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Newcastle 0-1 Arsenal: Giroud buts Arsenal back to the top, by the numbers

0-65th minute

(Newcastle – Arsenal)
Shots:  7 – 8
Shots from 18+ yards: 4 – 6
Shots in the prime area: 0 – 1
Goals from the prime area: 0 – 1
Shots on goal: 2 – 3
Shots on goal from 18+ yards: 1 – 2
Final 1/3 passes: 42 – 86
Crosses: 3/12 – 0/10
Dribbles: 5/12 – 4/14
Dribbles in the opp. final 1/3: 1/5 – 3/7
Tackles: 21/25 – 14/19
Tackles in the opposition final 1/3: 0 – 2/4
Clearances: 21 – 25
Clearances by Mertesacker: 4
Headed clearances: 11 – 12
Headed clearances by Mertesacker: 2
Aerial duels won: 15 – 10
Aerial duels won by Mertesacker: 0/1 
Fouls*: 7 – 4
Yellow cards: 0 – 1
Passes by Mertesacker 33/33

66-94th minute

(Newcastle – Arsenal)
Shots:  4 – 3
Shots from 18+ yards: 3 – 0
Shots in the prime area: 0 – 3
Goals from the prime area: 0 – 0
Shots on goal: 1 – 2
Shots on goal from 18+ yards: 1 – 0
Final 1/3 passes: 27 – 18
Crosses: 3/12 – 0/1
Dribbles: 3/5 – 4/6
Dribbles in the opp. final 1/3: 0/1 – 0/2 
Tackles: 2/6 – 7/10
Tackles in the opposition final 1/3: 0/2 – 2/3
Clearances: 6 – 32
Clearances by Mertesacker: 12 
Headed clearances: 6 – 19
Headed clearances by Mertesacker: 10
Aerial duels won: 11 – 7
Aerials won in the opp. final 1/3: 6 – 0
Aerial duels won by Mertesacker: 3/3
Fouls*: 3 – 4
Yellow cards: 0 – 2
Passes by Mertesacker: 3/4


2 – Fouls Probert called on Chiek Tiote
1 – Fouls Probert called on Chiek Tiote after the ticking off
4 – Fouls I counted that Probert should have called on Tiote after the ticking off
0 – Yellow cards that Probert gave Newcastle
all – Number of the calls that Pardew believes Arsenal got from the referee
8 – Arsenal clean sheets in League play (tied for best in the League with Everton, Spurms, and Wet Hams)
15 – Arsenal have scored first 15 times in League play this season and their record is 12-2-1 in those matches
680 – Minutes between Olivier Giroud’s last two goals (all competitions)
2 – Goals Giroud has scored outside of London but only if you count League play because he’s scored goals in other places like I dunno, uhh… Munich. Now I know Northerners think of everything south of Stoke as “London” but Munich is technically “outside of London.”
4 – Goals Theo Walcott has scored since his return to the Arsenal starting lineup
1 – Assist Walcott got today
82 – Points Arsenal have gotten in the calendar year (League play only for this section, leads all Premier League teams)
70 – Goals Arsenal have scored in the calendar year (just 4 from penalties)
34 – Goals Arsenal have conceded in the calendar year
26 – Number of times in those 39 games that Arsenal have scored first
11 – Number of times the opposition scored first
2 – Number of times neither team scored in that run
4 – Number of times Arsenal have been held scoreless in this calendar year
55 – Arsenal have forced the opposition to take 55% of their shots from outside the 18 yard box this season (still League play only)
58 – Newcastle leads the League in taking shots from outside the 18 yard box, with 58%
42 – On average the Arsenal opposition take 42 shots to score one goal from distance (3/127)
37 – Arsenal take about 37% of their shots from outside the 18 yard box and score about once every 25 shots
20 – Percent of Arsenal’s shots that they take from prime positions**
3.38 – Arsenal’s shots per goal average from prime positions
3 – Arsenal’s opponent’s shots per goal average from prime positions
11 – Both Arsenal and Newcastle took 11 shots in the match today
7 – Arsenal took 7 from distance, Newcastle took 8 — this is why the game was tight and low scoring – as a comparison, Man City took 8 shots in prime areas and scored 5 goals from those shots
3 – Shots in prime positions by Arsenal, scoring 1 goal (Giroud!)
0 – Shots in prime positions by Newcastle
0 – Goals for Alain Pardieu’s Newcastle


*This is fouls called; actual fouls will vary greatly
**A prime position is the 6 yard box and the area in front of goal up to the penalty spot

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37% of shots from outside the box. That has to be higher than last year when it appeared a cardinal sin to shoot anywhere outside the six yard box. And it’s really worked. And I have regained my vocal chords after years of screaming ‘fucking hit it’ in vain at the television.


