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Man U v. Arsenal preview: by the numbers

All stats for Premier League play unless otherwise indicated

42 – Times that Man U and Arsenal have faced each other
11 – Arsenal wins
12 – Draws
19 – United wins
3 – Arsenal wins at Old Trafford
1 – Arsenal League titles won at Old Trafford

23 – Matches Moyes and Wenger have played against each other
3 – Matches Moyes has won
14 – Matches Wenger has won
48 – Goals Wenger’s Arsenal have scored against Moyes’ Everton (more than any other team)
21 – Goals Moyes’ side scored against Arsenal
13 – Wins Moyes has managed against Top Four teams
0 – Away wins Moyes has managed against Top Four teams
20 – Draws Moyes has managed against Top Four teams (includes 0-0 this season against Chelsea)
50 – Losses Moyes has suffered against Top Four teams
5 – Home matches United have played this season
2 – Home draws Moyes has masterminded this season
0 – Home draws Sir Alex Ferguson’s Man U fell to in the last two seasons
0 – Nil-nil draws SAF’s Man U had in the League over the last two seasons
2 – Nil-nil draws Moyes’ Everton United have managed in all competitions this season
1 – Trophies David Moyes has won, ever, as manager*
11 – Trophies Arsene Wenger has won, ever, as manager**
3 – LMA Manager of the Year trophies Moyes has won
2 – LMA Manager of the Year trophies Wenger has won

27 – Crosses per game by United¹
18 – Crosses per game by Arsenal
10.9 – Fouls committed per game by United this season
12.4 –Fouls called for United per game this season (2nd in the League)
14 – Fouls called for United at home per game this season¹
9 – Fouls called for Arsenal per game away this season (18th)
2 – Yellow cards United have received for diving this season¹
16 – Yellow cards United have received for foul play this season¹
17.2 – Interceptions per game by United¹
13.2 – Interceptions per game by Arsenal
14 – Shots per game Arsenal are averaging this season
14 – Shots per game United are averaging this season
6.4 – Shots on goal Arsenal are averaging this season (2nd in the League)
5.2 – Shots on goal United are averaging this season
7 – Defensive errors by United this season (3 led to goals)
3 – Defensive errors by Arsenal this season (0 led to goals)
24 – Defensive errors by United last season (7 led to goals)
39 – Defensive errors by Arsenal last season¹ (14 led to goals)
1.6 – Assists per game United created last season¹
1.4 – Assists per game Arsenal created last season (second in the League)
0.9 – Assists per game United have created this season
1.8 – Assists per game Arsenal have created this season
18 – Assists Arsenal have created total this season
12 – Assists that Ramsey, Giroud, and Özil have combined for with 4¹ each

6.5 – Shots per goal scored by Arsenal this season (total number of shots Arsenal have taken, divided by the goals they have scored, in League play of course)
8.3 – Shots per goals scored by Arsenal last season
6.5 – Shots per goal scored by Arsenal in the Invincible season
13.2 – Shots per goal conceded by Arsenal this season
10.9 – Shots per goal conceded by Arsenal last season
8 – Shots per goal conceded by Arsenal two seasons ago
12.7 – Shots per goal conceded in the Invincible season

7amkickoff, stats, please, steal my work

2 – Number of times the title “Sir Alex Ferguson: My Autobiography” is redundant
4 – Number of redundancies the original title “Sir Alex Ferguson presents, me autobiography, written by me, Sir Alex Ferguson” contained
1 – Number of editors who should have been made redundant for allowing an autobiography to be titled “my autobiography”
1 – Dives Ashley Young has already made this week
1 – Number of high fives he received from a teammate after winning a penalty with that dive
1 – Number of times I actually heard Neil Ashton say that Ashley Young dives to protect his ankle
0 – Number of ankles Ashley Young has in his wrist, which is where the “contact” occurred to provoke his latest dive
1 – Number of dives Wayne Rooney made in order to win a penalty at Old Trafford which robbed Arsenal of the 50th game in their 49 game unbeaten run
0 – Percent chance that either player will stop diving
100 – Percent chance that United will repeat the tactics of the “Battle of the Buffet” which included rotational fouling on Reyes, diving by Rooney, a professional foul by Ferdinand on Ljungberg, and a stamp on the Arsenal left back which earned their previous Dutch Rudder a post match ban
1 – Position Arsenal will be in the League table regardless of the number of dives that Rooney or Ashley make, the number of dirty tactics Moyes sends his men out to do, and regardless of the result on Sunday


¹Leads the League in this category
²Leads his team in this category
*He won the Football League Second Division with Preston North End. Does the Charity shield actually count? Isn’t that a friendly?
**You can add four more if you count the Charity Shield.

