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Arsenal 2-0 Sp*rs: By the Numbers

533 – Passes by Sp*rs
455 – Passes by Arsenal
– Through balls attempted by Arsenal
– Through balls completed by Serge Gnabry¹ (of three attempted)
– Through balls by Gnabry for an assist¹
– Through balls completed by Sp*rs (of 4 attempted)
– Through balls completed by Jack Wilshere in all League games this season (leads Arsenal)
4/4 – Through ball accuracy by Gnabry in League and FA Cup play this season*
– Accurate through balls by Eriksen (of 2²)
– Key passes by Gnabry¹ (1 assist)
– Key passes per game average by Mesut Özil (third in the League)
– Key passes by Eriksen² (0 assists)
– Successful dribbles by Gnabry
– Turnovers by Gnabry
– Successful dribbles by Eriksen
– Turnovers by Eriksen¹
– Tackles by Gnabry¹ (tied with Monreal)
100,000 – Pounds sterling Arsenal paid for Gnabry
11,000,000 – Pounds sterling Sp*rs paid for Eriksen
– Dribbles by Jack Wilshere¹
– Number of times Jack was dispossessed
– Number of times Jack was fouled (number that Clattenburg actually called)¹
23 – Touches by each of Walcott and Soldildo
14 – Shots by Arsenal
– Shots by Theo Walcott¹ (2 0n goal)
– Shots by Soldildo² (0 on goal)
– Offsides by Walcott¹
– Offsides by Sp*rs (Adebayor, of course)
– Turnovers by Walcott¹
– Number of times Walcott was dispossessed
– Total dispossessed, turnovers, offsides by Soldildo
– Goals Walcott has scored from open play in the League this season
– Goals Soldildo has scored from open play in the League this season
– Interceptions by Koscielny¹
3.4 – Interceptions Koz averages per game (4th in the League)
11 – Clearances by Koscielny¹
6.5 – Clearances Koscielny averages per game in the League (leads Arsenal)
9000 – Numbers of away seats Sp*rs applied to have allocated for yesterday’s clash
5186 – Arsenal allocation for Sp*rs supporters yesterday reduced based on safety concerns
100 – Percent justified Arsenal were in allotting Sp*rs a reduced allocation based on safety concerns given the behavior of them lot
0 – Allocation Arsenal should give them in the future if they are unable to prevent their horrid fans from throwing missiles at injured players


*As far as I can tell, he’s only attempted 4 through balls all season and all have found their man
¹Lead both teams
²Lead just his team

All numbers today via Opta or my personal database

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Calling him Saldildo is an insult to dildos everywhere…at least dildos have a purpose


Sold a dope?


Dildos score


Oh! Well Played Sir!


So do do


Brilliant, brilliant comment 😀

Errol Cuthbert

Forever after known as LOLdado!


Soldildo – Always F****** himself


2 – Number of goals scored by The Arsenal.
0 – Number of goals/dignity (arbitrary units) possessed by the chickens across the road.

Runcorn Gooner

Tim Sherwood admits he was misquoted when calling Adebaywhore a Warrior but the word did
begin with W


\ / 0!


Watch out or Gareth bale will trademark that..


107,000,0000??? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Nigel Flamini

lol @ Soldildo


1- No of negative spirals we just cant seem to get out of…:D


“8 – Shots by Theo Walcott (2 0n goal)” I see what you did there… 😉


Roy Keane (and Gary Neville).

Two people who I never thought would get my respect, but they definitely do now.


neville was always more or less alright as a pundit, surprisingly.


The first part with Gnabry vs. Eriksen and then finish of with their respective transfer fees? Fantastic


I don’t know what counts as a ‘turnover’ but Gnabry definitely misplaced at least two passes in the 1st half and was dispossessed at least once that I can think of in the 2nd. Not knocking him but the stats are either inaccurate or pointless because they don’t mean what you assume they do..


