Friday, December 1, 2023

French press: Ntep to Arsenal is very close

According to a report on Auxerre TV, Franco-Cameroonian striker Paul-Georges Ntep is on the cusp of joining Arsenal on a five-year deal.

The website claims the Gunners will pay €10 million to take the France under-21 striker off the hands of the Ligue 2 side who have already lined up Serbian attacker Nikola Stojiljkovic as a replacement.

Yesterday Auxerre’s president went on record saying he suspected Ntep, who has scored 10 goals in 21 games this season, had travelled to London at the weekend for negotiations although he stressed that no bid had been received from the Gunners. Ligue 1 side Rennes are believed to have lodged a bid in the region of €8 million.

There’s nothing official yet, but this rumour seems to be gathering momentum all the time.

Were Ntep to sign for the Gunners he’d be the fouth player from Auxerre to make the move to N5 following the likes of Abou Diaby, Bacary Sagna and Yaya Sanogo.

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Onetep beyond!!!!

Da da daaaaaa


I can’t believe people are negging this comment!

Podolski Sklep

Sadly the tune was a favorite of mine- forever ruined by the image of J. Terry and his chromosonally deficient chums cavorting around with each other/the champ. league trophy. Wish Chelsea didn’t have to ruin everything, always.


can’t make a big signing every window, one Ntep at a time


One giant ntep for mankind ..


Two backwards ntep for Arsenal ..


I hope he can make the Ntep up


Here comes the hot ntepper….


¨Murde Ra

Podolski Sklep

Sergeant Ntepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band


Hail the new Sanogo!




Yeh, a lot of naive supporters say that about a lot of players who later become stars. It must be because they think they know more about football than highly paid, knowledgable professionals despite all the evidence to the contrary….


Highly paid professionals who believed Chamakh, Bendtner, Aliadiare, Park, and Santos would make it, and those were established professionals. Nevermind lower-league, youngster punts like Wellington and Bishoff.

It’s easy to have 20/20 hindsight with the ones that worked out. But hey, it’s not like we spent 20M on Anderson…


Chamakh–no transfer fee, fit our budget, had a blackmail case to deal with. Bendtner–came in cheap, was part of our youth setup. Aliadiere–also a part of our youth setup. Andre Santos–panic buy, with seemingly permacrocked Gibbs and Armand Traore the replacement, Arsenal had to buy whatever LB was available. Park–who the fuck knows? This is still a mystery. So, yeah, I think your facts are wrong. Only Chamakh was tipped by the scouts to really make it here, and that he didn’t means he’s the some flop on the list. Park, you ask? Well, don’t you know that Wenger has… Read more »


Err, replace “some” with “only.”


It was a joke based on the fact we have seen about 14 minutes of him this season.

It was not a comment on his ability.


@ Witoldo,

How can my “facts” be wrong, I merely pointed out that these players were signed with the expectation that they could make the grade, sometimes it does not happen and the highly paid professionals do get it wrong.

Your excuses are hardly refute anything, even though Chamackh and Bendtner were nearly free they were put on big contracts which has meant we could not sell them. Furthermore the initial comments had nothing do to with whether a player cost money (Sanogo did not) but whether they would make it.

N1 Born

Here comes the hot ntepper!
Murde Ra!
Hail the new Sanogo!
Murde Ra!

I’ll show myself out..


What’s the latest indication on the whole loaning him out straight away thing? I’m still not sold on the whole idea, but if we’re signing him surely it’s best for him to actually be available given that depth could be an issue going forward. Honestly he doesn’t strike me as any further along than Joel Campbell, but presumably our scouts know better than I.


They don’t know better than me—I’ve got FM 2014.


Ntepid news story.


Blogs any idea if he’s good with headers or shooting with his laces? In pretty sure he’s good at shooting with his ntep already.

Dr Baptiste

Surely it would be intep rather than just ntep, as in instep rather than just step…


I think you should ntep back and see who you are replying to (hint, its not Blogs)


Who ?

Well……I suppose it’s a Ntep in the right direction.


Ntep is one ntep closer.


Every bit as exciting a signing as Sanogo.


Ntep too far if you ask me


Potentially ntepic beast of a player.


If they’re shelling out 10 million euros on the bloke, they obviously value him a fair bit.

On youtube, I’d say he’s worth five pennies. But heck. If he adds depth and surprises us on par with Sagna (around the same price?), I’m all for it.


How should i feel about this?? im at loggerheads here.

