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Vermaelen focus on team above all

Thomas Vermaelen has said that his current situation at the club is not something he wants to spend any time talking about, choosing instead to focus on the team.

The Belgian has suffered a difficult 9 months after being dropped and has played far less football that he would have liked, especially in a season which finishes with a World Cup.

There has been speculation about a move to Napoli and his long-term future is still somewhat clouded, but the skipper is paying no public heed to any of that.

“I don’t like to talk about my situation,” he told Sporting Telenet. “It doesn’t matter. I am a player of Arsenal and I will do everything for this club. We will see what happens. It makes no sense to speculate about my future.

“We are still happy about our place in the table. To be title contenders we have to be very consistent. In the Premier League, everything is possible.”

Whether he keeps his place when Laurent Koscielny is fit again remains to be seen, but he’s filled in well since the Frenchman’s gash ruled him out of action.

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Wesley Hoolahan

“…but he’s filled in well since the Frenchman’s gash ruled him out of action.”

There are so many puns to take from this. Gooner who comes up with the best one gets a prize!

For Gods Sake

Kos now has a gash = Kos now has a girlfriend

For Gods Sake

or a sex change


the kos’s meglomanic ladybits are trying to dictate the starting 11, possibly even challenging for le proff’s job. Just hope the managerial tensions don’t spill onto the field, effecting performance o.0

Ajax Treesdown

I hate bad puns…

Jamie smith

Vamealen fills in, while koscielny’s gash keeping him out


Vermaelen = no clean sheets.


Chelsea match?


Watch the Chelsea game?

Naija Gunner

TV5 to Kos…Gash the cunt terry!

pauly bear

Vermaelen has no clean sheets ?? I think youll find thats chez that has no clean sheets

Tapscott's Testicles

Lol….you said gash…!!

Bolarinwa Mayowa

The press keep wasting their time on TV5’s current situation, This guy is to profesional to engage himself in such an unneccessary topic, hope he stays but very difficult to predict though.

Bould's Eyeliner

I think it’s pretty much because the cuntbitch media really don’t have much else to talk about Arsenal – TOP OF THE LEAGUE BABY

Gary Baldy

So far so good. it can’t be easy for him to just fit in with our BFG and likewise for the back four to fit with him straight away.

I hope he keeps his place, on merit of course, so that Kos fights for his place and we have a motivated TV5 at Arsenal, not elsewhere.

Trapped in Wenger's basement

There’s alot of things about TV5 that I love. I love his attitude, his mental strength and I would hate to see him leave the club. As much as I love kos, I just hope Verm gets more chances! People often forget that our skipper had a spot in the best 11 of the season in the EPL after his first season.


I’ll give him an extra bonus for staying loyal. We’ll need him in February/Match run of games.

Does anyone know when teams release squad for the World Cup

Roy Hodgson

During our pre-world cup tour in America at the end of the season. We take 30 on that, then cut that down to the 24 for the World Cup itself.


We don’t have the quality to beat the top teams like Man city etc but maybe we can get that sorted in January


You guys make a great arguement for not having a c.omments section on this blog.

Wenger burger

It’s so good to have TV5 step in for Kos rather then a Squid or a young spaniard or something.


Vermaelen hasn’t been bad since his return. Did a decent job in the West Ham game and against Chelsea. Don’t think you can entirely fault him for the Charlton Cole goal on account Szsc spilt it. What’s more important is protection in front of the central pairing. We had Koscielny for much of the City game and were horribly exposed particularly in the area just in front of the DM. I don’t think Wenger adjusted to the threat sufficiently which cost us the game. He elected to stay on his game plan rather than adjust and say put on Flamini… Read more »


Wenger would be wise to give tv5 more game time, we really don’t want him to leave soon, specially since we don’t have any f*cking cb’s if kos or per get injured!


I think TV5 is in the team now regardless. That position is his to loose if costly mistakes rear up again.

Zaharaddeen Getso

TV5 has filled in well and should be kept at the club

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