Thursday, September 28, 2023

Arsenal 2-0 Sp*rs: player ratings

Hey, a 2-0 win over Sp*rs in the FA Cup and we’re through to the 4th round. Goals from Cazorla and Rosicky saw us through, but how did the players rate? See below.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You’ll see this is the first time we’ve deployed our new player ratings system – you can add your own ratings and they all add up. It’s fairly self-explanatory but please give it a try and do let us know if you spot any issues in the comments.

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Ian Wright’s laugh:


Id go one step further and say It is AWESOME ..
I’ve wanted something like this so us fans can have our say.

Makes me feel important , like if my view counts.


Great addition, all I would say is it could be best to limit it so decimal numbers aren’t needed. Also, in my browser, the 10th star is on the row down, could be my browser settings though.

Awesome little gadget though!


Great idea this. Maybe the smallest denomination should be 0.5 instead of 0.1. I am using tablet to browse the aite and I have to slide the stars several times before I can set it to the value I want. Say, I want to rate a player 7.5. First slide I set it to 7.4, on the secondn tryI got it to 7.6. And then carefully set it to 7.5 on the third trial. Maybe it’s because I am using touch screen device I am having thia problem, maybe if you use mouse it wouldn’t be that difficult, I don’t… Read more »


Great addition blogs. Tell your tech guy it didnt show up right in iPhone (5, ios7). All looked a bit Danny Rose.


1. Having decimals is desirable.
2. The 10th star on another level,


2. [continued due to accidental submission of unfinished comment]… is the right idea inasmuch as performances above 9 are exceedingly rare and we want to avoid grade inflation.


Just a word on Roy keane,I know we’ve had our differences but he was spot on calling those Spuds a pack of idiots!

He's a blatant diver, but good at it

Much as I can’t stand the bloke, one thing Keane doesn’t lack is honesty.


That bentaleb fellow is a twat.


The idea is brilliant but it doesn’t work on the app…


4th WIN IN A ROW!! 😀

Arteta's hair

Gnabry>That diving overhyped Belgian from Manchester


i think he’ up there with the januzai’s, Sterling’s etc… If not better because he has the physical ability of someone in the mid twenties. Will bring a lot of joy to us Gooners! Future looks really bright!


Sterling lacks finishing and physicality. Januzaj lack physicality, too. Gnabry is the whole fucking package, he can play anywhere.


Januzaj also lacks gravity. boy just can’t stay on his feet!


“lacks gravity”

The earth seems to attract him more than others, so I think you mean the opposite.

Özil is a goooooner

Science, bitch.


I like Gnabry a lot and he played really well, but Sterling (whose middle name is apparently Shaquille so we know his parents were NBA fans) scored 3 goals this past December, so saying he “lacks finishing” may not be strictly true.

He's a blatant diver, but good at it

I don’t watch Sky Sports – for obvious reasons, because it’s non stop drivel – but I’m aware that Carragher’s on there.

Do the other people in the studio crack the umbrellas out when Carra tries to say “Januzai”?


I’d say he’s potentially better than all of them.

Guys like Januzaj are getting all the hype because they play/get seen more often, but it just means United’s squad is so thin that they need an untried 19 year old to play regularly

Some Dude

Januzaj’s also getting hype because he’s been quite good. Time will tell who tops who.


He dives, fair enough, but he’s pretty fucking good… that pass for united’s only goal against spurs was pure class.

your logic is of the same variety that said cesc or jack got in the team only because we were/are skint.

i’m all for knocking other clubs the way arseblog does it – very funny, based on a true hatred that they acknowledge is at some level irrational, but to try to seriously dismiss a good player just for the sake of it is pointless.


I need to buy a second computer so that I can give this comment two thumbs up.


I was abit worrried when we went down to 10 men then i remembered its only Tottenham.

Bergkamp fan

In the words of Leeds fans, “Tottenham, you’re just a sh*t team near Arsenal.”


Sir Chesney is a gooner.


Looks like a minicab office. Sir Ches ‘moonlighting’ on his day off?


Theo Walcott’s gesture after being injured as he was stretched off 10/10.

Bacary's Bald Spot



More like ∞/10


Like the Mastercard ad – priceless!


