Thursday, July 7, 2022

Boss backs Theo to bounce back

Arsene Wenger says Theo Walcott has had a major shock in discovering he’ll miss at least 6 months with his cruciate ligament injury, but has backed the winger to come back without any negative impact on his game.

We know the boss is fond of his mental strength, and he says Walcott has plenty, which will stand him in good stead as he goes through the recovery and rehab process.

“Theo is handling it as well as you can when you have had such a shock because he’s mentally strong, he’s very balanced as a person and he can put it into perspective,” he told Arsenal Player.

“We know that he will have the dedication and the serious attitude to come back as strong as ever.”

Pressed on the impact it might have on the team, Wenger said, “We lost a very talented player, a very intelligent player and a player who was just grabbing his form again. From game to game he became more influential, you’ve seen a complete player.

“He can always decide a game through a final ball or through a goal. Sometimes in the same game he does both.”

The manager has already spoken about how Walcott’s injury has increased his desire to be active in the transfer market, so let’s hope he can make the best out of what is a bad situation for the player and for the team as a whole.

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Poor Theo

Bould's Eyeliner

and poor us too 🙁


Really feel for Theo. Always shown flashes of brilliance but looked like his period of inconsistent consistency might be coming to an end. Shame we don’t get to find out this season. Oh well, win some silverware for TW and then onto next season! Easy. COYG!

Diabys Left Boot

Add further isn’t to injury he’s been called a winger.

New Haven Gooner

Makes the World Cup in 2006. Likely won’t play in one until 2018, which would likely be his last real shot at one. Absolutely gutted for Theo. Hope he comes back stronger than ever.


Really feel for the guy. And he was playing so well, too. He’s improved in all aspects of his game over the last couple years and is a vital member of the team. Wish him a speedy recovery


Wishing him a recovery as speedy as he is.


This article is missing something… Can’t quite put my finger on it….
AH yes that’s it

This article is missing the word “bouncebackability”


I find some Gooners really overlook his importance, he can be not doing a lot and then bang goal or key assist..I think he’s a huge loss, hard to replicate what he brings..

Speedy recovery Theo!


Really Pissed off for Theo but the best is yet to come from Theo, “I’ll be back!!”


Its just world cup phobia

Harry Shambles

At least he can take heart from some of his teammates recent recoveries from career threatening injuries (Diaby excluded). Chances are, when he comes back there’ll be plenty of competition for places and fingers crossed it’ll bring out the best in him. THEO THEO THEO!


The fans were right, when we begged him to spend big on quality (Ozil)…. And we are right again in begging him to buy a top striker!


I love you Arsene Wenger.

He must be the best player advisor cum manager cum professor ever!

pauly bear

The worst part in all this is I had just brough him back into my fantsay team and I used me wild card !

No but seriously its crappy timing for theo and us. Just as he was starting to turn into a dependable player. I really hope he doesnt lose that pace of his


I’ve never been so emotionally down concerning any of our injured players. I had teary eyes when I heard the shocking news about Theo,loosing one of our brightest to injury scares me to death. Let’s hope to win some silverware for Walcot and Diaby. England will miss you most in Brazil 2014. Wishing you quick recovery and a stronger Theo Walcot with the Scoring boots in 2014/2015 Season *cheers*

Tamil Tiger

I now propose that we scrap plans for the Theo statue and instead use the coins the scum do kindly donated to fund a transfer for Diego Costa.We should have no problems with the exchange rate because most of the coins were foreign.


Regarding Theo i don’t think there’s any bigger supporter of him out there than me. its like we are emotionally attached, what he feels i feel too. I can tell you he is gutted right now and i Ahundred times over. Get well soon Theo. My first 11 whenever he is fit has to have him inside. i don’t know of its because he is inconsistent every now and then thus making it absolutely interesting to pick coz you never know what he’s gonna do, maybe he’ll score a hattrick, maybe a brace, maybe dissapear altogether. He’s exciting, what a… Read more »


After the debacle of England’s performance at the South African World Cup and all the media recrimination that followed, you almost ended up wondering whether it was a good thing that Theo missed it. It would be great if we did well in 2014 but it is unlikely – so maybe it won’t be the worst event in the world to miss. Difficult not to feel really upset for him though after all the hard work he is put in. Regardless, revealing I think to hear so many in the media saying what an affable, nice guy he is. Very… Read more »

gunner for ever

What a bad moment for Theo and us. i wish him a quick and safe recovery.Be strong theo!!!! AW needs to understand that injury can occur on our goal keepers,defenders, mid fielders and strikers.We will manage very in all positions except in the strikers role.Time to get some sort of average striker on loan or permanent move.we really need a striker to back up Oliver and Nicklas!
proud to be a gooner!!!!

Glasgow Gunner

Why do the mirror insist on referring to the invincibles as the untouchables? Really grinds my LA gears.


I agree with a previous poster above, England are not going to do well at the world cup, so Theo has not missed much there -gutted he is missing the league/fa/cl competitions as he will undoubtedly be a big miss for the Arsenal!!!!


Really going to miss the lad this season and replacing what Theo brought to the team will be bloody hard to do. I’m sure Le Prof would go out and buy a new striker like everyone is suggesting but people need to realise that no matter what money we have available, we can’t buy players who don’t actually exist. Its not like players are made in a factory and sold in a shop where you can just walk in with the money and buy them. Finding another striker in the next few weeks will be fucking difficult. I hope Arsene… Read more »


Really feel for Theo. Top of the league anx just back contributing to the teams form, on his way to a World Cup in fucking Brazil!! Fuck, Theo! I know if it was me man, i’d be crying like a baby. This is beyond money, luxury and comfort…its the football World Cup of nations, in Brazil! (i know its commercial etc. bla). Just feel really sorry for him on a more personal level I guess, still sucks for us too let it be clear! But I guess we can cope. This is our year, the year of the cannon. IN… Read more »


We should hold a big “Get well soon THEO” hoarding for him in next home game to boost his mental strength


Henry’s statue outside the stadium being his trademark sliding celebration.

Keown should be him yelling at Ruud.

And when the day comes, Theo should be on a stretcher being carried like a (small) god and gesturing kindly 2-0 to the deluded spuds too thick to figure out the score from Adebayor.


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