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Gnabry and Fabianski start: Arsenal v Sp*rs team news

Arsenal: Fabianski, Sagna, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Monreal, Arteta, Wilshere, Rosicky, Gnabry, Cazorla, Walcott

Subs: Viviano, Jenkinson, Mertesacker, Flamini, Ozil, Podolski, Ju-Young Park

Sp*rs: Lloris – Walker Dawson Chiriches Rose – Lennon Bentaleb Dembele Eriksen – Adebayor Soldado

Subs: Friedel, Fredericks, Fryers, Capoue, Chadli, Kane, Obika.

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gooner odst

Shocked, but i agree with not putting Podolski upfront. Impact sub role awaits.

remember the invincibles

Theo upfront?

gooner for liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiife

a little off topic, but what does the * mean when we write sp*rs? always wondered…


It’s just a joke, writing it as if it’s a swear word. Like in some cases you might see swear words censored as ‘f**k off’…


Halfwitted ?? Somebody is complimentary today ..
I’ts a word look it up.




I’m not sure what’s shocking about it. What would you do differently, besides starting Podolski? Wenger’s options are pretty limited for this one.


Completely agree. Mertesacker needs a rest, Özil is not 100 % fit and everybody knows Gnabry needs some games now and then and this a big oportunity for him to show he belongs at least in the squad every week! Strong 11 in my opinion! Gonna smash them Sp*ds! COYG

gooner odst

Fabianski in goal for one, fair play giving Sczesser a break but… you know. Another point is the vulnerability of the left side whenever Monreal plays, whoever plays infront of him needs to be wary of tracking. I thought Podolski would start there and really bust a gut to secure that position defensively and offensively. Big Mert is a reassuring rock at the back too.

I may be shocked but I trust Arsene’s choices and hope we turn up for the fight and don’t do anything stupid.


This is rather awesome .. Dont get me wrong this IS an experiment but one less so than Poldi up front (that experiment will/should continue but this game has to be won). Everybody in this formation will be playing in a familiar role / we still have our defensive shape and although we’ve lost the offensive consitency of a Giroud or a Bendy , we have won PACE , and speed kills .Sp*rs WILL be tested expect us getting freekicks and penalties when Llorris has to come out and cover for one of their defensive mistakes against our speedracers. This… Read more »


Interesting selection.


I would have rather seen Zelalem on the bench than Park

easy tiger

Pretty weak up front….. Walcott can finish, but has no hold up play. I`ll be happy with a draw today.

i don't comment here often

I do not understand this.

remember the invincibles

Are you from Tottenham?

i don't comment here often

No, I’m just amazed that an Arsenal supporter would be happy with anything but a win against those shitbricks.

easy tiger

We lack another quality striker. Giroud just ain`t enough…..


you are shit as Spuds

easy tiger

We`ll see……. Hope we win obviously.


Wow, very bold by Wenger. Very exciting team


Time for Feo to shine


So Gnabry up top then? 😀

easy tiger

But with Gnabry and Walcott there might be lots of movement to Wilshere and Cazorla to exploite…..


Thank fuck, if things aren’t going to plan at least we have Park on the bench.


This is Recipe for disaster imo

Olatunde Lagos Gooner

C’mon: Wenger knows best.


Hope you’re enjoying the taste of those words that you’re eating now.

Olatunde Lagos Gooner

Quite interesting to have a blend of both regulars and fringers. COYG! Let’s roll over the spuds.


Is Sir Szcz injured or something?


Nope, it’s rotation. Fabianski had some solid games last year, hopefully he brings that side of his game today to build on. Nobody wants to see the other Fabianski…

Keeps him mildly fresh.


I’m unsure if it is still in his bio on the Arsenal site, but when Gnabry first moved to Arsenal he was a renowned sprint champion, having never lost in Germany and he had to choose what to pursue….. maybe his pace isn’t so obvious because his control is good… Lennon I think looks quicker than he is because his legs are always flying everywhere. Walcott and Gnabry up front will be rapid. I know people think we need a hold up man, and though I know Theo is not a ‘Messi’, other teams DO cope without a big man.… Read more »


Blessed with superb pace and excellent quick feet, Gnabry also has a collection of athletics medals. His 100 metre sprint times are among the best in Europe for his age group, and other notable success has come in various high jump events.

See more at:


Good team and just look at that bench


Its ok we have park


No height to combat moneybuywhore, at GK, centre back or anywhere on pitch! Could cost us.


What is the point of Park for fucks sake.

He’s not going to give us anything so why put him on the bench. Can’t be for experience !

Ronaldo's Paunch

It’s going to be hilarious if he scores


If he does , I’ll break out my Korean cook book……. 100 ways to wok your dog. I don’t think my German Shepherd ; Theo , needs to worry


That’s a shame. The Korean Sheperd’s pie is succulent.

More than hillarious but will also do his confidence a great world of good especially at this period when Lord Nick is out.


Jesus Wenger’s brought in Park.

palace gunner

Alot of us will be watching gunners gunners

Olatunde Lagos Gooner

Quite formidable. Not bad at all. Let’s hope for some early rides against spuds; say we lead by 2-3 goals by the 75th min so that Park can relieve Walcott and have time to express himself and possibly seal another NLondon derby for us. COYG!

Tony Adam's Beer

Brilliant, a new signing by Wenger. Hopefully this Park Ju Young is the striker that’s bringing us the title.


looks quite a weak side to me . but spuds don’t look that good either . spose it depends on what ady turns up . could do without his manic grin if he scores . we are at home , just hope the crowd turn up for us


Eriksen is a very good player, and we’re giving the backups a runout. All things considered, it’ll be tough. I’m guessing 5-2 as usual.


When we put on Park in the 70th or so minute (Typical Wenger move), Spuds fans will rip their hair out in shock. No one has seen this player before. He is unknown to all clubs, and they have no counters against his style of play. All they can do is watch us win because of Park.


It’s actually better than I expected! Walcott has a chance to show he can lead the attack, and the midfield doesn’t look as injury-ridden as it actually is… My only doubt is the defense…

Trapped in Wenger's basement

It’s time for spuds to get verminated!

Yes Verminated totally.


That has got to be the smallest/shortest Arsenal team since records began.
All of our outfield players are somewhere between small and tiny.
This will be a very interesting game.


looks like we aren’t taking this competition too seriously. Spurs are pretty much starting their best XI. We have 9 days rest after this game, so hopefully Ozil and Podolski come on fairly early.


I’m always amused at how stupid some of you lot (our own fans) can be with pre match negativity of a team selection. Of course all of you are accomplished premiership managers who are at arsenal training everyday.

Toby C

I’m a bit worried about Fabianski and Vermaelen coming in for such an important game. Don’t get me wrong they’re good/great players but won’t this be very disruptive to the defence? Obviously Per and Sez need rest but couldn’t they be rested against Villa or Fulham instead???

He's got no hair but we don't care...

Sorry but apart from anyone who is injured or on their last legs, you rest no-one against the scum.

BFG should start.

If we were playing anyone else but them I’d be fine but not these inbred donkeys.


Was half hoping we’d get to see his Denchness today…ah well.


Should be 6-0 and how has clattenburg not booked a single scum?

palace gunner

Well played fabianski & gnabry, m.o.t.m santi, theo was very marksman, tomas j10,mikel nacho did good passing a few bad pass but its spurs team who would lv to beat us at emirates, sagna, kos
, verminator, subbed to pers yes


m.o.t.m was by far Rosicky imo. Outstanding!

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