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Wenger wants continued concentration

Arsene Wenger says his team must keep up their concentration levels if they’re to get a result at Old Trafford on Sunday.

The Gunners haven’t won at United’s ground since the 2006/7 season and some of the recent performances there have left long-lasting scars. The Arsenal manager is aware his team still have much to do this campaign, despite recent good results against Dortmund and the Mugsmashers.

We cannot come to the conclusion that we are in a position where we can relax,” he said.

“We have a lot more to achieve. We have won nothing at all, we have just won two games, and what is important is what we achieve in the future.

“You couldn’t feel in the Dortmund game that our concentration level dropped at any moment. For the first time from the first to the last minute our concentration was at a very high level.”

And although United have started the season slowly under new manager David Moyes, the boss points to the experience and quality of Wayne Rooney and the Dutch Skunk as the main threat to his side.

“Recently they have been more consistent. They are still relying on their offensive efficiency that they did not have so much at the start of the season.

“Why? Because there was a little bit of unrest maybe with Rooney and he was not in top form.

“Now he has found his form again you see that they start to score goals. Rooney and Van Persie are a very dangerous partnership because both can score, both are complete players and both can give assists.

“Certainly one of the keys for us on Sunday will be to keep this partnership quiet. First in stopping others feeding them but, as well, we will need our back five to be very efficient.”

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Post-Invincibles Gunner

If there is 1 team II can’t stand it is manure.. II would be thrilled beating them on their ground.. Not just beat them but convincingly as well because their defence is pathetic at best.. It is their soft spot and II feel our Arsenal has that ruthless nature just to open them up.. Just a 100% performance from our team will see us through II believe.. COYG!!

paa tomy

i think you need a new keyboard


I hope when we beat them,we don’t celebrate.Just go over to the fans for a bit of a applause.That would be a bit of an insult for them.


Yeah..I catch your drift there.. let’s give them the “Fuck! we do this in our sleep bitches”….Pack our assassin bags, spit and leave with 3 points. COYGs!!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Absolutely. We don’t overdo the celebrating when we beat other mid-table teams, so we shouldn’t do it when we beat United.

Wengers spare change

Have you got two personalities

Arsene is a legend

For the first time in a long time I am feeling real confident with the team.

We can definitely have them!!

Come on you Gooners, make us proud and the c*nt RVP sulk


Can’t wait to put the ghost of old trafford to bed! Get ready for punishment, cunts.

Bould's Eyeliner

the ghost retired and now he wails away with a pen with weak ink.


We’ll neutralize the fat scouser and Dutch skunk like we did the SAS partnership. I hope we shit all over that team now that they’ve not got the referee in their pocket. It’s been a long time since we went to Old Trafford with confidence, I can’t wait for the match! COYG!


Its good times because even Arseblog is taking its time in publishing articles. A win tomorrow for the Gunners. 0-2. RIP to watch 90 mins of our awesomeness running like a headless chicken.


“Certainly one of the keys for us on Sunday will be to keep this partnership quiet. First in stopping others feeding them” So much for Wenger not keeping tabs on other teams. I like the point about stopping their midfield players feeding them. Our defence rightfully won plaudits for their performance against Dortmund, but after watching the game again I think the closing down done by our midfield perhaps went a little unnoticed. The likes of Ramsey, Giroud, Rosicky and Cazorla worked tirelessly to force Dortmund to play it all the way back to Weidenfeller to boot it clear. It… Read more »


Our back 5, the team, are definitely up for the game. Esp sczny. I expect the dutch skunk to do a lot of confused running around inside kozzer’s pocket. As for shrek, the BFG is much smarter than the overrated orge.
And no matter what the media or so called analysts would have us believe, The Arsenal has nothing to prove to anybody. The league and champion league tables say it all.


Not too much to say…. COYG!

Thomas B

Both Rooney and RVP will join Lewandowski and Suarez at the party in Koscielnys pocket.


I think the Boss might have to look into getting retrospective planning permission for that pocket.


And i hope Suarez viciously bites dutch skunk in kozzers pocket. then they all bite each other to death after infecting each other.

coincidentally all those strikers in there are cunts

Naija Gunner

Let’s make them pay for their sins!


Now get in there and put some-keown-sort-of-shouting on the United’s faces


Dominate there midfield and the 3 points will be ours. COYG!!!


Ahhh….now it’s a fair game. 11v11, not 12v11 like it was in the past because of the referees.


Still think it will be 12v11 tomorrow with old red still lurking around. I’m confident that our 11 will see off there 12.


Yeah!!!!! Let’s bust the manU down abd make van cunt regret leaving Arsenal.


Wengers spare change

I would take a one nil win…….and a severe hamstring injury to van pursestrings.

palace gunner

Arsenal fc can win tomorrow, the performance the team have had recently not luck class can go along way, look at the team coyg

palace gunner

Afc have got a gr8 away record.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Hey Blogs, the other day you asked for some Lauren on Ronaldo when Flamini meets RVP, but I am completely against it, and I am unanimous in that. If you watch that video you can clearly see that Lauren went in for a robust but fair sliding tackle and that dirty bastard Ronaldo dived into the air and initiated a high speed roll on the grass deliberately getting Saint Lauren booked.. We absolutely do not want to see any of that from the Dirty Diving Dutchman tomorrow. If he has even a shred of shame left in his very well-paid… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

“Rooney and Van Persie are a very dangerous partnership because both can score, both are complete players and both can give assists.”

That’s what he said about Liverpool’s SAS. Kos had better wear the shorts with two pockets tomorrow.


Hope to have a breakthrough in our newest success in research i:e Ozil,Giroud,Ramsey. Hope Mr mathieu plays


Off subject here but just heard David Moyes reckons he was offered Ozil but claims he didn’t need him. He’s either full of shit or proves that he is a crap manager.

Wengers spare change

Yeah sounds true, like the former everton manager looked at ozil and said I don’t need him I have cleverly.Moyes is up there with the best isn’t he.Arsenal 3-1 Man u.


I think the man utd team has more motivation for this match to upgrade their mid team status but I would love for us to have them down by the first 10 minutes. That will really throw them off.


Clearly referees are given back handers Chelsea should of lost today. 4 minutes added on out of thin air and a late penalty. If we don’t win the league this year it’s cause somebody doesn’t want us to.

Skeptic Acid

What Ramires did could well be the tactic for what United will do if they get desparate for goals. Arsenal despite all their style and substance will need to watch out for these cheats. Despite my optimism for a comfortable victory, I have a fear that Arsenal are walking into an ambush tomorrow.


Thought Andre Marriner was the only decent ref in the premier league. Only one to show balls at old trafford. We scores huge no. of goals most of the time he was involved in our matches,but always had a doubt he is a chelsea fan and today he proved it.
Fuck the refs.

Skeptic Acid

What Arsenal would need to avoid is being wasteful when they have chances. Even Stoke had a chance to do that well before half-time when they played there, but they didn’t and got punished.


I dont think united have more motivation than we 6pm tomorrow we’ll be leading united by 11points


Heard we made a bid of 20m for llorente…hope that’s some joke, rather we get pato on loan.


Is anyone else irked that Frimpong keeps posting about our opposition ahead of key matches.

It reeks of complacency.

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