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Klopp: I’m Wenger with high-fives

Jurgen Klopp says he loves Arsene Wenger’s football philosophy but described himself as similar to the Frenchman but with added ‘high fives’.

Speaking to the Telegraph ahead of Borussia Dortmund’s fourth showdown with Arsenal in three years the mad-cap(ped) Borussia Dortmund coach paid homage to his elder peer for all he’s achieved.

“For me, he is Sir Arsène Wenger, he is really something, I love him. I think he likes having the ball, playing football, passes, it’s like an orchestra.

“But it’s a silent song, yeah? And I like heavy metal more. I’m this guy, with high fives. I always want it loud. I want to have this ‘booooom!’”

The German has long been coveted by Arsenal fans as the type of coach who might succeed Wenger when his time at the Emirates finally comes to an end although he ended any short-term speculation by penning a new deal last week which keeps him at the Westfalenstadion until at least 2018.

Unsurprisingly, a couple of Premier League outfits had already approached him in the summer impressed by the way he’s led Dortmund to successive titles and a Champions League final.

“I know some clubs were interested,” he’s quoted as saying. “You know these clubs. They changed coaches last season.”

He certainly looks like a coach whose star is rising, let’s hope the Wenger boys find a way to drag him back to earth on Wednesday.

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I love this guy – he is something


He’s Wenger on crack!

cannon & ball

…. thought it was a pic of Miley Cyrus on crack for a minute!


Man, you better lay off the booze. Messes with your eyesight, it seems ;•)


You love this “gay” you mean. See what I did there 😉

Der Springer

I gave you a sympathy ‘thumbs up’ but Santos is long gone and the joke was getting tiresome even before he left. So don’t let it happen again 🙂


Based on his appearance it will be hard to drag him back to earth after the fifteen joints he just smoked.


“Based on his appearance”

Hamburg picked Jol over Klopp “based on his appearance” too, as Klopp showed up for an interview in casual wear while Jol wore a suit. Look how well that’s worked out for them 😉


Hair plugs…Seriously. I think he’s great, but it’s a carefully crafted disheveledness.


It’s his eyes, you could blindfold him with dental floss


Hmmmm hes penned new deal and wenger will get new deal…..both to end in 2018?? If wenger goes hes top of my list

Double Canister

Martinez is the man.


As a football fan, I love this man! Much respect to what he has done for Dortmund. That said, the match on Wednesday is ours! COYG


I’m sorry, but the less ‘hi fives’ in life in general the better.

Also that thing people do making the heart shape with their hands, that can go too.



Clock End Mike

No. Even when the HFB does it.

DL Gooner

Fuck off with your spam Sanjeev!

Dr Baptiste

Future Arsenal manager. Play the game the same sort of way and also seems to have the same sort of philosophy with regards to the team


either him or swans micheal laudrup!
them both are visionary!


I think Laudrup has a long way to go before people should get carried away on him being next Arsenal boss. The thing I like most about Klopp is that he turned down both the mug smashers and the chav’s with the latter no doubt offering a ridiculous amount of money. Got to respect the mans loyalty.


Back in ’96, who would have thought of how transformative this funny french bloke from Nagoya would become to the club? Appearances do deceive, don’t they?


Dortmund & Klopp have suffered the same pains as Arsenal – losing key players to other clubs.

However, Klopp has managed to win a few big titles & with some style.

Hence would to see him manage The Arsenal when AW decides to hangup his…rain-coat!


i think the difference between the two over there accomplishments over the last few years with both of them losing players is wenger is in a harder league with alot more competition and germany are always producing young talent, whereas its harder to find top young british talent with the influx of foreign players to england, german players will stay in germany mostly and choose generally between dortmund and bayern, british players who are not as good will have 6 clubs to choose from and have their own preference. but i do see a growth in british players and we… Read more »


by doesnt look at any other team i mean pre match analysis is all about arsenal not the team we face, which in turn could be a flaw but its how the game should be played imo


I don’t see that as a good thing. Not studying your opponent leads you being beaten by their strengths. Multiple players have commented on this and I agree. Although you need to focus on your own game you also need to know your opponent well and I think this is one of Wenger’s biggest tactical downfalls.

