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Boss backs Giroud but still looking for a striker

Arsene Wenger has given striker Olivier Giroud a ringing endorsement, saying the Frenchman is vital to how Arsenal play, but admitted he’s still on the look-out for a striker during the January transfer window.

The boss praised Giroud’s strength and his willingness to fight for the cause, revealing he needed 5 stitches in his foot after the Newcastle game and that he played for most of the second half with an open wound on his foot.

But with Theo Walcott injured and Lukas Podolski still somewhat unconvincing, the manager says he’s still got his eyes on the market.

“He was a bit tired recently but now he is refreshed, he is back, and I am sure he will have a major impact on the second part of the season,” said Wenger.

“We have small players who combine quickly, so to find someone who can hold it, keep the ball, make some room for other players. well he does that very well. He gives us a very good balance.

“He’s a tough, tough boy. Even when the medical people say he should rest, he says: ‘I’m alright’. He needed five stitches after the game at Newcastle. He played the whole game there with an open ankle and without complaining. And when I took him off, he didn’t want to come off!”

There’s still pressure for Arsenal to increase their striking power as they look to continue the fight for the league title with two teams with endless financial resources, and Wenger is looking for the right player to add something to the squad.

“That is why we are out there. Last summer I looked for a striker that could play with Giroud and without Giroud. In my mind it was not absolutely to replace Giroud, it was to play with or without him.”

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Hmmm.. Good to know we have definitely been in the market for a striker. Ozil was just irresistible for Wenger… 🙂


I just hope Wenger remembers what happened to us in 2008. A single injury to the wrong player can devastate everything

Yankee Gooner

Arsene can’t liiiiiiiiive
with or withooooooout him

Rubbing Van Payme

I have a feeling it will be a winger converted to a striker as time goes on


I’m not sure if I can love Giroud more. Top lad!


‘With or without you’ should be next Arsecast Arshavin song

Daft Aider

Or “If you tolerate this, then your youth team will be next” – filmed inside of a greggs

A N Other

If giroud has a better second half of the season then it can somewhat alleviate Theo’s absence. But if he doesn’t or goes injured then we are fucked. We need a striker this window. It’s a must.


No. We were top of the table without Theo and with Giroud in whatever form he was in at the time. What we really need to do is to stop pretending that Giroud has had a bad season so far, and that Theo’s form has carried us. That just isn’t true.

Giroud is very good. We need a striker. That is all.

Edu's Braces

Not exactly relevant but we need to also dismiss the notion that him and Podolski didn’t have quality first seasons, both directly contributing to over 20 goals and they get no regard, no regard at all……..take my wife



Giroud has been good not spectacular and i don’t understand why getting in a striker is not a must for you. for me it fuckin is!

Once you get past giroud there’s no one to really rely on. A striker is a must!


“We need a striker” -Me, above

Reading comprehension is a must as well!


@Burak: best point I have ever read this night, made. Giroud’s contribution is agonizingly being taken for granted by some moaning gooners. not fair

Canterbury Gooner

If or I would like to think when he becomes clincle in front of goal he is easily a 25 goal a season striker but for now I’m more then happy with what he bring to the team, strong, holds the ball up well, great link up play with the midfield and last but not least dazzles there defences with his stunning looks!

biafran arse

We sentimental gooners,looks again…that’s why is he so static,a mere handsome statue,I pray his looks put those sitters in the back of net,that’s his basic job requirement not link up play


hmm… where to start?

Yoyo Sanogoals

Wenger said he wanted a striker to play with Giroud. Does it mean he wants to move a 4-4-2 for tactical flexibility or just move to the winger?


Come on mr wenger just add another striker please;”’ we all know about giroud


Absolutely love Giroud, brings a lot to our game but he needs to be scoring goals regularly, a team that wins the league has a CF who scores at least 15-18 league goals in that season, he needs a strong 2nD half to the season, he can certainly do it.

I get the impression he’s very emotional about things, we need him to stay calm and collected, the handsome divil…


So that’s Chelsea out of the title race then.

What are you thinking; Liverpool or City?


I agree with your comment about Giroud’s misfiring in front of goal. He has the willingness that makes up for almost many things. But you have got be converting those chances. A good example would be one that he missed against Everton. If Ozil was two, three yards away, then that chance was gone and we may have lost the game. The thing he lack looks minor compared to what he has done for us; like defending and assists. So, those “minor things” should be picked up by someone who is good in scoring goals.

Naija Gunner

Good to know that the boss in there in the market, hunting for the best partner for Giroud.