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Arsene nose

3- Number of goals from Giroud

80,000- ManU Fans Tears for Young to dive into


Feeling confident. COYG!


Think flamini being back has something to do with that. what a time it is to be back too!

Have a feeling skunk gonna get 1 from the flaminator!!!

Jack's Right Foot

Moyes has won more LMA manager of the year awards than Wenger. Having won precisely jack shit.

However this is the first time in recent memory I’ve felt confident of facing United. I really hope we viciously pound them and that Dutch tosspot.

Skeptic Acid

More like the LMAO Manager of the Year award. #hides

van Jordan

Number of ankles Ashley Young has in his wrist. Hahahaha. Seriously that got me laughing my (insert body part here)

Claudio Mutua

90-Number of minutes a certain Dutch skunk will spend in Kozzer’s pocket.
11-number of shit piles that will start for Manure tommorrow.
0-Number of goals My Arsenal will concede.
2-Number of goals My Arsenal will score.


Not just 2. It will be 8. Giroud 2 Ozil 1 Cazorla 1 Ramsey 4


1 – Aaron Ramsey


3-Number of points Arsenal is taking away from Old Trafford this season


This may be a bit presumptuous but i honestly do not consider manure as a proper test at this very moment. It’s a game we should win. I think the other manchester team will be a much sterner test on dec 10.


what counts as a defensive error?

born gunner

11 – number of man utd players that will fornicated on sunday.

50 shades of gandalf the grey

My memory may be rusty, but was it Ramsey who scored our last winner against them? Also quite confident about it, COYG! I am a servant of the red of Arsenal, wielder of the crest with canon! THE DARK RED WILL NOT AVAIL YOU, SCOTT OF MANCHESTER! YOU SHALL NOT WIN!!

TR7 > CR7

Oh yeah it was:

“… And sent back to RAAAMSEYYYY!!! … Aaron Ramsey for Arsenal! … In the London sunshine, the Gunners have something to smile about”.


1 – Great Picture!


What is remarkable about this season – and this game in particular – is not so much that we’re doing incredibly well or United look very poor, but that both are happening at the same time. Either of those alone would not make us favorites at Old Trafford – but together? What a tantalizing prospect. I for one am scared sh!tless that the expectation of a win – imagine that! – will be too much.

Skeptic Acid

Rooney has dived twice against us to win penalties. One was also in that game where Arshavin scored a screamer and then Diaby headed into his own net.


11 – Point gap tomorrow evening. COYG!!

The Indian

Come on you Gunners!


1 – The number of traitors playing for Utd tomorrow!

Edu's fake passport

Rooney & Von Persil is at least 2

palace gunner

Check out the teams 49th win of season with professional olympic dive frm shrek coyg

Tenacious Defence

Thanks for the statty goodness, 7am.

The line graph is particularly interesting – clearly shows a very encouraging trend.

I hope the lads have a belter! COYG!


08001111 – the Childline phone number.

The little boy inside might well need it after tomorrow’s game.


RVP thought Ramsey was a terrible footballer. Time for Aaron to show the skunk just how good a footballer he is tomorrow, preferably with a hat-trick. COYG!

Parisian Weetabix



When Rosicky replaced Ramsey as the AM, he praised Rosicky for being able to spot passes quickly and that not all players can do that, and you’re either born with it or you’re not, or something to that extent, and maybe it felt a bit like it was a slight on Ramsey, especially since it came at a time when Ramsey was getting a lot of stick for holding on the ball for too long…?