Bould's Eyeliner

Let’s not blanket and blindly assume that Wenger’s tactical approach is fully based on a quote or two he feeds the press. What we know about football could fit into his pinky compared to his knowledge… take a look at some videos he’s made and released, available on youtube, about tactical shape, transitioning, and situational usage. It’s not so much he’s saying “we don’t have to look at the opponent,” it’s more so that, we’re good enough to deal with any opponent. Let’s believe in that.



@Bould’s Eyeliner thats exactly the point i was trying to make but did not convey it properly, if you are outstanding as a team, regardless of your opposition you need not worry because they do not know how to handle you, if you can perfect this who can stop you, and as you can see wenger (if he was using this tactic at the beginning of his career with arsenal) perfected this with the invincibles


Errr. think again. Do you honestly think Wenger does not make tactical adjustments? Against Liverpool, clear employment of high line when defending set pieces to counter Gerrard’s deliveries. Threw in Vermaelen, Jenkinson to secure the win later on. Meanwhile The Brendan Rodgers revolution shifted from and ineffective 3-5-2 to an equally ineffective 4-4-2. What Wenger does is he believes in his player. The current formation employing a fluid 3 ahead of the more ‘defensive midfield duo has been a long time in the making. Difficult to perfect but almost impossible to defend against when perfected. We saw the teething of… Read more »


# “albeit without Podolski”

I think I meant Ozil.

It was Podolski and Walcott on the flanks but really high up supporting Giroud.

thereby a 4-3-3 but it did leave us expose at times.

Also this season with Flamini, we are practically playing a 4-1-4-1 with the Corsican hitman’s unbound energy levels affording the other ‘holding’ player the luxury of a more forward role.


i think tony adams has a better idea of what goes on at arsenal behind the scenes then we do, we can only speculate, and id take his word over yours, what is meant by this is not no tactics but more, perfect a style, if you have loads of weapons and one is stronger than the rest, strengthen that one till its undefeatable, of course wenger takes into account the tactics but tony adams merely said on goals on sunday that the players had been asking for more coverage over the opposition and wenger does not want to, he… Read more »


Hopefully he will become boss of Arsenal when Wenger goes.

Ivan Drago

Hope Wenger gives him a high five at the start of the match


At the end is better I think. After we’ve handed them the boom!




in the face with a chair…….sorry couldn’t resist that one


It’s hard not to like Klopp, he is an excitable puppy for sure! His team have won titles on small budgets and played some amazing football. I think most neutrals wanted them to win the CL in May.

This will be a test on Wednesday!


It seems as every Gooner loves Klopp, and I can see why. He’s a brilliant manager, and Dortmund has been brilliant under his reign. Add a teaspoon of batshit craziness, and you’ve got Klopp, and I really love the “high five” and “metal”-quotes. Hopefully he’ll succeed Wenger when he’s done (Hopefully it’ll while until Le Prof resigns though).

Can't hold his ale

I can see him in the Arsenal dressing room, giving a powerful battle speech. However, half way through his Ciceronian oration about crushing the hapless Chelsea into the dust, the metal soundtrack he is using to fuel the mosh pit of motivation cuts out- Klopp’s iPod is out of battery. The lads seem lost, without at least two drumsets and a guitar riff, Frimpong cannot enter the trance needed to rend the opposition teams asunder. BUT THEN IN STEPS TOMAS ROSICKY Without so much of a sweep of his middle parting, he plugs Sabbath Bloody Sabbath into the boombox, Captain… Read more »


And what else?


I would prefer Orgone Accumalator from Hawkwinds Space Ritual, because its no Social Intergrater, but it is a SUPERMAN CREATOR


When we score there this week I hope all the away fans scream, “Booooom!!” and keep giving each other high fives.

Naija Gunner

I love his smiling face, rather than the one scary one against Napoli!


I think we are giving too much love to Herr Klopp, the basteads trying to knock us out!

Let’s make sure the Klopper gets Klopped on Wednesday.

In Germany and Austria there is a Klopper that you can buy at the supermarket. It is a disgusting fruty alco-pop shot thing.