Everybody talks about Falcao, Costa, Canavi but will they play with an open wound without complaining and refuse to come out even when advised by the medical team? I highly doubt so. I’m definitely not implying that all players should do that but what I want to emphasise is Giroud’s sheer willpower and complete dedication to the team. He knows that he’s no where near the Suarezes, Rooneys or the dutch cunts in terms of technical abilities but he more that makes up for it by giving his all for the team, scoring important goals, brings others into play and… Read more »


Ah yes, Canavi – deadliest of them all, a true legend.
Don’t take anything away from the comment, it’s spot on.


This is what makes Giroud, and this team for that matter, so special. After watching the Henry Legends Documentary I really came to understand – through Henry’s passion and love for not only the team but for the game of football – how much that willingness to fight for your team is important. Giroud will fight for this team and put his body on the line


He knows what it means to be an Arsenal player

don Willie

I don’t trust Arsene Wenger one bit. he is trying to protect the interest of his countryman at the expense of the happiness of the Arsenal fans


Couldn’t agree more. What with trying to sign the renowned Frenchman Suarez over the summer. Jobs for the boys with Arsene; always has been.


I think generally it is required, unless you have various players chipping in with goals…we have that of course but a CF scoring game after game generally wins a lot of matches for you, especially if we keep defending as we are.


Think we need to get in Draxler then for Wenger to put him through the “Henry labaratory” and mould him into the perfect striker. think it could work, yes?


Draxler had a poor first half of the season. 45 Million € would be way to much at the moment and a waste of money. He won’t help us winning the title!


Giovinco is definitely an option for this window. Very versatile (CF,L/RW,CAM) and unused at Juve.

bendtner's pink boot

ur a FIFA whore


Haha, you’re just saying that because of the way I wrote his positions down. Pretty pathetic really from a fellow gunner!

Giovinco is a very reasonable option, he’s extremely talented and urgently needs play time for the world cup and is available for around £10 mil. He’s very fast, can finish, has a great range of passing and is quality at free kicks. Ideal cover for Theo and will be able to complement Giroud without destroying his Arsenal career.


He’s unused because he’s lazy, selfish and lightweight. Three attributes I want nowhere near this team.


I hope Giroud understands wenger taking him off is for his own good, i like that he is so commited he’s willing to look like scott parker in the face before he agrees to being tired and even then he argues he’s not yet to the “john terry tired face” level that requires immediate withdrawal.


HFB does have great hold up play and hard work ethic etc but it would be great if we had someone clinical playing alongside him

Kay Tyma

Wenger..pls listen to me…sell Podolski,add some money and go for Arda Turan from Athletico Madrid in the summer


Think Wenger loves podolski and knows what he can be capable of, tlproblem is that he shows it but you still feel he can offer much more. Personally i expect Wenger to give him untill the summer then if he fails to live up to his potential (hope it wont come to that!) then he might use him as part exchange for Draxler or David Bentley whichever comes first!

Jenkinson's right foot

how can you live up to your potential if you never get enough game time? If Wenger would have been willing to give Podolski a chance ,(the way he played Ramsey,Diaby and B52) we would not be calling for another striker. He has the quality and desire to make a difference in this team. The big question is why the manager is never willing to utilize him?

Dick Swiveller

Did he not pick up an injury? Wenger obviously is reluctant to use him for some reason…the early substitutions last season and his sparse use (although he was playing a lot, before the injury) imply it’s more to do with fitness than any doubt over ability.

Wenger ain’t an idiot, Poldi will contribute.


I have a feeling he is trying to offload Poldi. He was great against West Ham, turned the match around, and just came back after injury. You would think he would get more chances after that, but no. I don’t believe what AW says about him as he really didn’t get a chance. Even against spuds he could have started him, or at least replace Walcott after 60 mins or so with him, Poldi would play, Walcott wouldn’t get injured in the end. I know it’s a stretch but it’s weird he doesn’t play him more often. Against WH, again,… Read more »


i have observed the same aswell. looks like Arsene just doesn’t think highly of him anymore. i personally think he’s off in the summer with Draxler heading this way. it would be shrewd business too coz if Arsene isn’t gonna play Poldi then he might aswell get someone in who he will play. Draxler!


The hfb is a fucking warrior!


I want us to sign Destro. He looked awesome in G. I. Joe.


Draxler is the player he wants to play with or without Giroud.. Give him game time in the centre later on but to start on the wing… by that time Bendtner will be back… these comments rules out players of the Diego Costa mould (tall strong athletic)

just Suprise us wenger,we believe in u.