A part of me feels let down as we have gone from being linked to Suarez, Lewandowski, costa to Ntep

Another is excited to see what the lad can do as Arsene don’t just pay €10 for any other prospect. so this one must be special….


Who we are being linked with doesn’t mean shit. Who we sign does. Last window we signed 1 of the best players in the world, now were in 1st place. I’m not saying we should sign or even could sign a world class player every window but whoever we sign it will be for good reasons, Arsene doesn’t seem to be the kind of bloke to throw money away.

Have faith and look not to the name of the signing (if any) but to the performances of the team post window.

Baxter von Beef

Ntep of the morning’ to ya!


I don’t know, not getting my juices flowing this ntep.


They’ve lined up Nikola Stojiljkovic as a replacement? Quick, get him too!

Si in Galway

I’d be very wary about getting your stories from coffee-making equipment, Blogs.

Why is my name required

Im sure some people won’t like this…this kid is still raw and all, but i’m not the manager so i guess he knows what he is doing.

This kid might not be a proven player but then Wenger bought players like Eduardo, Kocielny, Sagna…

Ntep might be the next E’too or Drogba, just saying. i don’t care if you thumbs me down


just say what you wanna say. why put preambles and closings ?

Mallu Gooner

Sanogo, Joel Campbell, Afobe, Akpom. Realistically, whom do we see getting into the first team in the next 2-3 years?


From the Afobementioned , whoever takes right nteps in future will get yaya from wenger and others my be Nogo…..


Cap doffed.


to be honest, i can see all of them doing it, bar maybe afobe.


I agree. Afobe has been fucked by too many injuries too young, and perhaps by loan spells where his confidence took a bad dent. I don’t see him making it now. I like Joel Campbell, lovely left foot, big talent, doing great at Olympiakos, but who knows whether he’ll continue to develop or how he’ll look once he’s faced with better defenders? Ditto Akpom; ditto Sanogo, who could be the next Drogba in a year or two – he has that sort of style – but could also be too injury-prone and end up nowhere at all. They all look… Read more »


Hopefully he can become the intepnational class striker we need to provide cover for Giroud.

Dan Gunn

Why am I so underwhelmed be this news?


Because we were linked with far better players? Because we lost our most influential forward to injury and are signing a guy not better than Gnabry or Chambo, or because we could have used the same money to sign a guy that was wanted by every team in Europe before he had injury problems called Pato? I don’t know but we wouldn’t be signing him if Arsene didn’t rate him highly, I guess.


All the players we have bought from Auxerre Abou Diaby, Bacary Sagna and Yaya Sanogo with the exception of Baca have been duds so far. #InjuryProne #sicknotes


I still remember playing Fifa 11 on the PS3 and Abou Diaby was one of the best players in the game, you just couldn’t get the ball off him! I like to think he still has so much potential, but those days are fading quite quickly. I’m no expert on the medicals done when signing players, (I know some ex-players say that you’d turn up and they’d check you’ve got all your limbs and your passed!) but that’s not really Wenger’s fault.

Dr Baptiste

So we have a 33% success rate then. That’s pretty good. Also, I’m not sure you can class injured players as duds.

Diaby is a good player and showed it before his first injury.

Sanogo has been injured so I’m not sure what you’ve based your opinion on if you haven’t actually watched him play in this Arsenal team.


1 dud, 1 awesome, 1 dud.. surely the next one must be awesome? 😛 *pray for awesomeness

Davy Jones

Now im not an Expert, but looking at his stats he is 21 years old and got 0 assists in his career yet. But he scores often. Weird stats for a midfielder. Or the stats available online are wrong.

Dr Baptiste

They would be weird for a midfielder but considering he’s a striker, they’re not so weird.


weird for a for a supposed arsenal forward…


Very tricksy. There’s no doubting his speed and skill. And he can hit the ball alright. But I’m still getting over the memory of Gervais Lombe Yao Kouassi .

But this lads confidence sets him apart from Gervinho. Let’s get him.


Looks like Arsenal want to hijack City and Chelsea buying everyone a couple years early

Dr Baptiste

and then selling them to them for 7 times their original value? Oh no wait, that’s just Chelsea’s transfer policy


one ntep to the left one ntep to the right before you know the ball is in the net


yeah, it’s called a Ntepover

Roland C Rozario

Get Ntep, he’s the future, …..we need a striker NOW! To challenge for trophies!


How strange, I thought being top of the league meant we are actually challenging for trophies…………and quite well

Dr Baptiste

Apparently not. I mean we haven’t beaten anyone above us…..