Not exactly interesting but most facts aren’t

master floda

Actually it’s called “Klopfer”, but it’s still disgusting…

Funky Gooner

I think he has been playing mind games with us. All the I love Arsenal/Wenger, kindred spirit clubs is BS. He just wants us to have our guard down so he can floor us…..DONT BE FOOLED


Mind games, yeah right…we are not Wigan or Stoke we are Arsenal. You play those “mind games” to managers that don’t know how to react and prepare their players. I highly doubt that we’ll have our guard down.

And also, why is it so hard to believe Kloppy likes Arsene and what he heas done in his career?


Read that interview in the guardian.

Strange fella that Klopp, and by strange I mean German.


not being a bandwagoner but I’ve been following Rudi Garcia since his coaching days at “le mans”
and imo he would be a very very good successor to wenger.


Lets all stop sucking this bloke off shall we? He is our clubs fierce opponent on Weds….we have to beat them. He can fuck off.


I agree with this sentiment. He’s certainly amusing, but the whole underdog thing is a bit rich. They’re a huge club with a decent history. They spend money too.


This guy always praises arsenal before our games, mostly. He did that before the previous game, its more like a mind game, and hopefully this time around it will haunt his team back. He is a fantastic coach regardless. I think if we win the Dortmund game it will be fantastic achievement, and will go a long way in giving us the belief we can win something this year. Losing at Dortmund, and a Napoli win, will be catastrophe. Because that will mean the end of our CL run. The biggest mistake was giving Dortmund the win while the draw… Read more »


true, but it’s all about how you conduct those mind-games. with Klopp even if it’s one, it’s kind of nice to follow. and on top of that you can’t really disbelieve in everything he says about Sir Arsene and his Kingdom.


yeah much rather a mind game where you are nice about Arsenal than some other nonsense


Yeah wish Dortmund had won the champions league last season and Munich the season before

Yankee Gooner

If things don’t work out for Klopp at BD, he can fall back on a career in a Death Cab for Cutie tribute band.

Mach III

It is mind games because he is insinuating that his team plays more passionate exciting football.. A compliment, but a trick too.


Exactly. Lets not get mugged off twice. We can hurt this lot if we’re brave.


He loves playing mind games….he enjoys it a lot especially with Wenger.


Interview is in the Guardian, not the Torygraph.
The Torygraph only reports the Grauniad interview and makes no mention of the high fives.


As well as the parallels between Klopp and AW, there are also parallels between our opposition. There’s something unclassy and very Chelsea about Bayern. When you see someone operating on a smaller budget against the might of Munich, then it is hard not to root for them. Particulalry if they have been through some of the same shit we have with regard to losing players.

Klopp’s a beer drinker apparently. Would love to have a few steins with him. A nice Bock or a Weissbeir!


There is nothing classy about Borrusia Dortmund and Bayern invented the model arsenal are using.


Bollocks on both counts.

Rectum Spectrum

dortmund are just arsenal-lite 😉


I don’t know, this Kloppliebe is starting to get annoying. I want to see angry-wolfman Klopp on Wednesday, getting sent to the stands, biting the fourth official, losing on his own patch to the Arsenal Klopp.


Yes Yes Yes

Double Canister

Did anyone else notice the worst Miley Cyrus lookalike ever in the photo?

(he writes before scrolling thru the comments).


He’s playing mind games without a doubt.
It will be a mistake to underestimate them, unless we play to our very best standards we will lose, regardless of the quality of our players that result will remain the same.

Black Hei

“I know some clubs were interested,” he’s quoted as saying. “You know these clubs. They changed coaches last season.” LOL!

Damn, he is so right I won’t even get angry if we lose.

If we win, he might just go bananas which is a terrifying spectacle.


Let’s wipe the smile of this blokes face Klopp’s a really good manager who shares similar ethos as Wenger albeit Wenger is still more of a developmental manager than Klopp. Where Klopp has done really well (tactics aside) is in constructing a team with (comparative) minimal resource albeit much of it was brought in. Ditto Wenger in his earlier career with us to some extent but Wenger has doubled it up with producing an academy. Where Wenger has been brilliant at is in re-roling players and transforming them. Henry comes to mind as a winger who flattered to deceive into… Read more »


He is a big fucking German but not THE big fucking German !

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