1 arsenal player live on german tv right now. Its poldi by the way


The only thing that could be stopping us from victory at Old Twatford is ourselves. I totally see where people are coming from when they predict a United victory, but this IS a different Arsenal side. We aren’t going to be bullied. Put aside all the mind games and we know we are better than them and they know it too. They will be fired up for this game but we are long due a win at Old Trafford and we have the momentum and confidence with us. If both teams play the same way they have done throughout this… Read more »

Skeptic Acid

Right on! However, Blogs is right. Things suddenly go out of our control if United resort to the approach in the ‘Battle of the Buffet’ and are allowed to get away with it. I’m sure Moyes has only one part of the equation in his head (roughing us up). Rednose will drop in a word to approach it like they did in October, 2004; rotational fouling, getting stuck in, making sure the Arsenal players think twice before running circles around them. [I also think that game was a huge speed bump to what was a reasonably flowing career for Reyes.]… Read more »


1 – new arsehole our midfield will rip them tomorrow to go with skunk, rooney, ferdinandshandy and all their other arseholes


Can someone post a link of an article where RVP was denigrating Ramsey?

First time I’ve heard about it to be honest.



I reckon he didn’t specifically denigrate Ramsey, Goontang was probably referring to when RVP said his Arsenal team mates were “holding him back”… (Van cunty is a cunt but i doubt even he’d be cunt enough to single out an individual like that)


That last stat is the one for me… matter what happens we’ll still be top! What a great feeling that is.


Sweaty armpit of the north
sweaty armpit of the north
your not singing, but your minging
sweaty armpit of the north
– my chant for tomorrow as we silence the scum with goals galore

Eric Irish gunner

Confident of a 2-1 win tomorrow and then let them fight for fourth with Liverpool 🙂

Moral high ground

The reason for optimism is that so often Utd have killed us on the counter, laughing at our toothless possession. Unless they have suddenly improved defensively we WILL hurt them if they concede possession to us tomorrow…


The key to beating United tomorrow will be being positive going forward. Defensively, United are hopeless: West Brom went up there and scored 3 goals, City got 4. If we sit back and defend too much we will hand them the initiative. If we really go for their throats from the outset then I can see us getting 3 or 4 goals; it won’t matter if we let in one or two.

They are there for the taking.


It’ll be like men versus little boys inside.


Fuck off fatty


Hey, give the man some credit if he comes up with something reasonable. Don’t become like Robson or Morgan who irrationally reject all the good work that Wenger has done and only regurgitate his failings. The pendulum swings both ways.

Skeptic Acid

Did anyone read Moyes saying not opting to sign Ozil because he didn’t want to kill Januzaj’s career?

He’s even using Wenger’s lines now! Maybe that’s his way of making RvP feel at home.

Silent Symphony.

To united players this’ll seem like an instant chance of redemption. Don’t be surprised to see them come flying out with the dynamism of old. Their forwards are likely to take their chances. Fellaini’s likely to have his best game.
But they’re brittle, and if we can assert the superiority of our midfield (helped along by giving their strutting players sceptical sideways looks) we should get at least a point. That’d be enough to keep positive momentum over the break.


I’ll never forget that foul on Freddie from Ferdinand! That’s the problem with the past, it’s just stats – but they kicked barrels out of us that day. Cheated their way to the win – another reason Fergie isn’t the greatest – the amount of ridiculous decisions that went his way. Mendes goal that was 3feet over the line – disallowed. Cunts.


Im goin 3-1. Ozil 1st goalscorer


1,000,000+ ~ Sperms that will by flying out of my penis cum victory.


I’m concerned about this game. Hear me out. As we know any team can lose to anyone in the Premier League, let alone to a wounded animal of Poonited’s “calibre”. They have history behind them. I know Ferguson is gone, but he’s up there like the Godfather pulling the strings. You think he hasn’t given Moyes all the info he needs that went into his record being +8 in victories? Sadly many of those victories came in the last 5 years or so; before that it was pretty even, but anyway… At Old Trafford today, a lot of the Poonited… Read more »


Excited about this game and for the first time in a few years its not an edgy excitement. This team is a match for the defending champions and we have a much more superior midfield. This is a psychological game where we hold some scars from the last couple of seasons but we have now greater mental strength with a defence that could handle most of what astrong Dortmund team threw at us on wednesday. A goal keeper that is showing his world class. As well as respecting their ability we must be ready for their trickery and hope the… Read more »


I had a nightmare that we lost and van persie scored four and I felt like killing him. I want to laugh at him after this game.

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