Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Ozil: We have to keep developing

Mesut Ozil has spoken about the confidence and belief in this current Arsenal side, but says they must keep developing if they want to win titles.

The former Real Madrid man talked about how happy he was to be part of the ‘Arsenal family’, but was cautious when asked if he thought they could win the league.

Whilst acknowledging the quality and talent of the team, he was keen to ensure that the focus remained on what they still have to do rather than what they’ve done up to now.

“We are definitely on a good path,” he said, “and we have the potential to win the title, even if it is a bit too early to comment on this.

“We have some very talented players and this is why I think we can achieve something great. We have to develop further to achieve this but we can achieve it. We want to continue developing our game.

“We have the potential to win the league but we will have to see.

The German was also keen to play up the strength of the squad, saying, “What I can say at the moment is that our confidence is very high and we are very strong. You can see that whoever comes from off the bench, that player just works in the team.

“There is no loss of quality when people come from off the bench.”

Having played his entire career in Germany and Spain, where there are winter breaks, English football’s non-stop seasonal schedule may prove something of a challenge, but it’s one Ozil is looking forward to.

“I’m a person who prefers to play games rather than train,” he said. “I don’t know how it will be to play over Christmas and the new year, as I’m used to having the winter break; one or even two weeks off but I’m looking forward to it.

“The game is more physical than I am used to but for an offensive player, it is very interesting to play in such great atmospheres. At every ground, the atmosphere is just phenomenal. I also have to say that the fans here are very fair.

“The Premier League is the best league in the world, it’s so strong. The smaller teams love to try their chances against the big ones and this is why the game goes back and forth. That can be strenuous, tough on you and your body but I really love it.”

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Oh Ozil. Perfect for Arsenal and vice versa.


That’s why he’s so good!

He’s very intelligent.


Humble superstars are the best. Özil is just such a perfect fit for this classy club.


Yes humble superstars are the best. Nicky B, thats why youre TGSTEL


There’s been a buzz around of Arsenal signing Mesut Ozil, you know that world class player who assisted his own birth? is this true?


I hope he stays forever.


just a thought.

a combination of



mouth watering!!!

onto more current issues.

Loving ozil. that Ramsey pass was ozil-esque and ozil’s finish was Ramsey-esque:-)


Wow, these German boys sure love their photography.


So long as they don’t lose their focus..

Ramses The Great

They’ll continue to develop..

Ramses The Great

Um.. Just got Mooro’s comment. Making mine a major fail.

Seems skim reading articles leaves one lacking enough exposure to comment.

I promise to read carefully next time and so compose them better.


I saw Ozil driving the other day in his custom Porsche Panamera in Highgate.
I flashed my headlights at him and gave him the thumbs up, he nodded in acknowledgement.
Good start to the day!


Either Ozil is slightly unhinged and likes referring to himself in the fourth person, or else he’s really starting to feel that he belongs here.


I agree Mesut, but we still one more striker to make us a super team, preferably of your calibre ie world class. So if you could ASSIST us in trying to persuade Falcao or Suárez to join we would be most thankful. UTA.


So Zaha really shagged Moyes’ daughter. finally some penetration from the united midfied.


fox in the box!
getting my coat…

Jay ozil

Assistant Manager

Jay ozil

He is no Robin Van Pussy

Jack Jumblies

My favorite part of the Özil profile is how this young man insisted on meeting every single employee at Arsenal Football Club after he signed. When someone is blessed with otherworldly skills like he is, yet doesn’t put himself above anyone, well I am simply bursting with pride that he is a Gunner.

From the manager down, Arsenal are full of such priceless class and dignity that I wouldn’t trade for any oil-soaked trophy.


well said

Trex d Gunner

Off topic
Manure without Ol’ Red Nose’s scheming and bullying of refs are f…..king hilarious. Mid table for sure. Van pussy, you cunt, you can’t buy class


The atmosphere is reminiscent of the one of 2008. The difference being of course that we ve got a wonderful and matured captain and an even cooler vice and another calm and calculated 2nd vice (Per). And yeah there would be no bad luck of leg breaking. Glorious day to be a gooner. COYG! Let’s do this tomorrow!


Leading assist maker in EUROPE!!!

Better to come from him and he knows it which means better to come from Arsenal.

We now have a strong defensive discipline.

You can see the fluidity starting to creep into the team’s attack with increase familiarity between players.

Several of our young players are starting to mature. They will only get better.

Poldy to return And Bendtner is scoring!


Yeah now you know you are in the best league just win it with the best team .

Liam Coleman

really gotta love this guy. world class but with no airs and graces. kinda like a hot girl who isnt a complete bitch. always playing with a smile on his face

Zaharaddeen Getso

Ozil is perfect for us, hope he can propel us to win the league


OZIL ON POINT… We sure can win the league… COYG

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