Wilshere eager to prove himself World Cup worthy


A couple of reports have emerged this morning that Jack Wilshere’s exploits for England against Chile and Germany have left the Arsenal man nursing another knock to his banjaxed ankle although the player has retorted via Twitter saying he’s not worried about his fitness.

While details are thin on the ground, the Mirror and Daily Mail both claim Arsene is none too pleased about the situation and could be forced to rest the midfielder for Saturday’s game with high-flying Southampton.

Talking to the media after Friday’s defeat to the Germans, Wilshere didn’t mention the problem (perhaps because there isn’t one?) choosing instead to focus on the battle he faces to prove he’s worthy of a place in Roy Hodgson’s World Cup squad.

“I’m definitely not nailed on for the squad. You have seen over the last couple of months the talent there is, even in the under-21s. With Ravel Morrison and all these players coming through, you are never guaranteed [to go] and cannot rest on your laurels.

“You are only as good as your last game, they say, so when the time comes, I have to be on top form, and there will be a lot of players looking to be as well.

“There are some big games coming up for the club at the moment, so I am just concentrating on that. That is where you are going to get into the England World Cup squad – by playing well for your club, then you are going to get picked for your country.”

In truth, assuming he’s fit Wilshere is a no-brainer for the jaunt to Brazil…his bigger problem in the short-term is the competition he faces at the Emirates.

Injured or not you’d imagine Wenger could be tempted to rest his young charge this Saturday especially as Ozil only played 30 minutes for Germany, while Rosicky, Arteta and Ramsey have all spent the last couple of weeks twiddling their thumbs. The one mitigating circumstance is the absence of Mathieu Flamini who is suspended for one game having picked up his fifth booking of the season at Old Trafford.

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Wilshere will explode like Ramsey someday. It’s just a matter of time.


It’s up to Jack to improve his game. It’s nice to have top quality players like Jack and Lucas having to up there games well we sit nicely at the top of the league.

palace gunner

J10 can be awesome when inform as you say injuries muck him about so i says jack can handle it but i really want him to be 100% fit he will become better than top 10 coyg


Wilshere looked kind of subdued in the friendlies, he didn’t seem to want to get on the ball as much as he usually does. Or perhaps when checking and pulling back you’re far more likely to get the ball for Arsenal than you are for turbo-speed England. The kid is a massive talent with a frightening turn of pace, but I’ve been frustrated watching him this season and last as it seems that his first instinct is to constantly run with the ball instead of passing it. He always seems to have to try and beat a man, or four.… Read more »


i think you are getting a bit too worried about a mistake he has committed just a few times…


Wilshere’s “thing” seems to be to get the opposition to commit to a tackle, turn on the pace and skin them over the next 5-6 yards, therefore opening up space. It’s great when it works (someone on a Guardian thread compared him to Fernando Redondo- good call in my opinion), but the margins for error are small. Once Jack has played himself into some form he’ll have the press waxing lyrical again, no doubt.


I think Wilshere is a down to earth lad. The media should stop with the scrutiny and hype and let him develop in peace


This I think has been his problem recently. He needs to relax. I know he is the one player who can soak pressure/expectation but I think he needs to relax, calm down and play his game. He is the only Wilshire in football after all.


If cleverly is going to the world cup then even an “out of form wilshere” shouldn’t be too worried about his place cus he will more than likely be choosen ahead of cleverly.. LOL but lets face the fact, bar any late injury jack will definately be on that plane, in form or not.


Believe me when we need him, he will be there! Super jack


Taking a swipe @ tottenham..
109mil ???? I don’t know about Daniel Levi but I’d return those USELESS bunch for partial refunds… SACK Villas Boas and then SELL Tottenham Hotspurs together with the fans, and go and live in Dubai for the rest of my life…. LoooooooL!


Personally i would prefer it if Jack cancelled his Twitter account and just made himself heard on the football field with the ball at his feet. He brings too much pressure on himself with his comments always being seized on by the media.
The lad has got fabulous ability ,no question,and truly loves his club and country but he is still only a youngster so should just keep his head down,work his socks off and leave the comments to older more experienced individuals.
He could be the Arsenal captain one day and i would hate to see him blow it.


Jack will make the world cup squad just like theo, for those spuds who thinks townsend is on the same level with theo(laughs) this should be an eye opener to how average townsend is albeit I don’t dislike him but the spuds supporters are getting me angry with their unreasonable comparisms.. m.goal.com/x/en-ng/news/4422092


As great a point as that is, don’t use goal.com as proof. It’s a bit like handing in an essay at Uni with Wikipedia as a reference.


I’ve been a goal follower for quite some time now and believe me when I say they are one of the most reliable sources you can find around presently, I’m not saying they are always right but I’m saying close to 95% of what comes from goal.com is right, only a last minute change of mind by teams, coaches, players and owners render their news a little bit untrue. As for townsend the stats do not lie, he’s made far more appearnces than the injured theo but only has a goal and an assist to show for it. All I’m… Read more »


Plonker John Cross writing for espn ‘Suckernet’ reckons Wenger should bring out the kiddy gloves for Jack so he can be available for the world cup.

It’s the other way round mate.

Contrast Germany who reckon Gnabry should play as many minutes of top flight footy as possible.

Jack is only 21! He has a long way to go and (like Ramsey) is no where even near his best.