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Wenger not getting carried away

Arsene Wenger is well aware that despite the Gunners fine form which seems them top of the table by 5 points, things can change very quickly.

Determined to keep feet on the ground, perhaps as much for fans as his team, the Arsenal boss was keen to acknowledge the fine start to the Premier League season, but urge caution at what’s to come.

Talking about the table topping position, Wenger said, “After the Aston Villa game, if I had told you that I would have to run away because you would have killed me!

“It shows you that things can change quickly but that should as well alert us that it can go the other way. We must keep good focus, continue to develop our team as there’s room for improvement.

“At the moment, with 10 games played, you can say 25 per cent of the season. You see the first tendencies and trends but it’s still not settled.

“By the end of November you will have a clearer idea.”

The Arsenal manager has injury worries over Jack Wilshere and Kieran Gibbs ahead of the game against Dortmund on Wednesday, but hopes to have Mathieu Flamini and Theo Walcott back in contention before the trip to Old Trafford on Sunday.

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There is bear cum


(our position in the league table)


voting down your name.


I say we play monreal on the wing and vermaelen at lb for dortmund…lock up the point and keep Grosskreutz quiet

…still can’t get over the way the club captain sauntered onto the pitch against liverpool with his mouth full of munchies at 2:0 up…AWESOME


We need flamini and Ramsey to run them into the ground.. The last game they out ran us by a kilometer… We are the fittest team in the EPl so let’s press and press til the pressings done

gunn cabinet

arteta still works fine for me


Nothing wrong with Gibbs defensively. Goals will win the game, not clean sheets, so having Santi on the left is better than Monreal.


I think he’s suggesting this plan since Gibbs is injured.

William Gooner

That could be a good option. But I can’t help but wonder who will go to the bench if Monreal starts on the wing


Monreal is not starting as winger. He’ll be LB.

Jay ozil

We are never carried away, we are arsenal, we knw our root


i am sorry for bringing such a bad taste in mouth at this situation but Newcastle 4- 4 Arsenal.


As long as we avoid refereeing abominations like that one and the one from Aston villa on the opening day of the season… We may just win this league at a canter…. Not getting carried away but… We are going to win the league


Spot on. Everybody forgets the atrocious decisions in those two games.

That 4-4, like the 8-2, was just a freak result and didn’t tell us a lot. Ashley Young never repeated that freakshow.

The Only Olivier is Giroud

Good to realise this. I was thinking the other day: Chelsea were the early leaders in last season’s early exchanges, while we were struggling from the get-go… yet we only ended two points behind them in May. Need to keep our focus.

Paul S

Yeah, I had a look at that recently. On 21 October they were four points clear at the top after eight games, having won seven and drawn one. Exactly one month later Di Matteo was sacked.

Double Canister

We were only 1 additional win away from second last season based on points, all be it still a long way behind Fergie spending all manures money on his going away party.
78-80 points is not beyond this teams ability this season, let’s see if any other team can match that.

I don’t see a team who can, but Man City look the strongest other contender.


Welcome back TW14 and MF20. TW14 is explosive ammo while MF20 is the massive shield.


I’d carry him away … The sexy knowing best French bastard

self made

arsene have said it all cos there are still many matches to be played… COYG

Silverstre for the Ballon d'OR



Is Carlton Cole still available? Missing out on that obvious signing is reason enough for immediate sacking.


Imagine how good we’d be if we’d got Samba as well.

Double Canister

he should have listened to de fanz and got rid of Ramsey.


Completely agree with the boss. Tough tests coming up for us this month. Here’s hoping we do the job against Dortmund and especially United. Call me crazy but I don’t mind missing the last 16 in the CL if we can win against United. It would be a massive win and a big message to the rest of the league. Our first away game against the big boys, and current champions who we always lose against. That would definitely keep us in good stead for the next tough games to come up. Having said so am I the only one… Read more »


I don’t think anyone gives a rats ass about the motd punshits… Other than waiting for the moment when they have to swallow their bile and say through gritted teeth that yes, arsenal are the frickin bomb..


why cant we do both

William Gooner

Failing to qualify for the next round of the CL would have a negative impact on our players. Plus we need that money anyway. But yes, if I have to find a compromise, I’d take a draw in Dortmund and a win against United.


How I wish the league could just end today…..

I mean, they already know we are better than them all. Why do we need to play 38 games to prove that.

I tell you, it’s just a waste of resources.