Thin Gooner

yes session


Even with Giroud fit, I think we can all agree that Bentdner as the player to come off the bench and change a game leaves disillusioned and despondent. My point is, with Theo and Giroud fit, we would still need someone better than Bentdner. Podolski is clearly not fancied so it is absolutely paramount we get this right as I genuinely believe this window will make or break our season. And I’m sick of the suggestion that the players aren’t out there and it’s very difficult. We’re a football club. This is a vital part of a football clubs success.… Read more »


Bet you weren’t saying that after Cardiff. Buying wouldn’t mean pushing one out- having four strikers is very handy come this point in the season (as we see now) and I think most fans are aware that even though Bendtner is more than likely never going to be a 30 goal a season man, he’s certainly good enough to be a 3rd/4th choice. And if he’s happy to be that there is absolutely no reason to sell him.

Away fan

At the risk of sounding like a noob. What’s “yes session”?

Wenger's Boner

I think we should offer Podolski (love the guy but clearly not living to the level we expect from an arsenal player) + money for Draxler . He has proved that he can effectively play on the flanks , in the middle and up front ! What more can you ask? Plus he will be highly in demand after the World Cup so we better make this happen in the January window. For extra cover up front , we could look into loaning either Pato or Giovinco .

Grumpy Cat



Draxler never played up front for Schalke. He is a midfielder!

German Gooner

Yes he has , when Lewis Holtby left Schalke for Sp*rs Draxler started to play as a CAM and even as a CF sometimes . These two positions are where he excelled. So yeah , it would kinda make sense to get him now.


And Pato is rubbish, take it from a brazilian. Wonderkid that became a dud.


Really? Can you please give more info on that? Cause Im interested, I liked him a lot at Milan.


Is it humanly possible to love him more?

Ronald McBootysmacker

G-800 Cyberdyne systems.


Podolski is boss. Never forget that.


Can Arsenal win do the treble this year? Its possible. Are they more likely to do it with the addition of one more quality striker? Yes! Should they give a 100% effort in doing this? Yes! Right then that’s what i would like them to try and do.


Facebooks suggested app is ‘Audile’ and is enticing me with the lure I can read Harry Redknapps autobiography. Imagine walking round all day listening to self righteious stories about when he didn’t get a team relagated or lied his way out of jail time. I think I’d rather read the whole Katie Price back catalogue.


If we couldn’t find the striker we wan’t…I think wenger would sign Henry and give him Theo’s number 14 temporarily,so as to end his carrier with us and with his original number 14.Given that Theo is out until next season.But hey,just my thought!!


It is clear by now that we need a striker, and are actively pursuing one; whether we are going to be able to bring one we really need, and who would that be, is a whole different story.
I for one, like the idea of strengthening the midfield, because that is from where most of our goals came from, and think we would benefit from a winger. If a desired striker(s) is not available now, Arsenal should feel free to pursue other targets, and patiently plot the transfer before the Summer window.


In that pic it looks like Wenger is trying to coax Giroud into a high five, but the HFB is having none of it.

theo's hamstring

Club-sides, just like humans often have different needs at different times during their life spans. Sometimes it’s a shoulder to cry on. Sometimes its a listening ear or someone to lend us a few quid. Yet at other times, all we need is a good old wank and we feel better about everything. What arsenal need now is a deadly striker.


Davy Jones

When Giroud is fit, he is atm untouchable up top, and it seems he could go the entire season without scoring and still be in the first XI every single week just because we have no equal or better alternative. So the most important thing with another striker is to get some competition for the top spot. This will also help keep Giroud on his toes and step up his game. Now, i love Giroud as much as anyone, but i still dont think his performances this season warrants an in the team free card. But if we get another… Read more »


Does anyone think that Carlos Vlea is an option? I’ve read online that we have a buy back clause for him so he’d be relativley cheap and knows the premier league to an extent. He’s also versatile so could cover wings aswell.
He’s been doing well in Spain with 12 goals from 26 appearances so far this season. If he could add 12 more for Arsenal then sureley that’s nothing to be sniffed at.


The same Carlos Vela who, cheeky chips in the league cup aside, didnt make any sort of impact the first time with us?
If Gervinho scores 10/15 goals in the 2nd half of the season, should we buy him back too?

palace gunner

Cr7 wins ballon d’or, i just would love to see gunners win tonight some nice signings looking well or attempts to sign for afc, 1st spot tnite coyg

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