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Gilberto: I’m cheering on Arsenal

World Cup winner and former Gunner Gilberto Silva says he thinks Arsenal can win the league this season, and he’s right behind their efforts to do so.

The Brazilian, now playing for  Atlético Mineiro, told TalkSport, “I watched them against Hull and they played a really nice game and very good football.

“It’s what we expect from them and I hope this year they can win the league. I’ll be here cheering them on and supporting them from outside England.

“They have the chance this year because they are doing very well at the moment. It’s important after December and when they start January that they keep playing well, strong as they are and united as they are.

“It will be very crucial but I am very confident they can achieve it this year.”

The midfielder also said he believes Arsene Wenger will sign a new contract at the club, saying, “I expect him to stay. Everyone at Arsenal does because he knows the club more than many, many people.

“He knows exactly what he has to do for the club in general.”

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So, what did the article say?


Perhaps those who question Arsene’s transfer policy and selections should heed Gilberto’s words that conclude this post.

the only sam is nelson

That’s all well and good, but what did Stuart Robson have to say?

What d’you mean, you can’t find him?

jack jack jack

The words “crawled back under his rock” come to mind.


He has shut the fuck up hasn’t he? He really pissed me during the summer, when it seemed he was on various radio shows spouting the same bollocks every time. I think he is a bitter man which is a shame.

Gotta love Gilberto, I’m cheering him on from outside of Brazil!


Well, he’s not on a great team. Although they’ve won the continental cup, Atlético Mineiro are the smaller among the big clubs in Brazil. He’s a good player, but will be smashed by Bayern.


I love me some invisible wall.


Some old boy bloke cheers for Arsenal. I personally thought he had retired but in Brazil you’re allowed to play on your knees.

Dr Baptiste

Some old bloke? Are you tucking mental? Part of the invincibles and ones of the best DM’s we’ve had in years.

Dr Baptiste

I was so shocked I put tucking and not fucking….

Wayne rooney

*Old boy…..Anyway i was pretty disrespectul not befitting an invinsible, a legend!!


Gilberto = “Invincible”
Gilberto = “Legend”
Who are you?
Up The Arsenal!


Love you Gilberto! Was very underrated for a long time with us!

gunner for ever

Thank you Gilberto!!! you are a true legend!A very important view from our legend.This season,we got your skills in the likes of Flamini.yes we will win the epl this season as far as we keep our consistency and sign a striker in January transfer window.
come on you gunners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


When I think of Gilberto, I feel more in touch with my own humanity and the goodness inherent in all mankind.


That’s some deep shit man….


so deep that I almost drowned in it


Dont do this, man. I’m high as hell!

Good Omens

Tis the season to be jolly I suppose.


must be those eyes

Gooner Dave!

In years to come we will have the same love for Ramsey, Wiltshire, Özil, Santi and the one and only TGSTEL!

jack jack jack

I already love Wiltshire. One of my favourite counties.


gilberto the wall. great player in the middle.great debut goal too. obrigada fella.




Not to be pedantic or anything, but… it’s obrigado. Obrigada is what the women say 🙂

Source: English Gooner currently in Manaus, capital of the Amazonas, in Brazil.

On to more important affairs, great to hear the wall still keeping tabs on the team, seems like all of our legends still catch our games and cheer us on, long after their time at the club has finished. That’s class you can’t buy.

dink arnold

Hey, don’t be jumping to conclusions. Maybe Mike is a woman?


“they”, not not “the”. oops

Adam, Watford

I hate to be a pedant but . . . ( sorry ) it’s ‘ obrigado ‘ . but, as Smokey sang, I second ( and third and fourth and . . . etc. ) that emotion ! Nice to see Gilberto giving us the ‘ Ânimo! ‘ . I think he is often very under-rated by some people. I am happy he is happy for us despite how he left the club. It shows the measure of the man, it is entirely to his credit and it should be taken with the good will it is meant. Nice one,… Read more »

Naija Gunner

Well it seems everybody has beliefs in our team now, and cheering us on to win the league.