In other news.. what is up with my Facebook wall posts showing that wenger told media that Ozil is better dribbler than Zidane?? Is that true??

Silverstre for the Ballon d'OR

After some extensive research (google) it turns out that yeah, Wenger did say that. No idea why though, as Zidane is probably the greatest dribbler of all time…


from 101goals

“Some french guy.
• 19 hours ago

Wenger said : “Özil est un peu plus dribbleur (vers l’avant) que Zidane”.
Which means “Özil dribbles a bit more than Zidane” and not “Özil is a bit better at dribbling”.


If (when) we beat Utd at the weekend I’m going to find it incredibly difficult not to get very carried away. Beating them at Old Trafford would be such a boost to a team already performing with confidence. Exciting times

Edu's Braces

Not to be a downer but if we didnt have these fucking injuries I would be so much happier. No one’s fault but it’s so annoying.

Silverstre for the Ballon d'OR

More than footbaling ability, I think we will need to be very mature and organized at Dortmund if we are to get a result there (I wold sign for a draw). They are a top team, and we can’t afford to make a single mistake or switch off for a second. I hope we won’t miss Flamini’s barking too much.


Ever since the 8 – 2 incident(no thanks to the refree) I have wanted sooo bad to beat Man Utd last season was unlucky for us with the captain’s back pass to the traitor but this season I know we can go to OT and beat the shit out of them Come on you REDS!!!


We were not unlucky in that game though, we just played very poorly and barely created a chance. I think it will be different this time and it might be a little personal for a confident Ramsey and Wilshere to go there and get the win against van persie.


Blogs brought up Wilshere’s absence on Saturday saying “it would be harsh to say he was not missed”. I’m not so sure, who would you drop for Wilshere? Cazorla, Ozil, Arteta, Ramsey, no way. Rosicky? not after that performance on Saturday. Wilshere may find a midfield place more difficult to come by, especially when Walcott and Ox are back and that right hand spot goes away. All the better for Arsenal, but a shame for Wilshere, he looked one of the best players in the team 3 years ago, now he is fighting for his place.


rotation and rest .
Ozil looked a bit tired on saturday

Double Canister

what’s wrong with fighting for your place?

OG Mike

That’s not necessarily a bad thing. I rate wilshere very highly, yet it may be a good thing that playing time is at a bit of a premium for him. That whole lingering long term ankle injury happened after a period of time when he was overplayed because our midfield depth was found wanting. The playing time will come though, there are 30-40 games left to be played in all competitions, whether its by rotation, injuries(hopefully not), or suspensions(again hopefully not) — he’ll play.


Looks like there’s more to the pato link. He’d be a great back up to Giroud and offer something different. Don’t understand why people think benzema’s overrated. I think Wenger can get the best out of him and when on form, i daresay he’s better than Giroud. Lets forget lewa, Suarez, Diego Costa for now…slim chance any of those would happen.

Harish P

Benzema (and any striker) would look better withthe other 10 Real Madrid players behind him, yet Giroud cuts it more often than not for the France national team as well.

Not that I think Benzema is bad – he’s very good in my opinion, but has been labelled a great, and I don’t just yet think that’s the case.

Besides, I don’t see Benzema willing to settle for second choice at France AND Arsenal…

Dr Baptiste

This was on the BBC website “Arsenal winning means nothing: 1.) Arsenal have still not played anyone above them in the league yet, all the teams they have played are lower than them in the league so should win easily. 2.) Liverpool have now played a good team in the league, where as Arsenal are yet to play a good side. Until Arsenal play a team who are above them in the league, they cannot be considered challengers” Best comment I have ever read after the weekend. So Arsenal need to play someone higher than first… like negative 1 or… Read more »

Silverstre for the Ballon d'OR

It’s like in a video game: there is always a huge boss battle at the very end. In our case, after we beat every team that’s beneath us in the league table, one team will be waiting for us at the end: The INVINCIBLES.

creating a time paradox as Venga will be in charge of both, which will cause space time to contract and a black hole appearing at Stamford Bridge swallowing John Terry and Rupert Murdoch (don’t ask) for ever.

God, I need to do some work…


Gotta keep it simple against overcomplicated misplaced passing..and take the chanced we get..against manu..let’s destroy the cunts!


The last time we played in Germany, we put in a great performance and got a positive result.
I am hopeful we can do the same against Borussia Dortmund. It should be a cracking game.

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