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Wenger hails Arsenal’s focus after famous win

Arsene Wenger praised his side’s focus and maturity as they extended their unbeaten away run to 15 games with a hard fought victory over Borussia Dortmund.

Speaking after the one-nil victory, which returned the Gunners to the top of Champions League Group F, Wenger told Sky Sports:

“Our focus [pleased me] because we were under consistent pressure from the first minute to the last and we didn’t make mistakes.

“It was a tight game, very difficult but we had a united, compacted block [at the back] that didn’t give them any room to create chances.

“We had a difficult period at the start of the second half but after we came into the game and looked like we  could score. Overall it was a very mature performance.”

Having watched his side weather an early second half onslaught the Gunners scored with their first effort on target. Asked how he felt when his side took the lead, Wenger continued:

“What I was concerned about was that there was a long time to go after we scored. However, after that we created chances and could have scored a second. We had dangerous situations and they tired a little bit as well.

“We knew at half-time that it was a question of keeping team focuss and letting our technical superiority come in at some stage. It happened and again it was Ramsey who scored.

“We looked stable defensively, we were under pressure but we had a good mixture of tactical awareness and serious attitude.

“The result will be a big lift because we are on a good run in the Premier League. Not many teams have won here but in every game you need to turn up with a performance and that’s what we want to do on Sunday.”

Next up for Arsenal is the small matter of a trip to Old Trafford.

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Thanis Lim

There’s only one Arsene!


You know Arsenal are doing well when:

Tony Adams cant get an interview


Two clean sheets in a row now, versus two of the best attacking teams around at the moment.

But our is better!


Come on mate. Let´s not go too far.

Dortmund for sure, but I´ve just walked out of Camp Nou (they say the Emirates is quiet… you need to hear the silence in Catalunya).

Liverpool are far from the best attacking team. I´m more worried about fucking Southampton in two weeks.


We will double Southampton’s goal against, whatever it is then!


Well Played arteta, not many players could avoid a second yellow against that dortmund midfield


Lewandowski tried to screw him over for the rest of the match. Thankfully the ref got bored of his diving. Must have been watching young last night.


“They will be found out when they the play big teams”

is BORUSSIA DORTMUND big enough for ya!



Yes, very much so was thinking that myself. Proved once again that having a cool head and reading the game well can be just as important as the physical side.


people were easily calling for Arteta to be benched for Flamini but i am sure this 2 matches has proved that is easier said than done. for me i think as combative as flamini is Arteta is the one for me

New guy

why not both?


Feet on the ground. Kill off the OT scumbags.


Whats the odds on a certain Howard Webb officiating on Sunday?


There’s no red nose anymore so less pressure on webb anyway


He is still there lurking in the background.

sagnas hair

smelling like old pizza


Its Michael Oliver… He was the ref for WBA win there too, so mark that down as a win for us too 🙂


Bring on Man Utd. Thats what i’m talking about. Fear factor. Unnnnnngghhhhh!!!!




I fucking love Arsenal :’)


When the BFG says we’re going to win, we’re going to win.

Mesut Aussie

He was absolutely immense. Love that massive big hook he constantly pulls out. And so close to a second goal with his full stretching dive. It’s no easy feat but he is certainly continuing the run of great arsenal no. 4’s.


He leapt for that header like a massive Teutonic salmon. Aside from the goal, one of the best moments in the game…

New guy

Despite the heart attack inducing counterattack that followed I think I agree with you. Who was it that ended up with the ball in our box about 10 seconds later?


Woman united we are coming for you


right on! Woman United! Women are so weak and pathetic aren’t they?

you misogynist loser


Calm down dear.


Ha ha! High 5’s to Lewan-dive-ski’s forehead.

renaissance rosicky

Haven’t felt this good about this fixture for a while! COME ON YOU GUNNERS!


Arsenal were always good at defending , it was just silly individual errors that cost us games last year , now that we cut them out people can see what a good defence we have COYG


Echoo Echoo Echoo


You can say that again!!


Arsenal were always good at defending , it was just silly individual errors that cost us games last year , now that we cut them out people can see what a good defence we have COYG


Arsenal were always good at defending , it was just silly individual errors that cost us games last year , now that we cut them out people can see what a good defence we have COYG


Arsenal were always good at defending , it was just silly individual errors that cost us games last year , now that we cut them out people can see what a good defence we have COYG


Sorry, could you please repeat? Not sure i got what you said there!

Mr. Dhoan

BFG is the MOTM for me.


“… and let our technical superiority come to the fore.”

Yes, you are Champions League finalists, but we are better than you and we know it. Gotta love Arsene.


Wow! I had to do a double take when Arsene said that.

I would like to know who he DOES view as technically superior to us as there aren’t many teams you’d put above Dortmund.

That quote reveals real, real confidence from the manager in the team. He feels we’re up there with the top, top quality teams.


If you remember, I said on Sunday that we will win 1-0 and in that comment I also said that we will score 8 goals next match.


Player Ratings should be a piece of piss this time out Blogs.



Bookies were giving me 38:1 for Arsenal winning against Liverpool, Dortmund and Manc Scum. Pissed I only put a fiver on it.
Come on you Gunners.


Respect that big time.


You should be more pissed by not combining it with Ramsey scoring in each of those matches.

