency. I remember a few seasons ago we were superb against big teams but lost lots of points against smaller oppositions and were never involved in the title race. If we manage to win at home against city and chelski but lose away from home (which isn’t unlikely) the deciding factor… Read more »

Ivan Drago

Just curious, who has the most clean sheets for Arsenal, and how many does Szczesny have so far?


Just got his 50th i think and has the second highest clean sheets to games ratio of Arsenal Keepers that have passed 50 games.


Why does it matter if we haven’t played the big boys? The big boys are dropping points and we remain consistent then draws will be enough against them.


Because that doesn’t suit the narrative these halfwits have created.
Since when does reality or foresight feature in the talents of media or pundits…..


Who thumbs down all these comments, Some spud I say


I was just wondering if some spud cunt had gone through here and thumbed down every comment. What a sad little life that fucked up troll must have.

‘Course, anyone who’d support the Scum must have a sad fucked up life.

Talbot's neighbour

One third of a season gone… Looking Soooo good… I think I have finally exchanged my pessimism for optimism… Now I’m scared but I LOVE IT… COYG


1- number of ayatollah gestures we will see from Ramsey this season ( i hope not though, it was pretty funny to watch). Respect for remembering where you actually came from and not become a total dick like RVP!


Just look at Aaron Ramsey’s class in how he reacted to his goals against his former club, compared with van Persie’s reaction, who surely owes Arsenal so much more.


Different situation…Ramsey went from a smaller team to a bigger team in what was a natural career move for him. Van Persie made a lateral move in very contentious circumstances (and even still last season he didn’t particularly celebrate either goal against us).


Who the f is thumbing down the comments above… I know a piss sucking ant thats who…

Charleston Gooner

Next girl that I find with the name Erin (Aaron) I’m sleeping with her, I don’t care how fugley she is! Just my way of paying my dues..


30 – number of years I’ve been going to watch The Arsenal
1 – the number of old cunts that makes me
8 – the number of Arsenal teams I’ve seen who should and could have won the league
5 – the number of times I’ve seen us win the league

These boys have watt it takes – there’s no doubt in my mind.

So the 8 above should really move to 9. Let’s hope the 5 also moves to 6.


I thought we sold him to Colchester.


We’ve scored 3 times more goals than spuds

Dre Thomas

Above all, the most impressive attribute of this Arsenal is their spirit. Yes, it’s an intangible quality, not as obvious as Özil’s wonderful balls (you know what I mean), or as striking as Aaron Ramsey’s lung bursting displays, but it’s there.

I know because I feel it, each time I see Arteta make a tackle with not a strand of that immaculate super hair out of place. Or, when I see Carzola covering at left back because Gibbs has gone forward. Something is happening with this team… Believe Gooners, believe!


RAMSEY IS A CLASS ACT ,but a crass murderer RIP Fast & Furious #paulwalker Thank you so much for giving so much of yourself to make so so many people happy, you never stopped giving your time, your energy and your talent to support charities, support people trying to change their lives, its not just for the magic you brought to the screen that will be remembered, its the person you were with a massive heart that was always willing to do something to change the world for the better, love and thoughts and prayers to your family and friends,… Read more »


Get to fuck


The part in block capitols was bang on! the rest of it what a load of dribble!!


Go away. Please.

Zaharaddeen Getso

Iam hoping for a boring match between spurs and man u that should end in stalemate

Chiranjit Ojha

There was a lad called Flamini
He played with heart and soul
They made him wear those long sleeves, yet
He scored a fucking goal!
Fuck yeah!


Two things:
1/ On the whole pundit piece the best thing is to take it as motivation when we play Chavski and Man Shitty: if we beat them then they cannot deny we are contenders.
2/ If we signed two players in January would love them to be Draxler and Lukaku: that would really be a statement of intent!

Dick Swiveller

Nah, if we beat them it will be ‘they don’t have the experience at the business end of the season and their thin squad can’t keep this form up’ from those that actually hate us but a few might be able to feel which way the wind is blowing, then again pundits aren’t known for their awareness.

Ak 47
Francis johnson

Brooks will be too busy selling Spuds tickets for beer tokens to put a reasonable team together

Wenger burger

I have a question: if rvp scores 3 against spurs, should i be happy?

70s Wenger

catch-22 if there ever was one..


No just hope the spuds can score 3 and make a draw


Ale Ale Gooners. Just keep moving & push on harder. I can wait to see a celebration @ the emirate. When we’ll be crowned champions again. The first in emirate & mugsmashers will be glad to give us Suarez next season or he sues. them to court. But first, we need a goal machine by January. I dont wana hear excuses. #UpGooners. #IsmellTrophyComeMay2014.


Weird but in a nice way 🙂

Vuvuzela Gunner

I’m such a happy chappy! I love this team and love the way we’re going about our business! That Don guy and Leroy claim that Arsenal don’t have what it takes to see it through come March due to a lack of experience. I’ve heard Ramsey mention that we’ve been having poor starts due to losing big players but this season is different because we never lost any and added one superstar! We know how to finish strongly, we’ve been doing it to secure CL qualification and if that’s a trophy, how is seeing the league out any different?! Something… Read more »

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