If Theo had turned his fingers around I would have thought it was a gesture towards Arseblog:P


Gnabry was fucking excellent. Intelligent use of the ball..Great work ethic and he is only 18.He is going to become one hell of a player


I don’t understand why he doesn’t receive more game time. He’s a class act.


Gnabry brings a lot to the team, but he does get caught in between 2 minds more often than you’d like. WOuld love to see him play more and brings a lot to the team

Because we have better players? Let him develop and wenger will give him chances. In Arsene we trust.

Better player??? This lad is better than walcot. He reminds me of the Ox when he is on form.


Why can’t we all just celebrate the fact that we have both Walcott, chambo, Gnabry – all class acts playing for us. You don’t have to put one down to praise the other!


I’m not saying he should play every game but you’d certainly think he’d get more time coming off the bench and I’m not questioning Arsene before you start blabbering that ridiculous cliche.

The ghost of Peter Storey

He had a good game, but before going too wild about him I’d like to see what he can do against a decent side first.


That should sure motivate Ox


Love Rosicky

Bergkamp fan

If Zanetti can play at 40, I’m sure Rosicky can as well.
In fact, if I’d put my money on him running down with his slidyness and all even when he turns 40.



How can you not love a guy like Tom, plus he is one of the few players to have celebrated a goal well before actually shooting:


hahaha! great guy, love Tomas!

I’ll say he’s the only one!


Like the new system. It’s a bit sensitive but I’ll just make sure not to call it a girls name.

Roy Keane – despite the fact I hated him as a player – should receive honorary points for calling the spurs fans idiots.


I second the resolution of the points issue. Perhaps a simple integer number out of ten would suffice…

Bergkamp fan

Not only that, but he said that if you’re a spurs’ fan you’ll always be disappointed.


One thing I have noticed is that the United players I used to hate, the Keanes, the Beckhams, the Gary Nevilles… they all talk about Arsenal with respect. They clearly had an un-voiced respect for us when they played, when we were usually their biggest challenger. They compare favourably to Hansen, Shearer, Owen, Savage, who all cannot hide how bitter they feel towards us.


Yep.. as much as I hate to admit it.. you said the truths.


Bonus: Soldildo 0/10 – SHIT


Satisfying! One of those games where both sides had decent possession, but Arsenal created almost all of the really good chances. Just the Eriksen one for them? Soldado really just a danger to the fans with that shooting. Responsible of everyone in seeing off the match with 10 men. If we need to play keep ball, we can’t do much better than Ozil, Cazorla, and Rosicky. MOTM for me were Kos — played both CB positions well — and Tomas — again answering that joker asking the other day what he brings to the club. Great pressing, great focus, cool… Read more »

jack jack jack

Sorry to jump in on your post Sanjeev but I just wanted to say that I’m glad Wilshere got a good rating here – I’m a bit worried that he seems to be attracting unwarranted negativity from certain sections of the fan base; probably the same lot who were on Ramsey’s back last season. Instead of focusing on all the good stuff he does, driving runs, passes, through-balls, they just focus on the few times he was dispossessed (or, more likely, repeatedly fouled) by the Spud oafs in midfield. Give the lad a break. He has prodigious talent and will… Read more »


I thought Jack had a good game.

Had a few giveaways early, but it wasn’t just his fault. He received a couple or poor passes, and other times had no passing option. Once our midfield settled and started finding space better, the giveaways stopped.

He had some intelligent runs and dribbles otherwise as well as a couple of perfect passes.

More importantly, I’m glad he walked the emotional line without going over it. Other teams and fans know they can get under his skin, so it will be key for him to continue playing with passion without crossing that line.

jack jack jack

Very well put. He definitely grew into the game as we settled into our rhythm. Good stuff all round!


Jack has looked better since the City match. He’s on the up.


Redic that we were able to bring on Ozil, amazing depth this year in midfield and even at the back with a Spanish international fighting for the starting position and a Belgian international for CB. TV5 has grown a lot, he doesn’t seem to be caught trying to make a tackle when all he has to do is sit back and take the pressure (although he did get caught up a few times in previous games).

Ratings doen’t work too well on iphone, only able to give 5-6 stars.

Dick Swiveller

Well, I thought that about Vermaelen but that yellow card made me think that maybe he isn’t over it yet, maybe a little rusty though as he hasn’t played much.