Why is your name a swearword

The Artist formerly known as DangerMouse

‘Spurs will always let you down’ …Roy Keane was good last night. Ha ha.


And event andy Townsend couldn’t cheer them on…
Spurs where that bad…

Next year tho… Next year will definitely be their year….




0 – number of seats Spurs will need to allocate Arsenal fans for the ‘replay’ (after their petulant comments about seat allocation on their site)

Charleston Gooner

Soldildo fooking hilarious!!!!


I bet Tim Sherwood is buzzing till now He got to shake Arsène Wenger’s hand.

Bay Gooner

Arsenal played a man down for the last ten minutes. Must have been a huge Spurs advantage, eh? Can you break that out from the other 80?

Or was the team size level at that point, since Broadway Danny was still on the pitch?


Numbers don’t tell the total tale. We were dominant yesterday where statistics may suggest a closer game.

Still great pic with Walcott holding up the only statistic necessary for those daft deluded mental Spuds.

Like the price comparison of Gnabry to Soldado as Spurs continue to throw money to the wind.

17+ seasons finishing behind us, 14 managers since. Rarely in the top 4. Rivals in north London? Your having a laugh. Pretenders more likely to the Arsenal.


Pundits must be having a field day with their power shift in North London. Perhaps we need some stats for : 1) how many pundits gave us a chance at finishing fifth this season. 2) how many pundits were calling for Wenger to be substituted because he was dragging the club backwards 3) how many pundits said AVB was a progressive force with innovative ways (like Brendan Rodgers) 4) how many pundits said it was a bad time to play Spurs 5) how many pundits continue to insist we have a lack of depth 6) how many pundits have heard… Read more »


Is Danny Rose just a smelly thing surrounded by pricks?

Rosicky made him into potpourri

Still he is a sp*rs legend on account of scoring against the great Arsenal

Cho Young Park

Ha ha ha Manu


What’s a turnover?


I love you David Moyes.
Please give Wee Davy some time. And more money please.


It’s like ‘game over’ but …’turn over’…right?…


A “turn over” is what you do after shagging the wife, comes right before a “go to sleep”.


Best blogger ever: Arseblog!

Too much to celebrate today, haha!

Top of the League, now let’s go get some revenge against Villa next Monday!


Fierce mid-table rivals Man U and Sp*rs are battling it out for the title of The Biggest Comedy Club in the League.

Only one club in the world can fashion a £30m player out of chicken shit.


Thumbs up if you love arsenal.


Love the comments above 2 – number of goals scored by the arsenal 2 – number of goals conceded by spuds 2 – total number of goals scored by the arsenal in the first half and second half combined 2 – total number of goals conceded by spuds in first half and second half combined 2 – number of fingers displayed by Walcott on the touchline, as a reference to the number of goals scored by the arsenal 2 – number of fingers showed by Walcott on the touchline, as a reference to the total number of goals conceded by… Read more »


Phil McNulty still harping on about 8 trophyless seasons when Spurs haven’t won the title since the days of black and white TV let alone finished above us for 18 seasons! Always baffles me how these so called media experts are so quick to predict our downward spiral even before the transfer window shut last summer. They were going on about Spurs proving ambition with their 100m. Even after we paid for Ozil, they claimed it wasn’t enough and we had no depth. So it was a bit rich for Sherwood to prattle on about his lack of depth in… Read more »


Actually we drew with Everton. Wenger purposely got a draw with them so that they can overtook Sp*ds and Manure. This shows how classy Wenger is.

Errol Cuthbert

In those 8 trophy-less years our beloved Arsenal have had a net transfer bill of over 200 million quid to the good while being in the top 4 of the table … and above Sp*rs in every one of those ‘lean’ years.

Not bad … paying off the stadium debt and still living large in the 4 major competitions!


Not sure where you getting your figures from.

We’ve had a net gain of about £1m on transfers over that period.

Errol Cuthbert

Forever after known as LOLdado!

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