Good to have many of the old guns supporting and encouraging the lads.


Bitter Pill

I loved that guy (no homo). The invisible wall! Sad the way he was kinda swept out of the club. Glad to know he’s still cheering us on. Legend!!!


It’s always nice to recieve praise and motivating words from people outside the club in general, former gunners or not. One of my mates (Who’s a mugsmasher) praised our play this season, and I think it’s great that other people than just gunners think so too. The only ones I HAVEN’T heard praise us at all are the Dutch Skunk army, known as ManU-supporters, but I didn’t expect any recognition from them either. The cunts.


We (The Arsenal) get more recognition and more fanlove from other supporter and than any other team.

You NEVER see comments like: I hope ChelXXX win the league and I’m a Manure fan, or SpXrs play the best foot ball and I’m a ChelXXX fan.

Too many Arsebloggers have a persecution complex and get their panties in a knot when some dumb cunt like Michael Owen doesn’t praise us.

Up The Arsenal!


I like it when they all hate us.


Still disappointed on how Wenger treated him. To find out Gallas is the new captain from the newspaper must be pretty shocking for someone..


Reading his comments brought a huge smile to my face. Recent former arsenal players should give their opinions more often. Would like to know if Vieira is cheering us on too. 🙂

Edu's fake passport

as he is getting paid by one of our rivals , we will not know his true feelings


Viera is a Gooner, Viera is an invincible.
He is an employee of Sheik Mansour and he is a Gooner.

dink arnold

Others should shut the fuck up sometimes too *cough* Ian Wright *cough*


All my Man U mates have praised our play this season. All have admitted we are playing great. Some even said theyd rather see us win it than chelsea or city. Im just enjoying the return of attractive football and actually being bloody competitive and i mean truly competitive to anyone. I love our intensity in games, our drive in literally every fixture, small or big. Big up Flamini, im super happy hes back 🙂


Adrian Durham. What a wanker.


Now and again Wenger makes some baffling decison. Why he sold gilberto i do not know. Specially considering he used to walk into Brazil central midfield that contained kaka ronaldinho and juniniho.


(To the tune of ‘Copacabanna’ ((sic))

“He’s names Gilberto, Gilberto Silva,
He’s Arsenal’s Brazillian midfielder”


Great no nonsense player who did his job well without any dramas. Amazing story that he’d only turned professional at 22 because he was working as a labourer, a carpenter, and a worker in a sweet factory for very little money to support his family. Contrast so much to some of the young players here that were put on big wages before they have proven themselves.


No names, no pack drill. I wonder if he was as good as Nicklaas Bendtner?


We’ve missed the Invicibles so so much


The Invincibles are all around us… Haven’t you seen the King training with us… And ofcourse Pires… Even Kolo up there at Liverpool slamming the ground (Hah)… But I really miss Ljungberg… Ok Damn I miss the Invincibles too… Maybe it’s time I watch me that 49 Unbeaten Video again…

And side note, Fuck You Rooney! I even find it hard when I support England in the World Cup just because of that dive… But still I do, and then he does Fuck All. Well till the off season, Fuck You, Rooney!


He will have to transform in to an old lady before he even will touch himself


We let him go too early. Sad that he probably won’t be remembered by most in the same way that Henry, Bergkamp, Pires, Viera will because he was one of the most important Invincibles.


hahaha y’all crack me up like… oh shit i gotta run!

Eric Irish gunner

Unsung legend of the invincibles


He’s that Gilberto Silver guy from the arsecasts; of course he cheers on Arsenal!


No that “Gilberto Silver” you’re talking about is called James and runs the Gunnerblog he’s not Brazilian.
But this here is former gunner and invincible Gilberto Silva, one of the DMs in history!


*one of the BEST DMs…


The used to call him the invisible wall because he was not a pink floyd album.

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