Middlesex Washed Away by FA Cup Tie-dal Serge.

Just back from the game and that’s my throat done for the week.

I thought G-Nab was excellent today – always looking to take a man on and his movement and simple use of the ball was top drawer.

And at the other end of the age scale, Bacary and Tommy. These boys deserve new contracts, so get them sorted Arsene.

And a final brief word for the Sp*rs fans.


Every single one of them.

Wrighty's Gold Tooth

Wish I could like this twice


I thought everyone knew what Gnabry could do from the Swansea game he won us. Let him develop slowly, no need for another Ramsey, Wilshere and Chamberlain.

Remember the invincibles

The three you mentioned happen to fantastic midfielders. I hope gnabry goes down there path!




Over-used too young as well.


I think he’s referring to the now well-rehearsed procedure of early hype, then criticism, and finally acceptance. If we skip the hype, he won’t be criticized in the same way during his growing pains.


whilst i get the point of your argument its flawed.

Tamil Tiger

So happy to be gooner


So it’s bye bye to the bonus ratings?

Bonus ratings:
Theo Walcott’s gesture: 2/0

Brilliant match, and extremely fun to watch!


i said it earlier today ,ganabry was gonna gun em down and he did, gives monsieur wenger a big headache

Not Piers Morgan

uh yeah too complicated for my slightly drunken self. Sorry Nacho, you were much better than my 0.5 rating (that was nacho real rating. Yeah I know….)


gnabry even


Bonus Rating: Adebayor : Go #*@& yourself/10


I hope that bloke who used to play for Blackburn knows the truth now: Arsenal are not scared of facing Adebayor, Adebayor is sheating his pants at the thought of being kidnapped and tormented by Koscielny for 90 plus minutes,


Rosicky’s run & goal summarised the game: we put them under pressure, they buckled & we cruised to the next round.


Nice touch.


We have this fantastic 18 year old who can barely get a place on the bench despite being brilliant. Next week we have our 20 year old multi capped multi talented midfield powerhouse coming back. The future is so bright!


Apparently the coins thrown by sp*rs fans to Walcott was to tell us how much soldado is really worth….


Aside from the fact that we seem to be losing strikers at an alarming rate lately, what a sweet result. Firmly placed Spuds back where they belong, and that with key players not available or rested. I really don’t know why people question our strength in depth – debatably one more striker needed (only because all 4 aren’t fit at the moment, cos if they were I wouldn’t t see the need to add until the summer) but everywhere else we are seriously strong. It’s a great sight to see the trio of flamini, podolski and ozil warming up on… Read more »


Ha ha ha.


Every week you’re ratings are so harsh on theo, he was a 9 cause his movement was class and played a massive part in the first goal. Show more love to theo!


I am theos biggest but with better judgement and unselfishness we could have had much bigger score – perhaps only reason he wasnt awarded a 9.

His movements were indeed superb always getting in behind making chirches shit his pants and what not.

Wesley Hoolahan

Ade -> piss drinking wankblaster / 10


10/10 for the supporters. Brilliant throughout.


Agreed. How often do you hear the home fans offering to sing for the away fans 🙂

The only olivier is Giroud

Epic system, guys! Rated the hell out of the lads on my android device. Nice reader interface or involvement or whatever the correct term would be.

As epic as Theo’s gesture was, I feel it a little irresponsible considering Jack’s recent gesture affair. And finally- FOYS!!


For some reason I can’t give Kos a rating, just keeps saying ‘Not sent’


Pretty sure he just keeps intercepting it for fun


he has you in his pocket too then . Blog will contact Kos asap to release you 😉


fuck me thats awkward. accidentally sent a few blanks because its hard to make it stick on a desired score then move to the send button. got a couple ‘Not Sent!’s so don’t know, do i have to reload the page?

clicking on the stars does not necessarily ‘fix’ it on that desired score so its fiddly. maybe we could just type a score? or ditch the decimals and have whole stars?


once i submitted my scores the ‘readers scores’ tab doesn’t show any ratings against the playeres name.


also the page is massively unresponsive i guess the extra traffic with people sending scores. might help if user sets scores for all players, then sends all together instead of for each player?