But has it? Tim shows in this and other pieces that our shooting from outside the box has a very low conversion rate, about 2%, whereas shooting from prime positions has given us a conversion rate of – what was it, 15%? 30? I forget. Check his blog for more of this. However, I am open to the argument that there are less tangible benefits to our shooting from distance. Perhaps it creates opportunities to shoot from prime areas owing to goalkeepers rebounding the ball into the mix. Maybe, by shooting from distance, we teach teams to close down our… Read more »


I think I have a crush on 7am.


0 – Fucks given about Pardieu’s opinion


The fact that Pardew says Arsenal got all the decisions yet none of his players got booked for malicous tackles (tiote, Debuchy?) and massive cuntishness made as much sense as Collin murray at MOTD2.


I was going to post that … too slow again!

New guy

I appreciate the sentiment but I actually disagree with you a little bit – I like it that he’s unhappy. I don’t wish ill on very many people but “made in England” Pardew and his team of French players is on that short list.


Big, big win today….now a slightly easier(?) run of fixtures. It has to be this season…Utd, Chels and Citeh will all strengthen big time next summer.
It has to now Gunners…come on!!


I suspect we will also strengthen this summer, but with quality (i.e., Ozil) rather than quantity (i.e., Soldouto, Chumli, Chichichrchichirchrchicheschi, Eric’s kid, Scumbag, Fuckwit, and Whoever).



take a pick.


My personal fav has to be Soldoodoo, straight to the point that he is poo

gooner odst

soldildo still makes me chuckle now and then.


Haha brilliant


Haha Tim Krul was just waiting for a newcastle goal so that he could put into action what he’s very astute at. TIME WASTING.

Suck on that!!


Newcastle goalies historically seem to be massive time wasters.

Do you remember Shay Given?

He even used to go and milk applause at the end of the game because he’d been such a successful time waster!

How much of a cock do you have to be?


Dear the FA,

How much of a cock do you have to be?


Arsenal Fan

My brother is pregnant

1 – A Smelly Zebra named Cheick Tioté


Tiote really is a prize ass, isn’t he?

Tenacious Defence

Agreed. And someone ought to tell him that growing a mohawk above his massive forehead, combined with a compressed face, makes him look like a complete tool.


So probert actually got Tiote through this game without a card? must be highlight of his career this surely.

9 fouls 0 yellows – geordies…
7 fouls 3 yellows – Arsenal…

Anyway 3 massive points and that “rocking ground” of Pardews? well we rocked it!

Android Gooner

Arsenal needs a new striker. Love the big french guy but what’s love got to do with it

Runcorn Gooner

Are you Tina Turner in disguise?
Great win now to demolish Tan’s People.


120 heart beats/minute towards the end of the game.

Indonesian Gooner

Lee Probert is terrible at his job, but he wasnt biased though. There were fouls that we got away with too. Its ironic though how the one tackle on cazorla that wasnt on foul was called and we scored from the set piece.


100 – percent of passion by Rosicky

0 – Number of fucks given by Rosicky for leaving Cabaye flat on his arse and shoving Tiote.


Infinite – Number of times referees have been unfair against arsenal this season.

P.S. Newcastle have equalized.


The refs are always weak at Newcastle when we play. What a joke – tiote. Even that 4-4, some of the calls were pathetic, the fans play a huge part in that, refs but it every time.


20 – times in 1 minutes that I cried out some dirty words because of Chezney’s right-into-Remy’s-head kick.


1/9- Giroud ‘s goal to match ratio in the last nine matches


1/1- HFB’s goal ratio in the last one match !


4 – IQ of someone who’d post a comment like that.


1- Referee in love with Tiote

Gary Baldy

Well, Probert could have given Tiote and Debuchy a yellow and would still not have followed it up with a deserved second yellow, which in Tiote’s case would surely have been an issue.

Yesterday’s yellows were annoying but they get cleared now so we can just focus on the next four and a half months. Obviously Flamini will collect another 5 before the end of the season but I am sure Wenger has factored that into the grand scheme of things !


Absolutely loved the tackle by Flamini that got him the card. I thought it was great.

It brought a tear to my eye seeing him at left back again, booting some opposition cunt into touch.

Ah, happy days.


1. top of the table in 2014. long may it continue;
2. highest points total away from home in the league;
3. best defensive record in the league ( 8 clean sheets, haven’t conceded more than once in a league match except the 3-1 against villa and the 6-3 against city);

Good Omens

I love it when a player ‘buts’ us to the top, warms my cockles. Extremely pleased for Giroud, more of that please big man.


Rumors heating up about Morata on loan from madrid to the lad that good?

Gunner pundit

theres a lot of mancunian gooners so dont try taking the piss. Plus there is more man utd fans in london then there is in manchester.

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