Toby C

I think we should Paul-George ourselves on new signings.


Arsene plans to sign 24 french U21 strikers before leaving them to fight to the death in a weapon strewn forest, to be streamed for our entertainment linve on Arsenal Player

Dr Baptiste

or its the next installment of Wojciech versus…


The Wenger Games

gooner odst

Maybe then i’d subscribe to arsenal player.


when he does stepovers we’ll say its his tradermark ‘Ntepovers’

sorry i came to the party late, all the good ones were gone. $10m is big money for a young player. interesting purchase. looks bullish and strong like gnabry. would love a very direct striker in that mould. like kun aguero. can’t wait to see what this kid has got.


he’s 5’10 – thought he looked a bit shorter and stockier in the photo above. just watched a few videos of him there. he’s like the rosicky of strikers. every single time the ball arrives at his feet he charges forward. very direct player. looks incredibly strong for his age too, very sharp on the ball.


Can we get his brother Ringo-John as well in the deal

I breathe Arsenal

Omg. Are We really trying to get rid of ryo and wanna sign ntep, are you kidding. We have wasted so much money time and effort on future stars in the end little result. Sanogo, Joel Campbell, have not even fulfilled their dream and we trying to buy ntep and he is not even free. Concentrate on gnabry, zalalem, afobe, ryo, and others at the academy and spend on first team players. I hope this ntep stuff is all rumor


No matter how much effort you put in a young player or how much time you give them, 9 out of 10 highly rated young players probably won’t make it at the Arsenal because they are simply not good enough (name the players that have become stars since Wenger released them, can’t think of any)
Therefore you can never have enough prospects…


Sorry, you may breathe Arsenal but can you just inform us of your prefessional experience of working in top football clubs and how you gained this amazing knowldge that makes you better than the staff we have at Arsenal.

Dr Baptiste

Sanogo – injured, hasn’t played
Campbell – looking good on loan right now

Not sure what the problem is.

Also, how do you think teams get those first team players? Are they made that way or do they need to be taught and trained?

Arsene is concentrating on our youth players but also buying players that can play in the future. It’s almost like he’s managing a football club and needs to look after the future and not just the here and now but that can’t be it…..


Way to accelerate Arsene = Ntep on the gas


I remember we signed someone called Koscielny from a lower French side, I wonder how it worked out for us.


Worked out wonderfully, but you see Laurent won the player of the year award in the League 2 and still took at least one season to feel comfortable and adapt. We just lost our most influential forward in Theo and are signing this guy. I’m not saying he’s bad, but it kind of underwhelming you know. Hope it works out.


is it pronounced “nnnnnntep” or “tep” with a silent N?

Toby C

I think it’s pronounced Paul, with a silent -Georges Ntep.


The Arsenal Games…


Signing ntep makes no sense to me when your trying to win the BPL wiv man city and chelsea breeding dwn our bk every week…wenger should go get sumone wiv more experience or recall Joel Campbell who is already a arsenal player…give the lad a change wenger now that theo is out…


Chelsea and Man City are breeding down our back?

Eww, those filthy devils.

Ching Chong Gooner

A loan move, I’d understand, but a five year contract…. He’s essentially Sanogo 2.0 isn’t he? I sense redundancy.

Dr Baptiste

I sense a lack of any football managing experience…


Just see some videos and you can see how great he is in 1 to one and 1 to 2 situations
He has no fear at all and very skilled indeed
In 2 years, all big clubs will be after him

Warren Chandler

He’s someone I’ve monitored for a while and a typical Wenger signing. Bags of raw potential. Hope reports are accurate.


he’s better than Giroud! Let us wait 4 him!


Welington Silva, Joel Cambell, Yaya Sanogo, who else?

Dr Baptiste

Rhys Murphy?


As long as he is one ntep better than Chamakh….


I hope he is not Ntepid in the face of a title challenge


‘Why don’t i just get a game’

Pires and Henry's dodgy pen

Great someone else to keep diaby and sanogo company in treatment room


Let’s hope he can Ntep up to the challenge

gooner bank

Ntep by ntep….


The French 2nd Division is about the equivalent of our Conference League…and he’s scored 10 goals in 21 games? 5 year deal? £9m?
Might as well sign Carlton Cole.
Kaba Diawara part two.


Giroud cost about the same and everone now seems to think he’s ok. Are we supposed to compete with the oilmen and only go for £50m+ signings? That would have been a surefire way of going out of business Mr Blood…..or may I call you by your first name……


You may.

JJ Looks pretty good.

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