Blogs, love the new system but it’s ultra dodgy on the mobile site. If you can get that fixed somehow you’re onto a winner – even better than the thumbs!


I thought after Theo went off we could have rested one or two players for the last ten, it was only Sp@@s could have played with 9


I wonder what John thinks of Rosicky’s performance tonight


Yes, hasn’t the lad been very quiet recently! 🙂


Will have to keep this new ratings gizmo away from the Mrs.

She’s always banging on about how she’d love to give Giroud 1.

I tell her that’s a bit harsh, but every game she says it. Women – just don’t understand football like us blokes.


Haha Mooro you’re witty


loving this rating system! looks good to, but maybe one idea could be to set all the ratings, and then press one “send”-button, instead of having to do it on every one of them (this is coming from a guy who has no clue about websites and don’t know if it’s even possible or too much work)


And also .5 multiples would be good enough. Rest is fine.


Bang on. A little bit dumb that the punter can choose “8.3” or “7.8” straight up – having this type of overall rating as an average of all choices is fine and normal, but the selection options should only be in half point instalments.

Otherwise cool addition for sure.


Love the system, Blogs. You’ll sort it–well done all round.


Blogs *boilkin* again. “Will have a drink”!

Arsene nose

Wenger asked does Walcott’s injury leave him short up front. “We are short because he’s not very tall.”


Doesnt display properly on the Android app.

Game wise Serge was excellent, rosicky too and the defence was solid throughout. Monreal dealt with Lennon with so much ease too. Great win.

Scott L

Win made my day….Theo reminding Sp*rs whats the score made my week!


Couldn’t rate on the Android app as it was.
Clicked the comments tab and now I can.
Great new feature, Thank you Arseblog.

Gunner From Another Mother

Just letting you know Blogs, 5 of my ratings didn’t go through and were “not sent”.

No bother, just bringing it to your attention. Very cool new ratings system though. Big thanks to you and everyone else involved for making this already amazing site even better!


The ratings system isn’t displayed properly on mobile. Just letting you know. And where’s the bonus rating?


Going to a spuds house party later. Going to subtly wear my gooners scarf and sit smugly in the corner. I don’t need to say anything, he’ll know I’m there.


Blogs the new rating system seems jinxed on the iPhone app. FYI


Great stomping. I feel that was Santi’s best game all season. Can’t stop laughing watching the .gif of Adebayor falling over in the box while attempting a shot, classic

Olatunde Lagos Gooner

Wenger’s rating= Genius!


also, I would like the guy who in the comments after the last game said that Rosicky’s pressing was meaningless and that he doesn’t add anything attacking to the side to admit all of his wrongdoings today


How come a number is better than a democratic debate?
– I find the user-can-vote approach a deficit, when it comes to evaluation.
You give your bid, we reply as good as we can.
The number is shallow, and all we can do is put in the number.
Could we put in the number and add a comment, nobody would care as no one cares to read all comments.
So… Don’t invite us to vote, as it will devaluate any comment, which is already not too strong.


I always read the comments anyway, but that might be because I’m surrounded by Liverpool-supporters IRL and this is the only place where people talk about what I want to talk about (well, there are other sites but this is the best one)


i will take it you’ve had a couple way too much beer. cheers mate. This is by far the most practical and forward thinking way out.
but i think this is all good. I am also in a country where people call football soccer, but i was surprised to see the match on local TV in Michigan myself but i take take it as a bonus. Reading all or most comment is something i do often to size up arsenal fans view and feel good about participation apart from listening to the clockend from the website.


Sorry, I did thumb you up, actually I wanted to thumb you down.

Olatunde Lagos Gooner

Rosicky encouraging Gnabry at about 82min= Priceless


Rosicky, Mertesacker, Arteta & Flamini are exceptional role models for the younger lads. Not to mention what they can learn from Ozil and Cazorla.


The layout is messed up on Galaxy s3 using Chrome


Routine win, beat and broke ’em! Whenever the team plays with that much pressing, workrate and desire we win! It was really good to see as we’ve not been that energetic in recent games,guess they heard the spuds were in town! Really showed they knew what the game means to the fans. Gnabry – special player, a winger with a football brain and at that age its just lovely to watch, more team appearances please! Rozza – new contract!!!!!

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