Diary of a season: Arsenal 2-0 Sp*rs


A 2-0 win over Sp*rs in the FA Cup. Hayley and Vince discuss …

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I think the scumbags showed themselves up for what they really are yesterday. It’s bad enough to throw things at an opposition player but the medical staff is appalling they have once again proved what a classless scum ridden club they really are. If arsenal fans had done it I would be ashamed but of course we wouldn’t as we’re a better class of people

Tamil Tiger

I propose we build a new statue of Theo Walcott outside the Emirates immortalising the 2-0 gesture paid for of course by all the coins the scum so kindly donated

dink arnold

The team sheet was worrying at first, but now in hindsight it seems that it made sense. Walcott, Gnabry, Fabianski, Vermaelen and Monreal all had something to prove, and they friggin proved it! Wenger should consider making small changes to the squad more often to keep the players fresh and to keep everyone on their toes; I’m worried he doesn’t rotate enough. And to talk of Man City and Chelsea having so much depth after this display from us is a bit ridiculous. We obviously have plenty of depth! Ches, fabianski and Viviano in goal. Monreal, Gibbs and if need… Read more »


dad +10 for corpsing hayley