Santi Claws

Yer a lad


Back four were superb

middle five were brilliant

Big Olivier outstanding

and not forgetting a couple of excellent saves from Ches!


Fuck ye bring on whoever we don’t care

Scott P

Rooney says about Arsenal, “we’ll see where they are in March”. Perhaps he should be more concerned about where his team is going to be after we smash them on Sunday!

Mesut Aussie

Can’t wait for the boss to shove that moose’s scrotum he calls hair up his bow-legged pasty backside and make those beady little serial killer eyes of his stream putrid acid tears. COYG

Wrighty's Gold Tooth

Well put

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

Couldn’t understand a word of your comment but thumbs up anyways!


Organised, mature, intelligent. If that were Manure or Chelsea that got that result the media would cream itself.

Get the f*ck in there.

gooners n roses

Oh yeah!


First English team to win at the Westfalen Stadion! What better way than ONE NIL TO THE ARSENAL!


What a result. Got to say our back 4 are looking supreme. BFG and KOS simply awesome!!

50 shades of gandalf the grey

Beaten both Milans away, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Dortmund. Correct me if I’m wrong, but we were the first British club to do so at 3 of those places. Only a matter of time before Barca becomes our next big victim, the thieving knob jockeys.

palace gunner

Av it gunners ioved gibbs tackling reem cutshort a few players runs, good away win coyg

Oor Wullie

We’d have been defeated on away goals if it was knock-out match 🙂 But it wasn’t. And we’re gonna get through this tough group easily. Well done you brilliant bunch of multi-millionaires!

jack jack jack

What a weird comment.


In theory could still go out on away goals. Bizarre comment should imagine all the players in this group are prospering millionaires.


Per, take a bow man.
What a rock at the back


Ashley Young can dive for as many penalties as he wants on Sunday, we’ll still win.

yonas wolday

too much dive, 1st young then…




You know what, i hope all the critics out there keep dismissing our chances to compete seriously this season, it just makes moments like this all the more enjoyable! Bring on the manc bastards and the little boy inside the big cunt.


This team has a resilience about them that was absent for quite some time. We have had too many players unwilling to take responsibility over the pitch despite their experience before. When big Per Mertesacker shouts his ass off at the Captain of the team for not being in the correct position to recieve a pass you know shits going down tonight. The will to win. And we absolutely love it.


United have lost their fear factor, while teams are starting to fear us again. Let’s go and smash them.


Scored against the run of play, mmmmmmm that’s how it feels dortmunks!!!


1989 all over again..

we are gone for good

wenger has shown klopp what a good symphony is and why the wenger minus the high five is superior


Sometimes an orchestra’s disciplined rendition of a meisterwerk from the can(n)on is preferable to a heavy metal moshpit full of pogoing, spitting and flying plastic glasses filled with piss

TITI Eltom

RAM RAID please do it again on sunday i want to see the dutch skunk and Shrek shitting themselves each time they look at the table 11 points behind us singing goodbye EPL….i just hope they keep the bald cunt Howard fucking webb away from this game and we will surely win it.this mother fucker guarantees SHREK his annual penalty against arsenal!!!!

Mrs Gooner

Well, what can I say that hasn’t been said already? The game was a pleasure to watch and the quality of play – defensive, holding and attacking – was brilliant.

It’s been a very emotional day for me today as I bid farewell to my dear old dad at his cremation but I’m glad the day ended on a positive and cheered me up.

In Arsène we trust, rest in peace Dad x


Personally feel it was a great performance from the back 4. Just wish we had Arshavin, Gervinho and Chamakh back then we could have attacked more… Hahahaha oh I do love this new arsenal team and how well they play together. Arshavin, the crowd were poor because you were. Ozil is the new pires in terms of stature, just not as handsome.

we are gone for good

did you guys saw wenger pulling that footballing stunt in the first half to the admiration of klopp

we are gone for good



Michael Oliver is the ref Sunday for those worrying about Webb. Great result and spirit tonight Gunners!


How the tables have changed, on Sunday we have to be the favorites & them the underdogs.

It’s about time we kicked their arse as part of the Revenge series (for the 8-2, for the little boy, the big nose, the divers in that team – including stopping the Invencibles run with one! Many more).

It would also help ram a few words & crapping out many of the so called pundits!


What a win! HFB spoke last week about a winning mentality – how he often watched United over the last few years and though they could be outplayed, they would always find a way to grind it out. He said this is what we needed in order to win titles, and that’s exactly what we showed tonight. We found a way to grind this one to bits and not only ‘not lose’ but to actually push on and get the vital 3 points. I really have a lot of confidence heading into the game this weekend. Now we just need… Read more »


In the run-up to the match, Klopp indicated that he prides himself on his team’s fighting ability above all else – unlike Wenger.

Fitting that it was Giroud outfighting his man to get something on that header and Ramsey bravely throwing his head at the ball that ultimately got the result.

I’d like to think the last thing that went through Klopp’s head tonight was to wonder how the hell Arsene got the best of him.

dukeofarsenal Malaysia

CLAP!CLAP!CLAP!….Good F##king Job DONE….We were focused, resilient and down right determined to win the game…BTW..the REF & BFG are good friends..:0 (he had Gunners4Eva written on his undergarments..:0) and Lewey & Reus are coming to The Emirates…Now too gunned down >>>>>OT…

kicking coconuts

Can someone tell me at which point during the match did this happen?

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